12/23/11 WWE Smackdown Recap

Dec 23, 2011 - by Steve Gerweck

by Brad Hoy

Big Show kicks off Smackdown by making his way to the ring to cut a promo, he began saying that he thought he would be standing in the ring holding the title and he can’t believe Bryan is champ. Show then went on to say how he really felt about losing the World heavyweight championship, only to be interrupted by Mark Henry who began taking the mick saying that Show had the shortest rain as champ. Daniel Bryan then made his way to the ring to confront the two giants, Bryan strangely began to what can only be described as burying himself by saying how short, unintelligent, weak, ugly and uncharismatic he is. This was the backed up by saying he is a great wrestler and that he is the world heavyweight champion. Henry and Show argue about who should get a rematch, Teddy Long then came out and announced that the two big men will face one another to determine the number one contender.

Cody Rhodes Vs Zack Ryder

The match was an average one considering the potential quality of the superstars; however the match did seem to get better as it went on. After some close pin falls, we saw Booker T grab a microphone, stand on the announce table and begin to sing “Cody the red nose reindeer”. Yes that’s right wrestling fans, the five time WCW champion was singing Christmas carols whilst standing on the announce table, Bookers singing unsurprisingly distracted Rhodes allowing Ryder to hit the Rough Ryder and get the win

Next was a backstage segment where Santino Marella explained that now Ryder is US champ he won’t have enough time to assist Teddy and therefore Santino said that he would like to apply or the position. Aksana then interrupted the two (I couldn’t really make out what she was saying to Teddy but I’m sure I didn’t miss much). Then Vickie and Dolph were next to approach the GM, Dolph told teddy that when he is ready he will take his rematch with Ryder. Nevertheless, in the mean time why doesn’t teddy let him face Bryan to show what a great wrestler truly is, Dolph also added that the people want to see it (Hell yeah we do!). Long agrees with Ziggler and grants him the match later tonight.

Big Show Vs Mark Henry (No.1 contenders match)

Once both Show and Henry were in the ring, David Otunga came out and interrupted before the bell rang. Otunga said Henry wasn’t medically cleared due to blood pressure issues from previous injuries in his leg and called off the match. Big Show clocked Otunga with the WMD, both Henry and Show then left the ring.

Teddy Long was seen walking around backstage when The Miz approached him to ask what he was doing tonight. Teddy told Miz that he wasn’t booked for a match to night, this angered Miz in which he began to brag about how many PPV main events he’d been in. He then told Teddy he would disrupt the show and wait in the ring until Teddy found someone for him to wrestle.

The Miz then made his way to the ring where he taunted the locker room by sayin that no wanted to face him and how Smackdown has no face, no crossover superstar that can be on both Smackdown and Raw. As The Miz began to gloat about his success in and out of the ring, Sheamus’s music hit (big pop)…

Sheamus Vs The Miz

The match was unfortunately a relatively short one where both athletes set a fast pace. Sheamus got the win in the end via a Brogue kick after reversing the face crushing finale.

Wade Barrett came out and cut an in-ring promo on Randy Orton; saying how he is in Randy’s head. A few clips were shown where Barrett had got the upper hand in past matches. After he wished the crowd a “happy Christmas,” he left the ring and Orton came out to attack him. They began to fight at ringside, but it soon turned into a refreshing and lengthy backstage brawl (haven’t seen one of them in a while). Orton eventually beat Barrett down enough to hit Barrett with an RKO on top of a car.

Kofi Kingston Vs Primo

The match between the two fast paced high-flyers was a solid entertaining one. It was good to see Primo getting a bit more air time as he has a lot to prove, whether that big in single or more than likely tag team competition. There were also some good spots throughout the contest, which ended with Kofi landing Trouble in Paradise to pick up the win.

Daniel Bryan Vs Dolph Ziggler

The match started very well, with both wrestlers showing off their technical ability. The match had some great spots and the two really demonstrated why they are both the future of the business. Jack Swagger then made his way to ringside to support Ziggler, the Big Show then came to the ring to level the playing field and after some more great spots and excellent wrestling, Jack Swagger and Big Show began fighting each other in the middle of the ring. Teddy Long then came out and made it a tag team match. Why couldn’t the WWE just let two of the best wrestlers have a great match one on one, without it being ruined by adding two pointless superstars which contribute nothing to anything.

Daniel Bryan & Big Show vs. Dolph Ziggler & Jack Swagger

From here on, the match simply wasn’t as good, there were some entertaining moments but it just couldn’t keep up with the first of the two matches. Daniel Bryan reversed the ankle lock into the LeBell lock, which Swagger had no choice but to tap out.

Overall, it was a quality show, which consisted of some very good matches and entertaining segments. I think the highlight of Smackdown was quite obviously Bryan Vs Ziggler, I honestly believe this could have been a PPV main event match and I hope it is some day in the near future.

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