Audio: Justin Credible talks over coming his demons, WWE, TNA, ROH, regrets, comeback, and more

Sep 10, 2011 - by Steve Gerweck

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The comeback has started for former WWE superstar and ECW champion Justin Credible. In this nearly one hour interview, Credible comments on a plethora of topics: Over coming his demons, what TNA needs to do to connect with wrestling fans, ECW’s influence on the business, regrets, turning down a WCW offer, the ownership of the Justin Credible name, his entrance themes, the possibility of writing a book, and much more.

A few highlights…

On his demons: “Been sober for eight months, free from drugs.”

On ECW’s influence on the business: “You don’t see Vince McMahon doing a WCW reunion .. We changed the wrestling business forever.”

What TNA needs to do: “Put your focus on the younger talent .. TNA seems like a bad reunion of 2000 Nitro.”

On Paul Heyman: “I don’t think Paul Heyman will get into the business again.”

Why he doesn’t watch TNA: “It pisses me off.”

Writing a book: “I’m dying to do a book.”

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