Detailed 4/2 Raw Recap: Wrestlemania 28 Fall Out

Apr 2, 2012 - by Steve Gerweck

* Live from Miami, FL

by Dave Kilgore

Wrestlemania Aftermath

Show opens with the RAW roster backstage being talked to by GM Johnny. Tonight Santino will face Dolph and Jack Swagger in a handicap match. CM Punk speaks up….GM says he’s not taking questions. Punk says this is a comment, not a question. Says everyone considers him a giant toolbox. Johnny says tonight this is a new era….PEOPLE POWER.

Rock is out first……Rock grabs the mic….boots to asses chant fills the arena…..14 months ago, Rock came back….concerts, parties, electrifying arenas…..but not till last night when he stood before a sold out crowd, victorious, and tonight…FINALLY THE ROCK HAS COME BACK………HOME. Rock getting goosebumps. Rock says he wants to thank John Cena. Cena brought it to the Rock live never before. After 2 AA’s and a leg drop and the STF….Rock was in a JHC moment…Jesus H Christ get this guy off me. Rock says it was an honor to face him in the match of a lifetime, and win or lose, they made history for the fans. Rock wants to thank his family & friends and most importantly, the people. Says in 1995 he was cut from the Canadian Football League. Do you know how much you have to suck for them to cut you?? Says he stands before the people today, still the People’s Champion. Says this is the beginning. *Thank you Rocky chant* Says since last night, he’s had a vision, people said it’s impossible. Rock asks if the people want to hear his vision. Rock says the vision is one day he will walk down the aisle WWE Champion. IF YA SMELL WHAT THE ROCK IS COOKIN!

Rock leaves the ring.

Next out is US CHAMPION Santino Marella for his match against Swagger/Ziggler (with Vicky)


Back live, the triple threat match begins with both going after Santino. Kick by Dolph then situps. Swagger with a headlock takeover. Then pushups on Santino. Santino fights back, ducking a running attack by Dolph, sending him over the top rope, only to have Santino be caught by a shoulder tackle by Swagger.


Back live, Santino is down, being worked over by both men. Dolph holds Santino, but Santino catches Swagger with a kick and hits a belly to back slam on Dolph. Santino does the splits to duck Swagger then hits the hip toss on Swagger. Cobra out……but Dolph with the neckbreaker. Swagger with a reverse pickup and leg drop across the back of Santino’s head by Dolph. Dolph goes for the cover, but is interrupted by Swagger. Both men argue as to who should make the cover. Swagger with a belly to belly suplex to Dolph then goes for the Swaggerbomb but Santino gets both feet up, then Dolph hits a dropkick to Swagger and goes for one on Santino but Santino catches his legs and shoots Dolph into the top turnbuckle. Swagger rushes in, misses Santino, turns and gets hit with the Cobra. Santino with the 1-2-3 on Swagger to retain the US Title.

As Santino celebrates, both men attack him, but Santino escapes under the bottom rope. As he walks away, both men follow him up the ramp, only to be confronted by the Funkasaurus, Brodus Clay. Both men stop…..then Dolph runs at him and gets a big headbutt! Swagger tends to Dolph. Dancers out and the music hits! Santino and the Cobra dance with Clay! LOL

Later tonight, Mark Henry will face CM Punk.


Back live, it’s the debut of Lord Tensai (the old Prince Albert) at 360 pounds! His opponent is Alex Riley. (How did Riley go down to jobber?) Match begins with a big back elbow to Riley. Back to the corner, Riley tries to fight back but is leveled by Tensai. Riley thrown hard to the opposite corner. Riley picked up, multiple head butts in the corner drives Riley to the mat. Riley up, double arm underhook suplex followed by a couple of huge elbows then a back splash onto Riley. Tensai picks him up, another set of elbows in the corner, Riley is out. Tensai picks him up and delivers a huge sit down powerbomb. Match is stopped by ref. Winner…TENSAI (Albert with a shaved back). After the match, Tensai locks in a powerful claw to Riley’s head.

Backstage, CM Punk is shown headed out toward the ring.


Back live, CM Punk is out… out is Mark Henry. Match begins with a lockup and Punk getting shoved down hard. Punk back up, kick to Mark’s legs. Punches and more kicks. Dropkick to Henry but a 2nd one is brushed aside. Big axe handle to Punk’s back. Henry picks him up under the bottom rope, pulling him back across the rope. Henry stomps on Punk’s back then stands right on Punk’s back. Punk pulls himself up, knees to Henry, but Henry catches Punk with a big clothesline. 1 count. Henry screaming “I own you”. Shoulders by Henry in the corner. Kick to Punk’s head. Headbutt to Punk. Punk counters out of the corner with more kicks but is caught by Henry while trying for a crossbody. Punk hits a DDT on Henry. 2 count. Punk with kicks to Henry’s back. Then a running knee off the ropes. 2 count on Henry. Punk on the top rope, dices off, caught by Henry and driven back into the corner. Henry to the 2nd rope, but Punk up with punches. Punk runs at Henry in the corner but is caught with a big boot. Henry misses a splash from the 2nd rope. Both men up, Punk goes for the springboard off the top rope but is knocked down by Henry.


Back live, Punk up top and jumps off but Henry catches him again and knocks him down. Henry with a double claw to the shoulders of Punk. Punk with a jawbreaker to break the hold. Another headbutt by Henry. Henry misses the splash in the corner. Kicks and punches and chops to Henry. Finally Henry is down. Punk up top, Macho Man elbow but hurts Punk just as bad. Henry up first, but staggers into the corner. Running high knee to Henry, then a 2nd. Punk goes for bulldog but Henry throws him over the top rope and throws him to the floor. Ref counts……Henry wins by countout. Still champion, CM Punk.

Henry goes out to the floor, picks up Punk, World’s Strongest Slam to Punk on the floor. Then GM Johnny out, says the WWE universe will see more competition. Says he sees dark clouds in Punk’s future. Y2J now out. Jericho says their match last night was a classic and they deserve to celebrate with a drink. Jericho comes around to where Punk is lying on the floor. Says he’s going to lead Punk down the road of alcoholism. Proposes a toast and pours a bottle of “whiskey” all over Punk. Then he gets a 2nd bottle and smashes it right over Punk’s head. Punk is out at ringside.


Back live, the new World Heavyweight Champion Sheamus is out. He goes to speak, only to be interrupted by the returning Alberto del Rio. Del Rio says no one will remember Sheamus winning the title and now he has a new challenger. Sheamus says great to see ya again fella. Says the people want to see him Brogue Kick someone in the face and now he can show the people something they won’t forget. Alberto says he’s not looking for a fight, he already has one, this Friday on Smackdown…..against Sheamus. Alberto’s mic keeps cutting out. As he turns around from talking to Rodriguez, Sheamus delivers a Brogue Kick to Alberto. Sheamus leaves the ring.

Backstage, Daniel Bryan and AJ are seen watching the monitor, then being interviewed by Josh Mathews about the loss last night as the crowd chants “18 seconds”. End of interview with Bryan saying nothing.


Back live, Cody Rhodes is out for his match against Kofi Kingston. Match begins with lockup and go behind by Cody, shoving Kofi into the corner. Punches by Cody in the corner to Kofi. Cody rams Kofi’s head into the top turnbuckle then hits a big clothesline on Kofi. Kicks to Kofi. Cody rushes into the corner, but Kofi catches him with a kick to the head, followed by a high crossbody off the top rope. Kofi ducks a clothesline, picks Cody up only to have Cody flip off and hit a springboard kick off the 2nd rope on Kofi. Cody picks him up….Big Show’s music hits. Show out with mic…..says he has something to show Cody. On big screen, they show stills of Show knocking him out last night. In ring, Cody turns around and Kofi nails him with the Trouble In Paradise. 1-2-3….winner Kofi Kingston.


Back from commercial, Mark Henry is backstage with a guy (name?) pitching his case to be Henry’s manager.

Next up is Eve with mic in hand. Crowd chants HOSKI. She says everyone wants their Wrestlemania moment and last night she manipulated Zack and got hers. She says it’s easy to manipulate any man, except 1 man, GM Johnny, because powerful people cannot be manipulated. Says let’s hear it for people power.


Back live, the Miz is out (with ass kissing by Cole). Next out is his opponent Zack Ryder. Match begins with Miz mocking Ryder only to have Ryder catch him with a forearm to the head. Miz rolls outside, followed by Ryder who rams his head into the ringside barrier. Ryder throws Miz in, Miz up and runs at Ryder but gets caught with a shoulder to the gut. Backdrop attempt countered by a roll up by Ryder. 2 count. Miz in the corner, catches Ryder coming in with a boot but as Miz comes out of the corner, Ryder catches him with a boot to the face. Kicks to Miz in the corner, but Miz counters with a huge boot, knocking Zack down. Miz with a reverse chinlock to Ryder. Both men up, Zack tosses Miz off. Miz runs at Zack in the corner but Zack hits him with a high knee. Zack off the ropes with a clothesline to Miz. Irish whip countered by Miz but Zack catches Miz, who put his head down too early, with a facebuster into the mat. Miz to the corner, running forearm to the Miz, followed by the Broski Boot. 2 count. Kick to Miz, but Miz counters out of the neckbreaker attempt, running Zack’s shoulder into the ringpost. Skull crushing finale by Miz…1-2-3…winner THE MIZ.

Backstage, a shot of Cena’s dressing room door is shown as we head to commercial.

Back live, John Cena is out to a chorus of boos. Cena says he never thought of losing. But now he has to do it right, for those that believe in him. Says we have all seen the clips, and that he has talked alot. Says that he meant every word. Says he never thought he would lose. A true champion retains the will to win even through defeats. Says he won’t make excuses. *Crowd chants you’re a loser* Cena says he won’t lash out at anyone. He was beaten. He admits defeat. Apologizes if he let anyone down and will work hard to be the best he can be. Now to address the rumor mill, he is not here to call out the Rock. He invites the Rock back down to the ring, not to talk trash or fight though. Says he considers the Rock a champion and inspiration and the greatest WWE superstar. Says the last year has been exhausting. Says he put his heart and soul into last night but the Rock was the better man. Out comes BROCK LESNAR! To the ring he comes……circling the ring. Into the WWE ring comes Brock as Cena applauds. Brock sticks his hand out, Cena goes to shake it, F5 by Brock to Cena!!

End of show.

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