Spike TNA/Bellator Conference call notes

May 10, 2012 - by Steve Gerweck

Hosts: Kevin Kay, President Spike TV, Bjorn Rebney, Chairman and CEO, Bellator Fighting Championships, and Dixie Carter, President, TNA Entertainment

– King Mo Lawal is coming to TNA this summer, and to Bellator next year when the brand moves to Spike TV.

– Dixie Carter put over his wrestling skills and personality. “He’s excited,” said Carter.

– “This is a dream come true,” said King Mo Lawal.

– Lawal said he’ll be fighting in a cage and beating people up with chairs.

– Lawal said he had a WWE try out in the past, and enjoyed working with Tom Pritchard, Mark Henry, and John Morrison. “He’s open to learning,” said Carter.

– Lawal said is knee is healing.

– Lawal said this deal was the best offer on the table for him.

– Lawal said he’ll be training with Ohio Valley Wrestling, but hasn’t been given a start date yet.

– Carter said there are very few athletes that can pull off being in MMA and wrestling at the same time.

– King Mo said he hasn’t decided yet on his finishing move for wrestling.

– King Mo said the deal puts him on Spike TV, which is a bigger network than Showtime.

– There will be cross promotion between TNA and Bellator.

– Spike moved Impact Wrestling to avoid the NFL in the fall.

– They put over his wrestling knowledge, being able to list events that happened years ago.

– Mo’s deal is with TNA and Bellator, not with Spike.

– Dave Batista’s name was brought up, but Dixie Carter said there focus is on King Mo.

– Mo said he previously turned down a WWE contract.

– Dixie Carter said their top priority is getting Mo healthy.

– Mo has two separate deals, one with Bellator and one with TNA.

– Mo talked about watching Sting and Ric Flair wrestling on the Clash of the Champions, and hoping and praying that Sting would win the match.

– Carter said she has kept the signing a secret from her organization, but she has discussed ideas with Mo.

– “We fund both organizations,” said Kevin Kay.

– Mo said he is looking forward to working with Sting, Ric Flair, and Kurt Angle.

– Bellator moves to Spike in January, and Mo will be apart of the launch.

– Mo isn’t sure if both contracts are the same length, referring reporters to his manager for details.

– Carter said they will chronicle the career of King Mo on Impact.

– King Mo will be at tomorrow night’s Bellator event.

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