Detailed 9/30/11 Smackdown Recap

Oct 1, 2011 - by Steve Gerweck

by Michael T

-Booker T comes out to interview Mark Henry, Henry plays up his heel role perfectly by refusing to shake hands with Booker and belittling him throughout the interview, Henry tells Booker to bring Khali out so he can beat him down tonight like he did on Monday.

Mark Henry VS The Great Khali
-Khali gets offense in early on with some punches, but Henry soon turns the momentum and slams Khali down and then follows up with a Big Splash. Khali fights back up, but Henry then hits the World’s Strongest Slam for the 1-2-3.

-After the match Henry attacks Khali with the steel chair by using it to crush Khali’s ankle.

Jack Swagger w/ Vickie Guerrero and Dolph Ziggler VS Evan Bourne w/ Kofi Kingston:
-Match starts off with Swagger on the offensive by hitting some punches and a pretty good looking back suplex. Bourne eventually countered out of a submission and attempted a head scissors on Swagger, who turned it into a side slam. Bourne made a comeback again, but he was cut off by Dolph Ziggler while Vickie distracted the referee, Kofi intervened to help Bourne, but Vickie managed to push Bourne off the top rope, allowing Swagger to lock in the Ankle Lock for the Submission win.

-A replay of last weeks Sin Cara VS Daniel Bryan match, showing the two Sin Caras is played

Sin Cara VS Heath Slater
-(Im pretty sure the Sin Cara who started this match is the original, due to the blonde hair hanging out of the mask and the smaller size). The lights are yellow and blue, but this doesn’t stop Slater from getting in some early offense until he is cut off by Sin Cara who hits some quick kicks to knock Slater down and follow up with his Senton Splash for the win.

After the match a promo aired where Sin Cara 2 cut a promo in Spanish showing off a new Black Costume. I believe the other Sin Cara claimed the original stole his identity once before as Mistico, but I am not certain on that, he said on Sunday they will find out who the real Sin Cara is.

A highlight is shown showing the end of the battle royal from Raw where Christian helped Cody Rhodes eliminate Sheamus.

A Video showing the Triple H losing control of the company storyline is aired, followed by a promo of Cody Rhodes, Christian, Laurinitis, Vickie, Dolph, Swagger, and David Otunga doing his new Clarence Mason gimmick.

Kelly Kelly VS Natalya
-Beth Phoenix is on commentary for this one. Natalya starts off with some power moves, running Kelly Kelly into the corner, and hitting a clothesline before applying a chinlock/armbar which Kelly countered out of. Kelly hit a Victory Roll on Natalya for the pinfall, but she was ambushed by Beth and Natalya afterwards, Natalya applied an awesome variation of a surfboard while Beth taunted her.

Sheamus VS Cody Rhodes For the Intercontinental Title
-Cody cut a promo before the match where he claimed he was being discriminated against by the WWE because nobody punished Orton for attacking him with the ring bell. Sheamus eventually came out with his own microphone and cut him off before climbing in the ring and the match officially started. Sheamus started out by shoving Cody to the ground, Cody eventually fought back up and the two traded blows around the ring with Sheamus eventually gaining the upperhand and Cody going outside to stop the momentum. Cody eventually came back and hit most of his normal spots including the kick from the second rope, and followed it up with a nice dropkick and some more offense. Sheamus eventually makes a comeback even hitting his flying shoulder tackle but as Sheamus is going for the Celtic Cross on Cody, Christian runs out and hits Sheamus from behind causing the DQ.

Zack Ryder VS JTG

-Nice short match up, JTG got some offense in early on including a nice looking neckbreaker. Ryder eventually countered out of the corner and hit his “Browskie Boot” but only got a 2-count. Ryder eventually hit the rough rider for the win and the crowd was pretty into Ryder here.

Laurinitis & Triple H backstage segment where Triple H let Laurinitis know that he was aware of the meetings he had been having with the heel superstars, Triple H said if he couldn’t trust someone he may as well wish them well with their Future Endeavors and walked off, segment ended with Laurinitis sending a text.

Randy Orton being interviewed by Matt Striker, he cut a promo on Mark Henry where he said he had been in 3 Hell In A Cell’s while Henry had not been in any. Orton said he was going to hit Henry with an RKO.

Christian VS Orton
-Orton hit a slam and headlock on Christian to start things off which caused Christian to crawl to the corner, Christian eventually took over with a kick to the gut but he was cut off quickly again by Orton. Nice back and forth action with both guys hitting most of their trademark moves, a couple of near falls for both men. Orton hit his Thesz press, and the 10 punches in the corner before hitting a nice backbreaker type move for another near fall. Christian made the comeback again with an eye rake, but he again was cut off by Orton with a Powerslam. Christian went for a Crossbody but Orton dodged it and went for an RKO which Christian countered. Christian hit his spear but Orton kicked out at 2 then countered a killswitch attempt. Orton and Christian battled to the outside with Orton eventually getting the upperhand and “snapping” the match ended in a double count out.

-After the match ended Orton was going to put Christian through the announce table but Cody Rhodes ran out and double teamed Orton with Christian until Sheamus made the save. After Sheamus chased Christian and Cody away Mark Henry came out and hit a World’s Strongest Slam on Orton and then went to get a chair but when he got back in the ring Orton hit him with an RKO and stared Henry down to close the show.

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