No Surrender

Sep 11, 2011 - by Steve Gerweck

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From Orlando, FL

– PPV opens with the wrestlers on the entrance ramp with the flag on Impact zone tron. We hear “America the Beautiful” as fans chant USA, USA. Jesse Neal was wearing his military fatigues and of course, the spotlighted Rosita, who lost her father on 9/11.

– Opening PPV promo video.

– Mike Tenay and Tazz welcome us to the PPV, as the broadcast team plug tonight’s card.

(1) Kid Kash vs. Jesse Sorensen to become the #1 contender for the X-Division championship. Sorensen signs a fan’s football on the way down to the ring. Kash dominates the offense in the early minutes of the match, as the fans chant for Sorensen. Nice drop kick by Sorensen puts him in charge of the action, swinging neck breaker, but only a two count for Sorensen. Kash is distracted by the fans, who are booing him. Kash gets into a shoving match with referee Brian Hebner. Sorensen picks up the victory at 7:54 via pinfall to earn a future title match for the X-Division title.

– Backstage, JB asks Kurt Angle about just learning of his title defense tonight against Sting and Mr. Anderson. Angle gets up set with Hulk Hogan, who asks Angle what he wants him to do about it.

(2) Bound for Glory Series match: James Storm vs. Bully Ray. Bully Ray stalls the match by remaining outside of the ring, which got him heat from the crowd. On the match, Storm tried to submit Bully Ray with an arm breaker, but Bully Ray made it to the ropes. Storm tried unsuccessfully for a second submit attempt with an arm breaker as he needs to submission victory in the series. With the referee distracted, Bully Ray spit beer into Storm’s eyes. Bully Ray was unsuccessful in hitting a Bubba bomb, but Storm was also unsuccessful with a third arm breaker attempt. Storm applies a scorpion on Bully Ray, but Ray again made it to the bottom rope. It appeared Storm won via submission when Bully Ray tapped out at 11:50, but the referee disqualified Storm for spitting beer in his face.

After the match, Christy Hemme tries to interview Bully Ray, but he tells her to get lost. Bully Ray walks down to the ring and says he is the next world heavyweight champions. Bully Ray now has 52 points in the BFG series.

– highlight package for Winter vs. Mickie James airs.

(3) TNA Knockouts championship: Mickie James vs. Winter (with Angelina Love). Match starts off with action on the outside on the ring, until Mickie tosses Winter into the ring. Single leg crab by Mickie, but Winter made it to the ropes for the break. Love gave Winter the belt, but Earl Hebner pulled it away from her. On the outside, Lou Thesz by Mickie on Winter. Mickie ran after Love, but Hebner started counting. Love tired to hold James, but it backfired. Winter spit a mist into Mickie’s face and pins her at 8:35 for the Knockouts title. Love received the mist by accident, so the medics attending to her and Mickie James.

– Backstage, Gunner told JB he was ready to beat Bobby Roode and main event at Bound for Glory. Bully Ray tells Gunner that he doesn’t want to face him.

(4) TNA Tag Team title match: The Pope and Devon vs. Hernandez and Anarquia (with Sarita and Rosita). Rosita got the apron to distract the Pope, but Pope came over to kiss her. Sarita also got involved early by slapping Devon. Referee Jackson James has his hands full in the one. Sarita ran and jumped off Hernandez’s back onto Devon in the corner. Hot tag to The Pope, and goes to work on Mexican America. Rosita distracts the referee and Sarita trips Pope as he goes for a suplex and Anarquia covers! Sarita holds down the leg, 1…2…3! Mexican America retain the titles at 9:08.

on cut a promo backstage. Didn’t make a lot of sense, as per usual

(5) Samoa Joe vs. Matt Morgan. Big forearm by Joe running from rope to rope into Morgan on the outside. Lots near falls, as the fans are into this match. Rear naked choke by Joe, but Morgan wins the physical match with a big boot at 11:32. Joe’s face showed a great deal of frustration after another loss.

Backstage, JB interviews Bobby Roode. Roode said tonight, its him time, and this his dream. Roode said he will submit Gunner, and then kick Bully Ray’s butt. Storm tells Roode he believes in him, and tells Roode to do this for himself, as he deserves this.

(6) Bound for Glory series match: Bobby Roode vs. Gunner. Fans started the “Bobby, Bobby” chant. Roode works on Gunner’s left arm, draping around the ring post on the outside of the ring. Gunner gains the upper hand, and applies a neck vice like move in an attempt to get Roode to submit, but he was unsuccessful. Both men need a submission to tie Bully Ray at 52 points in the Bound for Glory standings. Arm bar again by Roode, but Gunner countered it. Roode attempts it again, but this time Gunner made it to the ropes for the break. Arm bar again by Roode, Gunner goes for the ropes, but Roode pulled him to the middle of the ring, and Gunner finally tapped out at 11:56.

After the match, Eric Bischoff congratulations Bobby Roode, but the bad news? He is going to face Bubba Ray tonight to settle the Bound for the Glory series, unadvertised, unpromoted.

Backstage, Austin Aries said tonight’s time for action, total nonstop Aries. Aries said his “A” game is above every man in the business. Aries said he’ll become the next X-Division champion.

(7) X-Division title match: Brian Kendrick vs. Austin Aries. On the outside, Aries tossed Kendrick’s head back into the ring post. With Aries upside down on the apron, Kendrick dropped kicked him to the floor. Missile drop kick by Kendrick, but only a two count. Kendrick hit a DDT on Aries, but Aries put his foot on the rope to break the count. Aries tried to dive on Kendrick on the outside, but Kendrick moved and Aries hit the guard rail. Back in the ring, a series of near falls, as a “this is awesome” chant starts. Aries pinned Kendrick after a brain buster at 13:21 to win the X-Division title.

– Tenay and talk about the BFG series, and we see how both Bully Ray and Roode won their matches tonight. They describe as the Bully Ray vs. Bobby Roode as an overtime situation for finale of the Bound for Glory series.

– Backstage, Bully Ray said he didn’t know he’d have to wrestle twice tonight, but he said he can’t be beat or be stopped as Bound for Glory is in Philadelphia. Ray said Gunner softened up Roode, as Roode’s neck is hurting. Ray said he will become the next world heavyweight champion.

(8) Bound for Glory series finale: Bobby Roode vs. Bully Ray. Before the match starts, Ray gets into Roode’s face as he walked down to the ring.

Jeremy Borash comes out to do the official ring introductions. Bully Ray weigh in at 275 lbs., and Roode at 240 lbs this morning, for your information.

A stare down opens the match, with the two getting into a verbal jawing section before they lock up. As he did in his earlier match, Bully Rays stalls by walking around the ring. Bully Ray chops Roode in the corner, but Roode no sold it. Bully Ray continues to bail out of the ring, as the fans cheer for Roode. Crossface attempt by Roode, but Ray escaped. A series of pin fall attempts are all unsuccessful for Bully Ray.

Roode pinned Bully Ray win a spinbuster at 12:30 to win the BFG series.

– JB interviewed Rosita about losing her father on 9/11. She talked about her father being an amateur wrestler, and remains her inspiration. She thanked TNA and the fans for the support.

– Video package for the main event airs.

(9) TNA world heavyweight title match: Kurt Angle vs. Sting vs. Mr. Anderson. Early on, Sting and Anderson work together against Angle. With Angle down, Sting and Anderson squared off. Angle slammed both Anderson and Sting at the same time. German hit three German suplexs on Sting, but could only get a two count. Scorpion on Mr. Anderson by Sting, but Angle nailed Sting. Angle slam on Sting, but only a two count. Angle pulled Sting out of the ring and Hulk Hogan came down to what appeared to be spray something in Sting’s eyes. Back in the ring, Angle pins Sting at 15:26, and Angle and Hogan leave together.

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