3/29/12 Impact Wrestling Recap

Mar 29, 2012 - by Jason Graening

A recap of Sting stepping down as the GM to become an active wrestler is aired. Sting’s decision to give the power to Hulk Hogan is focused upon where we were left with a cliffhanger ending to last week’s episode with Hogan not giving a decision on the offer. Dixie Carter was interviewed earlier in the day and says she gave Hogan a week to think about the decision. Dixie says we will all find out about his decision later today.

Bobby Roode’s music hits as he walks out to the ring surrounded by police officers. Roode grabs a microphone and says Impact Wrestling would be nothing if he was fired. Roode goes on to say that he physically and mentally broke Sting down at Victory Road and proved that he is a better man, a better wrestler and a better champion than Sting ever was. As for Dixie Carter, she got what she deserved and warns her to keep her nose out of his business.

Roode goes on to talk about his prepared statement that his lawyer read last week and says his only obligation is to defend the TNA World Championship against James Storm at Lockdown. He then says that the police officers are around to protect Storm and says that Storm knows Roode is better than he is. Storm’s music then interrupts Roode as he walks down the ramp and heads to the ring as the police officers form a wall between Storm and Roode.

Storm grabs a microphone and wonders what kind of man lays his hands on a woman. He then tells the cops that he is there to beat the crap out of Roode, however, before he can do that, Storm is attacked from behind by Bully Ray. Storm begins to fight back and clears Ray from the ring before trying to get a Last Call superkick off on Roode, but he runs out to the floor and up the ramp. Storm then challenges both Roode and Ray to handicap match and Roode agrees to it.

Madison Rayne and Gail Kim are backstage as Gail says she knows how the past month has been hard on their friendship and gives Madison a gift. Madison opens it and it is a tiara as Gail says Madison is and always will be her queen. The two hug as Gail says she knows she will beat Velvet Sky in their match tonight. The announce team hype the upcoming match as we head into a commercial break.

Match 1: Madison Rayne vs. Velvet Sky
Madison attacks Velvet before the bell to get this match started. Madison continues on the attack and chokes Velvet on the ropes. Velvet begins to fight back, though, and takes Madison down with a series of clotheslines before hitting a seated dropkick for a near fall. Madison comes back and plants Velvet’s face into the mat but Velvet counters Madison’s attack and takes her down with a spear. Velvet then hits a bulldog on Madison and then drives her down with the In Yo Face to pick up the pin fall.

After the match, Christy Hemme interviews Velvet and says Gail has been so preoccupied with her BFF, Madison, that Gail never gave her a rematch for the Knockouts Championship. Velvet then puts the whole Knockouts Division on notice as she says she is coming for Gail. The announce team then hypes Hulk Hogan’s decision as we head into a commercial break.

Bully Ray and Bobby Roode are seen talking to each other and Ray says they haven’t been friends over the past few weeks, but he is sick of James Storm. Ray says Storm took out Kazarian and Daniels last week but they Kazarian and Daniels. Ray tells Roode to go out there tonight and take care of Storm.

Footage of a conversation between Dixie Carter and Hulk Hogan from earlier in the day is aired. Dixie says she finds it ironic to be asking him to come back and says she never trusted Eric Bischoff. Hogan says they had some good times and bad times and doesn’t want to put it all on Bischoff and puts some of the blame on himself. Hogan says he left on peaceful terms after Bound for Glory and is at peace with himself at this time of his life. Hogan says he had his day and doesn’t know if he can fix what Bobby Roode has done to the company. Dixie pleads for Hogan’s help as Hogan agrees to think about it and promises to be at the Impact Zone tonight.

A video package focusing on the tension between Matt Morgan and Crimson is aired. Footage of the duo losing the Tag Team Championship and losing their rematch is aired. This led to the confrontation between the two last week and the two will be facing each other in a match that is up next.

Kurt Angle is backstage and says he won’t give Jeff Hardy a rematch because he is a crybaby. He then suggests that if Hardy can defeat Mr. Anderson in a match tonight, he will give a rematch at Lockdown.

As Christy Hemme is getting ready to announce the next match she is interrupted by Austin Aries. Aries comes out to the ring and says he has a problem with Bully Ray. Aries says he must have been embarrassed for James Storm taking him out in two minutes at Victory Road. Ray took his frustration out during an X Division match and says they have a problem for taking a boot to the face by Ray. Aries says he cannot live with himself if people walk over him and he is going to stand up for himself, just like Storm. Aries then proposes that he fights by Storm’s side and make it a tag team match tonight.

Match 2: Matt Morgan vs. Crimson
A brawl starts on the entrance ramp between these two big men. The match then goes into the ring and the bell rings to get this match officially started. Crimson stomps on Morgan for a while, but Morgan is able to come back and takes Crimson down with a clothesline. The two continue to go back and forth until the match heads out to the floor where Crimson sends Morgan into the apron and railing.

Crimson rolls Morgan back into the ring and takes him down with a spinebuster for a near fall. Crimson then drops Morgan with a neckbreaker and charges at Morgan but Morgan moves and Crimson nails the ring post. Morgan recovers and hits Crimson with a series of clotheslines and then hits a side slam. Morgan then drags Crimson out to the floor where Morgan chokes Crimson on the guard railing and continue to fight up the ramp until the referee counts them both out. The match ending doesn’t matter as the two continue to fight around the stage and out the arena door.

Joseph Park visits the production truck and says it’s amazing what the guys do. He then asks if they have seen his brother and says if they see Abyss to give him a call.

The announce team then hype the tag team main event and the debut of James Storm’s music video. They then hype Hulk Hogan’s appearance as we head into the next match of the night.

Match 3: Mr. Anderson vs. Jeff Hardy
The match starts and the two jockey for position in the opening moments. Hardy takes Anderson down with a hip toss but Anderson quickly takes Hardy down with a drop toe hold. Anderson then catches Hardy with a boot in the ribs and works him over with a headlock. Hardy manages to fight back with a series of clotheslines and picks up a near fall after hitting a leg drop. Hardy then tries for a cross body block but Anderson catches Hardy and slams him down to the mat for a near fall.

Anderson then hits a series of elbow drops and sets up for a Mic Check but Hardy counters and sets up for the Twist of Fate, but Anderson counters it and they crash in to each other. Hardy rolls out to the floor as Kurt Angle runs out and nails Hardy with a low blow and sends him into the ring post as the referee is checking on Anderson. Angle then rolls Hardy into the ring as Anderson hits the Mic Check to pick up the pin fall.

We are treated to the debut of the Longnecks and Rednecks video featuring James Storm’s entrance music. The video features Storm and others drinking and playing pool in a bar while footage of Storm wrestling is spliced in. While I’m not a fan of country music, and a matter of fact I totally despise it, I have to say that it fits Storm’s character perfectly.

Dixie Carter is seen arriving to the Impact Zone and we see Eric Bischoff walking backstage as we head into a commercial break.

Eric Young and ODB are seen meeting with a wedding planner. She tries to sell them on wedding dresses and pillows but ODB doesn’t seem to like what she is showing, especially since she is wearing a low cut shirt. ODB finally says that they don’t need her and tell her to leave and says all they need is the two of them and a couple of rings. ODB then says they are getting married in a steel cage three days before Lockdown.

Eric Bischoff’s music hits as he makes his way down to the ring. Bischoff says at times he amazes himself as he can make things happen when he wants them to happen. Bischoff then invites his son, Garett, to the ring and offers him a deal to walk away and move on with his life. If he doesn’t take the opportunity, Bischoff promises that Garett will get hurt in a match against Gunner at Lockdown.

Garett refuses the offer and tells his father that he isn’t going anywhere. Garett says putting him in a match against Gunner at Lockdown doesn’t scare him and tells him to tell Gunner that he will see him in the cage. Garett then shoves the microphone in his father’s chest before leaving the ring. The announce team continue to hype Hulk Hogan’s appearance and the tag team main event as we head into a commercial break.

The announce team hype the TNA World Championship match between Bobby Roode and James Storm as we are treated to video footage of Storm training in the woods. Storm is seen tossing cinder blocks as the history between Storm and Roode with their time as Beer Money is focused upon. Storm says he is training hard and says he has earned the right to be the World Champion of TNA.

Hulk Hogan is seen arriving to the Impact Zone as we head into the tag team main event.

Match 4: Bully Ray & Bobby Roode vs. Austin Aries & James Storm
The bell rings as Ray yells at Aries for a moment before tagging Roode into the match. Roode comes in and attacks Aries but Aries uses his speed and agility to come back at Roode. Aries nails Roode with a spinning punch and Aries points at Ray as we head into a commercial break.

We return to the match to seeAries floating around Ray and takes him down to the mat. Aries does a little showboating, which gets under Ray’s skin, but Aries uses his quickness and size to his advantage until he ends up eating Ray’s boot. Ray then hits Aries with a hard chop before tagging Roode into the match. Roode continues to wear Aries down and is double teamed as the referee has his hands full with James Storm.

Roode and Ray cut off the ring and continue to wear Aries down until he finally hits a desperation missile dropkick on Ray. Aries then tags Storm into the match, who takes Ray down with a series of strikes and then brings Roode in the hard way. Roode begins to beg for mercy until Ray nails Storm from behind. Storm comes back and hits the Closing Time on Ray and we see Roode take a drink from Storm’s beer bottle. Roode comes in and tries to spit it in Storm’s face but he misses and spits the beer in Ray’s face. Storm set up for the Last Call and Roode shoves Ray in the way before leaving the ring as Storm makes the cover to pick up the pin fall.

Hulk Hogan is seen walking in the backstage area and the announce team say it’s decision time as we head into a commercial break.

Dixie Carter is in the ring and thanks Hulk Hogan for showing up before asking him to come out to the ring. Hogan’s music hits and he comes out to the ring as the fans start up a “Hogan!” chant. Dixie says he knows Hogan has a big decision to make, however, she believes in him and wants him to take the position. Hogan thanks Dixie but he made a decision at Bound for Glory and closed the book on this part of his life.

Sting’s music hits as he makes his way to the ring with Jeff Hardy, Matt Morgan, Garett Bischoff, Devon, AJ Styles, Mr. Anderson, and James Storm. Sting says Hogan won’t deny him, Dixie, or the fans and says the writing is on the wall. Hogan asks if he is getting a clean slate and asks if Sting will watch his back no matter what. Sting says yes and wants to know if Hogan is going to take the keys to the company. Hogan says if Sting has his back then Impact Wrestling has a brand new general manager. Hogan celebrates with everyone in the ring before Hogan asks “whatcha gonna do with the brand new general manager runs wild on you!” as Impact Wrestling comes to a close.

Quick Results
– Velvet Sky defeated Madison Rayne by pin fall.
– Matt Morgan and Crimson fought to a double count out.
– Mr. Anderson defeated Jeff Hardy by pin fall.
– Austin Aries & James Storm defeated Bully Ray & Bobby Roode by pin fall.

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