12/16/11 WWE Smackdown Recap

Dec 16, 2011 - by Steve Gerweck

by Brad Hoy

Smackdown kicked off with Josh Mathews standing in the ring introducing Booker T for an interview. Booker talked about how he is ready to get back in the ring and that Cody Rhodes was trying to make a name for himself by taunting the five-time WCW champion. Mathews also asked if Booker wins the Intercontinental championship will he come back to wrestling full-time, in which Booker replied by saying that he hasn’t thought that far but he promises that Cody will get the beat down of his life this Sunday.

Rhodes then came out to confront Booker and stated that when Booker gets in the ring at TLC he will begin to remember how it felt being in front of the crowd and in reality he is just an announcer and what’s going to happen when Booker realizes that his legs are old and his in ring ability is too rusty. Cody also mentioned that if Booker interferes in his match against Daniel Bryan, which is up next, then the match on Sunday will be off and he would petition for Booker to be suspended.

Booker then left the ring and sat down at the announce table, where he remained for the evening and announced the first match. Cody Rhodes Vs Daniel Bryan

Rhodes and Bryan had a pretty good match together. Bryan got some good near falls and near-submissions; however, after a series of roll-ups and reversals, Cody hit Cross Rhodes for the win. Overall, the match was a success, as you would expect, but I would have preferred to see them go for a bit longer. Also I don’t think Michael Cole actually called anything in the match, all he did was argue with Booker about his match/feud with Rhodes.

Alicia Fox VS Natalya

The match was overall pretty poor and only lasted 2-3 minutes. Alicia Fox got the win via a rollup. After the match Alicia pulled out some of Natalya’s extension and taunted her saying how she got out-foxed. Natalya then went to attack Alicia again but Alicia knocked her to the ground and performed what can only be described as the worse leg drop I have ever seen. I don’t understand how the WWE expect fans to take the women’s division seriously when they put on matches like this and make one of the best female wrestlers in the industry is jobbing.

Backstage, Mark Henry tells Jack Swagger that he’ll be first in line to get a shot at the title if he hurts Show like Show hurt him. Swagger said that he’ll do it, but for himself, since he’s actually done what Henry couldn’t (beat Big Show in the past). Swagger added that the World Championship is in his future no matter what, Henry then walked off in disgust.

Epico & Primo Vs The Uso’s

I must say that The Uso’s entrance is awesome and it’s good to see something new. The match was a moderately good one with some well worked spots Epico & Primo getting the victory after Rosa Mendes distracted one of the Uso brothers when he went to the top rope, allowing Primo to hit the backstabber Big Show Vs Jack Swagger

The match was a typical Big Show match, which saw him dominated most of the match with Swagger getting his moments. Henry came down to the ring right after the bell rang and sat in a chair at the bottom of the ramp throughout the match. Swagger countered a chokeslam into an anklelock, however Show eventually powered out and hit a WMD for the win. After the match, Show through Swagger out of the ring at Henry’s feet, Henry then hit Swagger on the back with the chair he was

sitting on. He then went even further and hit a cameraman with it, which drew a big reaction from Show and the crowd at, the spot was very different and I felt it worked well as it drew more heat for Henry going into TLC. Afterwards, Henry limped up the ramp while Big Show called for medical attention to aid the cameraman.

Backstage, Ryder asked Orton if they are on the same page. Orton said no, and Ryder then asked if they were on the same book. Orton said maybe. Ryder seemed happy with Randy’s reaction and ended the strange segment with “woo woo woo, you know it”.

Ted DiBiase Vs Heath Slater

The match seemed rather pointless as neither had a feud with each other; however I was pleasantly surprised as they worked well together and the fast paced match was a good one. DiBiase finally got the win by hitting the Dream Street, after the three count Jinder Mahal ran in to attack DiBiase in an attempt to build up their feud. Teddy Long then came out and announced that Jinder has unfinished business from Raw… Sheamus then came out to set up the next match. Sheamus Vs Jinder Mahal

This wasn’t that bad of a match, considering I was expecting a complete squash match. Surprisingly, Mahal was allowed to get an offense in before Sheamus nailed him with a Brogue kick to get the win.

Randy Orton & Zack Ryder Vs Wade Barrett & Dolph Ziggler Both Orton and Ryder got big pops as they made their way to the ring, Barrett also showed off his new T-shirt. The match was a very good one and was by far the best of the night. It was great to see Ryder in a match where he wasn’t portrayed as a “popular joke” and it was even better for the match to be a success. The match had some decent near falls and finally Ryder dumped Barrett on the outside and Orton hit the RKO on Ziggler for the win. Barrett went to break the RKO but Orton stared him down during the pin.

After the match Barrett stood on the table set up on the outside and he and Orton stared each other down as the Smackdown went off air.

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