Sid no shows match against Matt Hardy

Mar 15, 2012 - by Steve Gerweck

Courtesy of the PWS promoter:

“Sid was booked to wrestle Matt Hardy on March 9th in Rahway NJ unfortunately he never boarded his 6am flight out of Memphis that morning. Instead PWS was given a phone call by Sid at 10:45am stating that his wallet was stolen at a deli. This story made zero sense as not only did the call come in nearly 5 hours after Sid should have been in the air, after some research of the 193 delis in Memphis we have come to find that there was not one single deli in Memphis open between 3-6am on Friday March 9th. We lost money on the flight and Sid’s hotel room at the requested Marriot. This was our third miserable dealing with Sid, which I do understand the concept of ‘fool me once, fool me twice’ however with that fully in mind we decided to try to work with Sid as our fans wanted to see him. Instead what fans got to see was PWS co-owner Pat Buck address the crowd with a very honest explanation as to what happened along with 927 fans in attendance getting the opportunity to vocalize their dismay on Sid’s voicemail as his phone was called from the middle of the ring. Jay Lethal stepped in to replace Sid , even imitating Sid in the process in what turned out to be a stellar match. A video of Jay Lethal’s PWS entrance can be seen here: . PWS returns to Rahway NJ on May 4th, without Sid. ”

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