Detailed 7/22/11 WWE Smackdown Recap

Jul 23, 2011 - by staff

Opening Segment
Orton is sitting in the middle of the ring to kick us off. He reminds us that a lot has changed in the WWE but he still has a lot of unfinished business with Christian, which brings his adversary out. Christian blames Orton’s anger for his loss before Orton calls him a coward. Christian says that despite all the conspiracies against him, he’s once again on top for the 2nd time. He also calls the crowd losers for turning against him. Orton wants his rematch tonight. Orton is coming for Christian but Long comes out with a couple of refs to stop him. Long reminds him that he already has a street fight with Kane tonight so it can’t take place tonight. Orton pretends to leave but attacks Christian before the agents separate them. Long tells Christian that he will face Ezekiel Jackson next. After the segment, the announcers recap everything what just happened. I think Christian has a replica belt tonight because the strap looks thin and the inside side is red in color.

Match One: Christian (World Heavyweight Champion) vs. Ezekiel Jackson (Intercontinental Champion) [Non-Title]
Jackson dominates early on before Christian sends Jackson into the steel steps. Here’s the part of the match where Christian is in control. Jackson comes back with a couple of clotheslines. Jackson hits a couple of body slams. Christian drives Jackson into the steel post shoulder first and then hits the Kill Switch for the three.
Winner: Christian; Match Rating: 5/10

In-ring Segment: Daniel Bryan/Michael Cole
Cole calls his win a fluke but he doesn’t give a damn about his opinion. Cole says that he’s going to take the easy route to be champion, like the others before him. He also tells him that he won’t be a deserving champion. Bryan tells him that he didn’t deserve a match at WM. Bryan tells him that he has paid his dues and he has dreamed to be a World Champion in WWE since he was a little boy. He’s going to cash his briefcase at Wrestlemania. He is interrupted by Heath Slater who calls him a loser. He tells him that he was loser back in NXT and in Nexus, and tonight, he’s going to lose to the ONE MAN ROCK BAND!!!

Match Two: Daniel Bryan vs. Heath Slater
They go back and forth early on but Slater gains control of the match. Bryan monkey flips over Slater and then knocks him down. He presses Slater on the outside. He hits a kick/single leg drop off the apron. He then hits his missile drop kick in the ring. But Slater regains control with a spinebuster. The two then exchange pin attempts. Bryan locks in his dragon sleeper for the win.
Winner: Daniel Bryan; Match Rating: 5/10

We are shown footage of the Mark Henry-Big Show match from MITB.
Backstage Interview: Mark Henry
He tells Striker that he had pleasure in destroying Big Show, and felt power in doing so.
Raw Recap: The Triple H, John Cena and Mr. McMahon segment.
-The announcers talk about the Vince McMahon situation
WWE REWIND: Barrett attacking Sheamus after his match with Sin Cara.

Match Three: Sheamus vs. Wade Barrett
Both were booed on their way to the ring so this match should be interesting. The two brawl early on before Barrett gains control of the match. Barrett goes for a pumphandle slam but Sheamus counters it into the Irish Curse back breaker. Sheamus spears Barrett on the outside and they then brawl on the outside. Barrett irishwhips Sheamus into the railing. They fight on the outside as the ref counts them out. As the ref is talking with Sheamus, Barrett drives him into the steel post. He sets up for Waste Land in the ring but he counters and hits the Brogue Kick.
-Double Count-out; Match Rating: 5/10

Backstage Segment: Kane
Apparently, he wants to be a monster again.

Match Four: Randy Orton vs. Kane [Street Fight]
The main event is starting early so this is going to be a long match. But it’s a Street Fight so I’m excited. Kane dominates during the early part of the match. The action rolls on the outside and the two exchange blows. Orton gets a Kendo Stick and whacks Kane a couple times. He has his crazy (and stupid) look on. Orton tries for his DDT but Kane presses him out of the ring. Kane rams him into the barricade as we go to a commercial. We return to see Kane in control of the match. Kane is beating on Orton inside the ring. The action rolls to the outside again as Kane hits an uppercut on Orton. Kane is setting up the announce table as he has something in mind for Orton. Kane goes for a chokeslam but he lands on the announce table. He kicks Kane and trips and the table trips too. He’s holding his knee/hamstring as he laughs it off. He sends Kane into the steel steps. Kane is hurting while the ref talks with Orton. Orton then sets Kane leg on the steps. First he stomps on his ankle and then smashes it with steel steps, over the steps. We go to a commercial. We return and Kane connects a Big Boot on Orton. Kane goes for his top rope clothesline but Orton side steps and sends Kane into the ring post shoulder first. He connects his signature DDT on Kane. He is now setting up Kane for the RKO. But Kane counters and connects with the side walk slam. He again goes to the top rope and this time, he connects with the clothesline. He’s setting up for the choke slam but Orton quickly turns around and connects with the RKO. 1…2…Kane Kicks Out!!!! Orton is in disbelief. Orton is getting ready for the punt. But Kane catches him and choke slams Orton, and this time Orton kicks out of the pin fall attempt as we go to another commercial. When we come back, Kane is grabbing a steel chair from the outside. He brings it into the ring. He smashes Orton on the back a couple of times. Now Kane is about to tombstone Orton on the chair. Orton gets out of it and then, RKOs Kane on the steel chair for the win.
Winner: Randy Orton; Match Rating: 7/10

After the match, Orton poses for the crowd. He sees Kane back on his feet. They have a staredown and then, Kane offers his hand for a handshake. Orton has a look of disbelief as he makes his way to the back. Kane is still limping in the ring as his music is played. Mark Henry comes down to the ring. Kane attacks Henry first but he attacks the injured leg and then knocks him down. He rams his leg into the mat. He then hits the World’s Strongest Slam, followed by the World’s Strongest Splash as the crowd chants “You Suck.” He goes to the announcers table and grabs a steel chair as the announcers run away. He sets Kane ankle in the steel chair ala Big Show at MITB. He dows the same splash on Kane as he did to Big Show at MITB. Kane receives medical attention as Henry receives “You Suck” chants to close the show.

Overall Show Rating: 6/10
Last Week’s Rating: 5/10
Thumbs up to: Kane, Orton and Mark Henry
Thumbs down to: No-one this week
Match of the Night: The Street Fight

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