5/10/12 Impact Wrestling Recap

May 11, 2012 - by Jason Graening

A recap of last week’s edition of Impact Wrestling is aired where Bobby Roode and Rob Van Dam picked each opponents for each other that ended with Roode taking out RVD, Mr. Anderson and Jeff Hardy with a chair.

We then head into the Impact Zone where Roode’s music is playing and the TNA World Champion makes his way to the ring to a chorus of “Bobby sucks!” chants. Roode puts himself over as the most dominant champion in TNA history and talks about taking out Mr. Anderson, Jeff Hardy and Rob Van Dam last week. Roode then says in two weeks he will go down in history as the longest reigning World Champion in the history of TNA.

As for RVD, there is no way he will be stopped at Sacrifice on Sunday, however, RVD suddenly runs down to the ring and chases Roode out. Mr. Anderson the sneaks behind Roode on the ramp and takes him down and drags him back to the ring. As Anderson and RVD are getting their licks in, Jeff Hardy runs out and joins in. Hardy takes turns on Roode and Anderson until TNA agents and referees come out to break up the fight.

Hulk Hogan’s music then hits and comes out saying he smells blood. Hogan says by the looks of things it looks like they all want a piece of Roode, while Hardy and Anderson want a piece of each other. Hogan says he has an idea for a main event and, with RVD’s permission, he wants to have a fatal four way match where everyone will have something to gain and something to lose. If Anderson or Hardy wins, they will take RVD’s spot at Sacrifice, however, if Roode wins, he can choose his opponent for Sacrifice. If RVD wins, though, he can make the match stipulation at Sacrifice. RVD thinks about the decision for a moment before finally agreeing to it and tonight’s main event is set with a fatal four way.

Bully Ray is backstage and talks about Austin Aries being a thorn in his side. Ray says he is sick of Aries bullying him around and says he isn’t going to stand for it any longer. Ray says he will take care of the problem and tells him to stay tuned. The announce team then hype the James Storm update, a final confrontation between Matt Morgan and Crimson, and a Knockouts match between Brooke Tessmacher and Velvet Sky before heading into a commercial break.

Gail Kim and Madison Rayne are backstage and Gail is upset over Brooke Tessmacher and how she got some fluke victories over her but Madison isn’t interested. Madison is trying to pick out clothes as she has met a guy and Gail blows her off saying she needs to get a closer look at Brooke’s match.

Match 1: Velvet Sky vs. Brooke Tessmacher
The bell rings as the two lock up and go back and forth in the opening moments. Velvet picks up a few quick near falls, however, Brooke takes her down with a dropkick. Velvet comes back with a faceplant for another near fall and continues to wear Brooke down. Velvet then tries for an In Yo’ Face, but Brooke counters it and slams Velvet down face first to pick up the pin fall. After the match, Gail Kim runs into the ring and takes Brooke down before taking her down with the Eat Defeat. Gail then gets in Brooke’s face and says she will never beat her for the Knockouts Championship.

A preview of the James Storm update is aired as the announce team hype the full interview and the final confrontation between Matt Morgan and Crimson as we head into a commercial break.

AJ Styles is confronted backstage by the cameraman and says he is only focused on Kurt Angle and has no comment. Jeff Hardy is elsewhere backstage and says he will win the match tonight and end the selfish generation at Sacrifice.

The entrance for the Crimson and Matt Morgan match are made. As Morgan is making his way to the ring he is attacked from behind by Bully Ray and his chain. Ray then grabs a chair and takes Morgan out and Crimson looks on with a shocked look on his face. Morgan is seen bleeding from the forehead as Ray talks to the camera and says the same thing will happen to Austin Aries. TNA officials and agents come out to check on Morgan as this match is thrown out. Paramedics come out to look at Morgan as we head into a commercial break.

We see footage of what went down during the break as Morgan is carted off in a stretcher. Crimson is still in the ring and says he can’t believe what he just witnessed, but says he also can’t believe that Morgan thought he was going to be the first person that defeated him. Crimson says Morgan couldn’t even make it to the ring and wants to give Morgan another chance to come out to the ring and defeat him as he asks the referee to start the 10 count.

Match 2: Crimson vs. Matt Morgan
The bell rings as the referee starts counting and awards the match to Crimson. Crimson then says that match will be another footnote in the sad, pathetic career that Morgan has had.

A video package focusing on RVD is aired and talks about his childhood and Greek mythology, which pushed him to where he is today. The announce team wonders if he will still be challenging for the TNA World Championship on Sunday before hyping the upcoming X Division Championship match, which is coming up next.

Match 3: Zema Ion vs. Austin Aries (X Division Championship)
The match starts and Aries takes Ion down with a dropkick as Ion rolls out to the floor. Aries tries to follow with a high risk move out to the floor but Ion gets out of the way and Aries connects with the guard railing. Ion then dives over the ropes and takes Aries out before rolling him back into the ring for a near fall. Ion continues on the attack and picks up another near fall after dropping Aries onto his knee. Ion showboats a little before going for a moonsault, however, Aries lifts his knees to counter the move.

Aries fights his way back into the match and connects with a spinning forearm before clotheslining Ion out to the floor. Aries then dives through the ropes and takes Ion out before heading back into the ring. Aries picks up a near fall after a springboard splash as the fans begin to chant “this is wrestling!” Aries then connects with a missile dropkick and follows with a brainbuster for the pin fall to retain the X Division Championship.

Christopher Daniels and Kazarian are walking backstage and Kazarian asks Daniels if they are really going though with the plan tonight. Daniels says Styles is not their friend and their contracts are signed so they are on solid ground as they walk away.

Footage of the brawl at the beginning of tonight’s show is recapped as the announce team hype tonight’s fatal four way match. RVD is seen backstage and says he knows he can beat all three of them and will get the chance to do things his way. RVD says the ball is in his court and is thinking of the ways he can punish Bobby Roode at Sacrifice and is thinking of having a ladder match.

A video package of the Christopher Daniels/Kazarian/AJ Styles saga is aired. Daniels and Kazarian are standing in the ring with the envelope as Daniels says he hasn’t heard from Styles in the past seven days but will give him one last shot to set the record straight. Styles fails to appear and Daniels begins to say it’s time for everyone to know the truth about Styles but is interrupted by Styles’ music.

Styles comes out and says he doesn’t know what they think they have over him, but it needs to stop as they are about to make the biggest mistake of their lives. Kazarian steps in and says that Styles made a mistake and he is done protecting him. A photo is pulled out where Styles is holding hands with Dixie Carter. Another is revealed where Styles is touching her face as Daniels asks what the two could be talking about to have that kind of pose.

A third photo is pulled out that shows Styles kissing Dixie and Daniels says Styles has been the poster boy in TNA since day one and a picture is worth a thousand words. Kazarian then drops the photos at Styles’ feet as the two leave the ring and we head into a commercial break.

A recap of what just went down is recapped as the announce team talk about the awkwardness of the situation and how Styles may not be the person they thought they knew.

Match 4: Robbie E. vs. Devon (TNA Television Championship)
Devon runs out to the ring and goes after both Robbie E. and Robbie T. to get things started. Devon dumps Robbie T. out to the floor as the bell rings to get this match officially started. Devon takes Robbie down and hits a series of strikes before landing a diving headbutt. Robbie T. tripes up Devon as Devon goes out to the floor and sends him into the steel steps. Devon then lays out Robbie E. out on the floor before rolling him back in. Devon then hits Robbie with a spinebuster and picks up the pin fall to retain the TNA Television Championship. After the match, Robbie T. comes in and takes Devon down before sending him crashing into the mat with a power slam.

A video package on James Storm’s speech last month is aired. Storm’s video package is aired and says it wasn’t supposed to end that way as the right guy didn’t win. Storm says he needs to get his head clear and needs to take time out for himself. Storm is seen working at his farm and talks about what wrestling has done for him and his life. Storm wonders if wrestling is worth it any more and he is starting to second guess himself after not getting the job done at Lockdown. The announce team say it is time for some soul searching for Storm before hyping the fatal four way match.

Joseph Park is backstage and talks to a stagehand looking for directions to the ring. The guy points him in the right direction as we head into a commercial break.

Devon is backstage and says he hasn’t had a fair fight against either Robbie E. or Robbie T. Devon then challenges both of them to a match at Sacrifice and promises to drive them both to the mat with a spinebuster.

A video package recapping Joseph Park looking for his brother, Abyss, is aired. Park is then making his way to the ring and has some trouble getting into the ring. He begins talking before a stagehand gives him a microphone. Park thanks Hulk Hogan for giving him the chance to come out tonight and says he is there to look for his brother. Park says the one common thread through his search was Bully Ray and says he won’t go away until he gets answers.

Ray’s music cuts Park off as he comes out and says he is tired of hearing Park’s crap. Ray says something isn’t right and says he isn’t in a court room and doesn’t belong in a wrestling ring. Ray then asks if he wants the same thing to happen to him as what happened to Matt Morgan earlier tonight. Park says Ray is everything he says he is, however, thinking back a few months, Abyss defeated Ray. Also, Devon beat him two weeks ago and last week Austin Aries took him out. Park then asks how his bullying is working for him but gets pushed down by Ray. Ray then leaves the ring as Park begins to laugh.

Mr. Anderson is backstage and says if he wins tonight, Jeff Hardy will have to step aside as he will getting retribution on Bobby Roode and taking his title back. His title. The announce team again hype the fatal four way match as we head into a commercial break, which features TNA’s newest addition, King Mo, saying Bobby Roode isn’t the it factor, but the shit factor. Yes, he really said that and wasn’t bleeped out.

Kurt Angle is backstage and says he doesn’t care about the allegations with AJ Styles and that he is a good guy. Angle says Styles should be focused on Angle and their match at Sacrifice. After he taps out at Sacrifice he will have all the time in the world to do something that is bleeped out by the censors. The announce team run down the Sacrifice card before we head into tonight’s main event.

A video package focusing on what RVD is willing to sacrifice to get his hands on the TNA World Championship is aired. RVD talks about the toll of being a professional wrestler and it all comes down to your passion and heart.

Match 5: Rob Van Dam vs. Mr. Anderson vs. Jeff Hardy vs. Bobby Roode (Fatal Four Way Match)
The bell sounds as RVD, Hardy and Anderson line up to get their hands on Roode. Hardy and Anderson then turn their attention at each other for a moment before Roode fights his way back into the match and sends Anderson and RVD out to the floor. Roode begins to focus on Hardy and picks up a near fall after Hardy misses with a Whisper in the Wind as we head into a commercial break.

We return to the match to see Roode continuing to be in control over Hardy. Hardy, though, fights back and picks up a near fall before kicking RVD off the ring apron and into the railing. Hardy then files out to the floor and takes RVD out as Anderson comes into the ring and picks up where Hardy left off. Anderson takes Roode down with a spinning neckbreaker and picks up a near fall but RVD breaks it up. RVD then hits Anderson with a series of kicks and goes for Rolling Thunder but Roode steps in and takes RVD down with a spinebuster for a near fall.

RVD comes back and takes Roode down with a kick to the face. RVD then tries to monkey flip Hardy across the ring but Hardy blocks it and takes RVD down with a Whisper in the Wind for a near fall. RVD fights back and takes Hardy down and hits Hardy with Rolling Thunder. Roode comes in and sends RVD out to the floor before turning to Hardy who hits Roode with a Twist of Fate. Mr. Anderson then comes in and takes Roode down with the Mic Check. Anderson then tackles Hardy out to the floor as RVD hits Roode with the Five Star Frog Splash to pick up the pin fall. RVD’s win now turns the Sacrifice main event into a ladder match.

After the match, RVD pulls out a ladder from under the ring as Bobby Roode looks on with a look of shock on his face. RVD climbs up the ladder and poses for the crowd as Anderson and Hardy get into each others faces. Pyro then goes off and Abyss’ music hits as the monster comes out. Abyss says his brother is getting too close to the fire and tells him to back off before walking off. The rest of the wrestlers look on as Impact Wrestling comes to a close.

Quick Results
– Brooke Tessmacher defeated Velvet Sky by pin fall.
– Crimson defeated Matt Morgan by count out.
– Austin Aries defeated Zema Ion by pin fall to retain the X Division Championship.
– Devon defeated Robbie E. by pin fall to retain the TNA Television Championship.
– Rob Van Dam defeated Bobby Roode, Jeff Hardy and Mr. Anderson by pin fall in a fatal four way match.

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