Detailed 3/2/12 Smackdown Recap

Mar 3, 2012 - by Atlee Greene

Smackdown Recap 3/2/12

The show opens as Sheamus and hee says all he can think about is Wrestlemania because he will be in the main event of the greatest show on Earth. Says Bryan is a changed man since winning the title and Bryan reminds him of himself when he won his first WWE title. Says he because the one thing he hated all his life….a bully. Says he needed someone to knock some sense into him and will be happy to do that for Daniel Bryan at Wrestlemania.


“ESCUSE ME” Vickie and Dolph Ziggler come out to the top of the stage and makes fun of Sheamus’ story. Ziggler says no one cares about this heartfelt moment. He says if Sheamus wants to give the people what they want then they deserve to see him in the main event at Wrestlemania and tells Sheamus his hair is on fire. Sheamus says that joke is as old as his grandmother as he points to Vickie. Vickie says she is not old she is experienced.


She says she is the only person without the last name McMahon that has been the GM of Raw and Smackdown. Teddy Long comes out and says the only thing Vickie is going to run is Ziggler’s career into the ground. Long says he wants to show Vickie how things are done on Smackdown and announces a Ziggler/Sheamus match.


– Sheamus vs. Dolph Ziggler


We are back from the break and Sheamus hits a shoulder tackle. Sheamus runs over, Ziggler drops down and pops up to hip toss Sheamus. Ziggler misses a dropkick and Sheamus nails him with a clothesline. Ziggler crawls outside to the apron. Sheamus grabs him and lands the ten forearms to the chest and suplexes him back in the ring for a two count. Ziggler rolls out of the ring and Sheamus follows and rolls him back in the ring. Ziggler kicks him in the head upon entry and uses the ropes to hot a neckbreaker. Ziggler hits a second neckbreaker and grabs a hold of a headlock.


Sheamus fights out and hits a powerslam for only a two count. Dolph jumps on his back and outs him in a sleeper hold. Sheamus backs him into the corner and sends him outside the ring which breaks the hold. Ziggler climbs to the top rope and leaps but Sheamus catches him and hits the Irish Curse. He goes for the pin but Vickie placed Ziggler’s foot on the ropes. Sheamus signals for the Brogue Kick and Jack Swagger, dressed in a suit, runs out and jumps on the ring apron. Sheamus knocks Swagger down and Ziggler hits the Fame Asser and covers him for a two count. Ziggler jumps on Sheamus’s back in an attempt to hit the Zig Zag but Sheamus counters with the White Noise for the win.


Winner: Sheamus via pin fall


Teddy Long is walks into his office and is upset to see John Lauranitis and David Otunga. Lauranitis said he came to his office to be the better man and wants an apology. Teddy replied “why” and Lauranitis said he suffered a lower lumbar strain as a result of the vicious attack he endured on Monday. Otunga said that only proves how tough Lauranitis and told Teddy the criminal charges have been dropped but he still looking into filing a civil suit.


Long said he is not apologizing for what he did on Raw and that Lauranitis looked like a cow on ice. Lauranitis said it will be no laughing matter when he runs Smackdown next week and Long said the same about Raw. Long called Otunga a “Coffee sipping sap” and said he will wrestle The Great Khali on Raw this Monday. Lauranitis patted Long on the back as he left and told him to try some Yoga.


They replay the Santino/Slater incident from last week where the spitting cobra sprayed water in Slater’s eyes.


– Santino Marella vs. Heath Slater


Santino ducks a clothesline from Slater and knocks him down with a forearm and follows up with an elbow to the jaw of Slater. Santino whips Slater into the ropes and hip tosses him and bounces off the ropes and for a big splash but Slater gets his knees up.


Slater puts the boots to him lands several punches. Santino fires back with some punches of his but Slater cuts him off with a scissors kick and jumps right on him and punches him repeatedly while the ref pulls him off. Slater climbs to the top rope but Santino makes Slater lose his balance and crotch himself. Santino pulls out the sock and hits Slater with the Cobra for the victory.


Winner: Santino Marella by Pinfall.


Backstage, Eve checks herself out in a mirror. Natalya walks in and told her what she did to Zack Ryder is inexcusable and said he is a really good person. Eve replies that at least she had the guts to admit she used Zack and that he stinks. Natalya farts on Eve and says “No that stinks” and walks away with a smile as Eve is left disgusted.


– Eve vs. Natalya


They lock up and they do some chain wrestling working the arm and roll ups. Natalya applies a top wrist lock and Eve counters by pulling her down to the mat by her hair. Natalya tips Eve and they both kick up back to their feet. Natalya extends her hand in sportsmanship and Eve slaps her in the face. Natalya is pissed and tackles her and repeatedly punches her in the face while the ref pulls her off. Eve grabs the ropes for safety while the ref admonishes Natalya. Eve drops Natalya with a kick to the knee and applies a cross arm camel clutch. Natalya escapes and rolls up Eve but Eve reverses with a roll up of her own for the pin.


Winner: Eve via pinfall


Back from commercial and they show video of Cody Rhodes costing Big Show the #1 contender battle royal as Rhodes enters the ring. Rhodes shows the audience Big Show’s embarrassing Wrestlemania moments again. Rhodes says he should get a thank you card for costing Big Show the battle royal because he saved him the embarrassment of floundering on the grandest stage of them all. Rhodes says he knows Show is one of the biggest stars in the WWE and as Rhodes looks at the Wrestlemania sign he said “At the Big Show, you’re a choke artist.”


Big Show comes to the ring and Rhodes escapes through the crowd and sarcastically asks Cody to come back in the ring so they watch more embarrassing moments together. Rhodes refuses and Big Show says he will have to come out there and get him. Teddy Long comes to the ring and says this isn’t Spain and can’t have Show running through the crowd like it’s the running of the bulls. Long said Cody will get his Wrestlemania because he will defend the IC title against the Big Show. Show was very happy as Teddy Long told him that right now, he has other business to take care of with Mark Henry as the world’s strongest man heads to the ring.



– Mark Henry vs. The Big Show


Henry begins with a boot to the gut and drops Show with a clothesline. Henry clotheslines Show over the top rope and on to the floor and proceeds to Irish whip him into and over the guard rail. Henry gets back in the ring and the ref begins the count. Show makes back on the apron in time but Henry rams shows head into the steel part of the turnbuckle and Show crumbles to the floor in pain.


Back from the break and Henry is putting the boots to Show as Cody Rhodes has joined the announcers for commentary. Henry rams Show’s back into the steel post outside the ring and picks up steel steps and hucks them at Show but Show moves in time. They get back in the ring and Henry hits an avalanche splash and follows up with a vader bomb for a two count.


Henry charges into the corner and runs into a big boot and Show follow up with a spear. Show signals for the choke slam and grabs Henry’s throat but Henry gets out and hits the W.S.S. for a two count. Show crawls to the corner while holding his ribs and Henry runs in for another avalanche splash but Show connects with the WMD Punch for the victory.


Winner: The Big Show via pin fall



Cody Rhodes gets out of his seat in anger while Show stares at him and then celebrates with the fans. Michael Cole harped on the fact that Big Show has never won a singles match at Wrestlemania


Backstage, Teddy Long walks up to Drew McIntyre and tells him he has been cutting him a lot of slack but tonight, its do or die. If he loses he’s fired. McIntyre could beside himself over this.


Matt Striker interviews Randy Orton in the back. Orton says he is feeling like himself again and he feels angry. Says Daniel Bryan doesn’t understand how steep of a price he will pay for costing him a shot at the title and tonight, he comes to collect.


We come back from commercial and Drew McIntyre is in the ring waiting for his opponent and Justin Gabriel emerges from the entrance.


– Drew McIntyre vs. Justin Gabriel


McIntyre tries to sneak a clothesline but Gabriel ducks and hits him with two forearms and throws a body kick but McIntyre catches it and drills him with a clothesline. McIntyre covers him for a one count and Irish whips Gabriel in the ropes and ducks for a back body drop but Gabriel back flips over McIntyre and is dropped with big boot to the face. McIntyre attempts a sidewalk slam but Gabriel flips out of it and reverses it into a DDT. Gabriel climbs the top rope and hits the 450 Splash and that’s all she wrote.


Winner: Justin Gabriel via pin fall


Teddy long appears on the titan tron and says “I gave you a lot of chances Drew. I’m sorry playa, but I gotta let you go.” Drew was left in the middle of the ring and could not believe he was no longer employeed.


Back from the break and Striker interviews Daniel Bryan w/ AJ. Bryan questions Sheamus for claiming he’s changed since winning the title and announced he was proud to have been born and raised in Aberdeen, WA. Crowd pops and Bryan replies but I moved to Vegas as soon as possible. Bryan says he hasn’t changed because he’s still a vegan, doesn’t own a tv, still a role model, still the love of AJ’s life, beat five men inside the elimination chamber, will beat Orton tonight and leave Wrestlemania as World Heavyweight Champion.



– Daniel Bryan vs. Randy Orton


Orton kicks Bryan in the stomach and whips him into the corner and proceeds to throw him outside. Orton places Bryan’s head on top of the steel steps and lands one well placed boot to the face. Orton sets up a superplex but Bryan punches him twice and headbutts him as Orton falls to the mat. Bryan waits in the corner and smiles before hitting a running dropkick and follows up with a single arm DDT. Orton sells the arm while Bryan smiles as we go to commercial.


We return from commercial and Bryan is working over Orton arm. Follows up with some stiff kicks to the chest and Orton fires back with a few punches and backdrops him up and over but Bryan lands on the apron. Bryan drops Orton’s head on the top rope and follows up with a drop kick. Orton comes back and hits the hanging DDT. Orton attempts a RKO but Bryan counters with the LeBell Lock but Orton escapes and attempts another RKO but Bryan rolls outside to the floor.


Orton catches up to Bryan and he sets up Bryan for another hanging DDT and Kane’s pyro goes off as he storms to the ring. The ref is still counting during all of this and Bryan gets back in the ring to beat the count.


Winner: Daniel Bryan via count out 


Orton beats Kane to the punch and they brawl outside. Orton throws Kane in the ring but Kane rams Orton’s shoulder into the steel ringpost. Kane chokeslams him and proceeds to grab the microphone and says “Welcome back Randy. Welcome back.” and leaves the ring.


Backstage,  John Laurinaitis and David Otunga are watching on a monitor and Laurinaitis  says he’s impressive and that is the kind of action he will bring to Smackdown next week. Otunga asks him what he meant and Laurinaitis says maybe he will have Kane wrestle Aksana next week and that’s our show.

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