7/12/12 Impact Wrestling Report

Jul 12, 2012 - by Michael Riba

Impact opens with a recap of Austin Aries winning the TNA World Heavyweight Championship this past Sunday night at Destination X. We also see a “Previously on Impact Wrestling” video, highlighting the Bound for Glory Series and the Bully Ray/Joseph Park feud.

-Match #1 Anything Goes Match: Bully Ray vs. Joseph Park
Ray talks some trash for a few moments before Park swings and misses. Park swings a few more times and keeps missing, as Ray comes back and smacks him. Ray backs Park in the corner and smacks him again and then spits in his face. Park slaps Ray, but panders to the crowd too long and Ray knocks him down to the mat. Ray gets his phone out and starts tweeting as he kicks Park while he is down. Ray goes to the outside and grabs a trashcan full of weapons from under the ring. Ray grabs a steel chair and tries to hit Park, but Park takes him down with a double-leg take down. Park gets caught up in the moment again, and Ray takes him down again. Ray grabs a sign and smacks Park on the back with it. Ray puts Park’s head on a trash can lid and goes for a splash, but Park moves out of the way. Park comes back with some rights and lefts and takes Ray down before getting caught with a big boot. Ray grabs a bag and dumps thousands of tacks onto the ring mat. Ray grabs a mic and says he is going to do to Park what he should have done to Abyss a long time ago. Ray grabs a kendo stick and goes to hit Park with it, but Park low-blows him and then hits him with the stick and goes for a cover, but Ray kicks out at two. Ray takes Park down with a clothesline and takes him over to the tacks, but Park reverses and slams Ray into the tacks back-first. Park goes for the cover, but Ray kicks out at two again. Ray goes to the corner and grabs a chain and decks Park with them. Ray goes for the cover and gets the pin fall. Winner: Bully Ray. After the match, we see Park has been busted open and he snaps when he realizes that he is bleeding. Ray goes to attack him and Park hits him with a Black Hole Slam. Park snaps back and looks shocked at what he has done to Ray. The crowd chants “It was you” and he shakes his head no.

We see Sting backstage with the “Dead Man’s Hand.” He says, “Yeah, I get it,” as we go to a commercial.

We’re back and we see what happened with Bully Ray and Joseph Park just before the commercial break. We go live backstage and we see Ray picking tacks out of his boots. Someone asks him what just happened out there with Park. Ray asks, “Who was that?” He says he beat Joseph Park, and asks who it was again.

We see the leader board for the Bound for Glory Series, with Samoa Joe in the lead with 37 points.

Match #2: Bound for Glory Series Match: Rob Van Dam vs. Samoa Joe
RVD trips Joe into the corner and tries to get a submission in place, but Joe grabs the rope. Joe backs RVD into the corner, but he fights out and they exchange blows in the center of the ring. RVD kicks Joe in the corner, but Joe comes charging out and takes RVD down with a clothesline. RVD takes control for a bit, but Joe rolls through and gets a heel lock on him. Joe stands on RVD’s knee in the corner and picks him up, but RVD fight back. It’s to no avail as Joe slams him down to the match. Joe applies a submission, but RVD gets his feet on the bottom rope. Joe delviers a knee to RVD’s head, but RVD comes back with a kick to Joe’s head. RVD takes Joe down and then hits Rolling Thunder and goes for a cover, but Joe kicks out at two. RVD tries to monkey flip Joe out of the corner, who drives RVD down with an inverted muscle buster. Joe applies a heel lock on RVD again, but RVD gets out. Joe goes for it again, but RVD rolls through and gets the pin fall with a roll up. Winner: Rob Van Dam. After the match, Joe looks shocked that he lost and storms out of the ring. With the win, RVD gets into a fifth-place tie with Magnus at 14 points.

We see some footage from earlier today when a cameraman runs outside and sees Claire driving around in her car. He asks her about Dixie and she said she hasn’t talked to her. He asks about Christopher Daniels and Kazarian and she says today isn’t the day to talk to her and drives off.

We get back and see Hulk Hogan talking about the Dead Man’s Hand. He says he and Sting are both here and can’t wait to see the white’s in Sting’s attackers’ eyes.

Christopher Daniels and Kazarian make their way to the ring and we see a recap of what happened between Daniels and A.J. Styles this past Sunday night at Destination X. Kazarian says this thing with Styles is far from over. Daniels gets the microphone and says Styles’ actions at Destination X were reprehensible. Daniels says Styles will do anything to keep the truth from the fans. Daniels says he wants to bring Claire Lynch out to answer some questions. Daniels says he knows Claire hit rock bottom and she grabbed Styles’ hand for support, and when that happens accidents can happen. Styles’ music hits and he makes his way out. Styles says he is shocked that Daniels can stand and speak. Styles says this was over weeks ago and Daniels says he is wrong. Daniels says he and Claire had a talk and tells her to tell Styles and the world what she told him. Styles says she doesn’t have to. Styles and Daniels argue in the ring and Daniels says the truth has to come out. Claire interjects and says that Daniels is right about Styles being the father of her baby. We go to commercial with Styles saying he doesn’t remember when Claire asks him if he remembers what happened between them.

We’re back from commercial and we see a replay of what just happened between A.J. Styles, Claire Lynch, and Christopher Daniels. We go backstage and a guy is following Styles and says he owes us an explanation. Styles turns around and screams, “I don’t know!” and walks away.

We see a video package of Mr. Anderson saying his rivalry with Kurt Angle goes back years and that he respects him and hopes Angle respects him as well. We then see Anderson warming up backstage.

We see a Destination X video package, highlighting Zema Ion winning the TNA X Division Championship in the Ultimate X Match.

We’re back live and we see Dakota Darsow saying he can’t stand Zema Ion and telling him to not worry about Jesse Sorensen right now, because he has to worry about Dakota Darsow. We go to a commercial break.

Match #3: Dakota Darsow vs. Zema Ion
Darson takes control and stomps and punches away on Ion in the corner. Darsow takes him to the other corner and hits two big clotheslines and takes Ion down to the mat. Ion goes to the outside and starts walking away from the ring, but Darsow goes after him and punches him on the ramp. Ion gets back into the ring and takes advantage with a knee to Darsow. Darson comes back with a Spear on Ion. Ion drapes Darsow’s neck across the top rope and hits a jumping DDT. Ion takes Darsow down with a face plant and gets the pin fall. Winner: Zema Ion. After the match, Ion delivers an arm breaker to Darsow. Ion grabs a mic and says that if Jesse Sorensen doesn’t want to see anymore of his friends get hurt, he needs to tell them that Ion is “Pretty, f’n dangerous.”

We see that we will hear from the new TNA World Heavyweight Champion, Austin Aries, up next. We go to a commercial.

We’re back and we see the video package from earlier tonight of Austin Aries winning the TNA World Heavyweight Championship at Destinaton X. We go back live into the arena and Aries’ music hits and he makes his way out. Aries says he has a great week. He says it’s a great day to be great and a great day to be the TNA World Heavyweight Champion. He says he is supposed to talk about how this is a big accomplishment for him. He says this just wasn’t a great moment for Austin Aries and Impact Wrestling, it was a great moment for the professional wrestling industry. He asks the crowd to get quiet when they get loud for him. He says for the past year, there’s been an energy about Impact Wrestling. He says everyone feels ready for the next boom period. He said he is the man to lead Impact Wrestling into that boom period. He says he got congratulations from celebrities, NFL players, and even World Champions from other professional wrestling organizations. He says the TNA World Heavyweight Championship is the most important and prestigious title today because he is the best wrestler alive today and TNA is the best company going today. Bobby Roode’s music hits and he comes out to interrupt. Aries says Roode doesn’t come out to interrupt his time. Roode has a shocked look on his face and looks around the Impact Zone. Aries says the people don’t want to see him right now. Roode gets into the ring and grabs a microphone. Aries holds the title up in front of Roode. Roode begins to talk and then stops and walks around. Roode tries to talk again but does the same thing. Roode says all of this, Aries’ win, Aries as Champion, Aries’ celebration is one word. Fluke. Roode drops the mic and gets out of the ring. Aries says he has three words for Roode: “New World Champion.” Aries’ music hits as Roode walks up the ramp and continues to yell at Aries.

We go backstage and see Sting and Hogan talking. Sting says he is 150%. Sting says it’s time for Sting and Hogan to go old school. Devon and Garett Bischoff walk in and Devon says that they have Sting and Hogan’s back no matter what. Hogan says he and Sting have it, but thanks them anyway. Sting looks at Hogan and says “Old school,” again. Hogan says it’s different and that they’re in deep this time. We go to a commercial break.

We’re back and we see a video package with Kurt Angle saying he’d love to make Mr. Anderson submit, but he thinks Anderson is ready for that. He says Anderson is a great competitor and says facing Anderson will raise his ability to win. He says if he can beat Anderson, he can win the World Title. We then see Angle warming up backstage.

We go back to last week and see Madison Rayne making out with Earl Hebner. We see a video package with Madison saying Earl is an icon and says it’s commonplace for a younger woman to fall for an older man and says she doesn’t have to explain herself to anyone.

Brooke Hogan comes out and joins the commentary table for the following match.

Match #4: TNA Women’s Knockout Championship Match: Miss Tessmacher (c) vs. Gail Kim
Tessmacher gets in the ring and attacks Kim immediately. Tessmacher takes Kim down with a clothesline and stomps away on her in the corner. Tessmacher hits a dropkick and takes Kim down with a head-scissors. Tessmacher grabs Kim by the hair, but Kim drapes Tessmacher over the top rope. Kim slams Tessmacher shoulder-first into the turnbuckle and slams her down to the mat. Kim slams her arm onto the mat, but Tessmacher comes back for a bit before Kim takes her back down. Kim takes Tessmacher up and hits a back drop. Kim wrenches Tessmacher’s arm and takes her down and goes for the cover, but only gets a two count. Kim continues to work on Tessmacher’s arm and applies a submission. Tessmacher reverses into a pin cover, but only gets a two count. Kim goes to slam Tessmacher into the ropes again, but Tessmacher reverses and slams Kim into them. Tessmacher takes Kim down and connects with a face buster out of the corner. Tessmacher plants Kim again and goes for the cover, but Kim grabs the rope. Tessmacher charges at Kim, but Kim reverses and gets a roll up for a two count. Kim slams Tessmahcer’s head into the turnbuckle and goes up top. Tessmacher fights back and attempts Eat Defeat from the top rope, but Tessmacher pushes her off. Tessmacher hits a flying elbow drop from the top for the pin fall. Winner and still TNA Women’s Knockout Champion, Miss Tessmacher.

We see Kurt Angle backstage. His match against Mr. Anderson is next. We go to a commercial.

We’re back and wee see another replay of what happened between A.J. Styles and Claire Lynch earlier tonight. Someone tries to catch up to Claire backstage and asks what proof Claire has that A.J. is the father. She says she has proof and that we will see it soon enough and walks away.

We see that Open Fight Night will return next week. Magnus is backstage and says he can’t wait for the open call outs for the Bound for Glory Series. Magnus says he has James Storm this Saturday in Memphis and says Storm has lost his edge and will prove that he is being overlooked and will go on to win the entire Series. We take another look at the Bound for Glory Series leader board.

Match #5: Bound for Glory Series Match: Kurt Angle vs. Mr. Anderson
Angle tries to take Anderson down, but Anderson gets out and they tie up. Anderson backs Angle into the corner and the referee separates them. Angle takes Anderson down and applies a headlock. Anderson fights out and shoots Angle off the ropes, but Angle comes back with a big shoulder block. Anderson comes back with a couple of hip tosses and works his arm. Angle backs Anderson into the corner and hits him with some rights and lefts and stomps away on him. Angle backs away and Anderson takes advantage and takes Angles down with a clothesline and a drop kick and Anderson gets a two count. Angle hits Anderson with a belly-t0-belly suplex and both men are down. Angle stomps on Anderson as we go to a commercial break. We’re back and Angle is still in control. He goes for a cover and gets a two count. And we go back to a commercial. We’re back again and Anderson is fighting out of a headlock and he back drops Angle to the mat. Anderson takes Angle down with some clotheslines and then kicks him in the chest. Anderson takes Angle down again and goes for the Mic Check. but Angle reverses into his vintage German Suplexes. Angles stalks Anderson and goes for the Olympic Slam, but Anderson hits the Plunge and gets a two count. Angle slams Anderson down to the mat and goes for the Ankle Lock, but Anderson kicks away. Angle hits the Olympic Slam and goes for a cover, but Anderson kicks out at two. Angle drops the straps and goes for Anderson’s ankle as Anderson tries to fight it. Angle locks it in and Anderson reaches for the ropes. Angle pulls him to the center of the ring, but Anderson rolls through and hits the Mic Check. He goes for the pin, but Angle kicks out at two. Anderson goes for the Mic Check again, but Angle reverses into the Olympic Slam for the pin fall. Winner: Kurt Angle. We see the updated leader board and see that Angle is in third behind Joe and Storm and Anderson is all the way down in seventh with only 9 points.

We see Hogan and Sting backstage again and Bobby Roode walks in. He tells Hogan they need to talk as we go to a commercial.

We’re back and Hogan is talking to Roode in his office. Hogan says he guesses Roode wants his rematch and Roode says he’s damn right. Hogan says he can have his rematch at Hardcore Justice. Roode says he’s not waiting until then. Hogan says he can call out Aries next week for a non-title match and if he beats him, he can prove it was a fluke and can have his rematch at Hardcore Justice.

Sting’s music hits and he makes his way out to the ring with his baseball bat. Sting grabs a mic and says it is awesome to be in the Impact Zone. He says there is a crew that loves to play games. He says this feels like a great time and this is the right place. Sting says he didn’t come alone and calls out Hulk Hogan. Hogan’s music hits, but he doesn’t come out. The music stops and Sting calls him out again. Hogan’s music hits again, but he still doesn’t come out. Hogan’s music hits for a third time and still no Hulk. We see a video backstage and the masked guys, four of them now, have beat down Hogan before Brooke came in to save him. Sting gets out of the ring and what looked to be six or seven guys beat him down as Impact comes to a close.

Quick Results:
1. Anything Goes Match: Bully Ray def. Joseph Park
2. Bound for Glory Series Match: Rob Van Dam def. Samoa Joe
3. Zema Ion def. Dakota Darsow
4. TNA Women’s Knockout Championship Match: Miss Tessmacher def. Gail Kim
5. Bound for Glory Series Match: Kurt Angle def. Mr. Anderson

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