5/28/12 WWE Raw Supershow Recap

May 28, 2012 - by Steve Gerweck

* Live from New Orleans, LA

– Raw opens with a tribute to the Troops for Memorial Day. Thank you for your sacrifice!

– We see a recap of the John Laurinaitis-John Cena saga.

– The Big Show makes his way to the ring. Show comes out with a big smile on his face for doing his job. He said what he did was a calculated business decision. Show says he has an iron clad contract, with a fat bonus — meaning he is set for life. Show said he can do whatever he wants, and not be concerned about putting smiles on people’s faces. He said he’s not an entertainer, he is a giant. Show said no one is in his league. Show said no WWE superstar came to his aid when he was fired, and had to beg for his job. We see a clip of Brodus Clay dancing two weeks ago. Show said his friends like Truth and Kingston didn’t come to his aid. He calls the fans shallow and phoney. Show said he was most disappointed in John Cena. Show thought Cena would defend Show with Laurinaitis. He see a clip of Cena of making jokes with Laurinaitis two weeks ago. Show said he was hurt when Cena didn’t care. Show said what he does with Cena at No Way Out won’t be pretty. Show said he is an unstoppable giant. Show said that puts a smile on his face.

– We see Santino Marella warming up backstage with the United States title. He will face Alberto Del Rio tonight.

– Ricardo introduces Alberto Del Rio, who comes out in a Bentley worth $150,000, according to Michael Cole.

(1) Non-title: United States champion Santino Marella vs. Alberto Del Rio. Marella goes for the cobra early, but Del Rio counters and locks on the cross arm breaker for a quick win in 50 seconds.

– Backstage, Alex Riley talks to Eve Torres. Big Show comes in, and Eve tells Show that Johnny said that he can pick his opponent tonight. Riley is scared it will be him, but Show says to relax, only to slam Riley into a wall.

(2) WWE Tag Team title match: R-Truth and Kofi Kingston vs. Jack Swagger and Dolph Ziggler (with Vickie Guerrero). Truth pinned Swagger at 7:05, allowing Truth and Kingston to retain the tag team straps. Match was interrupted with a commercial break. After the match, Ziggler vented frustration and walked off.

– Backstage, Big Show-Marella confrontation. Show said Marella wasn’t concerned when he got fired. Brodus Clay steps up, and volunteers to be Show’s opponent tonight. Show tells Clay that after tonight, don’t worry about dancing because after tonight, he won’t be able to walk.

– Later tonight, Daniel Bryan vs. CM Punk.

– Out comes, Laurinaitis, Eve, and David Otunga. Laurinaitis used his scooter to make it to the ring. Laurinaitis officially makes Brodus Clay vs. Big Show for tonight. Laurinaitis announces Cena vs. Big Show at No Way Out will be fought in a steel cage. Laurinaitis said WWE ’13 will be released on 10/30. Laurinaitis has a blown up cover on WWE ’13 featuring himself. Laurinaitis said this game will be bigger than Pacman. Out comes, CM Punk. Punk said Laurinaitis and Pacman have something in common, both have no testicles. Punk reveals the new cover for WWE ’13 featuring himself. Punk said a wrestling video game, featuring an actual wrestler on the cover, what a concept. Punk tells Johnny to get out of his ring. Punk tells Johnny that the board of directors are keeping a close on him. Laurinaitis wishes Punk luck, and leaves the ring limping on his crutch. Punk sets up the Laurinaitis cover in the corner, and wrecks it.

(3) Non-title: WWE Champion CM Punk vs. Daniel Bryan. As AJ made her way to the ring, we take a commercial break. Great superplex by Bryan, but he could only get a 2 1/2 count. Bryan yelled at AJ at ring side, and nearly got pinned by Punk. Bryan pinned Punk thanks to an exposed turnbuckle at 15:22. After the match, Kane comes in the ring and attacks Bryan with a chair. Kane delivers a chokeslam on the chair. Kane turned his attention to Punk. AJ gave Punk to defend himself, and runs off Kane. AJ eyes Punk.

(4) Intercontinental champion Christian vs. The Miz. Cody Rhodes joined the announced team at ringside. Rhodes leaves the announce table, and walks off during the action. Christian hits the killswitch, and then hits a frog splash for the victory at 4:14. Rhodes and Christian get into a shouting match, as Rhodes goes backstage.

– The announcers acknowledged that Chris Jericho had been suspended for an incident in Brazil.

– Backstage, Johnny is backstage with Teddy Long, Otunga, and Eve. Johnny is not happy with Otunga and Eve. Johnny said he may have to retire in ten to twenty years. He wants to know if he can count on them. Long brings Eve coffee, but she spits it out as its cold. Long said its suppose to be cold, its ice coffee.

– After a break, The Miz is still in the ring. Miz wants to know why he isn’t on the cover of WWE ’13, and why he didn’t get the Big Show contract. Out comes Randy Orton. Orton gives Miz a quick RKO.

– Backstage, Ziggler and Vickie Guerrero talk. Ziggler said he should be out there like Orton, as they want the Viper on a TV monitor. Vickie tells Ziggler she’ll do what she can.

– We see Sheamus walking around backstage, as he will face Otunga.

– We see a video with Cena talking about what Memorial Day means to him.

(5) David Otunga vs. World Heavyweight champion Sheamus in a non-title match. Sheamus wins via the Brogue Kick at 2:46.

– Backstage, Brodus Clay is shown walking getting ready for his match with The Big Show.

(6) Brodus Clay vs. The Big Show. Cole pointed out that Clay is 22-0 since returning to WWE. Before the match, Show said is a fan of Clay’s. Show said Clay is embarrassing himself. Show said after he is done embarrassing himself, he can put on face make up and be the next Doink. Show said Doink had more talent than he does. Before the match, Big Show demolishes Clay. Kingston and Truth are unsuccessful in stopping Show. Show nails Clay with a part of the announce table on the outside. Show continues to destroy Kingston and Truth. Show again goes after Clay with the knockout punch. No contest, match never started. Show walks off, and Johnny raises his hand. Cena returns live next week to Monday night Raw.

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