9/1/11 Impact Wrestling Recap

Sep 2, 2011 - by Jason Graening

Impact opens with a shot of the crowd in Huntsville, AL. Hulk Hogan’s music then hits as he comes down to the ring and says the power of Immortal is running wild tonight. He continues by saying he has been in meetings all day long and the network is standing behind the offer Ric Flair made to Sting and the two will meet in the ring on September 15th. Hogan goes over the match stipulations before saying that the only way Sting will get to face Hogan is when he is good and ready to step into the ring.

Kurt Angle’s music hits as he makes his way to the ring with the TNA World Championship over his shoulder. Hogan apologizes to Angle about the way Dixie Carter treated him in the past and says it was a sick place before he showed up. Hogan then says there is a little bit of bacteria left in the bloodline and tells Angle to take care of Sting and cut out the cancer out of the business. Angle says he would love to take out a veteran like Sting and says he will do it by the rules and promises that Sting will not walk out on his own power.

Sting’s music hits as he comes out to the ring and says he is honored to be on a list of people Angle wants to destroy. Sting says he is all in and says it all starts with taking the gold from Angle, then on to Flair before he gets to the grand prize of Hulk Hogan. Sting says he will make his power disappear before leaving the ring. Hogan stops Sting from leaving, though, and books himself as the special enforcer during their match tonight. Hogan and Angle stand in the ring and smile as Sting leaves and we head into a commercial break.

Matt Morgan joins the announce table as they talk about Samoa Joe’s reign of terror and tell us that Crimson suffered a hairline fracture and is now out of the competition. Morgan says he has zero respect for Joe and says getting hurt during a match is one thing but being taken out like that is wrong.

Bully Ray, Robert Roode and James Storm all talk about trying to earn a spot in the final four as we see the updated standings. Ray is on top with 49 points, with Roode and Storm behind him with 42 and 40 points. Gunner and RVD are tied with 35, AJ Styles has 24 and Scott Steiner has 21. Samoa Joe is still sitting at -10, while Crimson, Devon, the Pope and Matt Morgan are all out of the competition due to injury. We will find out who is in the final four after tonight and moves on to No Surrender.

Match 1: Gunner vs. Rob Van Dam (Bound for Glory Series Match)
The winner of this match will earn a shot in the final four as these two are tied in fourth place. The match starts as Samoa Joe makes his way towards the ring, but Matt Morgan runs out to stop him. Joe kicks Morgan between the legs as security comes out and holds him back. Back to the match, RVD is in control but Gunner connects with a kick before he tosses RVD out to the floor. Gunner continues to work over RVD on the floor before rolling him back into the ring.

Gunner hits RVD with an awkward slingshot suplex but RVD is able to quickly recover and takes Gunner down with a kick to the face. RVD then slams Gunner down to the mat before hitting the Rolling Thunder for a two count. Jerry Lynn comes down to the ringside area and RVD goes out to the floor and tells him to go backstage. Lynn leaves as RVD and Gunner trade pin attempts in the ring. RVD then heads to the top rope but Lynn runs out and pushes him off. Gunner then hits RVD with a running knee to pick up the pin fall and advances to the final four.

The entire Knockouts roster are standing on stage as Eric Bischoff has a major announcement for the division after the commercial break. We return to see the Knockouts in the ring as Eric Bischoff comes out with Traci Brooks. Bischoff says he sees incredible talent in front of him and says the Knockouts are the heart and soul of the company. However, they are still women full of drama that is driving him up a wall. This is why he wants to have a woman in charge and then tells Traci to step aside. He then introduces Karen Jarrett as the VP of the Knockouts Division.

Karen and Jeff Jarrett walk down to the ring as Traci is seen fuming. Karen says Bischoff made the right decision and say that she is impressed with the Knockouts but they have a long way to go. Karen says it is going to be a rough road but each and every one of them will learn how to walk with dignity and respect. As for her first piece of business, Karen officially adds ODB and Jackie to the roster and says there is still a place for Traci in the company and makes her an executive assistant that will serve Karen. She then thanks Bischoff and says she looks forward to the Knockouts serving her.

During the commercial break Mickie James and Winter had a confrontation in the ring. Later on tonight, Mickie will take on Winter for the Knockouts Championship.

Match 2: Austin Aries & Kid Kash vs. Brian Kendrick & Jesse Sorensen
Austin Aries starts out in the ring before tagging Kid Kash into the match. Kendrick takes Kash down with a series of arm drags before he tags in Sorensen, who continues to work over Kash. Kash quickly turns the match around and tags Aries into the match. Aries and Kash isolate Sorensen to their corner and work him over with quick tags. Sorensen begins to fight back, though, and takes them both out with duel dropkicks and tags Kendrick into the match.

Kendrick takes both of his opponents out with a series of kicks and tags in Sorensen for a double team move. Sorensen heads to the top rope but Aries counters and sends Kendrick into his partner. All four of them then hit a tower of doom in the corner with Sorensen taking the brunt of the fall. Aries then drags Sorensen out to the floor and sends him into the guard railing before diving through the ropes and takes Sorensen out on the floor. Aries then rolls Sorensen into the ring before being taken out by Kendrick with a suicide dive. Back in the ring, Kash slams Sorensen down to the mat and picks him up for a powerbomb, but Sorensen counters and rolls Kash up for the pin fall.

A video package for Winter is aired where she talks about having a bond with Angelina Love. We then see Winter and Angelina in the dressing room . Winter says that if Mickie tries to take what they have away from them that she will suck the lifeblood from her body and feast on her rotting bones before drinking blood from a wine glass. Mickie James is backstage and says she is sick of her antics and promises to bring her A-game to the ring before we head into a commercial break.

A video package that focuses on Jeff Hardy is aired where the talent give their thoughts about his past and what he needs to deal with moving forward. They talk about his past demons and how he will be given an opportunity to turn it around when he returns next week. The announce team says the network is giving him a chance to speak his mind next week.

Kurt Angle is backstage and says that he will be eliminating Sting tonight. Hulk Hogan then comes in and tells him that Jeff Hardy is coming back next week. He then tells Angle to come with him to New York to take out the network because he is sick of their crap. Mike Tenay says he doesn’t know what Jeff Hardy will do with a live microphone but it will be interesting to say the least.

Match 3: Mickie James vs. Winter (TNA Knockouts Championship)
Mickie starts off strong against Winter and picks up a near fall before working Winter’s arm over. Mickie then takes Winter down with a hurricanrana and a neckbreaker before hitting a Lou Thesz Press from the top rope. Mickie then turns her attention to Angelina Love who tries to toss Winter the championship, but referee Earl Hebner catches it and sends Angelina to the back.

Back to the match, Winter is able to use the distraction to take control of the match. Mickie quickly takes control and puts Winter in a submission hold but she is able to get to the ropes. Mickie continues to work over the champion and tries for her DDT but Winter is able to escape. Winter then rakes Mickie’s eyes but Mickie is still able to hit her DDT. Mickie covers but Winter is able to get her foot on the rope. Winter then hits Mickie with an enziguri but is able to kick out of the pin attempt.

Winter then tries to her wrist scarf to choke Mickie with it but Hebner takes it away from her. Mickie then connects with a spin kick to pick up the pin fall and become the new TNA Knockouts Champion. Mickie celebrates with the championship as the crowd cheers and we head into a commercial break.

A video package highlighting Christopher Daniels is aired. The package focuses on his feud with AJ Styles and their time together in TNA. A rematch between the two will take place tonight.

Matt Morgan comes out to the ring and tells Samoa Joe taking out half the roster is stupid, but kicking him between the legs is borderline suicidal. Morgan calls Joe out to the ring to face him man-to-man and wants a referee to come out to make this official. Samoa Joe’s music hits and he takes the referee out before heading into the ring and brawling with Morgan. The two slug it out as Morgan levels Joe with a clothesline.

Joe the retreats to the floor and he drags Morgan out as they fight around the ring. Morgan sends Joe into the ring post as the referee recovers and tries to get between them but Morgan tosses him to the ground. The distraction allows Joe to kick Morgan below the belt and he grabs a chair and nails Morgan across the back. Joe then nails Morgan in the arm as more referees come out and prevent Joe from doing more damage to Morgan.

Robbie E. is seen working out and talks to Rob Terry about his offer about being his personal bouncer. Eric Young then walks in and gives “Johnny D.” a shot at the Television Championship next week. AJ Styles and Christopher Daniels are seen talking backstage and Daniels thanks Styles for another opportunity and Styles says this will be the last time. Styles then talks about Hardy coming back and how life is full of third and fourth chances.

Hulk Hogan is backstage with Immortal and says that there is seven of them and how they are stacking the deck against Sting. He tells everyone to keep their eyes and ears open in case duty calls. Immortal all rallies together with the exception of Abyss who just stands off in the background.

Match 4: Christopher Daniels vs. AJ Styles
The two slap hands before starting the match and Styles quickly takes Daniels down. Daniels then picks up a near fall before Styles connects with a dropkick. Styles then slams Daniels down and connects with a knee drop before picking up a near fall. The match heads out to the floor where Styles takes Daniels down with a hurricanrana before Styles rolls him back into the ring. Styles picks up another near fall before putting Daniels in a submission hold but Daniels makes it to the ropes to break the hold.

Daniels tries to mount a comeback but Styles takes Daniels down with two backbreakers and picks up another near fall over Daniels. Styles continues wearing down Daniels until Daniels counters with a kick and a STO. Daniels then connects with a series of strikes but Styles is able to counter and hits Daniels with a flying forearm. The two begin to trade blows and kicks until both are laid out on the mat. Styles and Daniels both counter a series of moves from each other until Styles tries for a springboard move but he slips off the ropes and crashes to the canvas. Daniels then uses the opening to cover Styles and picks up the pin fall to defeat Styles. After the match, Styles offers to shake Daniels’ hand but Daniels smiles and walks away.

We see Sting, Kurt Angle and Hulk Hogan walking backstage as the main event is coming up next.

Match 5: Sting vs. Kurt Angle (TNA World Championship w/ Hulk Hogan as the Special Enforcer)
Jeremy Borash handles the formal introductions before this match gets underway. Sting is able to get the upper hand in the early going and takes Angle down with a couple of arm drags before Angle retreats to the floor to regroup. Angle comes back in and Sting takes him down with a clothesline as Angle again goes out to the floor. Sting follows him and sends Angle into the railing and steps before the two head back to the ring.

In the ring, Sting connects with a Stinger Splash but Angle catches him and drops Sting with a belly-to-belly suplex. Angle then slows the match down with a headlock but Sting counters with a back drop as both a laid out on the canvas. The referee starts the 10 count as the both get to their feet and Sting hits Angle with a series of clotheslines before hitting a DDT for a near fall. Angle is able to recover and hits Sting with a trio of German suplexes for a near fall of his own.

Angle then tries for an Angle Slam but Sting counters and hits Angle with a Scorpion Death Drop that nearly puts Angle away. Sting then tries for a Scorpion Death Lock but Angle counters with an ankle lock in the middle of the ring. Sting is able to kick Angle off as Angle charges after him and ends up hitting the ring post. It seems to have little effect as Angle counters Sting’s offense and hits Sting with an Angle Slam, which gets him a two count.

Angle again charges at Sting but Sting nails Angle with a clothesline before putting Angle in the Scorpion Death Lock. Hulk Hogan is seen motioning to the back as Gunner runs out with a steel chair but referee Brian Hebner takes it away from him. Angle begins tapping out but the referee has his hands full with Gunner. Hogan then weakly swings the chair at Sting but Sting just gets in Hogan’s face. The distraction allows Angle to hit Sting with the Angle Slam on top of the chair and picks up the pin fall to retain the TNA World Championship.

Hulk Hogan raises Angle’s arm in victory and their celebration is short lived as Sting recovers and sends Angle out to the floor. Sting then turns his attention to Hogan and backs him into the corner, but has his back turned to the entrance ramp as Immortal storms the ring and take Sting out. Mr. Anderson’s music then hits as he clears the ring with a baseball bat. Immortal begins talking trash from the entrance ramp as Impact Wrestling comes to a close.

Quick Results
– Gunner defeated RVD by pin fall in a Bound for Glory Series Match.
– Brian Kendrick & Jesse Sorensen defeated Austin Aries & Kid Kash by pin fall.
– Mickie James defeated Winter by pin fall to become the new TNA Knockouts Champion.
– Christopher Daniels defeated AJ Styles by pin fall.
– Kurt Angle defeated Sting by pin fall to retain the TNA World Championship.

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