Detailed 3/12/12 WWE Raw Supershow Recap

Mar 12, 2012 - by Steve Gerweck

* Live from Cleveland, OH

by Dave Kilgore

RAW opens with Jerry Lawler in ring announcing the 1st ever Rock and Rap contest tonight on RAW between John Cena and The Rock. Tonight, they will both have the opportunity to express themselves. First up is Thuganomics. John Cena out to old music, wearing big chain and Cleveland Cavs jersey. Cena to the ring starts rap with a knock on LeBron James, which got boos. Run downs Rock in upcoming GI Joe movie. Pretty harsh words for Rock during the rap. Cena mentions the Toothfairy, claims Rock got surgery on his pecs, and ends with Cena saying he will beat Rock’s ass at Wrestlemania.

Out comes Vicky, followed by Dolph Ziggler. Next out comes Sheamus. Cole says Daniel Bryan’s title reign may be near an end. Match starts with Dolph ducking a tie up and showing off. Go behind by Dolph and a forearm to Sheamus’ back. Kick to Dolph. then a headlock takeover by Sheamus. Multiple 2 counts with Sheamus’ forearm in the face of Ziggler. Both men up, into the ropes. Sheamus shoved off, shoulder tackle by Sheamus and Ziggler is down again. Sheamus picks Dolph up, only to take him down again with a headlock takedown. Both men up, to the ropes, kick by Dolph to Sheamus. Punches by Dolph. followed by an Irish Whip, reversal by Sheamus who hits a reverse elbow to Dolph, who rolls out onto the apron. Sheamus picks him up but Dolph escapes to the floor.


Back live, Sheamus is in control, big clothesline to Dolph. Sheamus then with an arm bar on Dolph. Both men up, to the ropes, punches by Dolph to break the hold, Irish Whip attempt again countered by Sheamus who nails Dolph with another shoulder tackle then off the ropes, leap frog by Ziggler, attempted hip toss by Dolph, countered by Sheamus, who hip tosses Dolph over the top rope to the floor. While Vicky distracts Sheamus, Dolph goes under the ring, out the other side and sneaks up behind Sheamus delivering a drop kick to the back of Sheamus. Sheamus tossed into the announcer’s table. Ref starts 10 count. Both men back in. Kick by Dolph, followed by punches to Sheamus. Both men up, neckbreaker by Dolph. 2 count. Reverse chin lock on the mat by Dolph. Josh Mathews then up in sky box with Daniel Bryan and AJ. AJ looks like she really doesn’t want to be with him. Back in ring, both men back up, fall back slam by Sheamus. Dolph runs at Sheamus only to be caught coming in with an axehandle blow. And another. Clothesline in corner followed by powerslam by Sheamus. Dolph picked up, wiggles out of Celtic Cross only to be caught with a front lift and slam. 2 count. Dolph to the apron, drops Sheamus over the top rope. Dolph leaps off the top only to be caught by Sheamus. Quick roll up by Dolph, 2 count. Sheamus hangs on though and lifts Dolph into a slam from his shoulders. 2 count. Punches to Dolph, Irish Whip to corner, but Sheamus misses a running shoulder block attempt. Fameasser by Dolph. 2 count! Both men down. Slowly getting up, and BOOM! Brogue Kick by Sheamus 1-2-3. Winner SHEAMUS.

Match for Wrestlemania is announced..12 man tag….6 RAW vs 6 Smackdown. The winning team’s GM gets to run both shows after WM28.\


Back live, recap of last week’s Smackdown is shown where Teddy Long beat John Laurenaitis with a roll up after Orton RKO’d Kane on the floor.

Out comes Laurenaitis for commentary. Match next is Santino with Aksana vs. David Otunga and wait…..Johnny grabs the mic and says we are having a handicap match tonight. Out comes Mark Henry to join Otunga. Bell rings but out comes Teddy Long. Teddy takes Aksana off the ring apron as Otunga takes Santino to the corner and rams his head into the turnbuckle. The 2 GM’s face off outside the ring as Otunga hits a clothesline in the corner on Santino. Chest bump by Johnny then Teddy retaliates with a shove to Johnny who falls over the chair at the announce table. In ring, Otunga misses a run into the corner to Santino, who then hits multiple punches to Otunga. Santino ducks a clotheline, hip toss on Otunga, Santino reaches in for the Cobra, but Mark Henry in with a head butt to Santino. World’s Strongest Slam to Santino. Winners….Otunga and Henry.

After the match, Henry picks up Santino and holds him while Otunga slaps him. Out comes Kofi who ducks an Otunga clothesline and goes after Henry but is taken out by a Mark Henry headbutt then an Otunga clothesline. Slam to Kofi. Then out comes R-Truth, who gets beat down by both men, then a splash by Henry. Johnny in the ring, says the newest member of team Laurenaitis is Mark Henry.

Preview of Miz on Psych this Wednesday.

Recap of Cena’s rap from earlier in the night is shown.


Back from commercial, a recap of Maria M. from “Extra” is shown talking to the Bella Twins and Alicia Fox about Wrestlemania.

Eve is shown backstage, when Zack Ryder catches up to her. Says he is confused after her kiss last week. Wants to make sure she isn’t playing him. She says “let’s be friends with benefits”. Then she asks Zack out to dinner. They are interrupted by Beth Phoenix. Saying she needs to pay a visit to Maria on Extra.

In the GM office, Miz walks in and asks Johnny when he will be put on their WM team. In walks James Roday from Psych. They talk about Miz not being in a match at WM. James is made guest ring announcer for Miz’s match against CM Punk later on. Roday says he is going to “Fink it up”. If Miz wins, he’s on Johnny’s WM team.


Back live, out comes Brodus Clay! His opponent…Jinder Mahal. Mahal slides in and ambushes Clay. Mahal bounces off ropes only to be caught with a headbutt by Clay. Clay picks him up, overhead suplex followed by a big splash. Winner….the Funkasaurus, Brodus Clay. In ring dancing commences…..


Back live, out comes HBK! Shawn says in 3 weeks HHH and Taker will be locked inside Hell in a Cell and will be the end of an era. Recap is shown of last week’s HHH/HBK in ring segment. Shawn says no one has walked up to him and called him a loser or failure. Says 1 person has been absent the last couple of weeks, but he is here tonight. Calls out Undertaker. GONG….lights out…..Taker to the ring. Shawn says after all they’ve been through, they’ve always respected each other. Says he thought Taker would have the guts to say things to his face, not behind his back. Taker asks Shawn what it is he wants him to say….that he’s a loser or failure or couldn’t get the job done? Taker says he needs to stop and think….is he repeating his words or words chosen for him by HHH? Whichever, he says HBK needs to let his insecurities go. HBK says Taker is the one that asked for this match. He’s still seeking validation. Taker says whatever happens at WM28, he’s prepared to accept the outcome. But he’s not prepared for HBK to stick his ego in it. Taker says if the outcome of the match isn’t “pure” there will be hell to pay. HBK says it’s ironic that the man’s career Taker ended could count the 1-2-3 on Taker. Says he could possibly be the man to end the streak. Taker says he WILL win, the streak will continue. If HBK doesn’t do the right thing, he will officially end Shawn. HBK looks like he wants to superkick Taker. Then he walks up and smirks as he pats Taker on the arm and leaves. As HBK leaves, HHH walks out. They look at one another. Taker still in ring, HHH at top of ramp, smirking. Then HHH gives the DX crotch chop and walks away.


Back live, recap of last week’s win by Y2J over Punk is shown.

Out comes guest ring announcer James Roday. Finally the White Guy from Psych has found his way to RAW. Announced first is Cleveland’s own, the Miz. Then announced next is WWE champion CM Punk. Y2J is shown watching the monitor backstage. Lockup, quick rollup attempt by Miz. Kicks by Punk, Punk off the ropes, only to be caught by a knee to the gut by Miz.


Back from commercial, Miz has Punk in the ab stretch. Punk counters out with a reversal into an arm drag. Miz approaches Punk on the apron, only to be caught with a kick to the arm. Punk with a springboard clothesline to Miz. Clothesline and neckbreaker to Miz. Running high knee in the corner followed by bulldog to Miz. Miz counters out of the GTS with elbows to Punk’s head. Miz off the ropes only to be caught by a spinning kick by Punk. 2 count. Miz catches Punk running into the corner and drops him over the top turnbuckle then kicks Punk in the knee dropping Punk to the mat where Miz then hits the swinging DDT from his knees. 2 count. Punches to Punk. Miz then to the top buckle, misses a move onto Punk, Punk tries for GTS again, but Miz counters into a Skull Crushing Finale attempt. Punk counters into the Anaconda Vice….Miz taps out. Winner….CM Punk. Miz is out of WM28.

Y2J on big screen applauding. Says enjoy it while you can. Says Punk is a fraud. Says Punk has never explained why he’s straight edge due to his father being an alcoholic who let him down growing up. Says he found something Punk cares about. Says the same alcohol Punk craves is what destroyed his dad. Says he will take everything from Punk at WM and will make Punk drink and it will be soooo good. Says Y2J will be recognized as the best while Punk will be recognized as a pathetic drunk.

Punk hesitantly leaves the ring and slowly walks up the ramp.


Back live, an ad for lawyer David Otunga is shown.

Out comes Randy Orton. Looking behind him as he walks down the ramp. In ring is Jack Swagger. Recap of Orton/Kane feud is shown. Match starts with a go behind takedown by Swagger. Armbar followed by a fireman’s carry by Swagger. Both men up, then a fireman’s carry by Orton followed by a kick to Swagger. Swagger picked up, dropkick by Orton. Swagger tossed over the top rope. Orton outside, tossing Swagger into the steps. Then bounces his head off the announce table before tossing Swagger back in the ring.


Back live, Swagger with a wristlock on Orton in ring. Orton with a punch to Swagger to break the hold. Punches are exchanged, then Orton whips Swagger into the corner, Swagger catches Orton coming in with a big boot then off the ropes and takes out Orton’s knee. Orton down to the mat. 2 count. Swagger with a drop down move onto Orton’s leg. Then an ankle lock on Orton. Punches to Swagger, breaking the hold. Scoop slam by Swagger. Swagger misses the Swagger bomb. Orton up but Swagger catches him in the ankle lock. Orton escapes. Orton in the corner, Swagger runs at him, Swagger backdropped over the top rope onto the apron. Swagger dropped over the top rope. Both men up, superplex onto Swagger. Both men down. Orton getting that look in his eyes. Clotheslines to Swagger followed by the snap powerslam by Orton. Swagger to the apron but Orton catches him and delivers the middle rope DDT. RKO by Orton. 1-2-3. Winner Randy Orton.

Kane’s pyro hits as Orton approached the corner to celebrate. No Kane though.

Another recap of Cena’s rap is shown. Rock Concert is next.


Back live, out comes the Rock, guitar in hand. Down to the ring he comes, grabs the mic, and FINALLY, the ROCK has come back to Cleveland! Says the crowd has broken a record….largest sellout crowd for the WWE in Cleveland. Then he calls Cena Marky Mark then says Cena is what happens when Vanilla Ice banged a Teletubby LOL Rock sits down, grabs guitar, and says Cleveland rocks. Rock starts to play…..Rock sings…many catchphrases are thrown in, sang about Cena and Eve (funny). Sings about Cena’s birthday, about him having lady parts, and knocks grown men who like Cena. Then sings to the ladies, specifically Cena’s mom. End of singing…Rock then says only way to end the concert is a song for Team Bring It. We Will Rock You begins playing with Rock interjecting his own words. Rock says he is going to WM 28 to kick Cena’s ass…IF YA SMELL WHAT THE ROCK IS COOKIN’!

End of show.

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