HBK mentioned in a new rap song my 50 cent

Jan 7, 2012 - by Steve Gerweck

From Carl Dantes:

Shawn Michaels has been mentioned twice in a new song by famous rap artist 50 Cent. The new song called “Up”, features the line “I be on that elite sh#t, that HBK Heartbreak Kid freak sh#t.” You can listen to the song at this youtube video and the HBK mentions is around the 1:56 & 2:34 minute mark. 50 Cent is the latest rapper to shout of pro wrestling in his rhymes.

Not long after the news was released, Shawn commented on this new song via his titter account:

“Thank you very much to @50cent for the shout out, if it is indeed for me…does that give this country boy official street cred?”

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