4/30/12 WWE Raw Supershow Recap

Apr 30, 2012 - by Steve Gerweck

by Dave Kilgore

Live from Dayton, OH

Live tonight, one night after Extreme Rules, the show begins with a recap of Cena vs Lesnar last night. Then in arena, ring nonowner welcomes us to Raw with Brock Lesnar. Then, GM Johnny is out. Johnny says everything he does is for us the fans. Says Brock Lesnar brought legitimacy back to the WWE and then introduces Brock. Out comes Lesnar and he heads to the ring. Brock takes the mic and says last night the world witnessed Lesnar bringing the pain. As Johnny goes to speak, TIME TO PLAY THE GAME! Out comes C.O.O. Triple H. Hunter heads to the ring. Johnny says he is here to congratulate Brock, right? Hunter says he is out here to do what John doesn’t have the guts to do. Tells Brock his days of holding the WWE hostage are over. Private jet will not be his to use unless he pays for it, and the same goes for the limo. No raises, no special treatment. And Brock’s name will not be included in the name of the show. Says the things John agreed to last week will not be honored. Brock is twitching LOL Hunter says Johnny has no authority to extend what he did. Hunter says Brock will abide by the terms of the original contract he agreed to. Hunter tells Johnny he’s done enough and this is between he and Brock. Hunter tells Johnny to shut up. Johnny keeps talking, saying he will have to take this up with the Board of Directors. Hunter turns around to address John and Brock attacks Hunter. Brock locks in a submission arm lock on Hunter until the RAW locker room empties and chases Brock out of the ring. Hunter in ring saying his arm is broken. Brock heads to the back and HHH is helped out of the ring by Big Show, Truth, Sheamus, and Kofi.


Back live, a recap is shown of what just happened with Brock & HHH. Trainers in the back are shown working on HHH. Cole says Brock may have just fired himself. Out comes Eve. Says the #1 contender for the WWE Title will be determined tonight in beat the clock format. First up is Miz vs. Santino. Match starts with a lockup and a quick takedown by Santino into a pin attempt for a 1 count. Miz then kicks Santino in the shin then knocks him down with a punch to the head. Miz then mounts Santino and gives him multiple punches to the head. Miz off the ropes with a running knee lift to Santino. Miz tries a suplex, Santino counters out, off the ropes, ducks 2 clotheslines and then knocks Miz down with a running shoulder tackle. Santino whips Miz into the ropes and lowers his head early and Miz kicks him in the chest. Miz then with a kick to Santino’s head. 2 count. Santino shoved back into the corner, where Miz unloads with punches and kicks to Santino. Ref makes Miz back off then Miz runs back in, only to have Santino move and Miz runs into the turnbuckles. 2 count by Santino. Both men up and Santino gets caught with a Rock Bottom-like move. 2 count by Miz. Running clothesline by Miz onto Santino in the corner. Miz to the top rope and nails an axe handle off the top but only gets another 2 count. elbows to Santino, followed by a rear headlock. Santino counters out then hits a hot shot style move on Miz. Punches to Miz, then Miz off the ropes, Santino split legged duck of a clothesline, then hits his hip lock takeover on Miz. Diving headbutt by Santino then out comes the Cobra. Miz ducks and rolls Santino up for a 2 count. Santino rolls through for a 2 count of his own. Santino then runs at Miz in the corner, but gets caught by a big boot followed by the Skull Crushing Finale and Miz picks up the win in 4:18.


Back to action, the Bella Twins are in the ring. Out comes Layla….the new Divas champion. We have a triple threat match for the Divas Title. Match begins with the Bellas arguing with each other, leftover from last night. Layla hits a dropkick, shoving the twins together, then knocking one of them out of the ring. Layla then hits a quick rollup for the 1-2-3. Bellas argue all the way up the ramp.

Lights out in the arena. Y2J time.

Next beat the clock match is Jericho vs. Big Show. Show stops and gives his hat to a little boy along ringside. Match begins with Show forcing Jericho back into the corner and nailing him with big punches to the gut. Big open hand chop to the chest of Y2J then a scoop slam by Show. 2 count. Jericho into another corner, Show with another punch and an open hand slap. Show whips Jericho into the opposite corner, hits his running splash but then as Show comes off the ropes, Y2J hits a dropkick to Show’s knee. Y2J with multiple kicks to Show’s head, then a dropkick as Show sits up. 1 count and Show powers out. Y2J to the top rope, dives off and is caught with another open hand shot to the chest by Show. Show goes to the 2nd rope but misses a splash attempt. Jericho hits a Lionsault, gets a 2 count. Jericho struggles to get the Walls of Jericho on Show, who then counters and rolls up Y2J for a 2 count. Show grabs Y2J around the throat, but Jericho counters out by kicking Show in the knee then when Show drops to 1 knee, Y2J hits a DDT. 2 count and Show powers out again. Y2J off the ropes and is caught by a big spear by Show. 2 count. Both men up, Jericho ducks the knockout punch, goes for the Codebreaker but Show catches him. Jericho punching Show’s head, they move to the ropes, where both men fall to the outside. Show shoves Jericho into the ringside barricade but then misses a huge boot. Jericho rolls into the ring, but the buzzer sounds, Jericho wins but confusion as to whether he beat Miz’s time.


Back live, it’s announced Miz still has the time to beat.

Next out is Brodus Clay. His opponent is JTG. Match begins with a lockup and Brodus shoving JTG back into the corner, then giving the big body shake. Knee to Brodus but Brodus catches the leg as JTG tries to kick him. Brodus shoves him into the ropes and catches him with a big shoulder takedown as he bounces off the ropes. Irish whip and Brodus nails JTG with a big right hand to the stomach. Scoop slam and big elbow drop by Clay. Brodus goes for another slam but JTG wiggles out and punches Clay in the back of the knee. JTG hits clubbing blows to Clay but is shoved back into the ropes and is caught by the big head butt to the sternum by Clay. JTG whipped into the corner, Brodus with a big splash, followed by the overhead suplex. Big splash and the 1-2-3. Winner Brodus Clay. Brodus brings a couple kids in to dance with them.

Recap of last night’s match between Lesnar and Cena is shown. Then highlights from earlier tonight with Lesnar attacking HHH.

Backstage, Eve is in GM Johnny’s office with Teddy and Eve tells him that his presence is upsetting John. Eve tells him to calm down. Eve tells him he needs to decide what type of leader he wants to be. The Board is watching. Eve asks who Cena’s next opponent will be. John says Cena won’t like it.

In ring, the next beat the clock match is Randy Orton vs. Jack Swagger after commercial.

Back live, out comes Vicky to introduce Jack Swagger. Match begins with Swagger going behind Orton, Orton reversing and ramming Swagger’s head into the top turnbuckle. Orton with a quick roll up and a 1 count. Swagger up, forces Orton back into the corner where he drives a shoulder into Orton a couple times but Orton gets a knee up and Swagger runs his head into it. Irish whip by Orton countered by Swagger, but Orton hits a clothesline coming out of the corner. 1 count. Swagger kicks Orton down then hits the Swagger Bomb off the 2nd rope. 2 count. Swagger goes for a gut wrench suplex but Orton slithers out and hits a back breaker. 2 count. Both men up, Irish Whip to Swagger, ducks a clothesline and takes out Orton’s knee with a chop block. Both men up, Swagger off the ropes, hits a big shoulder tackle on Orton. 2 count. Swagger with punches to Orton in the corner until the ref forces him back. Swagger moves back in but Orton catches him with a boot to the gut but Swagger regains control and takes Orton down with a rear arm lock. Stomps to Orton. Swagger runs across to try another Swagger Bomb but Orton bounces up and kicks Swagger in the stomach mid move. 2 clotheslines by Orton followed by the snap slam. Swagger rolls to the apron but Orton hits the 2nd rope DDT. Orton goes for the RKO but Swagger counters into the ankle lock. Orton rolls through tossing Swagger into the corner then hits an RKO for the win and the new time to beat of 4:16.

Tag team title match up next after commercial.

Back live, Primo and Epico are out with Rosa Mendes. Next out are their opponents, Kofi and R-Truth. Cole announces the Bellas have been fired. In ring, Primo starts with Truth, Truth takes Primo down after Primo kicked Little Jimmy. Irish Whip and Truth knocks Primo down with a hard shoulder. Truth off the ropes, stops, and catches Primo with a hard right hand. Clothesline to Primo sending him over the top rope.


Back live, Truth is fighting out of the corner with punches to both Primo & Epico. Primo catches Truth with a dropkick and a 2 count. Primo with kicks to Truth on the mat. Primo off the ropes but is caught with a big kick by Truth. Both men down, Truth crawls over and tags in Kofi who comes in via a top rope clothesline to Epico. Then he knocks Primo off the apron. Dropkick to Epico and another jumping clothesline. Kofi with the Boom Drop to Epico. kofi setting up for Trouble in Paradise but first knocks down Primo who runs at him. Then Rosa jumps up on the apron. Epico tries the backstabber but Kofi shoves him off back into the ropes where Truth drops him neck first over the top rope and then Kofi hits the Trouble in Paradise for the 1-2-3 and we have NEEEEW WWE Tag Team Champions, Truth and Kofi.


Back live, Khali is already in the ring awaiting his opponent, Kane. Match begins with punches to Khali by Kane. Khali shoves Kane into the corner, where he delivers elbows and a huge open hand slap to Kane’s chest. Into another corner where Khali hits another open hand slap to Kane. Kane then grabs Khali, going for the chokeslam but Khali brushes his hand aside, and delivers more punches to Kane. Irish whip and Kane takes out Khali’s knee with a dropkick. Kicks to Khali who is down. Kane picks him up, hits a DDT, 2 count. Kane goes to the top rope, hits a diving clothesline on Khali, 1 count. Khali sits up and Kane hits a dropkick for a 2 count. No crowd reaction on this match. In the corner, Khali shoves Kane off, then hits a back elbow as Kane comes in. Khali then hits a big boot, a clothesline and then delivers the big chop to Kane. Kane rolls out of the ring, Khali follows. Kane punches Khali, Khali throws Kane in. Each man grabs the other’s throat as the time runs out and the crowd boos. After the match, Kane chokeslams Khali.


Back live, out comes Daniel Bryan for his beat the clock match against Jerry Lawler! Bryan looks confused. Match begins with a lockup, Bryan forcing Lawler into the corner, where he kicks Lawler in the gut. Multiple punches to King, then an Irish Whip across the ring and Bryan hits a running dropkick to Lawler. 2 count. Bryan continues punching King in the corner until King blocks and counters with punches of his own. Knee drops to King, 2 count. Both men up, punches by Lawler and the King dropkick. Irish Whip to the corner but Bryan misses a running dropkick. King to the 2nd rope, strap down, fist drop to Bryan, 2 count. King goes for a piledriver but Bryan counters with a backdrop. Kick to King’s head and locks in the YES Lock and becomes the #1 contender. CM Punk comes out, holding the WWE Title over his head.


Back from commercial, recap is shown of Lesnar/HHH from earlier in the night. Cole says Lesnar has been escorted out. Also, Triple H’s arm is broken. Out comes John Cena, arm in a sling. Cena says no breaks in his arm, no tears. Says he is happy to be here. Says he’s hurt but here. Out comes GM Johnny. John says he’s happy Cena decided to show up. Cena says let me guess, you got me Zeus as my next opponent. John says he was trying to motivate Cena by claiming Brock is the next face of the WWE. Johnny says Cena should be thanking him. Cena says thank you for being a short sided corporate jackass. Johnny says Cena needs to build a relationship with him. Cena calls him an idiot. Johnny says in the name of People Power, let’s discuss the next PPV. Johnny brings out Lord Tensai. Tensai and his helper get in the ring, surrounding Cena but then GM Johnny hits Cena in the head with the mic, knocking Cena down. Johnny announces Cena’s next opponent is…..GM JOHNNY. With that, Tensai’s helper kicks Cena and Johnny runs Cena bad arm first into the turnbuckle. Tensai then hits his reverse splash to Cena and GM Johnny works on Cena’s bad arm. Tensai then holds Cena’s arm over the steel steps as Johnny stomps on it. Johnny then gets a steel chair and smashes it over Cena’s arm on the steps. And Triple H was once demoted for the way he ran the show??

End of show.

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