Detailed 8/26/11 Smackdown Recap

Aug 26, 2011 - by staff

 Opening Segment

Bret Hart comes down to the ring to a huge pop. He announces the live Smackdown for next Tuesday which will feature stars from both shows. He also informs us that next week, Henry will challenge Orton for the title. He is interrupted by Christian who blames his loss to Edge for distracting him. Christian is getting a negative reaction in Canada. Bret tells him that he should listen to Edge and not humiliate himself. Christian replies that stars Bret and Edge are the ones making fools of themselves by still trying to stay in the spotlight after retirement. Christian hands Bret a legal document which states Christian gets his shot first. Bret makes the match for the next week and tells Christian that his match with Orton will be a steel cage match! Henry comes out and tries to intimidate Bret and tells him that he’s tired of being screwed around. Sheamus’ music hits and he has a weak brawl with Henry before sending him out of the ring. The commentators sucked at putting this segment over.


Match One: Daniel Bryan vs. Christian

Bryan dominates early on in the match before Christian takes over the reigns of the match. However, Bryan connects with his trademark missile dropkick. Bryan gets some offence and hits a knee drop for a near fall. Christian comes back and hits the slap he hits from the outside. Christian sets up for the spear but gets a kick from Bryan. Bryan goes for the Frankensteiner but Christian holds on and follows it up with a Tornado DDT. Christian attempts a KillSwitch but Bryan manages to lock in the LeBell lock but Christian gets to the ropes. He then hits the KillSwitch for the win which gets more boos from the crowd.

-Winner: Christian; Match Rating: 7/10


Match Two: Wade Barrett vs. A Local Jobber

Before the match, Barrett says it is beneath him to face a wrestler such as his opponent tonight. He puts his mic down and leaves. So apparently, this match is a no contest.

-No Contest; Rating: N/A


Raw Rebound: The Cena-Punk match and Del Rio’s attack on Cena after the match.

Personally, I think Del Rio is not WWE Championship material. Well, that’s only my opinion.


Match Three: Sin Cara vs. Heath Slater

Sin Cara will face Del Rio next week on SD! Let’s see how many botches can Sin Cara carry out on a live show. Anyways, this match is underway. Some sits are claiming that the real Sin Cara (Mistico) is back this week but some are saying that it’s still Hunico.[If you read the spoilers, you know this match was taped three times because of Sin Cara’s botches]. Sin Cara does his high flying stuff early on and dropkicks him out of the ring. He then performs his signature cross body from the top. He then does his senton-moonsault combo for the 1..2…3

Winner: Sin Cara; Match Rating: 4/10


Match Four: Randy Orton vs. Ted Dibiase w/Cody Rhodes

The baggers are with Rhodes and Dibiase. Rhodes says that he performs miracles and has resurrected the IC title and the Dibiase’s career. The match starts out slow with both dominating in parts. Orton gets in his five moves of doom state of mind. He’s about to hit his DDT but Rhodes intercepts. Orton goes for an RKO on Rhodes on the outsides but gets a baseball slide from Dibiase as we to a commercial. We’re back and Dibiase dominates for a bit but Orton comes back and hits a superplex on Dibiase for a near fall. Orton the hits his clothesline and the power slam. He attempts his back breaker but Dibiase escapes and rolls him up for a near fall. He connects with a spine buster for another near fall. Dibiase seems to be setting up for Dream Street but he gets an uppercut from Orton. He magically gets in position to get Orton’s signature DDT. After some counter moves from both men, Orton hits an RKO for the win

Winner: Randy Orton; Match Rating: 6/10

After the match, Rhodes helps Dibiase up and shakes his hand before hitting the Cross Rhodes on Dibiase. He then puts a paper bag over DIbiase to end the segment.


Match Five: Tamina vs. Kelly Kelly [Non-Title Match]

Before the match, they show a Natalya promo on Kelly in which she calls Kelly a standard WWE diva and a real-life doll. Problem is, Natalya doesn’t play with dolls. The match is underway and they go back and forth before we see Kelly spanks her and hits are signature head scissors. Tamina manages to hit a jaw breaker from the outside. Tamina is in control now but Kelly soon fights back and hits a weak bulldog. She then hits her spring back elbow shot and the performs a stink face. She goes for a cross body from the second rope but Tamina catches her. Kelly fights back and hits her finisher for the three count.

Winner: Kelly Kelly; Match Rating: 4/10


Backstage Interview: Mahal and Khali

Mahal blames Khali for not winning the Battle Royal last week and tells Khali to destroy Jackson in their match tonight.


Match Six: The Great Khali w/Jinder Mahal vs. Ezekiel Jackson

Khali dominates Jackson early on in the match but Jackson soon fights back. But soon, Khali hits Jackson with a big boot. Khali has Jackson in the Vice Grip but Jackson pulls apart Khali’s hands and gets to the ropes as the crowd chants “Both of them suck.” Khali accidentally hits Mahal with the chop. Jackson then has Khali the Torture Rack! Khali eventually taps out.

Winner: Ezekiel Jackosn; Match Rating: 3/10


Backstage Interview: Randy Orton

Orton says he doesn’t know why he can’t get rid of Christian. He says he will beat him next week and then beat Henry after that. He says his opponents should never underestimate him.


Match Seven (Main Event):  Mark Henry vs. Sheamus

Sheamus gets some early offence before Henry takes control. He this a back breaker on Sheamus which was like doing the World’s Strongest Slam but dropping him on his knees. This doesn’t make sense. This move shouldn’t even be in Henry repertoire.  It takes away from his actual finisher which really is just a front slam. Henry has Sheamus in the bear hug but Sheamus headbutts out of the predicament. Henry gets Sheamus up in the Gorilla Press position but Sheamus counters into a Tornado DDT. Sheamus gets some offence on Henry and hits three running knees on Henry. He then hits a shoulder block on  Henry from the top rope for a near fall. The action spills to the outside. Henry sends Sheamus into the barricade. He clears the announce table. He’s about to hit the Slam but Sheamus counters and hits a Brogue Kick. Sheamus gets back in the ring and wins by count out.

Winner: Sheamus; Match Rating: 5/10

After the match, Henry flips the announce table. The two start brawling again. He catches Sheamus and rams him into the ring apron area on the outside. Sheamus then rams Henry head first into the steel post.  Sheamus has the steel steps in his hands. He throws them at Henry but Henry ducks and hits a clothesline. He then hits a World’s Strongest Slam on the steel steps. Henry’s music is played as we go off the air.


Overall Show Rating: 7/10 | Last Week’s Rating: 5/10


Closing Thoughts:

Well I think I was very generous with my ratings tonight, considering I gave the divas match a 4/10 or maybe the matches were good tonight. There is a lot of confusion on SD! concerning the main event scene. Christian is supposed to get his rematch…Henry won the Battle Royal but is still feuding with Sheamus…And Cody Rhodes is eyeing upon the title as well…all the whilst, Super Orton wins his every match. I think Henry and Sheamus should be allowed to continue their feud through the next PPV without all the interference. Christian should be doing something else and Rhodes should be feuding with Orton. I think WWE would be jumping the gun if they break Dibiase and Rhodes up now. What they should do is put Rhodes in the main event so he status as a major player is consolidated. And what about Wade Barrett??? He’s doing nothing. Daniel Bryan, who’s apparently going to win the World title someday, still sucks on the mic and loses every week. WWE really needs to sort their booking out. That being said, all the matches were enjoyable. Each match had something that made it stand out. The lowest rated match this week was the Khali-Jackson one but the finish to the match was impressive. I also think WWE played it smart by not having Natalya wrestle tonight because she would’ve a gotten a huge pop and would’ve downplayed her heel turn.

The thing that lacks on SD! is the entertainment. Bret Hart was the GM and he was only showed in the opening segment. Where was Ryder??? He’s supposed to be asst. GM and the two could have had a couple of funny backstage segments or something.

Anyways, that’s only my opinion. Till next week…

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