11/3/11 Impact Wrestling Recap

Nov 3, 2011 - by Jason Graening

A video package recapping James Storm’s title victory and his first title defense against his friend and tag team partner, Bobby Roode, that takes place tonight. Roode won the opportunity to face Storm by defeating Samoa Joe last week in a match that was put together by Sting.

We head to the live crowd in Macon, GA, as Storm’s music hits and the TNA World Champion comes down to the ring. Storm talks about growing up in the south and learning to treat people with respect and standing up for their country. Storm goes on to say that everything that he has gone through has led up to this moment in time, and the one person that has stuck by him through thick and thin has been Bobby Roode.

Storm calls out Roode to the ring and he says Roode was screwed out of his match at Bound for Glory and tells him to bring everything he has tonight when the two go at it in the ring. Roode says he owes all of his success to Storm and how Beer Money became one of the greatest tag teams in the business. Roode says it was Storm’s idea for the name and merchandise, and gave him a second opportunity with his wrestling career. Roode says Storm is giving him another second chance tonight and promises to bring it and wants to blow the roof off the arena. The two then shake hands and hug as the announce team hypes tonight’s title match.

The announce team runs down the rest of the card that will feature Jeff Jarrett and Brother Ray going up against Jeff Hardy and Mr. Anderson. Eric Young also has a special guest in the house as Ronnie from the Jersey Shore is in the house. We then see EY and Ronnie walking backstage as we head into a commercial break.

Match 1: Gail Kim & Madison Rayne vs. Tara & Brooke Tessmacher (TNA Knockouts Tag Team Championship)
Karen Jarrett and Traci Brooks come out with Gail Kim and Madison Rayne for this title match. The match starts as Brooke and Tara work over Madison in the early going with quick tags in and out of the ring. After hitting a double team move on Madison, she is able to make it to her corner and tag Gail into the match as Tara powers her around the ring. Brooke and Madison are tagged into the match as the tag champs continue with their dominance. With the referee distracted, Gail helps her partner and is tagged into the match.

Gail picks up a near fall after hitting a neckbreaker and continues to wear Brooke down. Madison and Tara are tagged in as this match begins to break down. Brooke and Gail fight out to the floor and Tara hits the Widow’s Peak on Madison but Karen distracts the referee so he can’t make the count. Gail then comes in and takes Tara down with her boot move and drags Madison on top of Tara to pick up the three count and we have new Knockouts Tag Team Champions. After the match, Karen comes in to celebrate the victory with the new champs and Traci does not look amused.

Garrett Bischoff is backstage and says he knows his dad wants an apology. He says he is going to man up and give him an apology in his own way as we head into a commercial break.

We return to the show as Garrett is in the ring with a microphone. He says that last few weeks have been crazy and he didn’t think it would all come down to this. Garrett then calls out Eric Bischoff so he can apologize face to face. Bischoff comes down to the ring as Garrett says he is sorry that he let his father down at Bound for Glory. What he is really sorry about is that he didn’t do this years ago as he clocks his dad and knocks him down. Garrett begins to pound on Bischoff until Ric Flair and Gunner run out and Garrett leaves the ring. Bischoff begins to yell at his son from the ring as Flair joins in and we head into a commercial break.

Samoa Joe runs into Sting backstage and wants to show Sting appreciation for giving him an opportunity for a shot at the title last week. Joe then says if he thinks that is going to shut him up, it’s not going to happen. Joe says if he isn’t treated with respect, people have a mysterious way of getting hurt and he doesn’t want it to come back to Sting. Sting says he understands as Joe walks away and Eric Bischoff walks in. Bischoff says Ric Flair came up with an idea and he wants to have his son in a match. Bischoff adds that if Sting gives him the chance, he will give Sting the opportunity to rewrite Bischoff’s contract. Sting says it is an interesting proposal and he will talk to Garrett about it first.

Christopher Daniels is walking backstage and says he has been on a winning streak as of late and beat AJ Styles a few times and RVD. Daniels says all he is looking for now is some title shots as RVD is seen standing behind him. Van Dam nails Daniels from behind and the two brawl in the hallway as RVD tosses him into the wall and into a stack of chairs. Daniels is able to run off as RVD tells him they will meet at Turning Point. The announce team then hypes the rest of tonight’s card as we head into a commercial break.

Match 2: Jesse Sorensen vs. Austin Aries
The match starts and Sorensen goes for a few quick pin falls as Kid Kash comes out and joins the announce team. Kash says he is sick of Sorensen as Aries takes control of the match. Sorensen dumps Aries out to the floor but misses with a dive over the top rope. Aries then goes back into the ring and dives through the ropes and shoves him into guard railing. Aries rolls Sorensen into the ring and continues to wear him down as Kash says he will beat respect into Sorensen.

Aries hits a spinning elbow for a near fall but Sorensen begins to mount a comeback. Sorensen picks up a near fall after hitting a dropkick, however, he misses with a cross body block from the top rope. Aries then hits a couple of dropkicks and goes for a brainbuster, but Sorensen counters and rolls Aries up for the pin fall. After the match, Aries and Kash meet together on the ramp and go backstage to talk about Sorensen.

Robbie E. and Rob Terry are seen walking backstage as we head into a commercial break.

James Storm is backstage and says wrestling is his life and says the title is what it is all about. Storm says Bobby Roode is like a brother, but he will do anything for the championship. Roode is also backstage and says they have always talked about this day and how it is a dream for them. Roode says brothers fight and that is what’s going to happen tonight.

Robbie E. and Robbie T. make their way to the ring as Robbie E. grabs a microphone. Robbie calls out Eric Young and Ronnie to the ring as they make their way to the ring with Ronnie wearing the old TNA World Championship. Robbie says he doesn’t know why Ronnie hangs out with Young and says that he has waited a long time to come face to face with him. Robbie says Jersey Shore sucks and so does Ronnie. Robbie says he could kick his ass any time he wants and Ronnie says they can go at it right now. Ronnie then takes Robbie down by Terry takes care of the situation as Robbie begins to whip Ronnie with a belt. The two leave EY and Ronnie lying in the ring as Young says he is going to run it by Sting to set up a tag team match next week between the four of them.

Match 3: Jeff Jarrett & Bully Ray vs. Mr. Anderson & Jeff Hardy
Ray pounds on Hardy in the opening moments of the match until Hardy turns it around and takes Ray down with a head scissors. Ray comes back and slams Hardy down to the mat and tags Jarrett into the match. Hardy takes Jarrett down but he is tripped up by Karen as Ray distracts the referee. Jarrett and Ray take turns wearing Hardy down but Hardy is able to counter Jarrett’s sleeper hold with a back drop.

Hardy finally makes it to his corner to tag in Anderson as Ray is also tagged in. Anderson takes Ray down with a series of clotheslines and this match breaks down with all four going at it in the ring. The two then head to the top rope to go for a double Swanton, but Scott Steiner runs out and interferes as the referee calls for the bell. Steiner then sends Hardy into the guard railing and hits him with a chair as Ray nails Anderson with a chain. Jarrett and Ray hit their finishers on Hardy and Anderson as they leave them lying in the ring.

Sting catches up with Garrett Bischoff backstage and tells him about the offer Eric Bischoff gave him. Sting says he doesn’t think it is the right thing to do and asks what his thoughts are about it. Garrett says it is interesting and says he is good with the offer. Sting goes back on it and says it’s the wrong move but Garrett begs him to allow it. Sting finally agrees and the two shake hands and the match will take place next week with Garrett going up against an opponent of his father’s choosing.

Matt Morgan comes out to the ring and calls out Crimson. Morgan says they have a common enemy with Samoa Joe, but the question he is asked the most is when the two of them are going to go at it in the ring. Morgan says he has busted his ass over the past couple years to become the best big man in the business and wants to give the fans this dream match. Crimson says it has been in the back of his head and says he is going to raise the stakes. Crimson says he is willing to put his bank account on the line that Morgan will not be able to end his unbeaten streak. The two then get in each other’s face as we head into a commercial break.

The video package that opened the show is replayed, which brings us to the main event of the night for the TNA World Championship.

Match 4: Bobby Roode vs. James Storm (TNA World Championship)
Jeremy Borash handles the formal introductions for this championship main event. The bell rings as the two lock up and go back and forth in the opening moments of the match. The two begin to counter each others moves and go for early pin falls as they battle to a stand still as we head into a commercial break.

We return to the match to see the two continue to go back and forth with a series of punches and chops. Storm finally catches Roode with a knee to pick up a near fall, but Roode comes back and levels Storm with a clothesline. Roode heads to the top rope but Storm knocks him down and sends him crashing to the canvas with a superplex, which takes both Roode and Storm out. The referee starts the 10 count but they get up at a count of nine and begin to trade blows.

Storm hits a couple of clotheslines and takes Roode down with a back drop but Roode quickly recovers and takes Storm down with a neckbreaker from the middle rope to pick up a near fall. Storm comes back with an enziguri and hits a cross body block from the top rope but Roode rolls through and picks up another near fall. Storm comes back with a back cracker for another pin attempt but Roode again kicks out.

Storm sets up for the Eye of the Storm but Roode counters and hits a spine buster for a near fall. Storm comes back and hits Roode with a clothesline that dumps both out to the floor. The referee starts the 10 count and they are both slow to get back inside where Roode counters Storm with a crossface submission. Storm refuses to tap out and fights his way to the ring rope to break the hold. A frustrated Roode sets Storm up on the turnbuckle for a superplex but Storm fights him off and hits an elbow drop from the top rope for another near fall.

Storm begins to set up for a superkick but Roode blocks it. Roode goes for a suplex, but Storm is able to escape and the referee is knocked out to the floor. The referee is favoring his knee out on the floor as Roode spots Storm’s beer bottle on the ring steps. Roode smashes it over Storm’s head and goes for the cover as the referee slides in and makes the pin count and Bobby Roode has become the new TNA World Champion.

Roode celebrates with the championship as the crowd showers him with a chorus of boos. The announce team are shocked over what just took place and Mike Tenay even has to be censored as Roode poses with the title while placing a boot over Storm’s chest as Impact Wrestling comes to a close.

Quick Results
– Gail Kim & Madison Rayne defeated Tara & Brooke Tessmacher by pin fall to win the TNA Knockouts Tag Team Championship.
– Jesse Sorensen defeated Austin Aries by pin fall.
– Mr. Anderson & Jeff Hardy defeated Jeff Jarrett & Bully Ray by disqualification.
– Bobby Roode defeated James Storm by pin fall to win the TNA World Championship.

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