Detailed 8/8/11 WWE Raw Recap

Aug 8, 2011 - by Steve Gerweck

Live from San Jose, CA

by Hans Keller

Michael Cole welcomes everyone to Monday Night RAW and we kick off tonight’s episode with The Game. Reminder THIS SUNDAY is WWE Summerslam. Triple H calls it the most important night in history, because of the WWE Champion vs. WWE Champion match pitting Cena against CM Punk. The Game says change is the biggest thing thats happened this month, running down everything that has happened. Hunter says there can only be one champion and that ANYTHING can happen in the WWE, and to do that he needs a special guest enforcer, who is larger than life, who casts a shadow over the entire WWE: himself. He says he is the only one he can trust, and he guarantees there will be only one champion when the dust settles.

Hunter then talks up a contract signing between Cena and Punk making their match official. But before that, both men will be in action tonight, and Cena’s match…is NEXT! With that, Cena’s music cues up and he makes his way to the ring with HIS WWE Championship in his left hand. Cena stops in front of the Game, wondering who he will be facing. (I just saw the GM podium, is it just me or has the GM been silent since this all has gone on) We’ll find out after this commercial break!

We come back and Cena is still wondering who he will face, but this is quickly qwelled as The All-American American Jack Swagger comes out to the ring, and does his signature ring run around before the match is brought underway.

John Cena vs. Jack Swagger

Lock up and Swagger powers Cena to the ground early, then taunts and gets caught by Cena. Irish Whip followed by a Fisherman’s Suplex for a one count. Necklock by Cena is quickly countered by Swagger who gets a shoulder tackle for his trouble, followed by an irish whip, a turnbuckle splash AND a dropkick for two! Cena quickly gets on top of swagger with an armbar. Swagger counters out with a belly to belly suplex for two. He throws Cena in a corner and stomps a mudhole, then an irish whip and a vader bomb for two. Swagger follows this up with a surfboard-like move, which Cena makes a valiant attempt to power out of and then executes a nice gutwrench suplex! Both men are down but not for long after Cena charges the turnbuckle, nobody home. Shoulder tackle by Swagger is met by a two count and a modified armbar on Cena. Cena tries to get out but gets a knee to the sternum and thrown into the corner. Irish whip and a tackle to Cena’s leg. Swagger tries for the ankle lock and gets countered, gets out of the STF. Cena builds his usual head of steam, shoulder tackles and a spin out powerbomb followed by that Five knuckle shuffle. He hoists Swagger up and nails the Attitude Adjustment sealing the win!

WINNER: John Cena

(ANNOUNCER’S NOTE: Cole seemed to be teasing a Cena heel turn this Sunday as Cena said to Triple H off the mic before the break that Hunter is making a mistake officiating the match)’

LATER TONIGHT: Contract signing for the Summerslam main event

ALSO TONIGHT: Rey Mysterio vs. The Miz

SUMMER SLAM RECALL: Bret Hart vs. Mr. Perfect

We are treated to a backstage promo by Alberto Del Rio, who runs down CM Punk. He then reveals that he will be Punk’s opponent tonight, but not before calling him a coward (he said it in spanish though, I don’t know what word he said).

The announcers then go back 4 months to the beginning of the R-Truth/John Morrison feud. Now we’re backstage with Josh Mathews and R-Truth. Mathews asks why Truth would take advantage of JoMo. Truth then asks ridiculous questions, then elaborates on his “fear of spiders”. Truth then says tonight he’ll squish a spider to the mat, and that spider’s name is John Morrison.

UP NEXT: Rey Mysterio vs. The Miz!

Rey makes his way out, only to get assaulted by The Miz before the match even starts, going so far as to throw Rey into the big W on the stage repeatedly. Understandably, the match has now been thrown out. Miz makes his way down to the ring and Cole says he is going to find out what this is all about and leaves the commentator’s table. Cole calls what Miz did an unbelievable display of audacity. Miz agrees, but asks Cole if he knows who Miz is facing this Sunday. Miz says he doesn’t know. He says the emphasis is on Punk and Cena, when it SHOULD be on him. He then mentions everything he is on, so if he has to hurt Rey the way he did to get attention, so be it. He then demands a referee to declare him a winner via forfeit. Chad Patton comes down and tells Justin Roberts that Triple H scheduled The Miz a NEW opponent that he will face…NOW! And its Kofi Kingston! (And of course Cole complains, what else is new?)

The Miz vs. Kofi Kingston

Miz gets Kofi in the corner and tries to get on the offensive, but Kofi won’t let him, sinking in a hammerlock, but then Miz counters into a headlock, then shoulder tackles, but then gets dropkicked for two. Side headlock by Kofi, but then Miz forces a rope break but not before punching him. Then he uses the five count to stomp a mudhole in Kofi. Irish Whip followed by Miz’s clothesline attack–no its countered by a Lou Thez press. Then Miz gets clotheslined over and Kofi suicide dives out as we go to a commercial break (not before Cole whines about how Miz isn’t ready for the match).

We are brought back and The Miz is in control. They showed how Miz got the advantage, which was a botched dive attack by Kofi followed by a kick from Miz. Kofi fights to his feet. Irish whip, countered, and Kofi gets two roll ups for two followed by a dropkick from Miz, who hits his clothesline attack this time around. Miz climbs the top turnbuckle and hits a double axe handle for two. Two elbows to the shoulder and then Miz sinks a sleeper, but Kofi isn’t sleeping. Kofi fights up and off. Miz charges the corner but Kofi gets an arm up, then Kofi tries ANOTHER rollup for two. Kofi then gets his second wind, but then Miz hits the backbreaker but misses the backbreaker–HIGH CROSS BODY BY KINGSTON but it only scores a two. Miz kicks Kofi then hits his low elevation DDT for two. Kofi gets up dazed in the corner and charges but Kofi gives him a foot to the face. Kofi to the top but Miz stops him and goes for a superplex. Kofi blasts his back and does a rolling powerbomb for a LONG two count! Kofi raises his hand and seems to be looking for the end Trouble In Paradise blocked so is Miz’s Skull Crushing Finale, but Miz nails it after a botched Victory Roll attempt.


CM Punk is shown walking towards the ring and is stopped by Josh Mathews who asks Punk his thoughts about Triple H naming himself referee. Punk says he wasn’t surprised, that Hunter has a big ego, that he needs the spotlight. He responds to Alberto Del Rio saying he is right, we WILL see what would have happened if he cashed in the briefcase.

CM Punk in action…NEXT!!!

REMINDER: Edge guest stars in HAVEN on SyFy!

Alberto Del Rio and CM Punk make their way out and their match is underway!!!

Alberto Del Rio (w/ Ricardo Rodriguez) vs. CM Punk

Lock up, Roundhouse Kick by Punk made Alberto duck for cover. Kicks now by Del Rio as Punk gets up in the corner. Arm wrench by Del Rio, softening it for the Cross Armbreaker, now countered into a couple arm drags! Spinning kick followed up by shoulder thrusts by Punk, but then Del Rio throws Punk’s shoulder into the opposite turnbuckle, then stretches it.

Del Rio gets back in the ring and uses an armbreaker move for two, then sinks an armlock, but Punk fights out and fails on a sunset flip. Del Rio is back in control as he punches CM Punk then tries to attack Punk, but Punk gets out of the way and Del Rio flies out of the ring. Del Rio gets back in the ring and Punk shows his finesse with an impressive neckbreaker, followed by his knee attack and a bulldog! Punk with a springboard clothesline says the end is near! Go To Sleep is avoided by another turnbuckle shoulder thrust and a backstabber for two! Del Rio is furious and kicks Punk’s face off. Del Rio sets up for the Cross Arm breaker but Punk avoids it, shouts DESTINY before hitting the Go to Sleep.

WINNER: WWE Champion CM Punk

LATER TONIGHT: Contract Signing

Last Week’s Battle Royal and aftermath was revisited, including Beth Phoenix’s turn on Kelly Kelly.

Beth makes her way out to the ring for a match. Eve comes out to new music!

Beth Phoenix vs. Eve Torres

Cole mentions Natalya’s turn on Smackdown as Beth and Eve get to fighting. Beth starts on the advantage but Eve shows athleticism. Beth tries to get an edge by taking Eve over but Eve lands on her feet and elbows Beth. Beth gets her back and goes after her outside before bringing her back in by the hair. Cover for two. Beth gets the hair and uses it against Eve again slamming her to the mat. She does it again, then follows with an Elbow drop for one. Irish Whip failed as she gets dropkicked and a high knee. Irish whip failed but a kick from the corner does not by Eve. Eve goes to the top but is stopped by Beth, who hits Eve with the Glam Slam.

WINNER: Beth Phoenix

After, Beth demands a microphone. She says to Eve that she is sick of her and Kelly making a mockery of the Divas division. No more booty popping, no more splits, no more stinkfaces. She says she was meaning to ask Eve a question but then gets cut off by Kelly Kelly, who gets her from behind. Its funny that Cole hates it now, but he loved it when Miz did it.

LATER: John Morrison vs. R-Truth

They visit Cena and Miz’s trip to the Teen Choice awards.

Dolph Ziggler is in singles action as we come back from commercial break. He will be facing the man that called him out last week, Alex Riley.

Dolph Ziggler (w/ Vickie Guerrero) vs. Alex Riley

Before the match, Alex Riley says Vickie’s breath smells like death took a crap in her mouth, which sets her off. The bell rings and the match is underway as Dolph missed a clothesline while A Ry hits one of his own for two. Kick by Dolph followed by an elbow, then he stomps A Ry in the corner. Irish whip countered followed by an elbow by Riley. Dolph tries to hit the sleeper and Vickie tries to interfere, letting A Ry get out. Powerslam, Vickie then intervenes, drawing the disqualification. Dolph then argues with her, getting a right hand from A Ry, causing Vickie to fall.


Tempers flaring between the duo and Vickie seems to walk out on Dolph.

LATER: Contract signing between Punk and Cena and John Morrison vs. R-Truth

The announcers talk up the events that happened at the Money in the Bank PPV between CM Punk and John Cena, then the events of the last couple of weeks. Then the announcers run down their match as well as the rest of the card for Summerslam.

NOW: John Morrison vs. R-Truth …after this commercial break

We come back and R-Truth is in the ring and John Morrison makes his way to the ring to fight with his once friend.

John Morrison vs. R-Truth

Truth gets an early advantage with some brawling, but JoMo gets some kicks followed by a C4 for two! Uppercut by JoMo, then a clothesline followed by a corkscrew to the outside! Morrison keeps on the assault then Truth almost turns the tables as the referees count is at 6. Then Truth hits JoMo’s neck. Truth rolls into the ring and JoMo just barely makes it back in time and Truth pounces on him with offense. Truth then gets a sleeper but then hits a suplex front slam. A complete shot is telegraphed as JoMo assaults Truth in the corners. Truth gets an advantage then hits the complete shot for the win.


Triple H is shown backstage with John Laurainitis going over the Punk/Cena contract. The signing is NEXT!

Announcement: Rey Mysterio will face the winner of this Sunday’s match with the WWE Championship on the line!

The poll is checked on. Question: who will win: the fans see Cena winning 54% to Punk’s 46%.

We have a guest, World Heavyweight Champion Christian, who doesn’t like Cole’s tone. Christian says he has an announcement, that would behoove Triple H to be there for it.

Speaking of Triple H, he is in the ring. He welcomes everyone to the contract signing. CM Punk is out first followed by Cena.

BTW to correct Cole, Triple H HAS been a special guest referee on other occasions. Most notably in a Shawn Michaels match.

Triple H wants to cut to the chase and Punk cuts him off. He says everyone basically knows the match is official, calling the signing for show. Punk feels like he’s a movie star. He says he has a movie clip defining his feelings about John Cena, an actual movie star…The Rock. Footage of The Rock is shown completely running down Cena. The clip stops and Cena is laughing. Punk thanks Rock, he thinks Rock calling Cena a phony is funny because he’s a phony too. Cena cuts him off, admires the entertainment. He brings up The Rock, says he’s done it all, but here’s the thing: with all the success he’s had theres no reason for him to be mad at anything. Cena thinks Punk feels Cena is a product of the system, that Cena is “too-PG”, that he’s a modern-day Hulk Hogan. Here’s the truth: Rock is a star, Cena will never win over the millions, Punk has his fans who Cena will never win over, he then brings up Punk calling him the Yankees. Cena said he was originally offended, because Punk is absolutely right because both are hated and loved. Cena says hes concerned about those who wear their colors proud, those who are proud of him, who know they will never give up. Cena says theres nothing phony, and accuses Punk of living in a glass house and now he’s trying to come back and calls his “voice of the voiceless” thing an act.

Triple H says he has a good point. Then called Punk gutless, Punk asks who fires people Triple H or Funkman. He asked how many of the people who got fired recently if they fired them face to face. its not about Triple H or Laurainitis. He says its about himself and Cena. Its easy to act all noble. He accuses Cena of looking down, naming his ECW Championship as an example. He accuses Cena of giving up when he moved to California. Punk said sure he held up the WWE for some perks and he STILL wants that ice cream bar. He wants the opportunities that Cena just got and he has to fight for. Seven years ago, Cena won his first WWE Championship, this sunday Punk says Cena will have nothing. Oh he’ll be a star still, but he won’t have the WWE Championship, because the Champion will be Punk. With that Punk signs the contract. Cena says Punk has no idea what he’s getting into. He beat Cena in one match. He asks Punk if he thought what would happen if he lost. Cena has his match at Mania, Punk NEEDS this match. But if Punk doesn’t back his talk up, he’s a loudmouthed one-hit wonder. If he doesn’t produce, everything he has is gone. Cena signs now and wishes Punk luck. Punk says luck is for loser, and he would rather be a one-hit wonder than a phony. Cena asks Punk if he’s out here to entertain. He says he thinks the talking thing is wearing thin. Punk says he can kick Cena’s teeth down his throat and tosses the table. Laurainitis gets between the two which ends in Triple H, Cena and Laurainitis getting thrown around. Punk then taunts Triple H after Hunter altercates with Cena. A staredown between the three ends the show.

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