1/9/12 WWE Raw Recap

Jan 9, 2012 - by Steve Gerweck

Live from Corpus Christi, Texas

by Dave Kilgore

Show opens with a recap of last week’s show with Kane coming up through the ring at the end of the show, attacking Cena and trying to pull Zach Ryder down into hole, only to be saved by Cena.

Kane is out first. Comes to the ring and gets on the mic, saying he hears people questioning him, wondering why he embraces hate. Kane says people are in denial, saying “you wake up next to spouses you can’t stand, go to a job you can’t stand and come home to kids that are little disappointments.” Says Cena represents hope, success, and all the things people aspire to achieve but cannot. He says that when they say CENA SUCKS, it means that you the people suck. Then Kane goes off on Zach Ryder, saying people made him a star but that proves nothing. Says all Cena did last week was delay the inevitable. Out comes Cena……….to the ring he runs, attacking Kane, clothesline over the top by Cena. Up the entrance ramp they fight, into the back, down a hallway, Cena gets rammed into several doors. Outside they go, Kane throws Cena into some equipment. Cena grabs a crowbar and hits Kane in the leg. Uppercut to Cena, who falls into debris. When Cena gets up, Kane is nowhere to be found. Commercial break.

Back from commercial, they recap what just happened with Kane/Cena. In the ring, Sheamus is out. Cole and Lawler recap what happened on Smackdown between Sheamus/Jinder Mahal and Wade Barrett, ending with Mahal putting Sheamus in the Camel Clutch. Next out is Santino Marella. Power walks around the ring. Next out is Wade Barrett, followed by Jinder Mahal. Match starts with Santino vs Mahal. Running knee by Mahal, then tag to Barrett. Neckbreaker by Barrett. Rear chin lock to Santino. Both men up, Santino whipped hard into corner, 2 count. Mahal tagged back in, stomps to Santino. Rear chin lock by Mahal to Santino. Both men back up, stunner to Mahal. Hot tag to Sheamus, blows to Mahal in the corner. Slam to Mahal, then right hand to Barrett. Brogue kick to Mahal. Tag to Santino, who gets ready for Cobra, Cobra strike and 1-2-3 by Santino. Winners: Sheamus/Santino.

Backstage, Miz is in GM’s office, saying the attacks by R-Truth are unacceptable. GM says Miz brought this on himself. GM says he has alot on his mind. Miz wants GM to protect him. GM says he isn’t “Little Jimmy”. Miz walks out.

Tease for who will be the first inductee into the WWE Hall of Fame for 2012. Commercial break.

Back from commercial, the first 2012 HOF inductee is announced……………….THE RATED R SUPERSTAR, EDGE! Highlights of Edge’s career airs, with comments by Orton, CM Punk, Christian, & Cena.

Backstage, they show Miz talking to Mason Ryan, who smirks and walks away from Miz. Then they cut to Zach Ryder on the phone when Eve walks up. They talk about what happened last week and Ryder says they should go out. Eve agrees but has to be after her match tonight. As Zach walks away, Kane appears from within a storage closet. Commercial break.

Back to action, out comes Kofi Kingston for his match against Daniel Bryan. Recap of match last week between Big Show and Daniel Bryan where Mark Henry pushed Bryan causing a DQ.

Match starts with blows by Kofi, missed kick, rollup by Bryan, 2 count. Bryan quickly puts submission on Kofi, Kofi taps. Very short match! Bryan celebrates at ringside…out comes Big Show. Show greets military members at ringside then Show gets in ring with Bryan. Bryan quickly tries to cover his backside by saying he hated getting DQ’d. Bryan says he will give Show a title shot whenever he wants it. Show says he’s happy to hear that and it will happen this Friday on Smackdown, a no DQ, no countout match. Bryan looks very worried. Show leaves.

Promo airs for Jericho’s appearance later tonight. Then promo for Punk vs Jack Swagger later on.

Cut to shot of Brodus Clay’s locker room as they go to commercial.

Next segment begins with video clip of 1994 Royal Rumble, which was won by Lex Luger AND Bret Hart.

In ring, Brodus Clay is introduced. Out come 2 dancing girls followed by Brodus, who looks like the 4th member of Run DMC. His opponent Curt Hawkins is at ringside not looking impressed. Quick match that ends with squash in the corner then a cross body by Brodus for the 1-2-3. More dancing in ring.

Zack Ryder in bathroom, brushing teeth, talking to his reflection in mirror. Ryder is paranoid. Outside in the hallway, Miz is still trying to recruit protection when CM Punk walks up. Miz walks away.


Back from commercial, out comes Jack Swagger (with Vicky and Dolph). Then out comes CM Punk followed by GM Lauranitis. Says later on Dolph has to face John Cena. Match starts with headlock by Punk. Rope break. Another headlock by Punk, rollup by Swagger….cut to GM still at ringside. Slam by Punk, to the top rope, Swagger rolls out. Swagger back in…punches to back of Punk. Springboard by Punk off rope to Swagger, then Punk in control with blows to Swagger, followed by Irish whip. Swagger tries for ankle lock, counter by Punk. Knees to Punk in corner. Roll up by swagger..2 count. Punk thrown outside ring, GM stops Dolph from attacking Punk. Then Punk throws Swagger out, followed by dive through the ropes by Punk onto Swagger……commercial.

Back from commercial, Swagger has headlock on Punk…kick by Punk, but Swagger with big boot to Punk’s head. 2 count. Swagger picks up Punk, blows to Punk’s back by Swagger. Punches in the corner by Swagger, but Punk counters with knee strikes. Neckbreaker by Punk. Running high knee by Punk in corner, but Swagger throws him off when going for bulldog. Splash off turnbuckle by Swagger, 2 count. Swagger yells at Punk to stay down. Another splash attempt, feet up by Punk. Swagger catches Punk with hard slam. Another 2 count. Swagger picks up Punk, counter to slam, counter of GTS by Swagger followed by a belly to belly suplex by Swagger. In the corner, Swagger puts Punk on top turnbuckle, headbutt by Punk, Swagger falls off. Punk to top, Macho Man elbow. Punk gets pinfall! Confusion over whether pin actually happened. On the apron is Lauranitis, giving fake applause to Punk. As a stipulation, with Punk winning, Vicky is banned from ringside at the Royal Rumble match between Punk and Ziggler.

Recap of Kane and Cena from earlier in the evening.

They cut to Cena and Ryder talking backstage. Ryder says he is weirded out, doesn’t know if it’s Kane, Eve, or what. Cena tells him he needs to hold it together.

Promo for WWE Network coming in 2012.

Next up, Bella Twins arguing when Alberto Rodriguez walks up. Miz says Alberto can wait and that Alberto is going to go to ring and call out R-Truth. Ricardo says no, but Miz threatens to put him on injured reserve with Alberto if he doesn’t.

Second inductee to 2012 HOF is announced. It is…………..THE 4 HORSEMEN!!!!!!!!! JJ Dillon, Ric Flair, Arn Anderson, Tully Blanchard, and Barry Windham.

Back in ring, Ricardo Rodriguez gets on mic and asks R-Truth to come out, trying his best to say bad things about Truth. Truth comes out, Ricardo doesn’t know what to do LOL. Truth says “Oh Lucy, I’m home”. Truth gets in ring with Ricardo, saying he’s not a bad man, he’s a good R-Truth. Truth asks Ricardo to sing them a song. Ricardo starts singing in Spanish, really getting into it. Truth says one more time. Ricardo knocks Mic out of Truth’s hand on accident. Truth knocks out Ricardo. Miz in ring from the crowd, attacking Truth from behind. Truth is down, Miz continues attack. Punches by Truth. Truth takes Miz down, both men to outside. Miz escapes through crowd.

Commercial break.

Back in ring, out comes Y2J! More pandering to the crowd, another 5 minutes of wasted time, no speaking, with Jericho leaving in tears.


Back in ring, Eve Torres out to take on Beth Phoenix…but instead Kane’s music hits. Eve is terrified. Eve goes to ringside, Zack Ryder comes out to save Eve and they run off.

They run out to car, only to find flat tire. Zack is trying to get tire changed while Eve is begging him they have to go.


Back from commercial, Zach is still working on changing tire.

In ring, out comes Ziggler, followed by Cena. Match starts with punches by Dolph followed by leg drop. 2 count on Cena. Kicks in corner by Dolph, followed by headlock on mat by Dolph, complete with headstand by Dolph! Belly to back suplex by Cena. Dolph back on attack with multiple elbow drops to Cena. Sit ups by Dolph. Missed elbow by Dolph, leading to slam by Cena. Cut to parking lot where Kane attacks Zach Ryder and Dolph gets upperhand on Cena. Kane chokeslams Ryder off loading dock out back. Cena tries to leave but gets sleeper hold applied by Dolph who gets dropped into steps by Cena. Dolph down outside ring, Cena gone to parking lot. Kane comes up and beats down Cena yet again, 3rd week in a row. Ryder and Cena both out. Show ends with Kane standing over them.

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