Dec 18, 2011 - by Adam Martin

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WWE TLC (Tables, Ladders and Chairs) PPV
December 18, 2011
Baltimore, Maryland (1st Mariner Arena)
Report by: Adam Martin of

The WWE opening promo plays.

A video package runs with a Christmas theme focusing on the matches set for tonight.

A graphic opening hits welcoming us to TLC. We go live to the 1st Mariner Arena where a huge display of pyro goes off. On commentary tonight is Michael Cole and Jerry “The King” Lawler.

Vickie Guerrero kicks off the show. “Merry Christmas everyone…EXCUSE ME!” Vickie introduces “the greatest gift could ask for, the United States Champion, Dolph Ziggler.”

WWE United States Championship
Dolph Ziggler (c) w/ Vickie Guerrero vs. Zack Ryder

Ziggler with a kick trip takedown on Ryder early on. Huge support for Ryder in Baltimore. Ziggler with a quick shoulder block on Ryder. Ziggler with repeated elbow drops over Ryder. When Ryder turns over on his stomach, Ziggler jumps up and drops an elbow over the back of Ryder's neck. Ryder attempts a comeback and Ziggler cuts it off with a quick back elbow. Loud “LET'S GO RYDER – WOO WOO WOO” chant. Ziggler drops Ryder on the mat and then lays down doing sit ups. Ziggler applies a headlock keeping Ryder grounded. Ziggler with an Angle Slam out of the corner on Ryder. Ryder with a big slap and missile dropkick combo on Ziggler. Ryder with a leaping elbow that drops Ziggler down in the corner. Ryder calls for the WOO…WOO…WOO first pump and connects with the Broski Boot. Ryder hooks the leg and Vickie puts Ziggler's foot on the bottom rope. The referee catches her and sends her to the back. Vickie screams in frustration. Ryder with a rollup. Ziggler counters into one of his own and Ryder powers out. Ziggler drops Ryder's head off the top rope. Ziggler with a fameasser, hooks the leg and Ryder powers out. Ziggler catches Ryder with a huge dropkick. Ziggler drops Ryder on the corner post and goes for a rollup getting a close two count. Ryder with a double knee and Rough Ryder on Ziggler. Ryder gets the pinfall.

Winner and NEW WWE United States Champion: Zack Ryder

After the match, we see a shot of Zack's dad and The Big O celebrating during the pinfall. Ryder leaves ringside with the belt and celebrates with his father and friend. Huge reaction to the title win.

Backstage, WWE Intercontinental Champion Cody Rhodes attacks Booker T.

WWE Tag Team Championships
Kofi Kingston and Evan Bourne (c's) vs. Epico and Primo w/ Rosa Mendes

We start with Bourne and Epico. Bourne with a series of early pinfall attempts. Bourne with a snap huricanrana takedown on Epico. Tag to Kingston. Quick tag to Primo. Kingston with a double dropkick on both. Primo with a big chop to Kingston. Primo with a monkey flip on Kingston. Kingston lands on his feet and then gives Primo a monkey flip of his own. Tag to Bourne who gets in a quick head scissors takedown on Primo. Tag to Epico. Bourne with a springboard into both. Epico and Primo catch him and toss him outside. Mendes talks some trash at Bourne. Back in the ring, Epico gets a two count on Bourne. Tag to Primo who stomps over Bourne in the corner. Primo locks in a front headlock grounding Bourne. Primo drives Bourne into the corner and tags in Epico. Epico with a quick dropkick to the jaw of Bourne. Epico with a big backbreaker on Bourne. Epico with two back suplexes and a quick german suplex. Epico drapes Bourne over his back. Bourne counters with a rollup for a two count. Hot tag to Kingston. Tag to Primo. Kingston with a springboard forearm to Primo. Kingston levels Primo with shots and a big dropkick. Kingston knocks Epico off the ring apron and then drops Primo with another flying forearm. Kingston with the Boom Drop over Primo. Primo catches Kingston with a boot. Kingston with a springboard crossbody with Epico breaking the pin. Bourne jumps in to kick Epico out and then jumps off the turnbuckle taking him out. Kingston with Trouble in Paradise on Primo. Kingston gets the pinfall.

Winners and still WWE Tag Team Champions: Kofi Kingston and Evan Bourne

Backstage, Josh Mathews is outside the trainer room noting that Booker T is being looked at.

Backstage, Teddy Long (dressed as Santa) gives Hornswoggle a “learn how to speak ebonics” box set.

Tables Match
Randy Orton vs. Wade Barrett

Orton and Barrett exchange shots early on. Orton drops Barrett over his back and stomps over his head. Orton bails and pushes a table up against the ropes. Barrett side kicks the table into Barrett's face. Barrett tries pushing the table in the ring, but Orton blocks it and jumps over it sending the table into Barrett's face. Barrett is slightly busted open over his eye. The referee puts on rubber gloves. Orton follows Barrett up the ramp where a series of tables are already set up. Barrett fights back with a kick to the gut and elbow shots to the back of the neck. Barrett looks to setup Orton for a Pumphandle Slam. Orton counters, Barrett pushes the table over and then takes a shot from Orton. Barrett with a huge big boot that drops Orton at ringside. Barrett tosses a table inside the ring and sets up another near the ring. Orton with a big right. Barrett returns with a kick and forearms to the back. Barrett throws Orton over the table, goes up to the top turnbuckle and Orton bails. Barrett then sends Orton back first into the side of the ring. Barrett tosses Orton back inside and drops an elbow off the second rope. Barrett has Orton up against the ropes with a series of knee shots. Barrett tries kicking Orton from the ring apron to the table below, but Orton hangs on with his legs. Barrett props a table up in the corner, puts Orton on his shoulder, Orton jumps off and Orton levels him with a series of clotheslines. Orton with a quick snap powerslam. Barrett tosses Orton over the top rope, but Orton lands on the ring apron. Barrett misses a big boot. The two exchange right hands near the table. Barrett has Orton up for Wasteland. Orton slides off, kicks Barrett in the stomach and connects with his DDT using the ropes. Barrett catches Orton with a sidewalk slam. Barrett grabs the table and slams it across the chest of Orton. Barrett sets the table back up near the corner. Barrett puts Orton chest first over the table. Barrett goes up to the second rope, jumps, Orton jumps up and catches Barrett with an RKO as Barrett crashes through the table. Orton sits up laughing.

Winner: Randy Orton

Backstage, Santa Teddy Long is with The Bella Twins. He gives them a direct phone line if they ever “want to play any reindeer games.” Both girls slap Long. Jack Swagger walks up saying Long is the worst GM ever allowing Mark Henry to attack him on Smackdown. Long tells Swagger to sit on his lap to see if they can work something out. Sheamus walks up shaking hands with Long. He tells a story about a cousin of his who rolled down hills and ended up putting his “head up his own arse.” Sheamus promises to do the same to Swagger. Long books Sheamus vs. Swagger tonight.

WWE Divas Championship
Beth Phoenix (c) vs. Kelly Kelly

The bell rings and Beth is giving Kelly a free shot to slap her. Beth then goes for a slap, misses and Kelly catches her with a big slap. Kelly dumps Beth to the outside and kicks her away through the ropes. Kelly with a bulldog on Beth off the ring apron. Kelly back flips up and starts choking Beth with her boots. Kelly with her tilt-a-whirl takedown on Beth. Beth lifts Kelly up and drops her off the top rope. Beth starts dropping elbows to the side of Kelly. Beth then stands over Kelly on the bottom rope applying pressure. Beth then launches Kelly to the middle of the ring. Beth with a camel clutch. The camera mic is picking up everything Beth is saying – not good. Kelly with a quick rollup after Beth's command. Kelly tosses Beth's face off the mat repeatedly. Beth slams Kelly with force down over the mat. Three pinfall attempts and Kelly kicks out each time. Beth misses a top rope leg drop. Kelly counters out of a Glam Slam. Beth then comes back dropping Kelly with the Electric Chair. Beth rolls over and gets the cover.

Winner and still WWE Divas Champion: Beth Phoenix

Backstage, Alberto Del Rio is yelling at Ricardo Rodriguez telling him to go get food. The Miz walks up wanting to make one thing clear. He talks about how when they both took out CM Punk on Raw, it was for the greater good and that no such alliance exists when the bell rings. Del Rio says he isn't stupid and says there wasn't an alliance in the first place. He adds that he was just using The Miz. Miz insults Del Rio's title reign saying he didn't accomplish as much as he did. Ricardo walks back up with a plate of food and Miz puts it in his face. Del Rio then pushes Ricardo down.

A promo for WWE Royal Rumble on Sunday, January 29 airs.

Footage is shown of the Army National Guard from Maryland wishing everyone a Happy Holiday.

Booker T's music hits and he makes his way out. Cody Rhodes attacks him from behind for the second time tonight. WWE referee staff and trainers come out attending to Booker and sending Rhodes to the back. Booker is helped to his feet and taken to the back.

A video package runs highlighting Triple H vs. Kevin Nash.

Sledgehammer Ladder Match
Triple H vs. Kevin Nash

The bell rings and Triple H goes on the attack with right hands. Nash with a quick knee and elbows to Triple H in the corner. Nash shows his strength tossing Triple H with ease into another corner landing big knees. Triple H sends Nash out through the ropes and grabs a ladder. Nash with a boot to the side of Triple H. Nash grabs the ladder and hits Triple H in the head with it. Nash tosses the ladder inside the ring. Triple H jumps up on the announce table, crotch chops at Nash and then jumps off hitting a clothesline. Triple H sends Nash over the guard railing into the crowd. When Triple H runs at Nash, Nash gets an elbow up and Triple H goes down. Triple H sends Nash face first into the steel ring post. Back in the ring, Triple H grabs a ladder and starts hitting Nash with it. Triple H drives the ladder down over the knee of Nash. Triple H puts Nash's legs in the ladder and then locks on a Figure Four. Nash screams out in pain. Nash gets back to his feet somehow and launches Triple H into a ladder setup in the corner. Triple H bounces off the ladder and out of the ring hitting the ladder with huge force. More shots from Nash to Triple H on the outside. Back in the ring, Nash gives Triple H a side slam over the top of a ladder. Nash sets up a ladder on the bottom rope and catapults Triple H face first into it. Nash clears the announce table and looks to give Triple H a Jacknife Powerbomb over it when Triple H counters executing a back suplex on Nash. The table stays intact when Nash hits the table. Triple H rolls back in and is setting up the big ladder under the sledgehammer. Triple H climbs up. Nash cuts him off and drops him with a big forearm. Nash tosses the ladder into the corner, sends Triple H into it, Triple H bounces off and Nash gives him a chokeslam. Nash pulls out a table from under the ring and tosses it in. Nash sets up the table and drops the straps. Triple H pushes Nash into the ladder against the corner. Triple H sets the ladder up under the sledgehammer once more. Nash is back in. Triple H has his hand on the sledgehammer. Nash is climbing up the other side. Nash with right hands. Triple H hits Nash in the head with the sledgehammer. Nash falls off the ladder and crashes through the table. Triple H unhooks the sledgehammer. Nash fights to his feet using the ropes. Triple H with shots to the knee and body of Nash using the sledgehammer. Triple H tosses the ladder out. Triple H tosses the sledgehammer aside and gives Nash a Pedigree. Triple H grabs the sledgehammer and looks down at Nash. Nash sits up making the Kliq sign with his fingers. Triple H crotch chops at Nash and then hits him in the head with the sledgehammer. Triple H covers Nash for the win.

Winner: Triple H

After the match, EMT officials come down with a stretcher. Nash is strapped in and put on the stretcher.

Backstage, Matt Striker is with WWE Champion CM Punk. Footage is shown of The Miz and Alberto Del Rio attacking him on Raw. Punk mocks Del Rio and Miz. He talks about being more disgusted with John Laurinaitis accepting his Slammy Award on his behalf. Laurinaitis walks up and lets Punk know he mailed his award, but it may take long due to the holiday season. Punk insults Laurinaitis some more. Laurinaitis says he will be the bigger man – and says he is taller than Punk after all. He wishes Punk good luck tonight. Punk says luck is for losers. Laurinaitis begins texting.

Sheamus vs. Jack Swagger

Sheamus levels Swagger with a big clothesline and then drops a series of sledgehammer shots. Sheamus with a few body shots. Swagger attempts an abdominal stretch, but Sheamus breaks free. Sheamus leans Swagger back against the ropes and drops repeated forearm shots to the chest. Sheamus clotheslines Swagger to the outside. Swagger sends Sheamus into the guard railing area and then hits repeated stomps. Back in the ring, Swagger sends Sheamus into the ropes and hits a show to the lower back. Sheamus fires back with a clothesline and more shots to Swagger in the corner. Sheamus plants Swagger with a quick powerslam. Sheamus goes up top and Swagger knocks him off sending him outside of the ring. Sheamus fights back sending Swagger back first into the steel ring post and then the guard railing. Sheamus goes back up top and catches Swagger with a quick shoulder block. Swagger dodges the Brogue Kick and Swagger gets in a series of takedowns. Swagger with a springboard elbow drop to the knee of Sheamus. Swagger misses another takedown attempt and Sheamus catches him with the Brogue Kick. Sheamus gets the pinfall.

Winner: Sheamus

Backstage, Josh Mathews is with The Big Show. He says he has Mark Henry beat tonight. Big Show adds that Henry's reign of terror comes to an end tonight.

WWE World Heavyweight Championship – Chairs Match
Mark Henry (c) vs. The Big Show

Lilian Garica did ring introductions for the challenger The Big Show and champion Mark Henry.

The bell rings and Big Show bails tossing tons of chairs in the ring. Henry swats away the chairs as they fly by him. Big Show returns to the ring filled with chairs. Henry slowly walks out getting near the camera, “You out your mind. This ain't happening. Give me my title.” Henry is handed his title and starts walking off. Henry tries a belt shot on Big Show when he chases him down. Big Show ducks and lights up Henry with a chair. Big Show with body shots to Henry. Henry responds with a big knee and sends Big Show into the steel steps. Henry cracks a chair over the back of Big Show. Henry then drops Big Show's right hand off the steel steps. Both have chairs and crack them together. Big Show is favoring his right hand. Henry cracks the chair against Big Show's body and then drops it over his chest. Henry yells out, “Welcome to the Hall of Pain!” Big Show with body shots, but favors his right hand each time it connects with Henry's body. Henry knocks away Big Show's hand during a chokeslam attempt. Henry walks up swinging a chair and Big Show catches him with a right hand. Henry is out. Big Show favors his hand. Big Show turns Henry over and gets the pinfall.

Winner and NEW WWE World Heavyweight Champion: The Big Show

After the match, Big Show tosses the title over his shoulder when Mark Henry hits him in the leg with a chair. Henry gives Big Show a DDT over a pile of chairs on the mat.

Daniel Bryan's music hits. Bryan cashes in his “Money in the Bank” briefcase.

WWE World Heavyweight Championship
The Big Show (c) vs. Daniel Bryan

Bryan immediately hooks the leg of Big Show and the referee counts the pinfall.

Winner and NEW WWE World Heavyweight Champion: Daniel Bryan

After the match, Daniel Bryan grabs the WWE World Heavyweight Championship and stands over Michael Cole on top of the announce table. Bryan looks into the camera and thanks anyone who has supported him during his career. Bryan continues to celebrate as a shocked Big Show looks on from the middle of the ring.

A promo for the WWE Network runs.

We are shown footage from earlier tonight of Cody Rhodes attacking Booker T and Rhodes attacking Booker a second time later in the night. Backstage, Josh Mathews is with Booker T. Mathews says Booker has nothing to prove. Booker says he isn't “going out like some sucka” and promises to finish things tonight.

WWE Intercontinental Championship
Cody Rhodes (c) vs. Booker T

Booker goes on the attack right away with big right hands and chops to Rhodes. Booker with a series of scoop slams on Rhodes. Booker catches Rhodes with a side kick, hooks the leg and Rhodes kicks out. They brawl to the outside and Booker continues to dominate. When both are up on the ring apron, Rhodes prevents Booker from getting in and gets in a big shot knocking Booker down. Rhodes sends Booker into the guard railing and yells, “It is a young mans game!” Rhodes grounds Booker back in the ring and then goes for a full nelson. Booker breaks it up and both connect with a double clothesline. Both get to their feet and exchange big right hands. Booker with more rights and chops. Rhodes with more elbows and kicks. Booker with a quick side slam. Booker with a spinebuster. Booker sits up and executes the Spinarooni. Booker with a kick, misses the Axe Kick, misses another side kick attempt and Rhodes connects with his springboard kick to the face. Rhodes goes for the pinfall and Booker kicks out. Rhodes can't believe it. Booker gets to his feet and Rhodes connects with a second springboard kick to the head.

Winner and still WWE Intercontinental Champion: Cody Rhodes

After the match, Cody Rhodes is handed the WWE Intercontinental Championship and holds it up high near a downed Booker T.

A promo for “Stone Cold” Steve Austin's new DVD release airs.

We see footage from earlier tonight of Zack Ryder defeating Dolph Ziggler to become the new WWE United States Champion. They show video of Zack's father at ringside celebrating and another shot of the crowd in attendance giving a huge reaction to Ryder's win. Footage is also shown of The Big Show defeating Mark Henry to become the new WWE World Heavyweight Champion only for Daniel Bryan to cash in his “Money in the Bank” briefcase pinning The Big Show to become the new champion.

WWE Championship – TLC Match
CM Punk (c) vs. The Miz vs. Alberto Del Rio w/ Ricardo Rodriguez

Loud “CM PUNK” chant breaks out as The Miz and Alberto Del Rio look out in disgust. The bell rings and Punk fights off both Miz and Del Rio. Miz and Del Rio become too much for Punk working him over against the ropes. Punk with dropkicks to Miz and Del Rio. Miz and Del Rio drop Punk off the top rope. Miz and Del Rio with a double suplex on Punk. On the outside, the alliance comes to an end as Del Rio cracks a chair over the back of Miz. Del Rio grabs a small ladder and Punk connects with a suicide dive into the ladder. Punk then drops the small ladder over Del Rio once more. Punk tosses Miz in and Punk brings in a chair. Miz with kicks to the face of Punk and then drives the chair into Punk's stomach. Miz sets up the chair, jumps off, misses a splash and Punk connects with a knee to Miz's jaw. Punk looks to bulldog Miz over the chair, but Miz counters and drops Punk's head off the chair. The chair has a huge dent in it. Miz attempts a Skull Crushing Finale on Del Rio on the outside. Del Rio counters and gives Miz a back body drop over a ladder. Del Rio grabs a big ladder and Punk kicks it into his face. Punk with a neckbreaker on Del Rio on the outside. Punk with kicks to Miz and then drives a chair in his stomach. Punk cracks the chair off Miz's back repeatedly. Punk puts Miz on top of the guard railing and puts his foot inside a chair set up. Punk with a high knee to the jaw of Miz sending Miz into the crowd. Punk sets up a tall ladder in the ring and starts climbing. Ricardo Rodriguez jumps in and handcuffs Punk to the ladder. Del Rio jumps in kicking away at Punk. Punk fights back tripping away the ladder and launching Del Rio over it. Punk frees the handcuff from the ladder when Miz comes in when a ladder hitting away at Punk with it. Miz sets the ladder up under the WWE Championship hanging high above. Miz is climbing when Punk pulls him down. Miz counters a GTS attempt. Punk with shoulder blocks to Miz in the corner and then tosses him out to the ring apron. Punk is pulling Miz up to the top turnbuckle when Del Rio springboards up and takes out Punk with a kick. Punk falls back and crashes through a table at ringside. Del Rio grabs Miz and tosses him over a table and starts hitting him repeatedly with a chair. Del Rio puts a ladder over Miz, pulls his arm through and applies an armbar. Miz screams out in pain. Del Rio grabs two chairs and heads back to where Punk is at still over the table wreckage. Del Rio puts one chair over Punk's chest and cracks the other chair over it repeatedly. Del Rio locks an armbar on Punk pulling back on the handcuffs. Back in the ring, Del Rio sets a ladder up under the title. Del Rio climbs and has his hand on the title. Punk and Miz push the ladder over and Del Rio crotches himself on the top rope. Punk and Miz exchange right hands. Double clothesline by both Punk and Miz. Ricardo is now climbing up the ladder. He gets near the top when Punk and Miz tip the ladder over. Ricardo crashes through a table at ringside. Punk with headbutts to Miz. Miz drops Punk in the corner and handcuffs Punk to the corner. Miz smiles and Punk realizes he has no where to go. Miz mocks Punk standing near him not within arms reach. Punk then catches Miz with a kick to the head. Punk is working away at the corner trying to free himself. Del Rio is back in with a small ladder. Miz is back up with a bigger ladder. Punk breaks free dropping the second ropes down. Punk jumps up with Miz and Del Rio. Miz is down. Punk kicks Del Rio. Del Rio is down. Miz is shaking the ladder. Punk falls down. Punk pulls Miz down and hits the GTS. Miz falls to the outside. Punk is climbing and gets the title.

Winner and still WWE Champion: CM Punk

After the match, CM Punk sits on top of the ladder and holds up the WWE Championship. We see a series of highlights of the match leading to the finish. Back live, Punk continues the celebration as we go off the air.

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