3/22 Impact Wrestling Recap

Mar 23, 2012 - by Jason Graening

Impact Wrestling opens with footage of Victory Road’s main event between Bobby Roode and Sting where Roode defeated Sting. We also see Roode bringing Dixie Carter into the ring and duct taping Sting to the ring ropes. Dixie covered Sting to prevent Roode from doing more damage to Sting with a chair and Roode screamed there is nothing she can do. We then see Dixie walking into the Impact Zone and we are told that we will hear from Dixie on tonight’s program.

The Impact Wrestling intro hits and Dixie makes her way out to the ring with a microphone. Dixie says Bobby Roode has disrespected the company and the fans for the past six months as the fans start a “fire Bobby!” chant. Dixie continues to say that she has talked to attorneys and management and they have given her one option. Before she can say what that option is, she is cut off by Sting’s music.

Sting makes his way down to the ring and says while firing Bobby Roode may be the best option, it would let him off the easy way. Sting says he, Dixie, James Storm, and the fans wouldn’t get the revenge that they should be given. Sting then talks about his management position and says that it’s just not working. The fans start a “please don’t go!” chant as we head into a commercial break.

We return to the show as Sting says he has been trusted to run the company, however, something happened at Victory Road and he became alive. Sting says he can’t be a part time GM and a part time wrestler, especially if he wants to compete at the same level as Roode. Sting goes on to say that he got a concussion at Victory Road and he has to go back home to rest, but when he comes back he will be better than ever and nothing else but a wrestler. He says he will fight for TNA but he has to step down as the GM of the company.

Sting says he isn’t going to leave Dixie or TNA hanging as he has the right man for the job who can take the company all the way to the top. The fans start a “Hogan!” chant as Sting says it’s time for him to hand over the keys to the real Hulk Hogan. Sting tells Dixie to trust him and says it’s going to work as the fans start a “we want Hogan!” chant.

The announce team hypes tonight’s card that will feature Magnus & Samoa Joe defending the TNA Tag Team Championship against Mexican America, Eric Young & ODB defending the TNA Knockouts Tag Team Championship against Sarita & Rosita, and Austin Aries defends the X Division Championship against Kid Kash, Anthony Nese and Zema Ion.

Bully Ray is backstage saying that he is pissed and will be taking hostages out tonight. Ray warns that tonight is not the night to be standing in his way.

Match 1: Kid Kash vs. Anthony Nese vs. Zema Ion vs. Austin Aries (X Division Championship)
The bell rings as Ion tries to go for an early roll up. Aries then chases Ion out to the floor as Kash and Nese square off in the ring. Nese sends Kash out to the floor as Aries returns to the ring to go up against Nese. Nese is able to counter Aries’ attack and picks up a near fall but it is broken up by Ion.

Ion then tosses Nese out to the floor and focuses on Aries but Aries is able to counter and ends up clearing the ring before diving out on top of Nese and Ion. Kash follows and takes Aries out on the floor and then Ion goes out and takes both Kash and Aries out with a moonsault. Nese puts on the final exclamation mark by taking all three out with a dive over the top rope.

The four return to the ring as Aries takes out all three of his oponents in a Tower of Doom. Bully Ray then runs out to the ring and begins to take out everyone, including Aries, as the referee calls for the bell and throws this match out. Bully Ray then grabs a microphone and asks if people know who he is before leaving the carnage in the ring.

Mexican America are in the parking lot and run into Josh Lewis from Repo Games. Their car is being repossesd as they have to answer questions to try to get their car back. They get the first question right but get the next two questions wrong. Anarquia says they have a tag team title match and when they win the titles they will be in the money. They tell him that they will pay him once they win their match as we head into a commercial break.

Match 2: Rosita & Sarita vs. Eric Young & ODB (TNA Knockout Tag Team Championship)
Prior to the match we are told that we are invited to the wedding of EY and ODB that will take place April 12 on Impact Wrestling. The bell rings and EY toys with Rosita for a moment before ODB tags herself in and powers Rosita around until she misses with a bronco buster. Sarita is tagged in and works over ODB with a flurry of offense before tagging Rosita back in.

ODB manages to fight her way back into the match and tags EY back in, who does a few cartwheels before stripping down to his underwear. Sarita and Rosita begin to flirt with him, which makes ODB jealous and takes them both out. ODB begins to yell at EY before planting a kiss on him and throwing him down on top of Rosita to pick up the pin fall.

Footage of the match between Magnus & Samoa Joe against Crimson & Matt Morgan from Victory Road is aired. Crimson left his partner during the match and cost his team the victory. We then see Crimson backstage watching a commercial featuring Matt Morgan and Crimson says Morgan used him to try to launch his Hollywood career. Crimson says Morgan lost focus and started to clutter his future so he decided to take out the trash. Crimson then challenges Morgan to a match next week as Morgan runs in and takes out his former partner until security finally come in and pull Morgan off of Crimson.

A recap of Sting’s announcement from earlier in the night is aired. Dixie Carter is backstage and says she understands why Sting feels the way he does, but she doesn’t know what to do and excuses herself so she can deal with business. We then see James Storm walking backstage and we will hear from him after the break.

Jeff Hardy is backstage and says Kurt Angle won their match by cheating at Victory Road. He then says he wants Angle in a cage at Lockdown before being approached by Joseph Park. Park says Hardy and his brother have had some brutal matches in the past and wonders if he knows his whereabouts. Hardy says he doesn’t but Park gives him a business card as Hardy walks away.

A video package hyping the match between James Storm and Bobby Roode at Lockdown is aired. Footage of their time in TNA is aired, which includes Roode’s time in Team Canada and Storm’s time with AMW. Storm and Roode talk about their start in TNA and what they went through to make it to where they are today and how they want to prove people wrong.

James Storm’s music hits as he makes his way down to the ring. Storm says talks about the things that bother him, such as the short football season and the price of gas. What Bobby Roode did to Sting and Dixie Carter at Victory Road also bothers him and tells Roode that he will right all of his wrongs at Lockdown.

Storm then invites Roode to come down to the ring so he can beat the hell out of him. Roode’s music hits but an unknown man in a suit walks out. The man introduces himself as William Kelly and is Roode’s legal advisor and says he is there to read a statement. The statement says Roode will remain in his home until further notice due to an unsafe working environment. It also says if Storm is looking for a fight, two people have contacted him about facing Storm, Christopher Daniels and Kazarian. The choice of who is in the match is up to Storm.

Storm says he will make it easy for him and choose both of them. He then asks for a pen so he can deliver a message. The lawyer doesn’t have one so Storm takes him out with a Last Call superkick and tells him “Sorry about your damn luck!” before leaving the ring.

Kurt Angle is backstage and is wondering why Jeff Hardy wants a rematch with him. Angle says he never loses as the camera man brings up that he lost to Garett Bischoff a couple of weeks ago. This sets off Angle who sees Bischoff walking by and challenges him to a three minute challenge tonight. Garett accepts the challenge as Angle tells him to get ready.

Match 3: Garett Bischoff vs. Kurt Angle (3 Minute Challenge)
The bell sounds as the three minute timer starts. Angle points at the clock and smiles before he begins to push Garett. Garett doesn’t back down and pushes Angle back as a minute has run down on the clock. Garett then takes Angle down with a few clotheslines and drops Angle face first for a near fall. Angle recovers and dumps Garett out to the floor as there is less than a minute left. Garett decides not to enter the ring and gets Angle to come after him and refuses to get back into the ring. Gunner finally runs out and feeds Garett to Angle as the referee calls for the bell and tosses this contest out. As Angle and Gunner are laying the boots to Garrett, Jeff Hardy runs out and chases them out of the ring.

A video package for the return of the Motorcity Machine Guns is aired. This brings us to the next match of the night, which will be for the TNA Tag Team Championship.

Match 4: Mexican America vs. Magnus & Samoa Joe (TNA Tag Team Championship)
The match starts Joe locks up with Hernandez and Joe takes him down with a series of punches and kicks before tagging Magnus into the match. The tag champs double team Hernandez for a moment before Magnus goes for a cover to get a two count. Hernandez fights his way back and tags in Anarquia, but Magnus quickly takes him down. Hernandez makes a blind tag and begins to power Magnus around as Mexican America work together to wear down Magnus. Hernandez tries to go for a pin fall but Magnus is able to get to the ropes.

Mexican America then have a few communication issues, which allows Magnus to make the hot tag to Joe. Joe takes out both members of Mexican America before locking Anarquia in the rear naked choke. Sarita and Rosita distract the referee as Anarquia taps out, however, Josh Lewis comes down to the ring and carries them away. Hernandez breaks the submission hold, however, Magnus takes him down as they hit their double team finisher to pick up the pin fall. After the match, the champs celebrate their victory as we are treated to highlights of the match.

Hulk Hogan is seen arriving to the building and says he is here because Sting called him as we head into a commercial break.

We see Josh Lewis carrying Sarita and Rosita out to the parking lot. Hernandez and Anaquia run out and plead with Lewis not to take their car. Anarquia tries to swing at Lewis, but he ducks out of the way and pushes him away. Lewis then convinces Sarita and Rosita to leave with him since they don’t have a car.

Random country music stars talk about James Storm’s theme music and the world premiere of the video will take place next week. This takes us into the next match, which is a handicap match with Storm.

Match 5: Kazarian & Christopher Daniels vs. James Storm (Handicap Match)
Christopher Daniels comes out and tells the announce team that he is a lot smarter than James Storm and walks to the back. As Storm comes out, Daniels runs from behind but Storm takes him down with a hip toss. The bell rings and the numbers advantage works against Storm as Kazarian and Daniels take turns on Storm and wear him down. Daniels and Kazarian take turns with pin attempts but Storm is able to kick out. Storm is finally able to come back and hits both Kazarian and Daniels with Last Call superkicks and picks up the pin fall.

Sting, Dixie Carter, and Hulk Hogan are all seen walking backstage as we head into a commercial break.

Sting’s music hits as he makes his way to the ring and grabs a microphone. Sting says he wants to finish what he started earlier with Dixie Carter and calls her out to the ring. Dixie comes out and Sting says since Hulk Hogan cut out Eric Bischoff, we have seen the real Hulk Hogan. Sting says he is the real deal and trusts him and asks her to trust him. Dixie says Sting has never let her down and says if he believes in Hogan, then they should do the right thing.

Sting then calls out Hogan as his music hits and makes his way to the ring with the fans cheering him on. Sting says Hogan made both Sting and Dixie believers and says the fans are also believers. Sting gets the fans to chant Hogan’s name as Impact Wrestling comes to a close.

Quick Results
– Austin Aries, Zema Ion, Kid Kash, and Anthony Nese fought to a no contest.
– Eric Young and ODB defeated Rosita & Sarita by pin fall to retain the TNA Knockouts Tag Team Championship.
– Garett Bischoff and Kurt Angle went to a no contest in a 3 minute challenge.
– Magnus & Samoa Joe defeated Mexican America by pin fall to retain the TNA Tag Team Championship.
– James Storm defeated Christopher Daniels and Kazarian by pin fall in a handicap match.

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