4/16/12 WWE Raw Supershow Recap

Apr 16, 2012 - by Steve Gerweck

by Dave Kilgore

taped delayed from London, England

Tonight’s show opens with a no countout, no DQ match between Mark Henry and CM Punk. Henry is in ring waiting on Punk. Recap of 2 weeks ago with Henry attacking Punk outside the ring and Y2J attacking Punk after. Back in ring, huge Punk chant starts. Ring introductions are done. Match starts with quick kicks to Henry’s legs and Punk staying away from Henry. Lockup and Henry overpowers Punk and tosses him into the corner. Henry follows him in with a headbutt to Punk and then a big clubbing blow to the back of Punk. Punk rolls out of the corner, gets up and delivers multiple kicks to Henry. Punk then off the ropes, and gets caught by Henry, up on his shoulders and a hard slam to Punk. Kick to Punk, knocking Punk outside. Henry follows him outside, but Punk rolls in, off the ropes he comes, suicide dive to Henry on the outside, knocking him down. Another kick to Henry’s legs, followed by a blow to Henry’s back. Punk tries an Irish Whip to Henry but is countered and he throws Punk into the ring post. Punk is picked up and his head is shoved into the post by Henry. Henry then runs at Punk and gets caught with a big boot to the face, then another. Punk then up on the ringside barricade, runs along it and jumps off, delivering a forearm to the back of Henry. Punk tries to lift Henry, to get him back in the ring. Henry then rams Punk back first into the side of the ring. Punk delivers 5 kicks to the back of Henry, but then Punk gets caught jumping off the ring apron by Henry, who throws him into the ringside barricade. Both men down outside as we head to commercial.

Back live, Henry has Punk in a rear chinlock. Punk up, catches Henry with a dropkick but Henry doesn’t go down. Henry then catches Punk coming off the ropes with a shoulder block. Punk rolls near the ropes, where Henry then comes over and stands directly on his chest. Kicks to Punk’s head. Punk then rolls to the apron and gets up, catching Henry by dropping his neck over the top rope. Punk to the floor, where he gets a steel chair. He nails Henry twice in the gut with chair shots. Rolls him over, 2 count by Punk. Punk grabs the chair, both men up, Punk goes to hit Henry but Punk gets caught with a kick by Henry. Mark grabs the chair, hard shot to the back of Punk. Henry then places the chair in the corner, lodged in the turnbuckles. Henry tries to ram Punk’s head into it, but Punk counters with punches and elbows. Chops and punches to Henry in the corner. Punk then runs at Henry and is caught with a huge clothesline. Punk picked up, put in a huge bearhug by Henry. Punk fights back with elbows to Henry’s head. Punk then takes down Henry with a chop block to Henry’s knee followed by a short DDT. Punk goes up top, leaps off and is caught by Henry. Henry goes for the World’s Strongest Slam but Punk counters out and catches Henry with a big kick to the head. Henry is down in the corner. Punk runs in and delivers the running high knee but is thrown off while attempting the bulldog. Henry runs at Punk in the corner, Punk moves and Henry gets a face full of the steel chair. Punk gets the chair, goes up top, delivers the Macho Man elbow with the chair. 1-2-3…winner CM PUNK!

After the match, Y2J is on the big screen offering congrats to Punk. Y2J is in a bar, tells Punk he’s been granted a title match in 2 weeks with the stipulation being a Chicago Street Fight match. Punk says he doesn’t know how Y2J will survive that match, as there is no DQ, and it’s all about kicking Jericho’s ass in front of his family. Jericho says just show up sober. Then Y2J shows footage of Punk going into a pub earlier in the day, then walking out later on (but shows no drinking or any inside footage). Punk says come down and smell his breath to see if he’s sober. Y2J says Punk is in denial, just like his dad. Y2J says Punk has lost everything and in 2 weeks, he’ll lose his title.


Back live, R-Truth is dressed as Sherlock Holmes as Teddy Long walks up. He tells Teddy it’s his job to find him a job.

In the areana, out comes Santino Marella for his match with different soccer jerseys on. After taking off 4, he gets down to the England jersey. Then out comes David Otunga. Match starts with a quick lockup, go behind by Santino, and an elbow to Santino by Otunga. Irish Whip by Otunga, and a big scoop slam to Santino. 2 count. Punches to Santino by Otunga, then an elbow off the 2nd rope to Santino. Another 2 count. Whip to the corner by David, but Santino catches him with an elbow as he runs in. Punches to Otunga, but Santino dropped down too early to duck a clothesline and Otunga kicked him in the head. Otunga with the pick up powerbomb to Santino, ref counts 3 but sees Santino’s foot on the bottom rope. As Otunga argues, Santino gets up, successfully ducks the clothesline this time, follows with the hip lock takeover and then off the ropes, delivers a headbutt. Out comes the Cobra, nailing Otunga. 1-2-3..winner SANTINO MARELLA.

Backstage, Josh interviews (tries to) Lord Tensai. Albert….I mean Tensai…speaks in Japanese.


Back live, they show the interview with Lesnar. Says he’s not a superstar, he’s an ass kicker. There’s no one past or present in the WWE that has his accolades. Goes over his career in the WWE then UFC. Says he came back to the WWE for himself. Says he will legitimize the company and that he’s tired of Cena. Only reason Cena is in the position he is is due to Lesnar not being there. Says Cena is scared. Says he will bring the pain to Cena at Extreme Rules.

Next out is Zack Ryder. Then his opponent is out…..Kane. Commercial.

Back live, recap is shown of Kane having beaten up Cowboy Bob Orton and Randy running back to check on dad, only to be ambushed by Kane. In ring, Kane kicks Ryder off the apron, into the announcer’s table. Kane then punches Ryder repeatedly on the outside. Ryder thrown into the table again. Then back first into the ring. Ryder tossed inside, chokeslam by Kane. All this before the match started. Kane grabs the mic, says what a joyful family reunion last week. Both Orton’s helpless. Says he didn’t expect Randy to go down without a fight. Like father, like son. Kane leaves.

Backstage, Kofi is talking with AJ. Daniel Bryan walks up and announces his submission move will now be called the “YES LOCK”. Bryan chants YES over and over and over (quite annoying)


Back live, out comes John Cena. A recap is shown of the history thus far between Cena and Lesnar. Cena says he finds it interesting that in the middle of all this is John Laurenaitis. Says at Wrestlemania, GM Johnny becames the most powerful man in the WWE, possibly ending Cena’s era. Cena says he went out and got Lesnar to destroy him. Says on April 29th, he steps in the ring with the man whose sole purpose is to replace him. Says he will fight on April 29th. Out comes GM Johnny. Announces Cena in an extreme rules match tonight. Next week, there will be a contract signing between he and Lesnar on the 3 hour RAW.

Recap of Punk/Henry match from earlier.


Back live, R-Truth is shown walking backstage, passing Hornswaggle. Truth then disappears into a “trap door”…..

Out comes Kofi Kingston, followed by Daniel Bryan. Match begins with a lockup, into an armbar by Bryan, then a fireman’s carry by Bryan. Bryan gets in Kofi’s face talking trash, only to be caught with kicks by Kofi. Into the corner they go, Irish Whip by Bryan, tossing Kofi into the opposite corner, Bryan runs at him, catching Kofi with a running dropkick by Bryan. Bryan then picks Kofi up, holding Kofi’s arm outstretched over his shoulder and dropping it down over his shoulder, trying to hyper extend it. Back into the ropes they go, Bryan with knees and kicks to Kofi. Kofi into the ropes, comes off and gets caught with a knee to the gut. 1 count. Another arm lock by Bryan. Kofi tries to counter with puches to Bryan but Bryan catches him with a big uppercut. Knee drop to Kofi. Both men up, Kofi counters out, then off the ropes, catches Bryan with a high back elbow. Kofi runs at Bryan, who sidesteps him and tosses Kofi outside. Bryan follows onto the apron, but misses the running knee. Bryan lands on his feet but turns around and gets caught by Kofi leaping off the top turnbuckle down onto him on the outside.


Back to action, Kofi ducks a clothesline and hits a monkey flip on Bryan. Kofi comes at Bryan in the corner, but Bryan hits a drop toe hold on Kofi, then kicks Kofi in the head. AJ is shown watching the monitor backstage. Kicks to Kofi in the corner. Kofi down, 2 count. Rear chin lock on the mat by Bryan. Both men up, Kofi counters out, catching Bryan with a clothesline, followed by a dropkick. Kofi with the Boom Drop. Kofi goes for Trouble in Paradise, counters out of the YES LOCK attempt, hits the S.O.S. for a 2 count. Kicks to Bryan in the corner, Kofi goes up top but Bryan knocks him down. Both men up top, Bryan knocked off, then misses the crossbody off the top. Bryan with the YES LOCK on Kofi…winner….Daniel Bryan, as AJ smiles weakly in the back.

Then he locks on the YES LOCK again until Sheamus runs out for the save. Bryan ducks the Brogue Kick and rolls out.


Back live, out comes the Funk-a-saurus, Brodus Clay. Next out is Dolph Ziggler (with Vicky and Swagger). Match starts with Dolph delivering a drop kick but only lightly staggering Clay. Dolph runs at him, only to get caught with an overhead suplex by Clay. Swagger then tries to interfere and gets pulled in by Clay and gets a headbutt to the sternum by Clay. Dolph then gets launched into the air about 8 feet. Vicky then pushes down one of the dancers outside, but is chased into the ring by the other dancer, right to where Clay is waiting. The 2nd dancer shoves Vicky down. Vicky rolls out as the dancing starts. Somebody call my momma………

Backstage, GM Johnny is walking with Otunga. Eve walks up, says they were suppose to have a 1 on 1 this week. Johnny says lets talk now.

Cole and Lawler then take a moment to remember Chief Jay Strongbow who passed away recently (1928-2012)


Back from commercial, R-Truth is talking to Teddy Long.

Out comes Great Khali followed by his partner Big Show. Then out comes the tag champs of Epico and Primo (with Rosa). Match starts with Epico trying to get some offense in on Khali but Khali drills him with a big right hand. BIG hand slap to the chest of Epico, then another in the opposite corner. Khali brings Epico back in over the top rope. Epico and Primo are outside, they try and run but are caught by Show. Both men thrown in. Chop by Khali, then a double chokeslam by Khali and Show…1-2-3…winners Khali/Show.


Back to the arena, out comes John Cena to face………………….Lord Tensai. Lawler actually acknowledges that Tensai use to be a WWE superstar, left and went to Japan where he dominated. (How does Albert get a main event match so soon?) Match begins with both men punching one another with Tensai getting the upperhand, knocking Cena down. Suplex attempt blocked by Cena who hit a suplex on Tensai, only to have hit get right up and nail Cena with a clothesline. Headbutt by Tensai, hard Irish Whip to opposite corner. Big kick to Cena. Another hard whip across the ring, followed by a running splash by Tensai. Both men outside, kicks to Cena. Cena is tossed into steps at ringside. Tensai goes for powerbomb but gets backdropped by Cena. Cena picks up the steps, nailing Tensai with them. Tensai rolled in, but Tensai’s handler attacks Cena. Otunga throws Cena in, where Tensai nails a big suplex. 2 count. Claw by Tensai on the shoulder of Cena. Cena fights up, tries to pick up Tensai, but Tensai falls off, hitting a clothesline on Cena. Cena down in the corner. Cena up, sidesteps a running attack by Tensai, hits 2 shoulder blocks on Tensai, then a 3rd knocks him down. Cena picks him up for a side slam, then goes for the 5 knuckle shuffle but Tensai catches him and knocks Cena down, then hits the reverse splash. 2 count. Submission arm bar by Tensai…Cena rolls through and hooks the STF on Tensai. Otunga jumps in the ring, only to get caught by Cena who gets him up for the AA. AA to Otunga. Cena turns around and gets green mist spit in his face by Tensai, followed by the sit down powerbomb by Tensai for the 1-2-3.

End of show

***Just a thought, but how exactly does this help set up a main event PPV match by having Cena get beat by a “newcomer”? Shouldn’t they have had Cena beat the “big bad Tensai” to set up the Lesnar match as power vs. power?***

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