6/29/12 Friday Night Smackdown Report

Jun 29, 2012 - by Michael Riba

We see the Smackdown opening video and Josh Mathews welcomes us to the show from Evansville, Indiana. Michael Cole reminds us that tonight’s main event is a Triple Threat Match for the World Heavyweight Championship, with Sheamus defending against Alberto Del Rio and Dolph Ziggler. We go into a video package from this past Monday night on Raw, where A.J. distracted Kane and allowed CM Punk to pin him, only to get pinned by Daniel Bryan seconds later.

Match #1: A.J. vs. Layla
They tie up and Layla gets A.J. in a headlock and takes her down. A.J. reverses and locks her legs around Layla’s head. Layla takes over and goes for a cover, but A.J. kicks out at one. Lay la kicks A.J. down and gets her in a headlock, but A.J. shoots her off but eats an elbow from Layla. Layla rolls through an attempt by A.J. and gets a two count. Layla works on A.J.’s arm, but she fights back and delivers a drop toe hold. A.J. hits a dropkick and clotheslines Layla in the corner and goes for a cover, but Layla kicks out. Layla comes back and kicks A.J. in the midsection and hits a cross body for two. Layla slams A.J. into the mat and gets another near fall. A.J. hits a spinning heel kick and Daniel Bryan’s music hits and he comes out chanting “YES YES YES!” A.J. gets distracted and Layla takes advantage and rolls her up for the pin fall. Winner: Layla. After the match, A.J. attacks Layla before the referee makes the save. Bryan begins talking and says that it’s not so fun when somebody distracts you during a match. Bryan says he has something to discuss with Vickie Guerrero and says he’s not leaving until he gets what he wants. Vickie doesn’t come out and Bryan begins chanting “YES YES YES!’ again, and A.J. follows along and Bryan shakes his head no as we go to a commercial. We’re back and Bryan and A.J. are going back and forth chanting “YES!” at each other, when Vickie Guerrero comes out to the ring. Bryan says Raw and Smackdown will soon revolve around him when he becomes the new WWE Champion. Bryan says he wants to see Vickie run Raw and Smackdown on a permanent basis. Bryan says they need to work hand-in-hand together and says he has an idea. He says he wants A.J. banned from ringside for his match against CM Punk at Money in the Bank. Vickie she’s not a fan of A.J. and is tired of A.J. calling her “grandma.” Bryan says this is not about her and A.J., this is about him. Vickie apologizes and says that the WWE Universe voted A.J. into her role for the WWE Championship Match at Money in the Bank. Vickie reveals that A.J. will be the Special Guest Referee for the match and goes crazy as A.J. smirks. Vickie says she agrees with the Board’s decision and A.J. walks away chanting “YES YES YES!” Bryan says it’s not fair and chants “NO NO NO!”

Vickie stays in the ring and announces that there will be qualifying matches for the World Heavyweight Championship Contract Money in the Bank Ladder Match and that it is open to anybody, not just former Champions like the other Ladder Match.

Match #2: Money in the Bank Qualifying Match: Damien Sandow vs. Zack Ryder
They tie up and Ryder takes Sandow down with a shoulder block and a face buster. Ryder goes for the cover, but Sandown kicks out at two. Sandow slams Ryder’s head into the turnbuckle and rubs his face into the mat. Sandown hits a Russian leg sweep and drops the Elbow of Disdain for a two count. Sandow pounds away on Ryder in the corner and then shoots him off the ropes, but Ryder reverses and slams Sandow into the mat. Ryder hits Sandow with some knees and a missile dropkick from the top rope, but only gets a two count. Ryder sets Sandown in the corner for the Broski Boot and connects and goes for the Rough Ryder, but Sandow reverses and nails Ryder with his neck breaker finisher for the pin fall. Winner and Money in the Bank Qualifier: Damien Sandow.

We see that Charlie Sheen will be the Social Media Ambassador for the 1000th Raw.

Daniel Bryan is backstage and knocks on the Divas locker room door. Kaitlyn comes out and says she doesn’t know where A.J. is, but says Bryan should try to get on her good side. Kaitlyn says that A.J. is mentally unstable and walks away as we go to a commercial.

We see a video package for the Make-a-Wish Foundation and John Cena.

Match #3: Money in the Bank Qualifying Match: Jack Swagger vs. Tyson Kidd
Kidd goes behind, but Swagger reverses and takes Kidd down. Kidd rolls over into a pin attempt, but Swagger gets out. Swagger rolls out of the ring, but Kidd dropkick him through the ropes. Swagger gets back into the ring and slams Kidd down to the mat and goes for the cover, but Kidd kicks out at two. Swagger takes Kidd into the corner and takes him down to the mat. Swagger wrenches Kidd’s arm and hits a leg drop for a two count. Swagger stretches out Kidd’s shoulder, but Kidd gets up and rolls up Swagger for a two count. Swagger clotheslines Kidd in the corner and throws him to the mat. Swagger hits the Swagger Bomb out of the corner, but Kidd kicks out at two. Swagger works on Kidd’s shoulder again, but Kidd fights out and kicks Swagger and hits a big DDT. Swagger goes for a clothesline, but Kidd comes back with some kicks and a big dropkick to the head, which gets a two count. Kidd elbows Swagger out of the corner and gets on his shoulders, but Swagger slams him down. Kidd kicks Swagger in the head and dives off the top rope for the pin fall. Winner and Money in the Bank Qualifier: Tyson Kidd.

As we go to a commercial, we are reminded of the Triple Threat main event with Sheamus defending the World Heavyweight Championship against Alberto Del Rio and Dolph Ziggler.

We see Jerry Lawler’s favorite Raw moment, which was Steve Austin visiting Vince McMahon in the hospital and hitting him with a bed pan.

We see highlights from the Contract on a Pole Match between Del Rio and Ziggler from this past Monday on Raw, which set up the Triple Threat main event tonight.

We see Ziggler backstage with Vickie. He asks her to ban Sheamus’ Brogue Kick and Del Rio’s cross arm breaker. Vickie asks how that would look on her. Ziggler tells her it is about him and yells at her before she slaps him. Ziggler calms down and asks her to announce him and to raise his hand after he wins.

Match #4: Money in the Bank Qualifying Tag Team Match: Christian and Santino Marella vs. Cody Rhodes and David Otunga
Marella and Rhodes start off the match. They tie up and Rhodes goes behind before Marella catches him with elbows. Marella tags in Christian, who wrenches Rhodes’ arm. Christian decks Rhodes with a right hand and runs off the ropes, but Rhodes lifts his knee and takes him down. Rhodes slams Christian to the mat and goes for the cover, but Christian kicks out. Rhodes tags in Otunga, who slams Christian to the mat. Otunga goes for the cover, but Christian kicks out. Otunga chokes Christian on the rope and Rhodes gets a cheap shot in. Otunga tags Rhodes in and he takes Christian down and works on his arm. Christian fights out, but gets caught by Rhodes in the corner. Rhodes jumps off the ropes, but Christian hits him in the midsection. Otunga and Marella tag in and Marella takes control. Marella hits a hip toss and a headbutt and grabs the cobra sock. He connects with The Cobra, but Rhoes pulls Otunga out of the ring. Rhodes gets tagged in by Otunga and goes for a cover, but Marella kicks out. Rhodes takes the sock and tosses it out of the ring and stands on Marella’s head. Rhodes takes him to the corner and Otunga tags in. Otunga pounds away on him in the corner and hits a big shoulder block. Otunga drops and elbow for a two count. Otunga applies a submission on Marella, but Marella counters and tags in Christian as Rhodes is tagged in as well. Christian takes Rhodes down and hits him with a flapjack. Christian comes off the top rope and goes for the Killswitch, but Rhodes reverses. Rhodes charges at Christian, but catches a shoulder to the midsection. Christian goes for the Killswitch again, but Rhodes reverses and gets dropped anyway. Christian sets up for the Spear, but Otunga interferes. Otunga and Rhodes have miscommunication and Marella takes Rhodes out of the ring. Otunga takes Marella out and turns around into a Spear from Christian for the pin fall. Winners and Money in the Bank Qualifiers: Christian and Santino Marella. After the match, we hear Rhodes screaming, “I didn’t lose!”

We see Sheamus backstage and Matt Striker asks if he is worried about tonight’s match. Sheamus says he’s not worried and says he could retain tonight and lose in an instant at Money in the Bank, or could go outside and get hit by a car driven by Lindsay Lohan. Sheamus says he will prove he is better than Del Rio and Ziggler. He says he doesn’t worry, he just kicks arse.

We see Daniel Bryan and A.J. backstage. Bryan apologizes for costing her the match and says he is concerned for her well being. Bryan asks if she has ever considered seeking professional help and says people that care about each other help each other out. Bryan asks if she wants his friends’ number who can help, and she says, “Yes, yes, yes,” and walks away.

Match #5: Handicap Match: Brendan Burke and Dan Barone vs. Ryback
Ryback tosses one guy in the air and then they go outside the ring. Back in the ring, Ryback slams the other guy down to the mat and clotheslines the other. He picks both of them up and hits them with the muscle buster finisher for the pin fall. Winner: Ryback.

We go backstage and see Antonio Cesaro and Aksana are making out. Teddy Long walks up and says he is in charge next week and puts them in a match for Super Smackdown: The Great American Bash against Layla and The Great Khali.

Match #6: Money in the Bank Qualifying Match: Justin Gabriel vs. Tensai
Gabriel comes out strong with some kicks, but Tensai takes him down with a hard shoulder tackle and takes him to the outside. Gabriel comes back and jumps off the top rope, but Tensai catches him and tosses him to the mat. Tensai pounds away on Gabriel on the mat and picks him up and slams him down for a two count. Tensai gets Gabriel in a bearhug, but he fights out and tries to take control. Gabriel goes for a roll up, but Tensai picks him up. Gabriel connects with some kicks and drops him with a big dropkick from the top rope. Gabriel hits a moonsault, but Tensai kicks out of the pin attempt. Gabriel continues with the kicks and comes off the top rope again, but Tensai catches him and slams him to the mat and hits his big back splash for the pin fall. Winner: Tensai.

Match #7: World Heavyweight Championship Triple Threat Match: Sheamus (c) vs. Alberto Del Rio (w/Ricardo Rodriguez) vs. Dolph Ziggler
Sheamus kicks Ziggler and hits Del Rio. He shoves Ziggler into a corner and pounds on Del Rio in the other. He clothesline Ziggler over the top rope and Del Rio comes from behind and beats on him in the corner. Sheamus turns it around and hits the plunge on Del Rio. Ziggler comes back in and hits Sheamus to no affect. Sheamus chases Ziggler around the ring and Sheamus gets back into the ring and hits Del Rio with a shoulder block. Del Rio comes back and takes Sheamus down and works on his shoulder. Sheamus fights out and takes Del Rio down. Sheamus runs to the ropes, but Ziggler pulls them down and Sheamus goes to the outside. Ziggler works over Del Rio and they go to the outside. Ziggler slams Del Rio’s head into the steps and tosses him back into the ring and gets a two count. Ziggler catches Sheamus on the apron and knocks him to the floor again. Del Rio comes back and tosses Ziggler into the corner and charges, but Ziggler moves and Del Rio goes head-first. Ziggler works over Del Rio and they get on the middle rope. Del Rio fights out, but Ziggler sends him to the outside. Sheamus gets in the ring and slams Ziggler from his shoulders to the mat as we go to a commercial. We’re back and Sheamus gets tossed to the outside. Ziggler and Del Rio toss him into the announcers’ table and then back into the ring. Ziggler goes up top and Del Rio tries to pin Sheamus. Ziggler and Del Rio begin to fight and Sheamus comes back strong. Sheamus gets Ziggler in the ropes and hits his vintage ten clubbing blows. Del Rio tries to take advantage, but gets caught in the Irish Curse backbreaker. Ziggler then stomps away on Sheamus and keeps control until he gets caught with White Noise by Sheamus. Sheamus sets up for the Brogue Kick before Del Rio drapes his arm over the rop and goes for a cover, which Sheamus kicks out of at two. Del Rio goes for the cross arm breaker, but Sheamus counters but then goes shoulder-first into the ring post. Ziggler kicks Sheamus’ arm and then Del Rio kicks Ziggler in the head. Del Rio applies the cross arm breaker submission on Sheamus, but Ziggler breaks it up. Ziggler hits the Zig Zag on Del Rio, but he kicks out at two. Rodriguez gets on the apron and Ziggler shoves Del Rio into him and rolls him up. Sheamus kicks Ziggler with the Brogue Kick and tosses Del Rio out of the ring. Sheamus covers Ziggler for the pin fall. Winner and still World Heavyweight Champion: Sheamus.

Quick Results:
1. Layla def. A.J.
2. Money in the Bank Qualifying Match: Damien Sandow def. Zack Ryder
3. Money in the Bank Qualifying Match: Tyson Kidd def. Jack Swagger
4. Money in the Bank Qualifying Tag Team Match: Christian & Santino Marella def. David Otunga & Cody Rhodes
5. Handicap Match: Ryback def. Brendan Burke & Dan Barone
6. Money in the Bank Qualifying Match: Tensai def. Justin Gabriel
7. World Heavyweight Championship Triple Threat Match: Sheamus def. Dolph Ziggler & Alberto Del Rio

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