Detailed Recap of 2011 WWE Tribute to the Troops

Dec 13, 2011 - by Atlee Greene

WWE Tribute to the Troops Coverage

Fort Bragg, North Carolina


The show opens with a video montage of the troops and various WWE superstars talking about the sacrifices and thanking them for everything they do. The fireworks go off and the fans go crazy. President Obama has a video message for the troops and their families thanking them for everything and reminding us the troops will be leaving Iraq at the end of the month which gains a huge pop. Randy Orton comes out followed by Wade Barrett.

-Randy Orton vs. Wade Barrett

Orton opens up with a few forearms and a jumping knee drop on Barrett. Fans chant RKO as Orton delivers a suplex for a two count. Barrett gains control with a big boot to the face. Barrett ties up Orton in the ropes and delivers a couple of knees and follows up with a running boot to the face. Orton regains control with a belly to back suplex but Barrett counters with a pump handle slam for two. Barrett climbs to the top rope but Orton cuts him off and delivers a superplex for two. Orton lands two clotheslines and hits the powerslam and his reverse back breaker. Barrett escapes outside and Orton catches up to him and attempts the hanging DDT but Barrett rams Orton’s back into the ring side barrier. They brawl as the ref gets closer to ten and Orton almost makes it but Barrett grabs his leg and the ref calls for the bell.

Result: Double Count out

Barrett sends Orton into the steel steps and brings a table from under the ring and throws it and Orton into the ring. Barrett tries to put him into the table but Orton turns things around until David Otunga comes in and its Orton from behind. Orton hit an RKO on Otunga and powerbombs him through the table as Barrett looks on from the top of the entrance ramp.

-Nicole Kidman via video says she is honored to join the WWE Universe in wishing the troops a safe and happy holiday season.

-Jake Gyllenhaal via video message wishing the troops a safe and happy holiday season

Josh Matthews catches up with with Wade Barrett and Barrett says the only voices Orton is hearing inside his head as of late is his and at TLC this Sunday, the only sound Orton will hear will be a table breaking.

– Nickelback is performing the Raw theme “Burn it to the ground” Lots of pyro at the finish of the song

They show a video of WWE superstars Eve, Kofi Kingston, CM. Punk, Cody Rhodes and Alberto Del Rio training with the Golden Knights parachute team. They all jumped 13,000 feet out of an airplane with the knights. Punk said he wants to give back so much more to the troops after the experience.

Jack Swagger comes out with U.S. Champion Dolph Ziggler and Zack Ryder comes out and says Dolph is the last person anyone wants representing the United States of America and he is going to have the number one G.I. Broski, Sgt.Slaughter. Slaughter is wearing Ryder’s headband.

-Jack Swagger vs. Zack Ryder

Ryder connects with a drop kick from the second rope for a one count and Swagger comes back with a running clothesline and a running powerslam for a two count. The USA as Ryder rolls up Swagger for a two count. Ryder hits the running Otani kick in the corner. Swagger comes back with a flying forearm and throws Ryder over the top rope and to the floor. Ziggler hits Ryder and lays on the play by play table, pretending to Tweet his fans. Slaughter clotheslines Ziggler and Swagger comes outside and clotheslines Slaughter and throws Ryder back in the ring. The fans are chanting “Broski” as Swagger goes for the Vader Bomb but Ryder gets his knees up and hits the Rough Ryder for the win.

Winner via pinfall: Zack Ryder

-Rey Mysterio, Big Show and Eve announces if you buy two Slim Jims, one will be donated to the troops since it is one of their favorite snacks.

-Hugh Jackman via video message thanks all the servicemen all around the world for everything they do and wish them a happy holiday season.

-They show a video of the Bella Twins at West Point Indoor Obstacle Course with the cadets.

The Bella Twins, Beth Phoenix and Natalya come out followed by Kelly Kelly, Eve, Alicia Fox and Maria Menounos.

8 Divas Tag Team Match: Kelly Kelly, Eve, Alicia Fox and Maria Menounos vs. The Bella Twins, Beth Phoenix and Natalya

Brie Bella and Menounos start the match. Brie gets the headlock and Menounos stomps her foot  to get out of it and reverses the headlock. Eve tags in and Nikki tags in as well. Eve hit the booty shaking moonsault for a two count. Beth tags in and works over Eve until she tags Kelly Kelly and she hits the thez press from the top rope and follows it up with a bulldog. All eight divas get in on the action which leaves Menounos and Phoenix where Menounos is shoved in the corner and she jumps as Beth charges in and hits a sunset flip for the pin.

Winner: Kelly Kelly, Eve, Alicia Fox and Maria Menounos

-Miss Piggy & Kermit the Frog via video message with the troops a happy and safe holiday season on behalf of all the Muppets.

We come back from the break and comedian George Wallace is doing some stand up on the top of the ramp and talks about how cold it is outside and how people in Vegas put Christmas decorations up on August 31. Talks about greedy suckas, thanksgiving turkeys not having jobs, Delta Airlines, Jerry Lawler building a house from the ground up, how you never see cats making love and wishes says all military personal get to see the George Wallace show in Vegas for free.

They air a video package hyping the Sledge Hammer match between Kevin Nash and HHH @ T.L.C. on Sunday

Booker T makes his way to the play by play booth and announce he will wrestle Rhodes for the Intercontinental Championship at T.L.C.

– Cody Rhodes vs. Daniel Bryan

Bryan land a drop kick to the chest and Rhodes comes back and lifts up Bryan in a fireman’s carry position and slams his head in the top turnbuckle. Rhodes applies the surf board and lets it go and stomps on Bryan and covers him for a two count. Rhodes whips Bryan into the corner but he flips off the second rope  and over Rhodes and hits a running clothesline for a two count. Rhodes regains control for a few a second until Bryan clotheslines him over the top rope. They brawl on the outside until Rhodes hits Bryan in the ribs and runs back into the ring and asks the ref to count out Bryan until Booker T tries to help Bryan beat the count. Rhodes goes outside and throws Bryan back in the ring. Booker T punches Rhodes in the eye as the ref’s back is turned and Bryan rolls him up for the 1,2,3.

Winner via pinfall Daniel Bryan.

It looks as if Booker caught Rhodes with a good shot in the eye as its a little black and blue. They brawl in the ring until Booker hits aback body drop and Rhodes leaves ring. Rhodes runs back in the ring and Booker punches him which sends Rhodes out of the ring and he retreats to the ramp. Booker T does the Spinaroonie much to the delight of the fans.

– Carson Daly via video message wishes the troops a safe and happy holiday season.

– Mary J. Blige performs her song “Need Someone” off her new album My Life 2: The Journey Continues

Evan Bourne & Kofi Kingston bump into Miss U.S.A. Alyssa Campanella in the back and she joins them in a post match “Boom, Boom Boom” clap and wishes them luck in their match

-Robin Williams via video message wishes the troops a happy and safe holiday season

J.R Martinez and Eve and talking about him winning Dancing with the Stars and he rates the dancing of Santino, Michael Cole and Eve.

Hornswoggle comes out to be the guest ring announcer dressed in army camouflage gear.

– Air Boom vs. Primo and Epico w/Rosa Mendes 

Kingston hits Primo with a monkey flip and tags in Bourne and Primo hits a shot in the stomach and tags Epico but Bourne remains in control and hits a beautiful standing moonsault for a two count. Kingston tags in and he and Bourne hit a double bulldog on Epico for a two count. Kofi climbs to the top rope and is distracted by Primo on the apron and Epico pulls him off the top to gain control. Kofi flips out of a belly to back suplex and tags Bourne who lands a couple of spin kicks and a jumping knee on Epico for a two count. Primo runs in and is sent to the floor by Kofi and Epico hits the back stabber on Bourne for the pin.

Winner via pinfall Primo and Epico

– Matthew McConaughey via video message wishes the troops and safe and happy holiday season

– Nickelback is performing their song “When we stand together”

Christian comes out with crutches and a neck brace and says he is injured because he the attacks from Big Show and Sheamus and says he is not out here to talk about himself and is here to show his support to the greatest fighting force on the planet………The Canadian Army. Lots of boos and Sheamus comes out for his match as Christian retreats and Drew McIntyre comes out next

– Drew McIntyre vs. Sheamus

Sheamus hits McIntyre with a running clothesline in the corner and follows up with repeated headbutts. McIntyre thumbs Sheamus in the eye behind the ref’s back and forearms Sheamus five times in the back. Sheamus gets a burst of energy and tackles McIntyre and lands a barrage of punches and knees McIntyre in the back of the head five times and hits the Brogue Kick for the win

Winner via pinfall: Sheamus

– Jimmy Fallon via video message wish the troops a happy and safe holiday season with an Irish accent and Sheamus comes in and knees him in the stomach.

– Regis Philbin via video message wishes the troops a safe and happy holiday season

– Mary J. Blige performs her song “Family Affair” which really got the fans in attendance off their feet and dancing.

– Bradley Cooper via video message wishes the troops a safe and happy holiday season and thanks them for all that they do

Six Man Tag: Mark Henry, The Miz & Alberto Del Rio vs. CM Punk, John Cena & The Big Show

Before the match they shows footage of Mark Henry celebrating the 375th Birthday of the National Guard

Miz and Punk start the match and Punk lands a hip toss and headlock takeover. Kicks Miz in the back and follows up with a leg drop for a two count. Punk tags Cena and whips Miz into the corner and monkey flips Miz out of the corner. He grabs the headlock and tags The Big Show. Show pushes Miz into the corner and asks the crowd to be quiet and chops Miz in the chest. Miz tags Del Rio and Del Rio quickly tags Henry. They do the big stare down and Show sends Henry into the ropes and Henry clotheslines Show and follows up with a body slam and tags Del Rio. Del Rio gets in a couple of stomps and tags Miz as soon as Show starts to display some sign of fire. Miz and Henry keep tagging in and out and work over the Big Show and Henry locks on the bear hug. Shows fights out of it and they hit a double clothesline. Henry tags Miz and Show tags Punk. Punks jumps off the tag rope and hits Miz with a cross body and follows it up with a running knee in the corner and body slam. Punk jumps off the shoulders of the Big Show and lands the Randy Savage elbow on Miz and applies the Anaconda Vise until Del Rio breaks it up.

Henry tags in and works over Punk until he over throws him for the W.S.S. and Punk lands a high kick and tags Cena. Cena lands a belly to back suplex and the five knuckle shuffle. Miz and Del Rio run in and work over Cena until Miz gets hit with the G.T.S. and Del Rio is met with a choke slam from The Big Show. Henry walks into the Weapon of Mass Destruction Punch and from there he stumbles into Cena’s AA for the pin.

– Winner: CM Punk, John Cena & The Big Show

John Cena grabs the mic and puts over the troops and tells them this is their night and tells the fans to let the whole world hear the spirit of america. The entire locker room comes out to the ringside area and celebrates with the troops as Nickelback’s “When we stand together” blasts in the background to end the show.

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