Detailed 2/13/12 WWE Raw Supershow Recap

Feb 13, 2012 - by Steve Gerweck

* LIVE from San Diego, CA

by Dave Kilgore

Tonight’s show opens with a recap of Kane confronting Eve last week, saying that when Cena embraces the hate he will be in a better place, but if he doesn’t get there soon, he’s afraid for anyone in his path, and for the first time, afraid of himself.

Kane now on screen, says there is nothing he won’t do to make Cena embrace the hate. Tonight, Cena will embrace the hate AND someone WILL take a ride in an ambulance.

GM John Laurinaitis is still in charge. In ring, Jerry Lawler is in the ring for the first ever Elimination Chamber match debate with all competitors in the ring behind podiums. King will ask questions and they will have 45 seconds to respond. Start with CM Punk…..what makes him think he can walk out of Chamber still champion? Out comes GM Johnny. Says he’s so happy to be there, so happy for the Board of Directors support. Back to Punk’s answer. Punk says he gives his word debate will not end in violence, to “Clown Shoes” offers his congratulations in keeping the GM position, and that he is the best wrestler in the world. Jerry asks Dolph for rebuttal, but out comes shrieking Vicky, saying there should be no booing allowed. Dolph says everyone knows he’s better than Punk and that R-Truth doesn’t know what state they’re in. Truth says if he’s elected, he will trade Dolph and Vicky to Smackdown for Hornswoggle and a box of spiders and he will make it required to shout “WHAT” during every line of the Pledge of Allegiance. Also says running mate will be Little Jimmy. Onto the Miz. Says he WAS the main event of last year’s Wrestlemania. Miz gives out disparaging remarks about all competitors in the match with him. Buzzer for time up. Miz won’t shut up. Kofi shuts him up, talking about how Miz called him an afterthought. Says maybe, but he will also walk out of Chamber the WWE Champion. Onto Y2J…..says he is surrounded by neophytes and that HE is the true best at everything. Says last time in Chamber, he walked out champion. Y2J turns to Punk, says look at me when I’m talking to you boy! Says go ahead and give him the title because he’s Punk’s master. Punk says “Were you talking to me?” Says he was thinking of Y2J finishing 7th on Dancing With the Stars. Dolph says this is all a joke (I agree). King says all 6 will be in single’s matches tonight and 1st match is Kofi vs Y2J. Jericho goes to Punk, takes off coat, Punk holds up WWE title in Jericho’s face. Y2J turns around and gets nailed with the Trouble In Paradise from Kofi.


Back live, Kofi on the offense, punches and kicks to Y2J in the corner. Stomps to Y2J, then a knee to Y2J’s back. Irish Whip by Kofi, Jericho holds onto ropes, Kofi with a clothesline to Y2J, taking him outside, followed by a dive onto Jericho by Kofi. Kofi then rams Y2J’s head into the announcer’s table. Back in ring they go, with Kofi delivering punches to Y2J while on the 2nd rope. Counter by Jericho, knocking Kofi off. Y2J to the offensive, with a belly to back slam, 2 count by Y2J. Rear chin lock by Jericho, kofi fights up, punches to Jericho, Irish Whip by Kofi, but Jericho holds onto ropes and Kofi misses a dropkick. Kick to Kofi then a 2 count. Kick to Kofi’s gut, followed by chops in the corner. Jericho whips Kofi across the ring, but Kofi catches Y2J with a 2nd rope flying body press….2 count by Kofi. Chops to Jericho, dropkick by Kofi. Kofi springs off the top rope and Y2J catches him in the Walls of Jericho. Kofi reaches ropes, Jericho thinks he won, ref tells him no. Trouble in Paradise by Kofi….both men down…..Kofi over…..2 count…foot on ropes. Kick to Jericho’s back….Jericho rakes Kofi’s eyes followed by Codebreaker….1-2-3. Winner Y2J.

HBK is shown walking around backstage….HHH comes in and hugs Shawn.


Back live, Cena is talking to Zack Ryder, who is in a wheelchair with a neck brace. Zack says he’s here to see Eve, but Cena says he’s worried because every time Zack is around, Cena hurts him. Cena says for him to stay put and he will bring Eve to him.

Otunga and Laurinaitis are talking…Otunga says they didn’t tell him he was the permanent GM. Otunga says he has a plan to make Laurinaitis the permanent GM of RAW AND Smackdown.

Recap of Orton vs Daniel Bryan from last week’s Smackdown, showing Big Show getting involved, causing Orton to be DQ’d. Also showed Big Show chokeslamming Orton after Smackdown went off air.

Out comes Daniel Bryan, to sit in on commentary for Show vs. Orton.


Back to action, out comes Big Show followed by Orton. Show shoves Orton down, but Orton back up with punches. Both men to the corner, kicks by Orton, dropkick to Show’s knees, taking him down. Show shoves him off again. To the ropes they go, with Orton jumping over the top, yanking Show’s neck down over top rope. Randy slides back in, but is caught by Show and a side slam. Show goes for knockout punch but Orton slithers out of ring. Commercial.

Back in ring, Orton with sleeper on Show. Show down to one knee. Show flips Orton over. Both men up, clothesline by Show, then followed by a running “squash” in the corner by Show, followed by a dropkick by Orton to Show who was coming off the ropes. 2 count by Orton. Huge kickout. Both men outside. Orton rammed into announcer’s table. Orton thrown back in, then Show stares down Bryan. Show on apron, caught by Orton dropkick. Orton drags Show over the top rope for his DDT!! Orton down, ready to strike, Show back up, RKO attempted, but not hit clean. Both men up, Show shoves Orton into ropes, catching him with a chokeslam attempt, but Orton brushes his arm away and another RKO. Daniel Bryan in ring and nails Orton with the world title belt. Then he nails Show with it also. I presume winner is Orton by DQ.

HBK up next after commercial.

Hour #2:

Out comes HBK! Says you can’t have Wrestlemania season without HBK. Says he was watching the show last week and was waiting for HHH to say that he would face Taker at Wrestlemania this year. HBK says he was shocked that he didn’t, so he called Laurinaitis, saying he had to come talk to HHH. HBK says HHH is just playing the Undertaker and that he’s here tonight to hear HHH accept the challenge tonight. Out comes HHH. Gives DX symbol with HBK. HHH says it would be nice to see him more than just once a year. HHH says he will not be facing Taker this year at WM. HHH says last year Taker won the battle but he won the war. HHH says he’s not that guy anymore. HBK says yes you are, you’re the closer..that’s what makes you the Game. HBK asks if all of this (pointing to suit) is what he is now. HBK asks “did you marry that chic and become one of them now”? Asks if HHH is a sellout now. HHH says it’s investing in the future. Says he’s not having the argument, that HBK doesn’t understand. HBK says he understands that when a man challenges you and you back down, it makes you a coward. HHH starts to leave, but HBK grabs him and says come back. HHH then turns to leave again and HBK says “walk away, that’s what a coward does”. HHH says while HBK sits at the ranch with his wife and kids, HHH has responsibilities. That all of this will be his at some point. Says he looks at Taker as a brand that’s good for business and he can’t end something that’s good for business. HHH says he , Taker and HBK are the end of an era. Says Shawn is retired, he has other things to do and he won’t take out the only one left…Taker. Shawn says that’s an awesome speech that works on alot of people, but he’s at peace…HHH is not. Says he wants HHH to look him in the eye and tell him he doesn’t want or need to end Taker’s streak. HHH, unsure, turns to leave, but HBK grabs his coat….HHH takes it off, gets in HBK’s face and says “NO”. Shawn looks at HHH like he doesn’t really know him anymore, then walks past HHH, bumping him on the way by and leaves the ring. HHH goes to leave…..GONG! Lights out…..clips shown on TitanTron of last year’s WM match with Taker looking on, saying he will get what he wants. Then picks up scissors and starts cutting his hair. Lights back on in arena. HHH heads out.


Back live, Steeler’s star Troy Polamalu is shown in the crowd.

Dolph Ziggler in ring, then out comes R-Truth. Match starts with kick to Truth by Dolph and a fireman’s carry. Truth ducks Dolph, kick to Dolph. Truth runs at Dolph in the corner but misses and hits the ringpost. Roll up attempt by Dolph, 2 count. Dropkick by Dolph…showboating…..rear chin lock by Dolph. Both men on mat, Dolph locking in chinlock tighter. Both men up, exchanging punches, then neckbreaker and elbow drop by Dolph followed by sit ups. Truth catches him and rolls him up for the 3 count!!

Backstage, Zack Ryder shown texting as Santino barges in. Talks about love tips with Zack. Gives Ryder breath strips made of garlic.

Cut to commercial.

Back from commercial, Beth Phoenix is on commentary. Tamina in ring against Brie Bella. Headlock by Brie, leap over by Tamina, shoulder tackle by Tamina. Kicks by Brie, then drives Tamina head first into mat. Tamina up, runs over and gives head butt to Nikki who is on the apron. Brie with a shot to the back of Tamina, backslide attempt by Brie countered by Tamina who then picks up Brie and gives her a Samoan Drop. Tamina to top rope, delivering the Superfly Splash. Winner Tamina. Beth then stares down Tamina.

Backstage, Cena is shown talking with Josh Mathews, then off to commercial.

Back live, a recap is shown of The Rock doing the rounds promoting his new movie, Journey 2.

Cut to Josh Mathews with John Cena. A woman screaming is heard. Kane is seen putting Eve in the ambulance. Cena attacks Kane running his head into the ambulance. Kane then does the same to Cena, gets in and starts to drive off. Eve unlocks the door and jumps into Cena’s arms. After a pause, Eve lays a huge kiss on Cena, only to then look over and see Zack Ryder sitting there in the wheelchair, holding the flowers for Eve. Awkward!


Back live, Ryder is shown wheeling away. Eve catches up and explains things to him, apologizing for kiss to Cena. Says she only wants to be friends with Zack.

In ring, the Miz is out, followed by CM Punk. Match begins with hip lock by Punk. Takeover by Punk. Miz to the outside, grabs Punk’s arm and drops it over top rope. Miz with shoulders to Punk in the corner then works over Punk’s arm. Side Russian leg sweep by Miz, then armbar on Punk. Punk back up…..punches to Miz, Punk into ropes, Miz catches him, drops Punk across his knee, but Punk counters out of neckbreaker attempt and delivers a big kick to Miz’s head. Both men up, exchanging punches. Miz gains control. Miz off the ropes, but gets caught by a kick from Punk. Punk with a neckbreaker to Miz. Punk with running knee and bulldog to Miz. Punk picks up Miz, counters out of GTS and hits Punk with a swinging DDT from his knees. Punk in the corner, Miz runs and hits the corner clothesline. Miz to the top rope, misses move on Punk, Punk delivers powerslam for 2 count. Punk to top rope, Miz catches him, punches to Miz by Punk knocking Miz off turnbuckle. Punk hits Macho Man-like elbow. Punk calls for GTS, again counters out, Punk counters out of Skull Crushing Finale and Punk slaps on the Anaconda Vice for submission victory. Backstage, Y2J is shown smiling at monitor.

In the back, the ambulance is backing into the arena as we cut to commercial.

Back to the arena, out comes John Cena. Cena on mic in ring, says it was an awkward moment with Eve. Says tried to apologize to Zack but he wouldn’t listen. Says Kane’s plan was to turn everyone against him, with no one to turn to. Says plan would work if it were anybody else. A “we all hate you” chant starts. Cena says he is proud of who he is and is comfortable in his own skin. Says people think he’s soft. Says go ahead…continue to think that. A “fruity pebbles” chant starts. Cena says he will adapt and overcome. Says Kane will leave arena this Sunday in an ambulance. As for his good friend Dwayne…Cena is interrupted by Ryder at top of ramp. Gets up, walks to ring using crutches. Slowly climbs into ring, approaches Cena, and knocks the mic out of Cena’s hand. Then Zack smacks Cena. Cena shirt off, gets in Zack’s face. Zack yelling at Cena then goes to hit Cena but Cena blocks it. Acts like he will hit Zack but doesn’t. Kind of tosses him down. Zack leaves telling Cena to stay away from him. Kane is on the big screen, saying Cena’s in denial. Says Cena stole the true love of his only friend and that Cena has stooped to a level he never would. That Cena has embraced the hate. Kane says Cena will not win this Sunday. Kane says let have a round of applause for Cena. Kane grabs Ryder on the stage and throws him off, still in the wheelchair. Refs and trainers out to attend to Zack. Eve comes out, kneeling beside Ryder.

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