9/29/11 Impact Wrestling Recap

Sep 30, 2011 - by Jason Graening

A video package that focuses on Kurt Angle’s challenge for Bobby Roode and his matches against Fortune. The tension between Christopher Daniels and AJ Styles and the match between Angle and James Storm is also touched upon before we head to the Impact Zone to start the show.

Sting’s music hits as he makes his way down to the ring wearing a Hulk Hogan shirt. Sting gets on the microphone and says Hulk Hogan has brainwashed Kurt Angle and is going down a road full of lies and deceit. Sting says Angle has booked a match between Bobby Roode and AJ Styles and says Angle’s plan is going to backfire on him.

Sting then calls out Roode to the ring where Sting tells him that he is proud of him and believes that he can beat Angle for the World Championship at Bound for Glory. Sting continues to put Roode over and tells him to stay focused and not to let Angle get into his head. Roode says he is focused as opportunities like this don’t come along every day. Roode promises to walk out as the next World Champion.

Roode then tells Sting to promise him that he will take care of Hulk Hogan. He says if they take care of Hogan and Angle, they can bring the company back to where it belongs. AJ Styles’ music hits as he makes his way down to the ring and Styles tells Roode to make the best of his opportunity. Styles says he hasn’t had a title shot in a long time and Roode may not have another one in a long time if he doesn’t beat Angle.

Kurt Angle’s music hits and he says Styles will get a shot at the title if he beats Roode tonight in the ring. Angle says he is a man of his word and tells Sting that Dixie Carter will never run the company again. Angle then says let the games begin before walking away.

Hulk Hogan is seen walking in the backstage area as Mike Tenay talks about his blockbuster announcement that will come later on tonight.

Austin Aries joins the announce team for the upcoming match to get a good look at who will challenge him for the X Division Championship at Bound for Glory.

Match 1: Alex Shelley vs. Zema Ion vs. Kid Kash vs. Jesse Sorensen vs. Brian Kendrick (Ladder Match for #1 Contender to the X Division Championship)
The bell rings as Kendrick and Ion fight out on the floor and Sorensen goes after Kash in the ring. Shelley sits in a corner and takes his time before dropkicking a ladder onto Ion. Sorensen then kicks the ladder into Shelley as Kash kicks Sorensen from behind before driving Sorensen into the ladder with a DDT. Kash then sets up the ladder and begins to climb but Kendrick comes in and kicks him off the ladder.

Kendrick begins to climb the ladder but Ion pulls him down. Ion then climbs but Shelley comes in and pulls him off. Shelley and Ion begin fighting in the ring as Kash continues to attack Sorensen. Ion then moonsaults off the top rope and takes Kendrick out on the floor. Back in the ring, Shelley begins to climb the ladder but Ion jumps off the top rope and kicks Shelley off. Kash goes after Ion, but Ion tosses him onto the ladder with a hip toss. Sorensen then lays out Ion by driving him down onto the ladder.

The ring is clear except for Sorensen as he sets up the ladder and slowly begins climbing the ladder. As he is near the top, Kash throws a chair at Sorensen before pulling him down to the canvas. Kash then begins climbing the ladder but Kendrick jumps off the top rope and pulls Kash off. Kendrick and Shelley begin to both climb the ladder but Kendrick knocks Shelley off and grabs the contract to win the match and earn a shot against Austin Aries for the X Division Championship. After the match, Aries runs down to the ring and stomps on the contract.

Kazarian is backstage and talks about how Fortune is going at each other as Karen Jarrett walks in and says she was looking for him. Jeff Jarrett walks in and tells him to get into the ring as Karen tells him that he shouldn’t have messed with her and we head into a commercial break.

Ric Flair is backstage talking on the phone and is yelling at at the person on the other line. Flair tells the person that they can’t make those types of decision without him and says he is heading to the office.

Jeff Jarrett’s music hits as he comes out to the ring with his wife, Karen. Jarrett calls Kazarian out to the ring and tells him to bring his skanky old lady with him. Kazarian comes out with Traci as Jarrett formally introduces himself and says it was him that brought Kazarian in and even gave him a second chance after leaving for WWE. As for Traci, he was the only person that gave her an opportunity and she pays him back by disrespecting his wife.

Jarrett tells him that he thinks they are both ungrateful as Kazarian steps towards Jarrett. Referees and agents come in to step between them as Jarrett says he should fire both of them right now. Instead, he plans on making both of their lives miserable starting with Kazarian. Jarrett hurls an insult to Traci, which starts another scuffle as security storm the ring to try and restore order. Gunner finally runs in and takes Kazarian out as the referees hold Gunner back. The announce team then hypes tonight’s show before we head into a commercial break.

A recap of last week’s brawl between Ink Inc. and Mexican America is aired, which leads us into the next match of the night. Before the match starts, though, Mexican America attacks Shannon Moore and Jesse Neal on the entrance ramp. Hernandez sends Neal into the steel steps a few times as Sarita and Rosita also step in and get in a few blows. Anarquia then brings Moore into the ring and takes him down with a backdrop as Hernandez hits him with a splash from the top rope. Mexican America then do the same to Neal as Sarita and Rosita pull out spraypaint cans and spray “MA” across their backs.

Bully Ray is backstage and says he knows what Hulk Hogan’s big announcement is about. In fact, Ray was the first person Hogan called when he decided to make the announcement as we head into a commercial break.

James Storm is backstage and says he is happy that Bobby Roode won the Bound for Glory Series. Storm says he feels that part of him is going to be with Roode in his match against Kurt Angle and says that Beer Money will live on forever.

Ric Flair is in the office with Hulk Hogan and says he is going to change the history of the business with his decision. Flair tells him to think about it and to not do it, but Hogan won’t change his mind. Flair says that it is not a good decision before storming off.

We see a video package that features the year long events of the ongoing saga between Tara and Madison Rayne. These two will meet in a Queen’s Qualifying match up next.

Crimson is seen walking around backstage as we head into the next match of the night.

Match 2: Madison Rayne vs. Tara (Queen’s Qualifying Match)
Madison flirts with referee Earl Hebner for a bit before the match starts and continues throughout the match. Tara takes control of the match and puts Madison in a headlock as Madison keeps on hitting Hebner and he thinks it’s Tara. Madison then takes control of the match and pounds Tara’s head into the mat while continuing to flirt with Hebner. Hebner finally catches on with Madison’s tactics as he turns his back to the match while Tara regains control of the match. Tara slams Madison down to the mat and sets up for the Widow’s Peak but Madison counters and pins Tara while using the ropes for leverage. Madison is the final Knockout to face Winter in a four-way match at Bound for Glory.

We see Crimson walking around in the back and we will hear from next after the commercial break.

Christopher Daniels is walking backstage and says he is leaving since there is nothing else to see here. The camera man asks about possibly wrestling AJ Styles at Bound for Glory and Daniels says he has already beaten him and says beating him again would be a kick in the nuts. He then tells the camera man to ask Styles about being kicked in the nuts before walking away.

Crimson’s music hits as he makes his way to the ring. Crimson says Samoa Joe fractured his ankle but he didn’t take him out for good. He then calls out Joe so they can settle this once and for all. Joe’s music hits and says Crimson should consider himself lucky since he isn’t still laying in a hospital bed. Joe says the only reason he allowed it because he likes Crimson being his bitch.

Crimson runs out of the ring and spears Joe on the entrance ramp before tossing him into the guard railing. Crimson continues on his attack until Joe is able to grab his leg and send it into the railing. Joe then kicks Crimson below the belt before rolling him into the ring and focuses on Crimson’s ankle. Joe then puts Crimson in a leg lock as Crimson writhes in pain.

Matt Morgan then runs out to the ring and takes Joe down but Joe is able to escape before Morgan hits the Carbon Footprint. Joe leaves up the entrance ramp as Morgan helps Crimson to his feet. The two stare each other down as Morgan pats Crimson on the chest before leaving the ring and we head into a commercial break.

AJ Styles is backstage and says he is going to get Bobby Roode ready to face Kurt Angle. Styles says he isn’t going to cut him any slack to see if he is ready to face the likes of Angle.

Match 3: D’Angelo Dinero vs. Mr. Anderson
The match starts as the Pope and Anderson go back and forth in the opening moments. Anderson finally connects with an enziguri and picks up a two count on the Pope. Dinero comes back and nails Anderson with an uppercut as Anderson retreats to the floor. Pope follows where Anderson begins to fight back. Anderson drops Pope with a clothesline as Devon’s two sons cheer Pope on from the seats.

One of Devon’s sons grabs Anderson’s arm while the other one pushes him and referee holds Anderson back. Devon runs down to the ring and begins to yell at his sons as the Pope steps in. Devon then drags his sons to the back. Meanwhile, Bully Ray sneaks in the ring and nails Anderson with a kendo stick. Pope then returns to the ring and picks up the pin fall.

Bobby Roode is in the locker room and says he knows AJ Styles will be bringing his A game tonight so he can prepare to fight Kurt Angle. Roode says if he defeats Styles he knows he will be able to compete with Angle at Bound for Glory. Roode then says nothing will stop him from accomplishing his dreams of becoming the World Champion.

Devon is in the parking lot with his sons and Pope. Devon is yelling at them and Pope says they are becoming men and they will do that type of stuff. Devon tells Pope that he is calling the shots as he begins to yell at his sons some more. Devon then pleads to Pope to make sure this doesn’t happen again.

A video package highlighting Bobby Roode is aired. Roode is seen training and his wife Tracy even gives her thoughts on his determination and how he is preparing for the match. Roode talks about the sacrifices he has made to become a professional wrestler and how fighting for the World Championship makes it all worth while. Roode says his time will come in Philadelphia and says he will get to face one of the best wrestlers of all time in Angle and it will go down as one of the best matches of all time.

Match 4: AJ Styles vs. Bobby Roode
Jeremy Borash handles the formal introductions for tonight’s main event. The bell rings as Styles and Roode go back and forth with arm bars and headlocks. The two begin to counter each others moves until Styles connects with a dropkick for a two count. Styles then goes for a springboard but Roode catches him and hits Styles with a gutbuster. Roode continues to work over Styles’ midsection until Styes hits Roode and knocks him out to the floor.

Roode enters the ring and Styles begins to focus on Roode’s leg and puts him in a submission hold. Styles continues to go after Roode’s legs before leveling Roode with an enziguri. Roode finally comes back by slamming Styles to the mat but his leg slows him down. Styles then hits Roode with a flying forearm for another near fall but misses with a springboard 450. Styles and Roode begin to counter each others moves and Roode locks Styles in a crossface after missing with a Pele kick. Styles eventually taps out and Roode picks up the submission victory.

After the match, Roode asks Styles if he is okay before picking him up to his feet. The two hug each other in the ring and Styles tells Roode that he is ready and he will be the next World Champion.

Hulk Hogan is seen walking backstage as his blockbuster announcement is coming up next.

After a commercial break Roode and Styles are seen together backstage and Styles tells Roode that he had his doubts about Roode, but those doubts are gone. Styles says he gave Roode everything he had and says he never misses with the Pele kick. Styles then tells Roode that the World Championship is his and to promise a shot at the title once he defeats Kurt Angle.

Hulk Hogan’s music hits as he makes his way down to the ring. Hogan says it feels like a weight has been lifted off his shoulders. He continues by saying that he has been doing some soul searching and talks about his wrestling career. Hogan says he had a chance to come to Impact Wrestling to make a difference. Hogan talks about the younger stars stepping up, which makes his time with the company worth it.

Sting is seen watching backstage and says Hogan is a great actor and deserves an Oscar for this. Back to the ring, Hogan says he has made a decision and he is at the end of the road. Hogan begins to thank the fans and the wrestlers in the back for all of their support over the years. He continues to say the young guys have grabbed the ball and his job here is done. Hogan says there will be a celebration next week in Knoxville, TN, and that will be the last time they will see him in the ring.

We head backstage where Sting says he will be in Knoxville to celebrate with Hogan and says it’s showtime as Impact Wrestling comes to a close.

Quick Results
– Brian Kendrick defeated Zema Ion, Kid Kash, Jesse Sorensen and Alex Shelley in a ladder match to become the #1 contender to the X Division Championship.
– Madison Rayne defeated Tara by pin fall in a Queen’s Qualifying Match.
– D’Angelo Dinero defeated Mr. Anderson by pin fall.
– Bobby Roode defeated AJ Styles by submission.

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