Detailed 10/10/11 WWE Raw Recap

Oct 10, 2011 - by Atlee Greene

WWE Monday Night Raw Live Coverage October 10, 2011
Chesapeake Energy Arena in Oklahoma City, OK
The show opens with a shot of the crowd. No opening music video, fireworks and announce team. The backstage area is completely empty as HHH makes his way to the ring. HHH notes at least he and the fans showed up. He can’t believe everyone walked out last week. Says they didn’t walk out on him but the fans as he makes fun of the wrestlers who are rallying outside the building. He asks the fans if he should step down so the wrestlers will come back and the fans chant “NO”. He says he will not be blackmailed and he will not quit. HHH says he will take his suit off and wrestle a broom stick for two hours and knows the broom stick will give him a better match than most of the wrestlers in the back.
John Cena comes out and says everyone who walked contacted him personally and asked him to side with them while HHH never even sent him a text message asking him to stay. Says HHH is his boss and he is staying because he loves Raw and loves the chaos and his loyalty is with the fans.
Sheamus comes to the ring and references to when he attacked HHH with a lead pipe the night after Wrestlemania 26. If anyone had the right to sue it would be HHH but instead, HHH gave him a beating. He respects HHH for handling it like a man. Says he didn’t leave his family to sit in a parking lot and he showed up to be apart of RAW!
CM Punk comes out next and says he feels like this is all his fault because he is the one who made walking out look cool. Says unlike everyone else, he did not break his contract. He knows someone in the company does not want him to be WWE champion but problems should be handled in the ring and thrives on the unsafe work environment because this is professional wrestling and not Ballet. Makes reference to Kevin Nash slowly running in through the crowd to mess with his matches. HHH makes John Cena vs. Sheamus and he will be the ref since he is the only one wearing stripes and asks Punk to do color commentary and to ring the bell for the match and we go to out first commercial break.
We come back from break and Sheamus fights out of the AA and hits Cena with a suplex for a two count. No Chance in Hell hits the speakers and Vince McMahon enters the ring. He apologizes for cutting off the match and asked Sheamus, Cena and Punk to leave the ring side area so he can talk to HHH alone. He says he admires people who stand up for what they believe in no matter what their view is and he loves HHH’s management style on Raw. He spoke to the board of directors and they are concerned with the potential financial disaster this walkout could bring and tells HHH his services running Raw are no longer required. Says the board has named an interim general manager until a permanent one is named. Says the interim and permanent G.M. will be someone outside the McMahon family and the interim G.M. is John Laurinaitis.
John Laurinaitis is in the back and is shaking hands with all the wrestlers as they walk back in the building. John Morrison walks up to Laurinaitis and says he should have been careful of what he wished for because while HHH is a narcissist, he absolutely sucks. Laurinaitis tells Morrison he is going to wrestle right now in his street clothes. Christian tells Laurinaitis they should take away the interim title from his GM. status and asks Christian to wrestle Morrison and Christian accepts. Ross, King and Cole come back to the booth. Morrison comes out first and Christian comes out with Jack Swagger, Cody Rhodes and Dolph Ziggler.
Christian vs. John Morrison
Morrison throws Christian on the apron and Christian lands on his feet and runs to the top rope. Morrison meets him and back body drops him off the top rope and misses starship pane but lands on his feet. Christian hits the spear and gets the pin fall.   Rhodes, Swagger and Ziggler run in the ring and beat down Morrison until Swagger finishes him off with the Doctor Bomb.
Cole announces Alberto Del Rio vs. CM Punk and Randy Orton vs. Mark Henry for tonight as Mark Henry comes to the ring as we head to commercial.   John Laurinaitis is on his cell phone asking his wife how he looked on TV and HHH walks in and stares him right in the face. Laurinaitis says he didn’t want the job but the board appointed him and he is will make sacrifices for the WWE Universe and the talent because the WWE is in his blood. HHH replies “Have you ever tried to pick up your teeth with fingers that are broken?” and walks out of the room.
Mark Henry is in the ring and shows the Big Show’s return to Smackdown on the titan tron. We come back to Henry and he says he took all that punishment from the Big Show and he is still here. Says Vengeance will be his at Vengeance and Orton cuts him off saying “No Mark. Vengeance is his.” and Orton makes his way to the ring.
Mark Henry vs. Randy Orton
Henry hammers away on Orton and brings him into the corner and props him up to the top rope. Orton fights back but Henry lands a vicious right hand that makes Orton fall to the floor. Henry brings Orton back in the ring and hits him with a power slam for a two count. Henry misses a leg drop and Orton lands a jumping knee drop followed by the DDT from the second rope. Orton sets up for the RKO but
Cody Rhodes comes and Orton clotheslines him out of the ring. Henry picks up Orton for the WSS and Orton fights out and hits the RKO. Rhodes kicks Randy in the head the ref calls for the bell. Orton goes for the RKO on Rhodes but is pushed into Mark Henry and receives two World Strongest Slams and Cody hits him with the Cross-Rhodes. A paper bag is placed over Orton’s head and Cody says “Cut the head off the viper and all the venom comes out.”
Winner: Randy Orton via DQ
Kelly Kelly & Eve vs. Rosa Mendes & Tamina
An enraged Kelly Kelly hits Rosa with lefts and rights and stomps her into the corner. She runs out of the corner and hits Rosa with the cartwheel hand spring elbow. Kelly Kelly pulls Rosa out of the ring and continues to punch her and Rosa escapes and tags in Tamina who is met with a Thez Press. Tamina gains control with a body slam but she misses a big splash in the center of the ring and Kelly tags Eve. Tamina brings in Eve the hardway but she lands on her feet and Eve hits an arm drag and clothesline for a two count due to Rosa breaking up the count. Kelly Kelly brawls with Rosa outside the ring while Eve hits Tamina with the Moonsault for the 3 count.
Winner: Kelly Kelly & Eve
John Laurinaitis comes to the ring and tells the fans to have some respect while he is talking because he is a little nervous.  He announces Alberto Del Rio vs. John Cena for Vengeance. Says the WWE might not like him because he has morals and ethics and is going to do a moral and ethical thing right now and calls Jim Ross to the ring.  Says Jim Ross walked out on HHH, Raw and the state of Oklahoma. Calls Ross a redneck and an ingrate for walking out since HHH gave him his job back. With a big smile, he tells Ross he’s fired and Ross simply leaves while Cole says it is the greatest moment in Raw history.
Air Boom and Mason Ryan vs. Dolph Ziggler, Jack Swagger and David Otung
Evan Bourne and Dolph Ziggler start the match. Evan hits Ziggler with a spin kick that drops Ziggler into the corner. Bourne tags in Kofi Kingston and they hit Ziggler with a running double drop kick and Kofi covers Ziggler for a one count. Ziggler boots Kofi and irish whips him but Kofi reverses and Dolph stops short and goes outside to the floor. Mason Ryan over head press slams Ziggler back in the ring and Kofi clotheslines Ziggler over the top rope and Ziggler hits the floor. Bourne is tagged in and Ziggler with a splash from the top rope and we go to commercial.
Back from the break and Swagger whips Kofi into the corner but flips over Swagger and hits a drop kick right in the face and tags in Mason Ryan. Ryan places Swagger over his shoulder rams the small of the back into the top turn buckle. Kofi is tagged in and jumps to the top rope but Swagger pushes him and Kofi crotches himself. David Otung is tagged in and hits Kofi with a suplex for a two count. Ziggler tags back goes for a neck breaker but Kofi counters with a back slide for a two count and Ziggler nails Kofi with a drop kick in the face for a two count. Swagger is tagged back in. Kofi fights to his corner but Swagger cuts him off and sucker punches Bourne. Swagger turns around and Kofi lifts him up and drops him flat in his face. Kofi tags Mason Ryan while Swagger tags in Ziggler and Ryan clotheslines Ziggler twice and follows up with an irish whip into the corner. Ziggler stagers out and Ryan hits a running boot to the face. Covers for a two count as Otunga breaks up the pin. Kofi knocks Otunga out of the ring and Swagger lands a big kick that drops Kofi. Bourne jumps up on Swagger’s shoulders and Swagger power bombs him. Ryan knocks Swagger out of the ring and Mason Ryan picks up Ziggler in the WSS position and hits a spins him out with a sit down slam for the three count.
Winner: Air Boom and Mason Ryan
Back form the break and Ricardo Rodriguez is in the ring and announces Alberto Del Rio as Del Rio drives to the ring in a red BMW 650-I convertible
CM Punk vs. Alberto Del Rio
They lock up and Del Rio backs Punk into the corner and the ref breaks it up. They lock up again and Del Rio pushes Punk into the ropes and Punk lands a shoulder tackle. They lock up again and Del Rio wrenches Punk’s arm but Punk fights out of it with leg kicks and backs Del Rio into the corner and he lands boots and punches to Del Rio’s head. The ref breaks it up and Del Rio rolls outside. Del Rio gets back in the ring and punches Punk as they are about to lock up. Del Rio lands a few more punches and snap mares Punk over for a rear chin lock. Punk fights out of it and hits Del Rio with a side suplex for a two count. Punk follows up with a neck breaker for another two count.
John Laurinaitis orders the match to stop and says he is making a tag team match with Del Rio and Punk teaming up against two men he reinstated. The Miz comes out followed by R-Truth and they rap to Truth’s “You Suck” theme song as they walk to the ring.
CM Punk & Alberto Del Rio vs. The Miz & R-Truth
Back from commercial and Truth is in the ring with Del Rio. Miz is tagged in and and stomps Del Rio in the gut. Del Rio slides out of the ring. Del Rio claims he hurt his knee and he and Ricardo head to the back to the locker room. CM Punk realizes he has to finish this alone and gets in the ring with Mix and lands a few punches until Miz gains control and tags in R-Truth. Truth lands a few stomps and applies a rear chin lock with the body scissors. Punks fights back to his feet but Truth lands a jaw breaker and tags in Miz. Miz punches Punk in the head while Truth gets a few cheap shots in. Punk counters a right hand by the Miz and staggers him while knocking Truth off the apron. He hits Miz with the running knee in the corner and the running bulldog. Punk lands the big elbow from the top rope and calls for the GTS. Punk lifts up Miz but R-Truth kicks him in the stomach and continues to pound on CM Punk until the ref calls for the bell.
Winner: Alberto Del Rio and CM Punk via DQ
R-Truth and The Miz continue to beat up CM Punk until HHH runs down to the ring. HHH takes out Miz and throws him into the steel steps while Punk throws Truth over the commentator’s table and Truth runs into the crowd as Miz escapes up the ramp. John Laurinaitis is in the back with David Otunga. Laurinaitis says is booking HHH & CM Punk together in a tag team match against R-Truth and Miz at Vengeance. HHH and CM Punk shake hands in the ring as the show closes.

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