11/28/11 WWE Raw Recap

Nov 28, 2011 - by Steve Gerweck

by Hans Keller

Live from Columbia, SC:

Welcome to Monday Night RAW! I’m Hans, and I will be providing recap so that YOU don’t have to listen to Michael Cole’s annoying voice! Tonight features CM Punk defending the WWE Championship against Alberto Del Rio, the first WWE Championship defense in 3 months. But we kick off RAW with the most controversial talk show in WWE History: Piper’s Pit! Last year around this time, we saw John Cena as a member of Nexus attacking both Randy Orton AND his then boss Wade Barrett on a classic night edition of RAW. The crowd gives Roddy Piper an ovation as he reflects on their times together. He poses a question: how does a guy that has never won the WWE championship, not the strongest or biggest become a Hall of Famer and one of the biggest icons in the WWE universe? Answer: Energy! He points to the crowd, saying they made him feel good, so he did good things. And when they booed him, he did rotten things, but no matter what energy, it made him go to work! Piper introduces the man I talked about earlier as tonight’s guest: John Cena.

Cena admires the crowd and then pumps up Piper. He says he doesn’t know what Piper is talking about when he says Cena doesn’t know if the WWE Universe’s energy is important. Piper plays word association with the crowd. He lists Stone Cold, Bret Hart, The Rock, all met with cheers. He says Cena’s name which gets the usual mixed reaction which seems more heavy with boos. Cena calls it good and says he sees what Piper is trying to do. Piper says he’s trying to help. Cena says he can see it; Piper says when all the people were yelling to the Rock to Rock Bottom him and he did, they came unglued. Cena tries to talk and gets overshadowed by a Boots to Asses chant. Cena says this isn’t the first time this has happened, that he’s been doing it his whole career. There is a group of people who know what he is and what he stands for, that he’s loyal to, but he knows you can’t please everyone. That’s what makes the WWE energy, that they can do what they want.

Piper says the fans will ALLOW him to do what he wants. Piper says he is the face of the WWE, and the booing is getting louder, and Cena is losing it according to Piper. He says if he doesn’t tell the fans what he thinks, then he will be the loser of the biggest Wrestlemania in history. Cena says Piper is going overboard, he recalls many nights, and says MSG was a cakewalk. He says people were having fun, tells Piper to look around, points out 2 kids and says they’re having the time of their lives. Cena said he granted 3 wishes today, he sees Armed forces people here tonight. He asks Piper to do something: read his shirt. That is why it will never get to him or rattle him, and that’s why he can walk into Miami and beat The Rock at Wrestlemania. Piper says he came a long way to have him on his show. He knows Cena’s career and he’s proud of him. His generation passed the bar to Cena and Cena rose the bar. How much energy can Cena tap into. Piper says he’s seen and done it all, and put something in Cena’s hand. He says if Cena doesn’t get it out, he will bury himself. Cena says he’s in a good place, but Piper slaps him across the face. Cena takes his hat off and puts whatever Piper put in his hand back in Piper’s hand and walks off.

We relive the end of RAW where The Miz backstabs R-Truth.

NEXT: Miz takes on the soon to be released John Morrison

Miz/Morrison is announced as falls count everywhere and Miz attacks Morrison from behind with a pipe! He is then pulled away. The crowd hates this. People know he’s gone after this and didn’t want to see him go out this way. The Miz is in the ring now and Morrison is trying to go back down to the ring hobbled leg and all. He wants this match

Falls Count Anywhere
The Miz vs. John Morrison
JoMo gets on top of him and punches him. But Miz goes right for that leg, then takes him to the ring post and throws JoMo’s leg against it multiple times. Miz gets a kendo stick and attacks JoMo with it. JoMo ducks another swing and clotheslines The Miz, then grabs the Kendo Stick, using it himself. Taking action out of the ring, cover for two after many strikes. Miz is crawling away like a coward and Morrison gives chase all the way up the entrance ramp. JoMo goes to attack but Miz throws him headfirst into the huge logo. He then picks him up and seals the match with a Skull Crushing Finale, but the referee calls the match done before Miz can cover.
WINNER via Knockout: The Miz

After the match, The Miz comes back out, smirking at Morrison, looking up and then heads back down to the ring mic in hand. Johnny Ace comes out to take a look at Morrison before going back. The Miz says Last week it was R-Truth, this week Morrison, next week we’ll see. There’s only one superstar that can make this impact: himself. And he can do it because he’s awesome.

We come back and the Bellas are in the ring with Alicia Fox and Kelly Kelly for Tag team action!

The Bellas (Brie and Nikki) vs. Alicia Fox and Kelly Kelly
Beth and Natalya distract Kelly as the Bellas get the advantage. But then Kelly slaps Nikki. Hurricanrana by Kelly and when she celebrates is cut short by Brie. Alicia tags in and gets a clothesline and a leg drop for three in a quick match!
WINNERS: Alicia Fox and Kelly Kelly

LATER TONIGHT: CM Punk vs. Alberto Del Rio

Sheamus montage.

We join Johnny Ace putting off Brodus Clay’s redbut for another week. Johnny Ace says to Otunga he’s doing Brodus a favor. Del Rio enters and Ace asks Del Rio if he’s ready, because he wasn’t at Survivor Series. Del Rio says that was a setback and promises he’ll be WWE Champion, cue CM Punk. Punk says he has 156,000 followers, which is the same number of hits Laurainitis and spineless on google. And 956,000 for Del Rio and boring. He’s sure they have a nice meeting and says the WWE title is going nowhere. Otunga says Punk might get himself disqualified, which prompts Ace to say if Punk does so, he will lose the title.

Randy Orton vs. Dolph Ziggler NEXT!

Wade Barrett makes his way out for commentary for the next match. Dolph gets a new theme song.

Randy Orton vs. Dolph Ziggler
Lockup, breaks twice. Dolph tries to shoot but Randy gets a headlock. Dolph throws him off but gets slammed to the ground. Off the ropes goes Orton. Orton swings, and Dolph tries a schoolboy for one. Both men go to neutral corners and circle. Kick and forearm by Dolph. Orton into the corner, back with a clothesline sending Dolph out of the ring. More circling. Lockup and a hiptoss by Orton. Orton stomps on him, doing that vintage limb stomp and closing it with a knee smash for one. Suplex. Orton in the corner, goes for another knee drop and misses.

Dolph on the advantage, clothesline, and an elbow drop for two. Dolph beats Orton down but Orton gets his inverted-nope countered by Dolph for two. Orton on the outside and a dropkick by Dolph sends Orton onto the ground to the outside of the ring. Dolph attacks him on the outside and then throws Orton in. Cover good only for two. Dolph kicks Orton in the corner. orton gets up and evades a splash. Uppercuts by Orton, sending Dolph to the mat, but Dolph kicks him in the gut and gives him a neckbreaker covering for two. Dolph kicks at Orton’s head then goes up to the top. But Orton keeps him from the onslaught, going to the top himself. But Dolph punches him, Orton responds with a headbutt, looking at Barrett, Superplex! Slow to roll over, cover for two. Cut to Commercial.

Back live and both are exchanging punches. Dolph tries getting into it but Orton denies. Irish whip counter but Orton kicks. Powerslam with a smile! Orton pulls Dolph up and does his rope DDT. And now the voices are in his head, but Dolph rolls out like a coward and runs. Barrett feigns an attack and Dolph hits the ZigZag from behind.
WINNER: Dolph Ziggler

Michael Cole and Daniel Bryan are in the ring as Cole introduces him as a hypocrite (pot/kettle). Cole says he was given the chance to fight Henry in a steel cage. Bryan corrects him by saying he EARNED it and then calls Cole the worst announcer in WWE (got that right). He expects he’d earned a little respect, especially after beating Cody Rhodes, Wade Barrett. Cole then exposes his hypocrisy, hypocrisy that I will spare you of. He said he would have stripped Daniel Bryan of his briefcase for things that ALL others before him, except RVD, have done. Daniel Bryan said he IS a hypocrite, but plans change, especially when Mark Henry tried ending his career. he saw opportunity and took it. He has another opportunity on Tomorrow (SmackDown is LIVE), but even though his dream is to main event Wrestlemania, becoming World Heavyweight Champion is more important.

Mark Henry comes out and says Bryan should be ashamed of himself for taking advantage of a defenseless man, but not more than Teddy Long who booked the match. But he says that’s ok, he’ll defend his title. He tells Daniel Bryan he can’t beat him. Daniel Bryan charges him and kicks his knee and says he’ll see him tomorrow night.

Later Tonight: CM Punk vs. Alberto Del Rio

We come back and Jack Swagger is in the ring. He will be taking on Zack Ryder!

Jack Swagger vs. Zack Ryder
Ryder gets pushed into the corner but then pushes Swagger and gets an advantage but then Swagger hits a Belly-to-Back suplex. Powerful clubbing hits by Swagger. Follow by a powerslam and a leg drop for two. Armbar by Swagger, Ryder fights back up and a creative neckbreaker for two. Gutwrench countered, elbow to the face, Cross body attempted, backbreaker in return. Vader bomb attempted, but gets countered. ROUGH RYDER!
WINNER: Zack Ryder

TLC official theme: “Days Are Forgotten” by Kasabian

Recap of Piper’s Pit which started off the show.

Out comes Mick Foley to christmas music and in a santa suit! He promotes tomorrow’s SmackDown.

Josh Mathews asks Punk about Johnny Ace’s ruling, to which CM Punk says Ace is dealing from the bottom and that he should kiss his ass. His match with Del Rio is NEXT!

WWE Championship
CM Punk (ch) vs. Alberto Del Rio w/ Ricardo Rodriguez
CM Punk cannot intentionally disqualify himself

Lockup, Armwring by Punk followed by an Armbar, countered by Del Rio with an armbar of his own. Punk forces a break, Irish whip, monkey flip. Back to the armbar. Headlock takedown by Alberto. Back to their feet, Punk throws Del Rio off, shoulder tackle, pin for one by Del Rio and right back to that arm. Punk breaks off the ropes and gets taken down again. Elbow by Punk as Del Rio comes back. Irish Whip, Del Rio holds the ropes and Punk clotheslines him over. Suicide dive to the outside, segue to our final commercial break.

Back from Commercial and Alberto has the advantage. Cover for two. Alberto working on his arm again as Punk fights back. Headbutt, Sunset flip fails as Del Rio kicks his arm again. Alberto to the top rope and a clothesline for two. Back to the arm again. Punk puts a boot up and misses a cross body. Dropkick by Alberto for two. Punches by Alberto followed by a kick and an armbar. Punk back to his feet with punches, off the ropes, tiltawhirl side slam by Alberto for two. And back to the arm AGAIN, kneeing it. Back to the top rope and a double axe handle for two. Kicks Punk when he’s down and covers again for two. Back again to the armbar as a “Where’s our Ice cream” chant breaks out. Punk rolls out but Alberto kicks Punk in the skull, cover for two. Kick to the back of the head. To the top rope again, third time, and he gets kicked to the skull. Both are down. Punk covers for a long two.

Both men are down fighting to get back to their feet. Punch/kick exchange. Irish whip and a kick by Punk! Clothesline, neckbreaker, covers for two. Punk knees Alberto, throws him to the corner, hits his high knee, misses his bulldog and Alberto hits an Armbreaker for two! Waistlock by Alberto, German Suplex for a long two. Kicks to Punk’s abdomen. Misses Cross Armbreaker, GTS missed, DDT by Alberto for another long two. Alberto gets up and kicks Punk square in the back. Alberto undoes the turnbuckle, Ref catches him and redoes it. Ricardo throws in a chair, Alberto throws it to Punk, Punk throws it back and falls. Punk rolls him up for two after Charles Robinson almost DQs! Alberto slams for two. Both men are down. Ricardo distracts and CM Punk GTS’s Del Rio on the exposed Turnbuckle!
WINNER and STILL WWE Champion: CM Punk

Ricardo tries arguing with Robinson and gets a GTS for his trouble. Sending us off for the night, good night everyone!

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