Audio flashback: Beth Phoenix interviewed on the Gerweck Report Hotline

Mar 5, 2012 - by Steve Gerweck

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Interview conducted: January 20, 2005

Interview highlights:

– Beth talked about being an amateur wrestler in high school. She was the only girl on the team.

– Afterwards, she went to compete in USA Wrestling, which is freestyle wrestling club.

– She said that he ultimate goal was to get into professional wrestling. After getting a solid background in mat wrestling, Phoenix entered pro wrestling school in 1999.

– Beth talked about being trained by the Allnighters – Joey Knight and Robin Nightly, who both had previously been trained at the legendary hart dungeon. She stated that her first choice for a wrestling school was the hart dungeon in Calgary, but because of the location of school, she selected the more local school.

– She made her pro debut against Alexis Laree.

– Beth considers Laree something special and unique. She feels the reason that she hasn’t been called up to the main roster is due to the fact that the company is focusing more on divas rather than actual women wrestlers. Beth feels that Laree is the best female currently not on television right now.

– In addition to wrestling, Phoenix also ran track and played tennis in high school.

– She said growing up that she watched both WWF and WCW, but always preferred the WWF. Her favorite wrestler was always Owen Hart. She also enjoyed Ted DiBiase. Beth was always partial to the heels.

– Prior to entering Ohio Valley Wrestling, she wrestled independently as just Phoenix, and her ring name was changed to Beth Phoenix after joining OVW.

– She was invited to a WWE try out in May 2004, and began training with OVW afterwards.

– She considers her unique look as one of her biggest strengths. In addition, because of her bigger frame, she feels she can do power moves that other women wrestlers can not.

– Before entering OVW, Phoenix worked a lot for Apocalypse Wrestling in Toronto, Far North Wrestling in Pittsburgh, WXW in Allentown, PA, and for Cleveland Pro Wrestling.

– Beth has an interest in working for UPW in California, and branching out into Japan.

– She has contacted about wrestling in Mexico, but never has been able to work it into her schedule.

– As for the current WWE product, Beth stated, “Its going in a different direction.” She appreciates less hardcore and high flying action. She prefers more matches and less promos.

– She was disappointed by the recent releases of Gail Kim, Nidia, and Jazz as she hopes to actually wrestle in the ring more than to just be a diva.

– She thinks of the flux of new girls on Smackdown may just be an eye catcher to help bring in new fans.

– Last year, she managed the Trouble Shooters (Chris Masters and Brent Albright) in OVW. In October 2004, Beth broke her hand, Albright suffered a separated shoulder and Masters got called up to WWE.

– She is hoping to work more women’s matches in OVW.

– She believes the TNA product is getting better, and production wise, they are just as good as WCW. She would however like to see more young talent developed rather than so much time being devoted to the older stars. She thinks TNA produces a real solid wrestling show.

– Phoenix has wrestled both females currently in TNA – Tracy Brooks and Trinity.

– Her career goals? “To always improve, and never stop learning.” She is hoping for a WWE contract in the future.

– Phoenix doesn’t feel the non-developmental wrestlers in OVW are not treated any differently than the developmental talent under contract to OVW.

– Phoenix would classify Jim Cornette as a genius. She says Cornette and Danny Davis are the heart and soul of OVW.

– When asked about the rumors of Al Snow becoming head trainer for OVW, Phoenix said that the talent is kept in the dark about most things.

– She put over Lance Storm as a great trainer.

– As for best matches in her career, she put over a match with Linda Miles as her best in OVW. She also put over a three way match she had in Pittsburgh with Joey Knight and Kevin Green from last year in match she claimed the FNW Cruiserweight title.

– She almost always works as a heel, which she prefers.

– She describes her ring style as power with elements of her amateur background blended in.

– Beth plugged the OVW web site.

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