8/18/11 Impact Wrestling Recap

Aug 19, 2011 - by Jason Graening

A recap of Kurt Angle’s explanation of his actions at Hardcore Justice kicks off Impact Wrestling. Angle promised to take out the young talent and started last week by going after Crimson at the end of last week’s broadcast.

Sting’s music hits as he makes his way to the ring with a steel chair and a baseball bat. Sting tosses the items away and flops around the ramp and in the ring before grabbing a microphone. Sting says he has lost his mind and says what he did was a re-enactment of what happened to him last week. Sting goes on to say it was awesome to have his ass handed to him by Hulk Hogan and says he still has the eye of the tiger.

Sting asks the crowd if they want to see Hogan in the ring one more time and orders the crowd to start a “Hogan” chant because he wants him to come down to the ring. Ric Flair’s music interrupts as the Nature Boy makes his way to the ring. Flair tells Sting that he is an icon and that people always ask him when he is going to have one last match with Sting. Flair says he doesn’t have anything left to prove but to get where he wants to go, he has to wrestle him one more time.

Flair says there will be a stipulation though, and if Flair beats Sting, he will have to retire. Flair says if Sting beats him, he will give Sting Hulk Hogan on a silver platter. Sting asks the crowd what they think before finally accepting Flair’s offer for the match. Sting dances around the ring for a moment as Flair leaves and we head into a commercial break.

Ric Flair walks into Hulk Hogan’s office where Hogan is on a rampage about the stipulation he just made with Sting. Flair says he has Sting covered but Hogan says he unloaded on him last week and that he should be dead right now. Flair tells Hogan to calm down and that he has Sting’s number and that he will be gone by the end of the night. Hogan tells Flair to round up all of the troops because he won’t have to have a problem with him.

Footage of BFG Series matches that took place at live events over the weekend is aired. The updated leaderboard is shown and Crimson is on top with 50 points. Bully Ray is at 42, Robert Roode has 35, James Storm has 33 and Devon is sitting at 30 and is in fifth place. Gunner is next with 28, RVD has 25, Matt Morgan is at 24, AJ Styles has 21 and the Pope has 17. Finally, Scott Steiner is sitting at 14 points and Samoa Joe is still holding up the rear with -10 points.

Up next we will see another BFG Series match with Scott Steiner facing off against Devon. Devon says he is here to win and tells people to stay out of his way as he is going to Philadelphia for Bound for Glory.

Match 1: Scott Steiner vs. Devon (Bound for Glory Series Match)
Matt Morgan joins the announce team for the match as Mike Tenay tells us that the top four competitors will compete in matches at No Surrender to see who gets the shot at the World Championship at Bound for Glory. The bell rings as the two go at it as Devon quickly picks up a near fall over Steiner after hitting a neckbreaker. Devon’s family cheers him on from the ringside area as Steiner trips up Devon and uses the ropes for leverage to pick up the pin fall and earn seven points.

After the match, Samoa Joe sneaks into the ring and attacks Devon from behind. Joe locks Devon in a leg submission as Devon’s sons hop the railing to help out their dad. Joe backs them into a corner as the Pope comes in and steps between them. Joe then leaves as the Pope calls out for some help and we head into a commercial break.

After the break, we hear from Samoa Joe who says he told everyone that he would hurt people and that’s what he did. He says he is sick of playing games and from now on he will do things his way. Joe then says that Devon was the first and he will not stop since nobody has the balls to fire him.

Match 2: Alex Shelley vs. Tony Nese vs. Kid Kash vs. Robbie E. vs. Zema Ion vs. Jesse Sorensen vs. Mark Haskins vs. Austin Aries (#1 Contenders X Division Gauntlet Match)
Alex Shelley starts out against Mark Haskins in this gauntlet match. The bell rings and Shelley hits Haskins with a series of chops and kicks but Haskins turns things around with a hip toss and picks up a near fall after hitting a neckbreaker. Haskins tries to follow with a high risk move but Shelley takes him down with an atomic drop. Shelley then tries to follow up but Haskins catches Shelley with a knee to the head and picks up the pin fall.

Robbie E. is the next wrestler in the gauntlet as Cookie ends up distracting him as he enters the ring and Haskins rolls him up to pick up the pin fall. Zema Ion is the third entrant in the match as he flies into the ring and takes Haskins down with a missile dropkick. Ion picks up a near fall and then plants Haskins with a DDT. Ion then heads to the top rope and hits a 450 splash to pick up the pin fall.

Jesse Sorensen is up next and he takes Ion down with a springboard leg drop but Ion is able to kick out of the pin attempt. Ion comes back and takes Sorensen down with a neckbreaker and he goes for a 450 splash but Sorensen blocks it by getting his knees up. Sorensen then plants Ion down on the canvas and picks up the pin fall to eliminate Ion from the match.

Tony Nese is the next man in and Kid Kash distracts Sorensen in the ring by hoping on the apron. Nese then takes Sorensen down with a hard clothesline and connects with a running knee to pick up a near fall. Nese then hits a German suplex and a body slam but he misses with a moonsault. Sorensen then recovers and plants Nese on the canvas to pick up the pin fall. Kid Kash is the next wrestler in the gauntlet as we head into a commercial break.

We return to the match to see Kash in control of Sorensen and picks up a near fall after hitting a back breaker. Kash then hits a moonsault from the top rope but Sorensen is able to kick out as Kash begins to argue with the referee. Sorensen then counters Kash and rolls him up with the pin fall. Austin Aries is the last one in the ring but Kash helps out by taking Sorensen out with a double underhook piledriver.

Aries comes in and puts a boot on Sorensen but he is able to kick out. Aries then connects with a dropkick and finally puts Sorensen away with a brainbuster to pick up the pin fall. Aries is now the #1 contender to the X Division Championship and the rest of the standings are determined by order of elimination in this match up.

Christy Hemme interviews Aries in the ringside area and he says he is spent from going though 7 other men. He then tells Brian Kendrick that he will be taking his title and there isn’t anything he can do about it. Kendrick then comes down the ramp and wants to shake his hand but Aries walks away. Kendrick then runs after him and takes him down as security comes out to separate the two of them.

Ric Flair is backstage is about to put tape on his hands but he tosses it aside and heads out to look for Sting as we head into a commercial break.

Sting is seen pacing in the backstage area as we head to the announce team who talks about how Mr. Anderson was taken out last week by Immortal. Tenay says both of Anderson’s ear drums have been ruptured and he is on the shelf indefinitely.

Jackie and ODB are walking backstage and talk about ODB’s match tonight against Mickie James. ODB says they have to play by the rules so they can get a contract – after that, it’s on.

Traci Brooks is in the office and introduces herself to Eric Bischoff. Traci says she has an idea on how to help him with the Knockouts. Traci talks about being Knockout Law in the past and wants to have that job back. Bischoff says it’s an interesting idea and wants to talk to her more about it later.

Match 3: ODB vs. Mickie James
The match starts and ODB powers Mickie around in the early going but Mickie is able to turn the match into her favor and takes ODB down with a seated dropkick. Mickie tries for a cross body block but ODB catches her and takes her down with a fallaway slam. ODB follows with a shoulder block and picks up a near fall in the process. ODB locks Mickie in a bear hug but Mickie is able to get out and takes her down with a dropkick followed by a neckbreaker.

Both Knockouts are out on the canvas and get up at the same time and Mickie takes ODB down with a series of clotheslines. The two then begin to trade blows and Mickie is knocked out to the floor where Jackie is standing but she decides not to join in. Mickie is then able to get up and take ODB out with a Lou Thesz press from the top rope. Mickie tries to put the match away with a DDT but ODB counters it and tosses her down to the mat. ODB then crushes Mickie in the corner but misses with a bronco buster. Mickie then hits her DDT to pick up the pin fall.

After the match, Jackie is upset over the result of the match as she stares down Mickie. Jackie then offers a handshake before checking on ODB.

Winter and Angelina Love are sitting backstage and are talking about what it means to hold the Knockouts Championship. Winter says she hopes she is the champion forever and says that she is thrilled to have Angelina in her corner when she goes up against Mickie James in two weeks.

Match 4: Rob Van Dam vs. AJ Styles (Bound for Glory Series Match)
Jerry Lynn is seen looking on as the bell rings for this match. RVD and Styles go back and forth in the opening moments of the match with neither getting the upper hand. Styles finally takes RVD down with a dropkick and picks up a two count after hitting a backbreaker. Styles continues on the attack until RVD sends Styles flying with a monkey flip. RVD then hits Styles with Rolling Thunder and picks up a near fall as Lynn comes down to the ring but the referee keeps him out.

RVD then takes Styles out with a kick and heads to the top rope but Styles gets to his feet and knocks RVD down. Styles then tries for a superplex but RVD tosses him down to the canvas. RVD then tries for the Five Star Frog Splash but Styles counters by lifting up his knees. Styles covers but only gets a two count before he goes for a Styles Clash but RVD counters it. Styles then connects with a Pele Kick and Styles covers but Lynn pulls the referee out of the ring. The referee then disqualifies RVD as Styles gains three points and RVD loses 10 more.

After the match, Lynn and RVD have a few words as Lynn says he had a three count after hitting the Rolling Thunder and he was just trying to help him out as we head into a commercial break.

RVD and Jerry Lynn continue their arguing in the backstage area as RVD says Lynn has been costing him points. Lynn apologizes and says he was just trying to help but RVD says he doesn’t need his help and walks away.

Ric Flair is walking around backstage and he hears a few noises. Flair says he knows it’s Sting and says he knows Sting will face him man to man and wants Sting to show himself. More random noises are heard as Flair says he is starting to get pissed off and says he has better things to do in Orlando than to screw around with Sting. Sting finally comes out and he is attacked by Gunner but Sting makes quick work of him. Flair says Gunner is fired as he takes off and Sting says it’s going to be fun being back with the Nature Boy.

Eric Young is seen driving around Los Angeles and still wants to get his hands on Scott Baio. EY talks to a few people on the street looking for Baio and we get another teaser for EY finally meeting Baio.

Crimson limps his way to the ring after the beating he took from Kurt Angle last week. Crimson says it’s been a long week for him and says he has some personal issues with Kurt Angle that they need to discuss. Crimson calls out Angle as his music hits and he comes down to the ring. Crimson says Angle failed at his mission last week as he is still standing and is pissed off.

Angle says he is a nobody going nowhere and says he was brought in to make the young talent. Angle says it has gotten him nowhere but spit on and disrespected. Crimson says all of the young talent have nothing but respect for him and put him on a pedestal. Angle tries to walk away but Crimson stops him and says if he wants to find out who he really is, to meet him in the ring next week. Crimson says he will prove to him that he is the future of wrestling and says he is real, he’s damn real.

Mexican America are seen backstage and say they are going to make history tonight against Beer Money before talking in Spanish. Their final match against Beer Money is coming up next.

Match 5: Mexican America vs. Beer Money (TNA Tag Team Championship)
Jeff and Karen Jarrett join the announce team as we a shown footage from the last match between these two teams from Hardcore Justice. Jeremy Borash does the formal introductions for this match while plugging 5-Hour Energy in a more subtle way than the Subway commercial that was aired on Raw this past Monday night.

The bell rings as Anarquia starts out against Roode and the two go back and forth until Roode takes Anarquia down and stomps a mud hole in him. Storm is tagged into the match and he picks up a couple of near falls until Hernandez interferes while the referee has his back turned. Mexican America gain control of the match as Herenadez is tagged in and begins to work over Storm. Anarquia is tagged back in and continues working over Storm until Storm is able to fight out.

Storm begins to crawl to his corner but Hernandez is tagged in and drags him away. Hernandez goes for a Border Toss but Storm counters and makes the tag to Roode, who comes in and takes out both Hernandez and Anarquia. Roode hits Hernandez with a neckbreaker and goes for the cover but Anarquia breaks up the pin attempt. Roode and Storm then take Anarquia out with a double team DDT before hitting Hernandez with a double team suplex.

Sarita then comes in and spits in Storm’s face and they back her into the corner as Karen Jarrett runs to the ring and tells them to leave her alone. While Beer Money is distracted Anarquia sneaks in and tosses Storm out to the floor. Roode the picks up Anarquia and drives him down to the mat with a spinebuster but Sarita gets on the apron and distracts the referee. Hernandez then sneaks in and hits Roode with Jeff Jarrett’s championship belt and knocks him out. Hernandez then covers Roode and picks up the pin fall as Mexican America are the new TNA Tag Team Champions.

The Mexican flag is dropped above the ring as they celebrate with the tag team gold along with Jeff and Karen Jarrett. Beer Money are standing ringside trying to figure out what just happened as Impact Wrestling comes to a close.

Quick Results
– Scott Steiner defeated Devon by pin fall in a Bound for Glory Series match.
– Austin Aries won an 8-man X Division Gauntlet to become the #1 contender to the X Division Championship.
– Mickie James defeated ODB by pin fall.
– AJ Styles defeated Rob Van Dam by disqualification in a Bound for Glory Series match.
– Mexican America defeated Beer Money by pin fall to win the TNA Tag Team Championship.

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