4/5/12 Impact Wrestling Recap

Apr 6, 2012 - by Jason Graening

A video recap of Hulk Hogan taking over as the general manager of Impact Wrestling is aired. We then see Dixie Carter and Sting in the ring with TNA wrestlers and talent surrounding the ringside area. Dixie then introduces Hulk Hogan as the new general manager as he makes his way down to the ring.

Hogan is treated to a “Hogan!” chant as he grabs a microphone and says it’s great to be back in the saddle on Impact Wrestling. Hogan then thanks Sting for having his back and thanks Dixie for getting a second chance. Hogan says he met with creative today and they have a lot of new things planned, but first they have to take care of some business with Lockdown.

Hogan books a match between Matt Morgan and Crimson and says things are going to end between them in a steel cage. As for the Knockouts Division, he can’t decide who should be the #1 contender so they are going to have a Knockout Challenge tonight to find out who will get a shot at the Knockouts Championship.

Hogan then calls out Eric Bischoff but Ric Flair tells him that he isn’t in the building. Hogan and Flair share a few words and Flair says he will get him here. Their argument is then cut off by Bobby Roode’s music. Roode is surrounded by men in suits and puts Hogan on notice and says nobody will stop him from being the most dominate champion. Roode goes on to say his only obligation is for his match at Lockdown, so he will be leaving.

Hogan tells Roode to stay put and says things are changing around here. Hogan then invites Mr. Anderson into the ring and says the fans want to see Mr. Anderson go head to head with Roode later on tonight. Roode disapproves of it but Hogan says it is going to happen. Hogan then turns his attention to Kurt Angle and says it’s true that he won’t wrestle Jeff Hardy at Lockdown as the fans want to see that match tonight and is going to happen right now.

Match 1: Jeff Hardy vs. Kurt Angle
The bell rings and the two lock up and Hardy takes Angle down with a couple of shoulder blocks before putting Angle in an armbar. Hardy continues to work over Angle’s arm but Angle is able to break the hold by raking Hardy’s eyes. Hardy comes back and takes Angle down with a head scissors and Angle rolls out to the floor.

Hardy dropkicks Angle through the ropes which causes Angle to crack his head on the guard railing and busts him open. Hardy then shoves Angle into the steel steps before rolling him back into the ring. As Hardy is coming into the ring, Angle kicks Hardy in the chest, which knocks him out to the floor. The match returns to the ring and Angle suplexes Hardy and picks up a near fall before working Hardy over with a headlock. Angle then connects with a shoulder block on Hardy as we head into a commercial break.

We return to the match to see Hardy take Angle down with a corkscrew dive off the top rope. Hardy then nails Angle with a series of strikes before trying for a Twist of Fate, but Angle counters and hits a series of German suplexes. Angle covers and gets another near fall. Angle then tries for an Angle Slam but Hardy counters with a Twist of Fate. Hardy heads to the top rope but Angle recovers and takes Hardy down with a belly-to-belly suplex off the top rope.

Angle then puts Hardy in an ankle lock in the middle of the ring. Hardy refuses to tap out and tries to make it to the ropes but manages to finally kick out of it. Hardy then takes Angle down with a kick to the chest before heading to the top rope. Angle, though, grabs the referee and uses him as a shield until Hardy comes back to the mat. Angle then shoves the referee out of the way and tries for a low blow but Hardy blocks it and takes Angle down with a series of right hands. Hardy then goes for another Twist of Fate but Angle gets out of it and retreats to the floor. Angle then walks away as the referee counts him out.

Hulk Hogan is seen clapping backstage as Angle comes through the curtain. Hogan says won’t be able to run and hide when he faces Jeff Hardy in a steel cage at Lockdown. Angle screams that Hogan can’t do that but Hogan just turns his back and walks away.

Ric Flair is seen calling Eric Bischoff and tells him that it’s going down and he needs to get to the Impact Zone. Flair says they need to address the situation right away as it’s an emergency and Bischoff says he is on his way.

Bully Ray is backstage and says he is sick of hearing about Bobby Roode and James Storm and predicts that he will be the next World Champion. He then says he has to take care of a smaller problem in Austin Aries and says something is about to happen as we head into a commercial break.

Bully Ray is in the ring and says he is confused as to why Austin Aries would want to piss off a big man like himself. Aries’ music hits and he comes out and joins Ray in the ring. Aries then quiets the crowd before nailing Ray in the head with a microphone and hits him with a series of strikes. Ray, though, is able to pick Aries up and drives him down hard to the mat with a powerbomb. Ray then asks Aries if he knows who he is before leaving the X Division Champion laying on the canvas.

Joseph Park is seen backstage in catering and asks the cook if he knows where his brother Abyss is at. The cook says he has only been here for a month and doesn’t know. The announce team then hypes the main event match between Mr. Anderson and Bobby Roode, but first the Knockouts will be in action in a Knockouts Challenge.

AJ Styles is backstage and says Bobby Roode is on top of his game but thinks James Storm has the edge in their match at Lockdown. Storm then walks in and says he needs a match to get ready for his match against Roode and wants Styles in a match. Styles warns Storm that he is a lot faster than Roode and says Storm won’t be able to hit him with a Last Call superkick.

Match 2: Mickie James vs. Winter vs. Tara vs. Angelina Love vs. Madison Rayne vs. Velvet Sky (Knockouts Challenge)
This Knockouts Challenge between six former Knockouts Champions is first pin fall or submission wins, however, only two can be in the ring at a time. The bell rings as Winter and Tara square off. Tara takes Winter down with a couple of clotheslines and goes for the pin, but all four other Knockouts enter the ring to break the pin attempt. Angelina then tags herself in and Winter tags Mickie into the match to get two new women in the match. Angelina and Mickie go back and forth until Mickie takes her down with a dropkick. Mickie follows with a neckbreaker but Madison runs in and breaks it up. Angelina comes back and covers Mickie after hitting a side slam but Tara breaks up the pin attempt.

Velvet tags herself in and goes after Angelina and hits a dropkick followed by a series of clotheslines. Angelina is able to recover and takes Velvet down with a front slam before tagging Madison into the match. While Angelina and Madison argue in the corner, Tara tags herself in and pushes Madison into Angelina. Tara then connects with a clothesline on Madison and hits a spinning side slam for another pin attempt but Winter breaks it up. Madison then rakes Tara’s eyes as Velvet tags herself back in and Madison tags Mickie into the match.

As Mickie tries to come in, Madison kicks her out to the floor and then tags Velvet down. Angelina then comes in and takes Madison down and Tara follows and takes Angelina out with the Widow’s Peak. Winter comes in and takes Tara out with a backbreaker but Mickie comes in and takes her out with a DDT. Velvet then comes in and takes Mickie out with the In Yo Face to pick up the pin fall and earn a shot at Gail Kim for the Knockouts Championship at Lockdown.

Mr. Anderson is in the locker room and says the same thing will happen to Bobby Roode at Lockdown as will happen tonight, he will get beat. Roode comes in and gives Anderson an chance to walk away from tonight’s match or else he will hurt Anderson. Anderson tries to get in Roode’s face but his security steps in between the two. Anderson says he can’t wait to step into the ring and show the world that he can beat Roode.

A video package highlighting James Storm and Jeff Hardy at the American County Music Awards is aired. Footage of Eric Young’s bachelor party from last night is then aired. EY sets up some ground rules and says what happens at his party, stays at his party. We see him sitting in front of a table with non-alcoholic wine, suckers, and says there will be no strippers. EY then begins to have his fantasy baseball draft as ODB walks in with a keg of beer and chicken wings. ODB hands out cigars to his friends and tells EY that once they are married, every night will be a bachelor party for him.

Match 3: James Storm vs. AJ Styles
The bell rings as Storm and Styles lock up and Storm tries for a Last Call but Styles is too quick. The two continue to go back and forth with Styles finally getting the upper hand and takes Storm down with a dropkick. Storm rolls out to the floor and Styles looks to dive out of the ring but Storm returns to the ring. The two continue to go back and forth as they trade chops until Styles comes ahead again and takes Storm down with a backbreaker for a near fall.

Styles continues to work over Storm until Storm begins to fight back and goes for another Last Call superkick but Styles is able to block it. Storm finally takes Styles down with an enziguri and soon follows with the Eye of the Storm. Storm then tries for the Closing Time but Styles counters and puts Storm in a figure four before changing it into a single leg Boston crab. Storm fights his way out of it and Styles comes back with a Pele kick. Styles then goes for a springboard and Storm ducks out of the way and takes Styles oout with the Last Call superkick and picks up the pin fall.

After the match we see a replay of what just happened and Storm is seen picking Styles up to his feet. Storm then extends his hand and shakes Styles’ hand. Styles then hands Storm a beer as Storm sprays the crowd and takes a drink. Storm then grabs a microphone and says next week he wants Bobby Roode to look him in the eye next week for one last time before he kicks his teeth down his throat.

Hulk Hogan and Sting are backstage and Hogan tells Sting to go home and get healthy. Hogan informs Sting that he will call him if things get too crazy as we head into a commercial break.

James Storm is in the locker room with Montgomery Gentry and they congratulate him on the victory. Storm says he is going to head into the shower and they are greeted by Bobby Roode. Roode welcomes them to his show and says he is going to take Storm out in 10 days. Roode then spits water in their faces and his personal security has to hold the country band back.

Match 4: Mexican America vs. the Motorcity Machine Guns
The crowd is fairly loud when the familiar music of the Motorcity Machine Guns is played. The bell sounds and Alex Shelley starts off against Anaquia and the fans start a “welcome back!” chant. Shelley quickly takes down Anarquia down and puts the boots to him in the corner before making the tag to Chris Sabin. Hernandez is also tagged in and Sabin takes him down with a bulldog for a near fall.

Shelley is tagged back in and the two double team Hernandez and Shelley tries for a tornado DDT but Hernandez counters and tosses him across the ring. Hernandez then levels Shelley with a clothesline before tagging Anarquia back into the match. Hernandez tries to launch Anarquia at Shelley, but he moves out of the way and takes Hernandez down with an enziguri. Sabin is tagged in, who takes both members of Mexican America out before putting Anarquia in the corner and hits the hesitation dropkick.

Sabin picks up Anarquia for a Cradle Shock but Hernandez comes in and picks Sabin up for a powerbomb, but Shelley grabs Sabin’s foot and pulls him down. Hernandez then charges at Shelley and falls out to the floor and Sabin dives through the ropes and onto Hernandez to take him out. The Guns then hit the Skull and Crossbones on Anarquia to pick up the pin fall in the return match. After the match, Sabin reminds the crowd who they are and that they want the TNA Tag Team Championship.

Ric Flair is backstage and finds Eric Bischoff and tells him that Hulk Hogan is out of control and is talking back to him. Bischoff reminds Flair that he is a two time Hall of Fame inductee and tells him not to worry about it as he has a plan.

Hulk Hogan is in the ring and says he is taking care of all of the business and calls Eric Bischoff out to the ring. Bischoff’s music hits as he comes out to the stage and says it’s ironic that it has come to this point where there are on opposite ends. Bischoff says it makes sense if you think about it as they have numerous differences. Bischoff claims Hogan is not a leader, but an opportunist.

Bischoff says he is a born leader and Hogan says if he is a great leader, he wants him to put together a team and Garett will put together a team and the two will face off at Lockdown. Hogan says if his team wins, Garett will lose his spot on the TNA roster, however, if Garett’s team wins, Bischoff will leave TNA and he will never get to use the Bischoff name again. Bischoff agrees to the terms and Hogan says their family feud will end at Lethal Lockdown.

A video package highlighting James Storm is aired. Storm’s family is interviewed and they talk about Roode turning on Storm and how upset he was over it. Storm says he will knock Roode’s lights out at Lockdown. This brings us to the main event of the night.

Match 5: Mr. Anderson vs. Bobby Roode
Roode comes down to the ring with his security but referee Brian Hebner sends them to the back. As they leave, Anderson goes out to the floor and attacks Roode and sends him into the guard railing. Anderson then rolls Roode into the ring and the bell sounds to get this match officially underway.

Anderson takes Roode down with a clothesline and continues to wear Roode down. Roode begins to fight his way back into the match and slows the pace down. Roode begins to toy with Anderson as Anderson gets back up and nails Roode with a right. The two begin to exchange blows until Anderson takes Roode down with a series of clotheslines. Anderson follows with a back body drop and goes for a cover for a near fall.

Roode and Anderson begin to counter each others moves until Anderson finally shoves Roode, who takes out the referee. Anderson then takes Roode down and goes for a cover but the referee is out and can’t make the count. Anderson goes over to check on the referee as Roode rolls out to the floor and grabs a beer bottle from a fan. Anderson rolls Roode back into the ring where Roode smashes the bottle over Anderson’s head. Roode then revives the ref and covers Anderson for the pin fall.

Anderson’s head has been busted open from the bottle shot as Roode gets in his face and screams that he told him he’d get hurt. James Storm and Hulk Hogan make their way towards the ring and Storm chases Roode out of the ring. Roode heads up the ramp as Hogan grabs the microphone and says he is reversing the decision and awards the match to Mr. Anderson. Roode then says both Storm and Hogan can kiss his World Championship ass as Impact Wrestling comes to a close.

Quick Results
– Jeff Hardy defeated Kurt Angle by count out.
– Velvet Sky won a Knockouts Challenge to become the #1 contender to the Knockouts Championship.
– James Storm defeated AJ Styles by pin fall.
– The Motorcity Machine Guns defeated Mexican America by pin fall.
– Mr. Anderson defeated Bobby Roode after Hulk Hogan reversed the decision.

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