10/7/11 WWE Smackdown Recap

Oct 8, 2011 - by Steve Gerweck

by Michael T

-Before the opening we start with a backstage vignette where Teddy Long is on the phone with Triple H, Zack Ryder comes in wanting to know whats going on, and Long informs him that to prevent a “situation like what happened on raw” Triple H is not attending, and is going to let Teddy Long be in complete control for the night.

-Opening Intro Package Airs-

-The announcers plug Big Shows return and that he is coming for Mark Henry

-The camera cuts to the ring where the main heels that had been against HHH (Christian, Cody Rhodes, Jack Swagger, Dolph Ziggler, Wade Barrett, David Otunga and Vickie Guerrero) are in the ring, they cut a promo about the walkout and uprising while the crowd chants for Triple H. Each of the heels take turns on the mic with Swagger eventually bringing out Alberto Del Rio who Teddy Long then comes out and books in a match with Sin Cara, which he informs Del Rio is up next.

Alberto Del Rio VS Sin Cara
-Short match here but the match was clearly made to put Del Rio over while attempting to not hurt Sin Cara too much which is a good thing. Del Rio went on offense for most of the match, hitting a nice suplex on Sin Cara as well as some other moves. Sin Cara got some offense in but not very much, it was clear either he wasn’t trying too hard or that these guys don’t have much chemistry together. Del Rio won clean with the arm bar, and after the match Black Sin Cara ran out and attacked the Blue Sin Cara.

-They then cut to a backstage promo where AirBoom explained their reasons for walking out on Monday. They said that until Triple H resigns they will not be on RAW, but they will be seen on Smackdown.

Air Boom VS Dolph Ziggler & Jack Swagger
-Air Boom got jumped by Ziggler and Swagger as they were making their entrance. The heels were on offense for most of the match with Kingston and Bourne defending and trying to make a comeback from being jumped before the bell. Match ended when Jack Swagger pinned Evan Bourne after his powerbomb.

Alicia Fox VS Beth Phoenix w/ Natalya
-Very short match. Alicia got into the corner, attempted a rollup, Beth reversed it and hit the Glamslam for the win. After the match Natalya put Alicia in her new submission while Beth taunted her.

-Big Show came out and cut a promo about how having his ankle injured sucked. Show called out Henry and said he was going to hurt Henry worse than anything Henry had done to him. Henry came out and told Big Show that things had changed while he had been out, and he said that Big Show hadn’t done anything to earn a title shot. Henry said he would let Big Show know about his request for a title shot on “Mark Henry’s time”. Big Show replied by saying if he didn’t get Henrys answer by the end of the night he was going to break his leg.

-Matt Striker interviewed Orton who said unlike Christian he wasn’t going to whine for a rematch, but he would be willing to beat up the entire locker room in order to earn the rematch.

Jinder Mahal VS Ezekiel Jackson
-Match came about when Zeke came out and interrupted a Jinder Mahal promo. Zeke dominated the match despite Jinder slipping out of a Torture Rack, Zeke then hit his bodyslams and another Torture Rack for the submission win.

-Backstage Teddy Long was in his office when he heard knocking and told Aksana to come in…surely he was disappointed (as I would be if I were expecting Aksana) when John Laurinitis entered. Laurinitis told Long that Smackdown was important, and that if he needed anything to let him know. Long thanked Laurinitis as the show went to commercial.

-Hornswoggle came out and played with Booker T as the two did Spinaroonies in the ring.

Christian & Cody VS Orton & Sheamus
-Decent match where both teams got some offense in, and Cody took most of the beating for the heels. Orton eventually reversed a Christian spear, and made a hot tag to Sheamus who went to town on the heels before missing his shoulder block move but he quickly got the advantage back and dumped Christian out of the ring before tagging in Orton and allowing him to RKO Cody for the Pinfall

-Another Video package aired showcasing the walkout

-Mark Henry came out to answer Big Shows request for a title match with a “No”. This did not make Big Show very happy as he came out, pushed

Henry into the corner and began hammering him with punches. Security tried to break it up but Big Show destroyed them while Henry walked away yelling “No” at Big Show who followed behind Henry and attacked him from behind. Henry came back and whipped Show into the barricade, but Big Show retaliated by Choke Slamming Henry through the announce table.

-Big Show was about to snap Henry’s ankle when Teddy Long came out and told him that he would get his title match, but not if he used the chair on Henry. Show debated for a minute before walking away, but this gave Mark Henry time to recover and hit Show in the back with the chair.

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