Detailed 3/5/12 WWE Raw Recap

Mar 5, 2012 - by Steve Gerweck

Live from Boston, MA

by Dave Kilgore

Tonight’s show opens with first out being The Heartbreak Kid, Shawn Michaels! Cole and Lawler announce that tonight, Teddy Long is the interim GM of Raw. In ring, HBK says nowadays the HBK chant gives him the chance to catch his breath LOL. Several weeks ago, he came out and caused some trouble, between HHH and himself. He desperately wanted HHH to take Taker’s Wrestlemania challenge. Says that it’s all good since HHH accepted and the match will be a Hell In The Cell. Then he calls out HHH to explain what changed his mind. Triple H comes out. HHH and HBK hug in the center of the ring. HBK says he knows he was pretty hard on HHH but that he really wanted HHH to accept the match challenge. HBK says he said things he shouldn’t have, that he pushed the limits. HBK says HHH never wavered. HBK says HHH is a man of integrity. HBK reminds HHH that he called him a coward and that HHH did nothing. HBK says something made HHH change his mind and wants to know what happened. Did someone REALLY make HHH mad? HBK asks HHH what was it? HHH tries to respond but HBK interrupts him. Says he wants to see the footage of what made HHH break down. The footage of Taker saying HHH couldn’t do what HBK couldn’t do is then shown, with Taker saying HBK was better than HHH. Back in ring, both men stand quietly, looking at each other. HHH goes to speak, only to be interrupted by HBK again. HBK says that’s all it took? For someone to say HBK is better than HHH? Hunter says it has nothing to do with that. HHH says he’s tired of listening to people like Taker talking behind Shawn’s back about not getting the job done, that he’s a failure. HHH says he believes that HBK is the greatest in ring performer of all time. Hunter says it kills him to look at HBK as a loser. That’s why HHH is going to finish it and end Taker and his streak. HBK says thanks for that. Says he thought they had a problem, but I guess not. HHH has it all under control. HBK says he watched HHH dominate Taker last year…then lose. This year, HBK knows who is going to win and he’ll be right again. Says he has been the special referee for the match and then leaves the ring. HHH stands in ring watching HBK leave.


Back live, U.S. Title Match between Santino Marella and champion Jack Swagger. Santino out first, then Jack Swagger (with Dolph Ziggler). Match begins with kick to Santino, followed by multiple punches. Then out comes John Laurinaitis with Otunga. Santino then takes down Swagger, and while reaching for cobra, Otunga distracts ref and cheap shot to Santino by Dolph. Kick out by Santino at 2. Out comes Teddy Long with Kofi and Aksana. Teddy confronts John, saying he has no business being there. GM’s are going face to face as we go to commercial.

Back live, Swagger is dominating Santino but Swagger gets caught with boots to the jaw. Laurenaitis jumps up on the apron, distracting the ref, then Teddy comes over and gets him down. Otunga and John are in Teddy’s face, as Kofi joins the mix. In ring, Santino goes to bounce off the ropes for a move, only to be hit from behind by Dolph. Dolph then hits Kofi who ran around to help out. Dolph turns around and is hit by the Cobra. Santino then goes toward Vicky but stops. Aksana then comes around and shoves Vicky to the floor. Swagger ducks the Cobra and locks in the ankle lock on Santino. Teddy shoves John down outside the ring. Santino counters in the ring, sending Swagger into the turnbuckle. Roll up by Santino 1-2-3! Winner SANTINO! Ring announcer interrupted by John, saying it’s his show. Teddy says it’s his show tonight. And tonight, his present to the WWE Universe is……(security!)….Teddy kicks John and Otunga out of the building! Teddy says ring announcer continue……NEW U.S. Champion SANTINO MARELLA!

Back from commercial, the Rock is shown in Boston, “FINALLY THE ROCK HAS COME BACK TO BOSTON!” Cena, tonight you get history lessons from the Rock, 1773…people had enough of the British, they started the American Revolution. Tonight, we start the Rock Revolution. Says we are having a party, starting now. Rock takes a bunch of Cena stuff and throws it into the water. Says what 4th dimension of Hell did the Cena garden gnome come from? LOL Rock runs down all the Cena merchandise and says Cena can take all of it and turn it sideways and shove it up his candy ass. Says revolution starts tonight.

In ring, Alicia Fox in ring…Kelly Kelly at ringside. They plug Kelly’s nomination at the Nick Kid’s Choice Awards for Favorite Buttkicker. Out comes Eve. Match starts with lockup, Alicia tosses Eve into ropes, drop down by Alicia, leap over by Alicia, then Alicia catches Eve and takes her down with a modified snapnare. Alicia then misses a kick and Eve rolls her up, 1-2-3, winner EVE. Kelly and Eve then stare down one another. Then out comes Zack Ryder. Says don’t bother Eve, he’s glad they didn’t hook up…broski’s before hoski’s. Zack turns and leaves.

Cena is then shown sitting in an empty arena earlier today.


Back live, Eve is backstage with Ryder. Eve then kisses Zack! He smiles as she walks away. Ho……….

Lawler and Cole recap HBK being the guest ref at Wrestlemania.

They go to pre-recorded comments by Cena. Cena says all eyes will be focused on 2 men, 1 match. Rock vs himself. Says Rock is most successful superstar in WWE history and has had much success outside of the ring. Says he doesn’t intend on just being happy to be at WM. Says he intends to win. Says Boston is now the city of champions after so long being the city of heartbreak. Says he’s done many wonderful things in the WWE but WM 28 is everything. If he doesn’t win, he’s just another name in Rock’s notebook. If he wins, then he wins the big one. This will make history and no one will remember 2nd place. That’s why he needs to win. It’s his legacy. Looks up at WM sign………


Back in ring, out comes CM Punk…..recap is shown of Punk being ambushed by Jericho on the stage last week. Next out is Punk’s partner, Sheamus. Then out comes Daniel Bryan (w/ A.J.) and then Y2J Chris Jericho (w/ Lite Brite jacket). Match starts with Y2J and Punk. Lockup and headlock takeover by Y2J. Escape by Punk, another takedown by Jericho and then a 3rd. Jericho shoves Punk and Punk retaliates with a kick to Y2J. Into the ropes, knockdown by Punk, off the ropes comes Punk, leapfrog by Y2J, then a leapfrog by Punk, monkeyflip by PPunk, followed by arm drags. Y2J tags in Bryan. Kick by Bryan then Punk and Bryan exchange punches. tag to Sheamus. Punches to Bryan in the corner, then Irish Whip by Sheamus but he lowered his head too early and gets caught by a kick by Bryan. Bryan follows up with a run at Sheamus but gets backdropped over the ropes onto the apron. Sheamus then catches Bryan with the over the top rope forearm smashes. Then a clothesline to Bryan. 2 count. Punk tagged in. Atomic drop by Punk followed by kicks to Bryan. Punk looks to bounce off ropes but is caught with a knee to the back by Jericho. Y2J tagged in. Jericho showing off as we head to commercial.

Back live, Y2J has a rear chin lock on Punk. Both men up, elbows to Y2J. Punk off ropes, caught by Jericho with a side slam. 2 count. Kick to Punk’s back. Y2J off ropes, caught by Punk with a kick to the chest. Sheamus tagged in. Clotheslines to Y2J, running clothesline in the corner followed up with power slam to Y2J. Sheamus catches Bryan coming in and sends him back to the outside. Sheamus then hits the Irish Curse on Jericho. 2 count. Sheamus to the apron, catches Bryan with a kick, but Jericho with a springboard dropkick to the back of Sheamus. Punk wants to go to the top rope as Bryan hits a running knee on Sheamus outside. Then Y2J rolls out, joining Bryan. Y2J picks up Shemus, tossing him in, hitting Sheamus as he tries to tag Punk. Kick to Sheamus followed with a rear chin lock by Y2J. Both men down to the mat. Sheamus fights up, shoves Y2J off but Y2J catches him with boots to the face coming in. Y2J then goes for a running bulldog but Sheamus shoves him knees first into the turnbuckle. Both men tag out. High diving clothesline by Punk to Bryan followed by a duck of a Bryan clothesline. Punk looks like he’s hurt his back. Neckbreaker to Bryan. Running high knee by Punk followed by scoop slam to Bryan. Punk to the top, Macho Man elbow to Bryan. 2 count as Punk holds his back. Roll up by Punk who then catches Y2J coming in with a clothesline. Running dropkick by Bryan in the corner on Punk. Sheamus then catches Bryan with a clothesline, goes for the Celtic Cross but is interrupted by a kick from Y2J. Jericho misses a running shoulder in the corner, as Punk moves. Running clothesline to Bryan outside, as Y2J counters the GTS inside. Y2J tries to roll Punk into the Walls of Jericho. Punk counters with a rollup, but Y2J shifts weight and pins Punk, 1-2-3.

Another Rock video……this time he’s at the statue of Paul Revere. Recounts the Paul Revere story…says what if it were Cena on the horse. Says Cena would have been shot on sight for wearing those stupid clothes. Says people would’ve begged for someone to shut up Cena and BAM, the Rock is there. 25% black, 25% Samoan and 50% Clydesdale. People would’ve been happy that he kicked Cena’s ass. Says he will whoop Cena’s ass at WM 28. Says he will be at the TD Garden tonight.


Back live, Miz is out, followed by his opponent, Big Show. Match starts with Miz ducking out and Cody Rhodes coming out. Cody mentions WM18, where Show was eating at the WWE restaurant in New York. Miz sneaks up from behind with kicks to Show. Into the corner they go, punches and kicks to Show till the ref pushes Miz back. Then Miz goes for a running attack but is caught by Show with a spear out of the corner. Knockout punch by Show…1-2-3 as Cody watches.


Back live, they show another Rock history lesson. Says April 1st, Cena will fall to the Rock. But tonight, Rock is coming to the Garden and confront Cena. If ya smellllllll…………..


Back live, promo for next week’s Raw, where Taker and HBK will be live.

R-Truth out for his match with Kane. Kane out next. Recap of Kane destroying Orton on Smackdown last Friday is shown. Match begins with Truth ducking a Kane punch in the corner and nailing punches to Kane. Kane shoves him off, but Truth back with more punches. Kane then counters with a huge kick to Truth. Kane with heavy blows to Truth in the corner, followed by a pin attempt. 2 count. Whip to the corner by Kane and then a running clothesline. Whip to the opposite corner, but Truth catches Kane coming in with a big elbow and then ducks a Kane punch and delivers a big kick to Kane’s head but it doesn’t knock him down. Truth misses the scissors kick, Kane catches him with a big chokeslam for the win. Out comes Orton! Truth reaches out and grabs Kane’s foot as a distraction as Orton slides into the ring. As Kane turns around, RKO on Kane! Orton grabs the mic and says “It’s good to be back”.

Backstage, Cena is shown headed to the ring.


Back from commercial, out comes Cena to a mixture of cheers and boos. Cena says the place is packed and it’s because the Rock is back. Cena says Rock is obsessed with breakfast cereal, Cena’s attire and his penis. Cena asks if he’s fighting Rock or The Situation at WM28. Cena says last week Rock was shook up. Who did it? Who shook up the Rock? It was him, john Cena. Says this week, apparently, the Rock has the University of Miami swagger back this week. Cena says Rock’s best stuff has been via satellite or pre-recorded lately. Cena says he is hoping the Rock, not Dwayne Johnson, will be out in a few seconds. Says he doesn’t want to beat the 2nd best at WM. Cena then calls out the Rock…….IF YA SMELL WHAT THE ROCK IS COOKIN…………out comes the Rock! No more funny business. Rock is serious. Rock says FINALLY THE ROCK HAS COME BACK TO BOSTON. Says he was going to tell the world what he sees by looking at Cena. Says he sees fear, fear that he’s taking everything away. Fear that all the hard work goes away. Says he hears the doubt in Cena’s words. Tells Cena to look at him. Says he has never been more confident. A Toothfairy chant breaks out LOL. Rock says you strip it all away, at the Rock’s core, Rock is all man that will rip his throat out. At Cena’s core, he will always be a little boy, always to be Rock’s bitch. Rock leaves the ring. Cena still in ring…..says Rock’s height/weight doesn’t bother him. Cena says he isn’t afraid of Rock. Says at WM, he will be the son of a bitch that will make history by kicking the Rock’s ass. Then Cena goes and jumps in the front row by the announce table. Cena then around the ring to hug his dad.

End of show.

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