4/10/12 Detailed Recap of Smackdown: Blast From The Past

Apr 10, 2012 - by Atlee Greene

Smackdown: Blast From The Past

Hampton Coliseum in Hampton Virginia

“Mean” Gene Okerlund is in the ring and welcomes everyone to Smackdown. He invites the World Heavyweight Champion Sheamus to the ring. Sheamus said it was an honor to be in the ring with “Mean” Gene and says he hasn’t been honorable as of late and apologizes to the referee he beat up last week. He says he tends to learn the hard way sometimes and hopes the fans can forgive an Irish redhead.


John Laurinaitis interrupts Sheamus and shows the footage of Sheamus Brogue Kicking the referee. Laurinaitis asks Sheamus who does he thinks he is putting his hands on one of his referees. He tells him to publicly apologize to referee Chad Patton. Sheamus says he already did and Laurinaitis replies “I didn’t hear you”. Sheamus apologizes to Patton, again, as well as all the referees and the world, again. Laurinaitis tells Sheamus he is on permanent probation and if he touches a referee, purpose or accidental, he will be fired. He also fined Sheamus $500,000 and told him he will team with Mean Gene Okerlund to take on Alberto Del Rio and Daniel Bryan in a tag team match.


Backstage, Randy Orton is with his father, Bob Orton Jr. Jr tells his son to not take Mark Henry lightly and go after it and Randy leaves for the ring.


– Randy Orton vs. Mark Henry

Henry powers Orton into the corner, charges in and Orton moves and opens up with a couple of right hands until Henry drops him with a headbutt. Orton comes back with some more punches but Henry throws him into the corner but misses the splash and Orton goes for the ten count punches. Henry cuts him off and powerslams him in the center of the ring for a two count. Bob Orton Jr is looking on backstage and he seems concerned.

We are back from commercial and Orton is trying to fight out of a submission but Henry headbutts him and covers him for a two count. Henry places him back in a neck wrenching submission. Orton fights out of it, Henry cuts him off with another headbutt and and follows up with a body slam and big splash for a two count. Henry places Orton in the corner and hits him with two running splashes but only gets a two count. Henry goes for another splash but Orton moves. Orton comes back with two clotheslines that drops Henry to one knee and hits the DDT for a two count. Henry rolls to the apron and Orton attempts the hanging DDT but Henry blocks it. Henry attempts a WSS but Henry lifts him too high over his head and Orton lands on his feet and attempts an RKO but Henry pushes him outside the ring. Henry follows him but Orton sends him into the post and follows it up with a European uppercut that drops Henry and Orton gets back in the ring.

Que flames and Kane appears on the titan tron. Kane says he needed to beat Orton at Wrestlemania to become whole again. He says it would be a shame if the fun had to end because after all, it’s fun the whole family can enjoy. The camera pans down to reveal an unconscious Bob Orton Jr. Orton runs to the locker room and scowers the backstage area for his father. He finally finds him and Kane hits him in the stomach with a pipe that sends Orton to the ground. As Orton clinches his stomach on the ground next to his father, Kane bends down and says “I’m a sucker for family reunions”.

No Contest


-Tony Atlas and The Million Dollar Man Ted DiBiase are watching a monitor backstage and Atlas says “This will be a good old fashion squash match” and DiBiase laughs on in approval. Unknown, Benny Camer is in the ring and he takes the microphone and wants to tel the fans about this being his first match in the WWE but the music hits and Ryback hits the ring. Pat Patterson and Hillbilly Jim joins the crew backstage and they are impressed with Ryback.


– Ryback vs. Benny Camer

Ryback levels Camer with a clothesline that turns him inside out. Ryback hits the muscle buster and gets the pin as the legends look on with big time approval.

Winner: Ryback


Backstage, Heath Slater is telling Tyson Kidd that he is a better tag partner than Justin Gabriel and that he has got them a Hall of Fame manager who says he could be the next Honky Tonk Man. Tyson asked him if he thought that was a compliment and out comes Jimmy Hart. Tyson looks less than thrilled as they leave for the ring.


Back form commercial and Mick Foley makes his way to the ring side area to join the team for commentary.


– The Uso’s vs. Tyson Kidd & Heath Slater  w/ Jimmy Hart

Uso shoulder tackles Kidd to the mat and they exchange hip tosses that sends Kidd to the apron and Kidd jumps over the top rope for a sunset flip and Slater tags Kidd in mid air. Slater hits Uso from behind and tells Kidd to get back on the apron. Slater hits a jumping neck breaker and applies a rear chinlock. Hart is harassing Foley at ringside with the megaphone. Jey Uso tags in and hits Slater a clothesline, superkick to the gut and runs off the ropes for a spinning forearm. Slater rolls to the corner and Jey runs into him using hit butt as a battering-ram to Slater’s face. He covers him but Tyson breaks up the pin with a drop kick to the face. Uso’s hit Tyson with a double face plant as he rolls out of the ring with one of the Uso’s behind him. Foley brings out Mr. Socko and attempts to chase Jimmy Hart while one of the Uso’s hits Slater with a Samoan Drop and the other hits the frog splash for the pin

Winner: The Uso’s

Jimmy Hart runs in the ring to check on Slater and Mick Foley appears behind him. Slater pushes Hart right in the clutches of Mr. Socko and Jimmy is down for the count. Foley grabs the megaphone and starts talking as we go to commercial.


-Rowdy Roddy Piper hosts Piper’s Pit with guest Daniel Bryan

Piper says he missed the fans and mentions that Daniel Bryan is the man who lost the title in 18 seconds and blames his girlfriend. Piper asks the truck to play some footage and we see Daniel Bryan dumping A.J. from last week. He calls out Daniel Bryan who is sporting his new “Yes, Yes, Yes,” shirt.

Piper says Bryan seems very happy for a man who lost the title in 18 seconds. Bryan replies that John Laurinaitis granted him his rightful rematch and this time there will be no fluke win. Says he not only wants to pin Sheamus but wants to make The Great White tap and now he can do both at Extreme Rules in a 2 out of 3 Falls match. Bryan also says Wrestlemania was A.J.’s fault but Piper disagrees and calls out A.J.

A.J. says she can’t believe she is on Piper’s Pit and says hi to Bryan. Piper says “Why are you saying hi to him” and A.J. says she knows Bryan is a good person deep down inside. Piper reminds her that the pit is the place where you leave the politically correct answers at the door. He reminds him of Bryan dumping her and all the negative things he has said about her. A.J. says its her fault and she made a mistake at Wrestlemania and apologizes to Bryan. She asks if they can talk backstage as Bryan looks on with a smirk on his face.

Piper tells A.J. he has watched her since her career started and says she is tough for taking that shot from the Big Show and says it ain’t easy being a women in this business so she is smart and beautiful too. Piper says Bryan is just using him and Bryan cuts him off saying he has had enough of Piper dragging his name through the dirt and tells A.J. that she should leave the ring if she really loved him. Piper says she doesn’t need to listen to him at all. A.J. has a sad look on her face and leaves. Bryan tries to leave too but Piper yells “Do you leave I’m not finished yet”. Piper says he sees the “Yes” on his shirt and he because of the WWE Universe how four children, three of them are girls… and tells Bryan some “No’s”. You never tell a lady to Shut Up, You don’t yell at a lady and you don’t use a lady as a shield and that makes him a coward.

Piper says the good thing about the 2 out of 3 falls match at Extreme Rules is that he gets to watch Sheamus kick his head off twice. Bryan says the fact that he is better than Sheamus is going to slap everyone right across the face and slaps Hot Rod. Piper goes after him but Bryan leaves the ring before he can get him and Bryan heads up the ramp chanting “Yes, Yes, Yes”.


– The Great Khali, Alicia & Natalya vs. Drew McIntyre & The Bella Twins

Khali shoves McIntyre down out of the lockup and drops him with a clubbing forearm to the head. McIntyre rolls to the corner and tags one of the Bellas and heads back to the locker room yelling “I’m better than this” as he points to the ring. Alicia enters the ring and hits the Bella twin with a face plant and a northern lights suplex for the pin and her teams dances up the ramp to Khali’s music.

Winner: The Great Khali, Alicia & Natalya

Mae Young comes out to meet the victors at the top of the ramp and she dances for a few seconds and lays a kiss on The Great Khali and we go to commercial.


Another Damien Sandow vignette is shown and Josh Matthews informs us that Bob Orton Jr suffered abdominal injuries at the hands of Kane. “Mean” Gene Okerlund is in the locker room with Sheamus sporting a Sheamus shirt. Okerlund says he doesn’t like their chances and Sheamus replies “We are probably not going to win tonight”. Sheamus says the first Pint is on him if they survive and Okerlund yells “IF WE SURVIVE???”. Sheamus says he is pumped to team up with a legend like Okerlund and used to watch him as a kid. He says no matter what happens they will either drink to remember  or to drink to forget.


-Hacksaw Jim Duggan vs.  Hunico

Before the match Hunico has a microphone and says “Who cares about the past and these old timers” and that he is the future of the WWE. Hacksaw sends Hunico outside the ring with several big punches and goes after him until Camacho stands in his way. Hacksaw yells for Sarge and Sgt. Slaughter comes to the ring to even the odds. Sarge tosses Hacksaw the 2×4 and hits Hunico and the ref calls for the bell. Duggan hits Camacho coming in the ring with the 2×4 and Slaughter applies the Cobra Clutch. Camacho is out and Duggan and Slaughter celebrate.

Winner: Hunico via DQ


We are back and Cody Rhodes is in the ring with mic in hand. He says this night has been a waste of time and we should look to a future with him as the Intercontinental Champion. Wants it to be a future where the Big Show doesn’t win with one punch and the legends are not hogging the spotlight. Americana hits the speakers and Dusty Rhodes makes his way to the ring. Cody says this doesn’t concern him and Dusty disagrees. Dusty says Cody came into the business as the most naturally talented person since Shawn Michaels and criticizes him for “Poking the Bear” referring to Big Show. Cody says he is embarrassing him and they should talk about this in the back. He tries to leave but the Big Show’s music hits.

Big Show in his best Dusty accent, says he knows all about embarrassment and promises not to show another clip of him knocking out Cody at Wrestlemania. What he does show is a clip of Cody in an embarrassing lip gloss commercial. Cody is left speechless and leaves the ring while Dusty dances for the crowd.


– Sheamus & Mean Gene Okerlund vs. Daniel Bryan & Alberto Del Rio

Ricardo Rodriguez announces Del Rio and Howard Finkle did the ring announcing duties for Okerlund and Sheamus. Del Rio starts off strong with some leg kicks to Sheamus. Bryan tags in and lands some kicks of his own. Del Rio tags back in and applies a front face lock but Sheamus  lifts him up and over and Del Rio crashes to the mat. Del Rio quickly tags Bryan and the former champion works over Sheamus with kicks to the chest. Sheamus lifts up Bryan for a power slam but Bryan gets out and Sheamus throws Del Rio out of the ring before he can interfere. Sheamus attempts the Brogue Kick but Bryan ducks and drop kicks him out of the ring.

Mean Gene gets in the ring and Del Rio meets him and slaps in the head. Okerlund pleads for them to not to hit him and Ricardo Rodriguez wants to fight Okerlund. Roddy Piper’s music hits and the legends come down to the ring. Piper jumps on the apron and gets in Bryan’s face. Bryan turns around and meets a Brogue Kick to the face and that’s a wrap.

Winner: Sheamus & “Mean” Gene Okerlund

The legends all take turns beating on Ricardo Rodriguez which includes a big body slam from Tony Atlas and the Bionic Elbow from Dusty Rhodes. Sheamus puts the cherry on top with a Brogue Kick, and he celebrates with the legends.

Michael Cole asks for the crowd’s attention. He asks the crowd to give it up for the WWE Legends. He makes fun of them saying he knows they have to get back to the retirement home. Pat Patterson knocks out Cole with an overhand right and Sheamus kicks him out of the ring to end the show.

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