Hardcore Justice

Aug 7, 2011 - by Adam Martin

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TNA Hardcore Justice PPV
August 7, 2011
Orlando, Florida
Report by: Adam Martin of Wrestleview.com

A video package runs focusing on Sting’s transformation by capturing the TNA Impact Wrestling Championship and his match tonight where he defends against the #1 contender, Kurt Angle.

A graphic opening hits welcoming us to Hardcore Justice – brought to you by Direct Auto Insurance. We go live to the Impact Zone where a big display of pyro goes off above the ring and in the entrance area.

Alex Shelley is out first to kick off the show.

TNA X Division Championship
Brian Kendrick (c) vs. Austin Aries vs. Alex Shelley

Kendrick has some interesting new theme music and ring attire. They are using the red ropes for the PPV tonight. Aries with knees to the gut on both Kendrick and Shelley early on. Shelley and Kendrick then take turns getting in shots on Aries. Kendrick clotheslines Aries to the outside who walks around the ring as Shelley and Kendrick lock up. Aries jumps back in and takes a big chop from Shelley. Aries quickly bails out again. Aries holds Kendrick back in the corner yelling at Shelley to hit him. Shelley refuses and drops him on the ring apron. Shelley with an atomic drop on Aries and Kendrick with a dropkick on Aries sending him through the ropes back to the outside. Shelley with big elbows to Kendrick. Kendrick fires back with a big boot. Aries tackles Kendrick when he hits the ropes. Aries dumps Kendrick over the top rope. Kendrick caught the ring apron with his ankle on the way down. Shelley trips up Aries when he hits the ropes. Aries drops Shelley over his knee and then slams him back on the mat. Aries dumps Shelley through the ropes and Shelley hits Kendrick on the way out. Aries with a suicide dive landing on his feet taking out Shelley and Kendrick. Shelley gets his knees up when Aries attempts a springboard moonsault back in the ring. Shelley with a crossface on Kendrick. Kendrick gets the rope break getting his foot on the ropes. Shelley with a dragon screw on Kendrick through the middle ropes. Shelley with a superkick on Aries on the ring apron. Shelley with a body splash off the top over Kendrick. Shelley with a spinning Figure Four applied on Kendrick. Aries breaks it up with knees to the back of Shelley. Aries tosses Kendrick into the corner. Aries with a running bulldog on Shelley into a bridging chinlock. Kendrick breaks it up. Aries drops Kendrick’s knee over the mat and then tosses him back in a big suplex. Kendrick with two big dropkicks on Aries. Aries counters a Sliced Bread and is up top with Kendrick. Shelley with a punch to Aries’ leg. Shelley has Aries on his shoulders. Kendrick slips and falls. Aries with a knee breaker into a suplex on Shelley. Aries with a Brainbuster on Shelley and Kendrick breaks it up at the last second. Kendrick with Sliced Bread on Aries right over Shelley. Kendrick covers Shelley to get the pinfall.

Winner and still TNA X Division Champion: Brian Kendrick

After the match, we see various highlights leading to the finish.

We go to Taz and Mike Tenay at the announce booth. They discuss Sting vs. Kurt Angle tonight.

Backstage, Jeremy Borash is with the TNA Knockouts Tag Team Champions Tara and Miss Tessmacher. Both promise to leave champions tonight.

TNA Knockouts Tag Team Championships
Tara and Miss Tessmacher (c’s) vs. Sarita and Rosita

We start with Tara and Rosita. Tara tosses Rosita into the corner right away. Sarita gets the tag who is wearing a mask over her face. Tag to Tessmacher who throws down Sarita and clotheslines Sarita who gets the tag. Tag back to Tara who lifts up Rosita and throws her into the corner with force. Rosita with a snap huricanrana from the corner taking down Tara. Rosita dumps Tara out of the ring and Sartia jumps on her from the ring apron. Back in the ring, Tessmacher blind tags herself in and drops Rosita with a back suplex. The referee was trying to get Tara back in her corner allowing Sarita to get in a cheap shot. Sarita with the tag and giving Tessmacher multiple hip tosses. Rosita gets the tag and is slammed over Tessmacher, which looked pretty messy. Tessmacher with a small package countering a side slam. Tara gets the tag and drops Sarita with big right hands. Tara drops Sarita with a big kick to the head. Tessmacher jumps in to take out an interfering Rosita. Sarita and Rosita are sent face first into each other by Tara and Tessmacher. Rosita pulls Tessmacher off the ring apron when Tara reaches out for a hot tag. Rosita gets the tag. Tara clotheslines both. Rosita counters a Widow’s Peak attempt getting a close two count. Tara lifts Rosita up from the corner and slams her down hard. Tessmacher pulls Sarita down off the apron. Tara drops Rosita with Widow’s Peak. Tara covers and gets the pinfall.

Winners and still TNA Knockouts Tag Team Champions: Tara and Miss Tessmacher

After the match, we see a clip of the finish with Tara getting the win. Back live, Tara and Tessmacher are celebrating the win as Sarita and Rosita head to the back. Taz adds, “That match was ass-tastic!”

Backstage, Jeremy Borash is with “The Pope” D’Angelo Dinero. They are having mic problems. Pope is talking about Devon and his Bound for Glory Series match tonight.

We get a look at the Bound for Glory Series Leaderboard. Up next is a Bound for Glory Series match.

Bound for Glory Series Match
“The Pope” D’Angelo Dinero vs. Devon

Matt Morgan is out to join Taz and Tenay on commentary.

Before the match, The Pope grabs a mic and says he just tweeted to the world that he respected him. He talks about giving Devon 7 points and said his relationship with Devon’s kids and mother mean more to him. Pope says he is going to prove that. Pope lays down and tells Devon to pin him. Devon said he will get that 7 points, but he will get it when Pope gets the hell up and gives the people what they want. Lock up and Devon with a big hip toss on Pope. When Devon drops down after the hip toss, Pope pulls Devon over him to finish the match. Devon stands up and tells Pope to fight. Devon slaps Pope. Pope catches Devon with a knee to the gut and big shot to the back of his neck. Devon with a quick hip toss into a shoulder lock. Devon with a diving headbutt off the ropes over Pope. Morgan talks about Devon losing weight to improve his conditioning in the ring now that he is a singles wrestler. Pope tries to use his chain on Devon, but Devon’s sons yell at Pope and take it away from him. This allows Devon to get in a quick uppercut and send Pope back in the ring. Pope fires back with a big boot to Devon in the corner. Pope with a crossbody for a two count. Devon with a jumping shoulder block. Pope goes for the DDE, but stops in his tracks and Devon takes him out with a big spear. Morgan is breathing loudly in anger into his headset. Pope with a counter and rollup to get the pinfall over Devon.

Winner: “The Pope” D’Angelo Dinero

After the match, The Pope extends his hand to Devon. Devon walks away. Devon’s sons yell at him to shake his hand. Devon gets back in the ring and shakes Pope’s hand. Pope is now at #8 with 17 points.

Backstage, Jeremy Borash is with Rob Van Dam talking about his Bound for Glory Series match with Crimson tonight. RVD talks about how he will move to the #1 spot tonight beating the undefeated Crimson. Jerry Lynn walks up and says he will be in RVD’s corner tonight.

A video package runs hyping Mickie James vs. Angelina Love tonight.

TNA Knockouts Championship
Mickie James (c) vs. Winter w/ Angelina Love

Winter with a quick rollup early. Mickie James works on the right leg of Winter wrenching back on it. Quick pin attempt by James that Winter breaks up. James with a dropkick to the knee of Winter and follows with a dropkick to the face. Winter is on the outside and James chases he around the ring. James dodges a clothesline attempt from Angelina Love and James hits her with a big right. Winter sends James face first into the steel ring post and then over the steel ring barricade landing with a thud. Love kicks James in the gut when she crawls near the ring. Winter tosses her back in the ring and drives knees into James’ ribs. Winter with big kicks to James in the corner. James with a head scissors takedown and a series of clotheslines on Winter. James drops Winter face first down on the mat and connects with Thesz Press from the top rope. Winter pulls the referee toward her and Love interferes dropping James. Winter covers James and gets a close two count. James with a rollup into a bridge for a two count. James with a torando DDT on Winter. Winter rolls out. Love tries to interfere again, but this time James drops her with a reverse neckbreaker. James tosses Winter back in the ring, but Winter spits red mist in her face. Winter drops down and covers James to get the pinfall.

Winner and NEW TNA Knockouts Champion: Winter

After the match, Mickie James rolls around yelling that she can’t see. Winter and Angelina Love head up the ramp smiling and celebrating the big win.

Backstage, Jeremy Borash is with the TNA X Division Champion Brian Kendrick. Kendrick talks about his victory tonight. Austin Aries walks up telling him to be quiet. He said tonight was unfair as it was Kendrick and Alex Shelley against him. Aries says he didn’t lose tonight because Kendrick pinned Shelley. He demands a rematch and tells Kendrick to go take a shower since he looks homeless.

Bound for Glory Series Match – #1 vs. #2
Rob Van Dam vs. Crimson

RVD with a series of kicks to drop Crimson early on. Crimson fires back with a quick clothesline. RVD with a quick springboard side kick. RVD catches Crimson with Rolling Thunder. We see a shot of Jerry Lynn looking on in RVD’s corner. Crimson locks the head of RVD hitting some high knees and a spinning neckbreaker. Crimson with a high T-Bone suplex on RVD. Both roll out of the ring and RVD connects with a springboard kick to the face. Back in the ring, Crimson drops a few elbows over the head of RVD. RVD powers out, goes up top, Crimson side steps RVD and connects with a sitdown suplex for a two count. RVD counters a Red Sky attempt by Crimson. RVD with a big side kick that Crimson blocks seconds before it even happens. RVD with the Five Star Frog Splash off the top. Crimson gets a shoulder up during the pinfall. RVD catches Crimson with a boot in the corner. Crimson then takes out RVD with a quick spear. Crimson with the cover and RVD kicks out. Crimson with the Red Sky on RVD. During the pinfall, Jerry Lynn runs in and breaks up the pinfall. The referee calls for the bell.

Winner via DQ: Crimson

After the match, Crimson pushes Jerry Lynn down. RVD gets in Lynn’s face as well asking what he was doing. Lynn said he was just trying to watch his back and got caught up in the moment. RVD said he will lose “like a bazillon points or something like that” with Lynn doing that. RVD is down to the #5 spot with Crimson at #1 with 43 points overall.

Backstage, Jeremy Borash is with Mr. Anderson and says he might have joined Immortal for the right reasons, but he seems to have a problem with one person: Bully Ray. Anderson said Immortal was missing a key piece – an authentic asshole like him. He said there is two kinds of people – the one who shits all over everyone and the other that blows hot air (while making fart noises with his hands). He seemed to get lost in his thoughts and just ends it walking away. I have no idea what that was.

A video package runs hyping Fortune vs. Immortal.

Six Man Tag Team Match
Fortune (AJ Styles, Christopher Daniels and Kazarian) vs. Immortal (Scott Steiner, Abyss and Gunner)

We start with Kazarian and Gunner. Kazarian drops him with a big dropkick. Scott Steiner gets the tag. Lock up and Steiner pushes Kazarian away to the corner. Kazarian with a crucifix takedown and a tag to AJ Styles. Steiner pushes Styles to the corner and gets in a few chops. Styles counters and gets in a few chops of his own. Tag to Daniels who gets in a big boot and clothesline combo on Steiner. Steiner rakes the eyes and tags in Abyss. Daniels with palm strikes and a big slap to Abyss. Daniels with a springboard kick. Styles and Kazarian with springboard kicks to Gunner and Steiner. Daniels trips up Abyss and connects with a clothesline to the back of the neck. Abyss drops Daniels with authority near the corner. Tag to Gunner who keeps Daniels grounded. Tag to Steiner who chops away at Daniels. Tag to Abyss. Daniels counters a chokeslam attempt. Hot tag to Kazarian who connects with a snap huricanrana on Abyss. Kazarian takes out Steiner and Gunner on the ring apron. Kazarian with a springboard leg drop and Gunner breaks up the pinfall. Gunner drops to the outside when Kazarian holds the top rope down. Kazarian with a springboard tornado DDT on Abyss. Kazarian dives out with Styles pulling down the top rope taking out Abyss. Styles goes after Gunner and Steiner goes after Daniels. Action is all over the place on the outside. Gunner and Steiner pull out a table and set it up near the ring. Gunner is now the legal man hitting a quick suplex on Kazarian. Tag back to Abyss who takes a DDT from Kazarian. Hot tag to Styles who takes out Steiner and with a hammerlock suplex on Gunner. Styles with a springboard crossbody on Abyss for a two count. Styles with a close rollup on Abyss. Pele Kick on Abyss. Daniels with the BME on Gunner. Steiner drops Daniels face first. Styles kicks Steiner on the back of the head. Styles is crotched on the ropes by Gunner. Gunner moves the table near the ring. Gunner has Styles on his shoulders. Daniels breaks it up. Gunner tackles Daniels and they both crash through the table. Styles with a springboard Pele Kick on Abyss and gets the win.

Winner: Fortune

After the match, AJ Styles and Kazarian check on Christopher Daniels. Scott Steiner and Gunner yell at Abyss for losing. We then see highlights of the match leading to the finish.

Backstage, Jeremy Borash is with Bully Ray. Ray said Anderson is right – there is only room for one asshole in Immortal and that asshole is him. He said the biggest mistake Hogan and Bischoff made was letting Anderson in Immortal.

A video package runs hyping Mr. Anderson vs. Bully Ray.

Mr. Anderson vs. Bully Ray

During his entrance, Bully Ray walked back up the ramp and found a hiding spot near the top. Anderson had his entrance and called for his mic. Ray walked behind him and Anderson let everyone know that he was aware Ray was behind him. Anderson drops Ray and they start brawling down the ramp. Anderson tosses Ray into the steel barricade and then back first into the side of the ring. Anderson starts choking Ray with his shirt. When they enter the ring, the referee calls for the bell and the match has officially started. Ray with a quick clothesline on Anderson. Ray with headbutts into the chest of Anderson and follows with a big chest chop. Ray yells at Anderson to fight back as he lands another big chop. Ray with a big jab. The crowd starts cheering on Anderson. Anderson with right hands. Ray catches Anderson with a big elbow. Another chop by Ray that he follows with a big vertical suplex. Anderson counters a full nelson attempt into a DDT. Both exchange right hands. Anderson with shoulder block attempts and Ray doesn’t go down. Anderson with a clothesline that finally drops Ray. Anderson with a big spin kick to the head of Ray after Ray countered a Mic Check attempt. Anderson off the second rope and Ray catches him with a cutter in mid-air. Anderson gets a shoulder up after two. Ray grabs his chain and wraps it around his wrist. Anderson gets Ray on his shoulders, but seems to lose his footing and falls back into the ropes. Ray rolls out when Anderson goes back up top yelling, “Screw you!” Anderson hits Ray on the back on the ramp and tosses him back in the ring. Anderson sees Ray’s chain and picks it up. The referee takes it away allowing Ray to low blow Anderson. Ray rolls up Anderson for the win.

Winner: Bully Ray

Backstage, Hulk Hogan and Eric Bischoff are yelling at Abyss. Bully Ray walks up after his match proud of what he did. He asks if they saw it. Hogan says they weren’t watching because they were taking care of business back here. Hogan, Bischoff and the rest of Immortal walk off telling Abyss to stay behind.

TNA Tag Team Championships
Beer Money (c’s) vs. Mexican America

We start with Hernandez and Bobby Roode. Roode with a big shoulder block on Hernandez followed by a few chops in the corner. Tag to James Storm who gets in an uppercut and neckbreaker combo. Tag to Anarquia who takes a hip toss from Storm. Roode and Storm double team Anarquia with knee drops with Roode getting the tag. Anarquia catches Roode with an elbow, but Roode gets a side armbar applied until Hernandez breaks it up. Tag to Storm and both pull apart the legs of Anarquia. Storm with a flying clothesline on Anarquia. Anarquia knocks Roode off the corner and spits on him. Storm with a quick to the head of Anarquia. Storm kicks Hernandez in the face. Storm sends Hernandez over the top rope with a clothesline and jumps back in. Storm, with help from Roode, takes out Anarquia flying over the top rope. Roode gets the tag and Hernandez gets in some cheap shots with Anarquia distracting the referee. Tag to Hernandez and both members of Mexican America hit a double shoulder block dropping Roode. Hernandez removes his shirt, wraps it around Roode’s neck and tosses him across the ring. Anarquia gets the tag and connects with a butterfly suplex on Roode. Tag back to Hernandez who has Roode over his shoulder applying pressure on his lower back. Roode fights back with chops. Hernandez with chops to the neck of Roode. Roode fires back with a big spinebuster. Tag to Storm and Anarquia. Storm with a high back body drop on Anarquia. Storm with a kick and DDT on Hernandez. Roode and Storm with a double suplex. They do the BEER…MONEY spot. Storm with a huricanrana and Roode follows with a body splash off the top over Anarquia. Anarquia gets a shoulder up at the last second. Hernandez with a springboard shoulder block to Storm right into a pinfall by Anarquia that is a close two count. Storm with double knees to the chest of Hernandez. Storm catches Anarquia with a superkick and gets the pinfall.

Winners and still TNA Tag Team Champions: Beer Money

Backstage, Jeremy Borash is with Kurt Angle. Angle promises he won’t lose tonight against Sting.

A video package runs hyping Sting vs. Kurt Angle tonight.

TNA Impact Wrestling Championship
Sting (c) vs. Kurt Angle

Jeremy Borash handled the ring introductions for the challenger Kurt Angle and champion Sting.

Lock up and Kurt Angle works over Sting’s left arm. Angle with a headlock takedown. Sting fires back working over Angle’s left arm as well. Angle catches Sting with a hip toss and arm drag combo. Sting fights back kicking out the leg of Angle to trip him up. Sting does this a second time when he sends Angle to the corner. Sting keeps working on the leg of Angle. They talk about Angle dropping around 15-20 pounds to get at his “healthy” wrestling weight. On the outside, Sting sends Angle into the steel steps and the ring barricade. Angle with a modified samoan drop favoring his leg on the way down. Angle catches Sting with a big knee to the gut. Angle sends Sting into the corner two times, but Sting fires back after hitting the second corner taking out Angle with a quick clothesline. Sting catches Angle with a few elbows and a series of clotheslines. Sting with a kick to the gut and DDT combo on Angle. Sting with a big boot, but Angle connects with a quick overhead belly-to-belly suplex. Sting counters an Angle Slam and connects with a modified Scorpion Deathdrop. Angle barely gets a shoulder up after two. Angle with a german suplex on Sting, a second and a third with a release. Angle with a moonsault and Sting moves out of the way. Sting with an Angle Slam, cover and Angle gets a shoulder up after two. Sting gets the Scorpion Deathlock applied. Angle screams out in pain reaching for the ropes. Angle gets the bottom rope. Stinger Splash to the back of Angle. Sting misses a second one. Angle with the Angle Slam. Sting kicks out after two. Angle misses a charge in the corner when Sting moves. Sting with the ankle lock applied on Angle. Angle turns over and kicks Sting away. Angle with the Scorpion Deathlock applied on Sting. Sting gets the bottom rope. Angle drops sledgehammer fists to the lower back of Sting. Sting fights back with elbows. Sting attempts a scoop slam, but Angle rolls through and gets the ankle lock applied. Sting rolls through and gets a close pinfall attempt on Angle. Referee bump when Angle misses Sting with a kick to the head. Both men are down along with the referee after Angle and Sting hit a double clothesline. Hulk Hogan is walking down the ramp with a steel chair in hand. Hogan tosses the chair inside and gets in. Hogan is ready to hit Sting when Angle grabs the chair. Hogan bails. Angle grabs the chair and cracks it over the back of Sting. Angle tosses the chair out of the ring and hits the Angle Slam on Sting. Angle covers Sting and gets the pinfall.

Winner and NEW TNA Impact Wrestling Champion: Kurt Angle

After the match, Kurt Angle is handed the TNA Impact Wrestling Championship and throws it over his shoulder as he stares down Hulk Hogan who is standing at the end of the ramp. The PPV goes off the air with an angry Hogan staring down Angle.

A promo for TNA No Surrender on Sunday, September 11 airs.

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