Audio: Georgia Smith discusses her father Davey Boy Smith, mother Diana, Owen’s death, and more

Apr 9, 2012 - by Steve Gerweck

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In this exclusive interview with GERWECK.NET, the daughter of Diana Hart and the late Davey Boy Smith, Georgia Smith discusses:

– her mother’s upcoming novel
– how she spent her Wrestlemania 28 weekend in Miami
– her brother Harry Smith’s future (including a possible MMA run)
– cousin Natalya’s flatulence gimmick
– her father’s last days, and how she learned of his passing
– what caused her father’s death
– her grandparents, Stu and Helen Hart, and what they were like away from the camera
– the legendary Hart Dungeon, and its current ownership
– how she learned of Owen Hart’s passing, and the sad story of Oje, Athena and Martha Hart’s alienation from the Hart family
– the possibility of writing a book on growing up in the Hart family
– update on cousin Teddy Hart
– Jim “The Anvil” Neidhart’s arrest
– her recent meeting with the Dynamite Kid
– moving from Canada to Florida
– Bret Hart and his current plans
– why she never got involved in pro wrestling

and much more in this sixty minute plus interview

feel free to follow Georgia on Twitter @georgiasmith87

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