7/21/11 Impact Wrestling Recap

Jul 22, 2011 - by Jason Graening

Sting winning the TNA World Championship last week over Mr. Anderson is aired. The evil clowns are also focused upon with Kurt Angle being the one that took out Bully Ray to assist Sting in winning the championship.

We head to the Impact Wrestling Zone where Sting comes down to the ring with the World Championship. Sting grabs a microphone and says he is back on track again. Sting says he has something that Hulk Hogan and Eric Bischoff wants and he has something that he wants. Sting then says he is insane before calling Hogan and Bischoff out to the ring.

Kurt Angle comes out instead wearing his clown mask before removing it and heading towards the ring. Angle says he came to his aid last week because it was the right thing to do, however, there is now a dilemma since Sting has run into a speed bump named Kurt Angle. Angle says only one of them can walk out the best man and it will be Angle since he has no other choice.

Immortal’s music then hits as Mr. Anderson and Bully Ray come out of the tunnel. Ray says they have a huge dilemma since they will have to learn how to work together when they take on Ray and Anderson later on tonight. Anderson goes on to say that he was robbed last week and says that Sting need to deal with him before he worries about Hogan, Bischoff and giving Dixie Carter her company back.

Match 1: Scott Steiner vs. Rob Van Dam (Bound for Glory Series Match)
Steiner attacks RVD from behind to get this match started. Steiner follows with an overhead suplex to pick up a near fall. Steiner continues on the attack until RVD finally connects with a kick to Steiner’s face. RVD then hits Steiner with a kick from the top rope and Steiner goes out to the floor. RVD follows and hangs Steiner on the railing before jumping off the apron and nailing Steiner with a spinning leg drop.

RVD rolls Steiner into the ring where Steiner is able to turn the tide and pick up another near fall after hitting a belly-to-belly suplex. RVD is then tossed into the corner and counters with a spin kick before hitting the Rolling Thunder for a near fall. Steiner then fights back and he puts RVD on the top turnbuckle before dropping him to the canvas. Steiner tries for the pin but RVD is able to put his foot on the rope.

Steiner then connects with a Steinerline but decides to stop the cover and do some push ups. Steiner then gets in the referee’s face for a moment, which gives RVD an opening as he rolls up Steiner for the pin fall and earns seven points to move into a tie for second place. After the match Steiner nails RVD from behind before leaving the ring.

Mickie James is seen walking backstage wearing sunglasses and holding the TNA Knockouts Championship over her shoulder. Mike Tenay tells us that she has something to say to Velvet Sky as we head into a commercial break.

Mickie James comes out to the ring and calls out Velvet Sky as she has something to say to her. Velvet Sky comes out as the announce team say that she has the biggest opportunity in her career tonight as she faces Mickie for the Knockouts Championship tonight. Mickie says she has been watching Velvet and seeing how people have been trying to break her down mentally, physically and emotionally. Because of this, Mickie says she is honored to give her a shot at the title tonight because she deserves it and plans to tear the roof off the Impact Zone, however, Mickie plans to walk out as champion.

Winter’s music hits as Angelina Love and Winter come out. Angelina says it has taken a while for her to see what Winter has been trying to tell her, but now she finally understands. She says that all of the Knockouts disrespect her and she has never been given her due, which is all due to jealousy. Angelina continues by saying it doesn’t matter who wins tonight as the championship will eventually come back around her waist. Winter steps in and says they work together as a team and it doesn’t matter who is champion at Hardcore Justice since she will come out the winner and the Knockouts Championship will come back to them.

Tara and Miss Tessmacher is seen walking in the backstage area and are attacked from behind by Sarita and Rosita as we head into a commercial break. We return from break to see the brawl is still going on as Sarita and Rosita are getting the best of them. Madison Rayne then jumps in and goes after Tara as Sarita and Rosita double team Miss Tessmacher. The announce team bring up the fact that Sarita is wearing a face guard as referees come in and separate the sides.

We head to the announce table as they hype tonight’s 4-way ladder match between Samoa Joe, AJ Styles, Matt Morgan and Gunner, with the winner of the match earning 10 points. We then hear comments from the participants where Joe says he is going to turn it around tonight and put himself on the board. Morgan says he doesn’t care who is in the match as he is going to get the 10 points. Gunner says he has his sights set on main eventing Bound for Glory and winning gold for the second time. Styles says the 10 points are as good as his as Christopher Daniels steps in and wants to talk to him. Styles closes the door to his dressing room as we head into a commercial break.

We join the announce team once again who shows us video of a parking lot brawl shot with a cell phone camera with Miss Tessmacher and Tara going at it with Sarita and Rosita. Sarita ended up breaking her jaw and an orbital socket, which is why she is now wearing a face guard. Sarita and Rosita then demanded a match and Tara and Tessmacher agreed it as long as the TNA Knockouts Tag Team Championship were at stake.

Match 2: Tara & Miss Tessmacher vs. Sarita & Rosita (TNA Knockouts Tag Team Championship)
Tara and Tessmacher attack their opponents on the entrance ramp before this match starts. Tara rolls Rosita into the ring to get this match officially underway. All four go at it in the ring as Tara is kicked out to the floor and the two begin to work over Tessmacher. Earl Hebner restores some order as the champs work over Tessmacher with quick tags in and out of the match.

The match again breaks down as Hebner again tries to restore order as Tessmacher continues to take a beating. Tara then comes in and helps her partner and drags her into the corner to makes the tag. Tara then sets up for the Widow’s Peak but Madison Rayne comes in and takes Tara out. All four are in the ring once again as Tessmacher takes Sarita out with a bulldog and Tara follows with a sit out powerbomb and picks up the pin fall to win the Knockouts Tag Team Champions.

A clipboard worth 10 points hanging high above the ring is shown as we head into the 4-way Bound for Glory Series Ladder Match.

Match 3: AJ Styles vs. Samoa Joe vs. Matt Morgan vs. Gunner (Bound for Glory Series Ladder Match)
The bell rings as Joe goes up against Morgan in the ring and Gunner battles Styles on the floor. Gunner sends Styles into the ladder but Joe ends up taking Gunner out by kicking the ladder into him. Joe and Morgan then double team Gunner with the ladder but their partnership is short lives as Morgan takes Joe out with a clothesline.

With all of his opponents laid out on the floor, Morgan slides the ladder into the ring but Styles comes in and takes him out with a Pele kick. Gunner then comes in and takes Styles out with a slingshot suplex before hitting Morgan and Joe with the ladder. Gunner looks to set up the ladder but Styles hits him from behind and sends him out to the floor. Morgan is able to recover and takes Styles out with a fallaway slam but Joe is right there and connects with a senton splash on Morgan as he is on the mat.

Joe begins to set up the ladder but Gunner comes back into the ring and hits him from behind. Gunner then sends Joe into the ropes and Joe dives through the ropes and takes out Morgan. Gunner then sets up the ladder and begins to climb up but Styles climbs the other side and pushes him off. Joe enters the ring once again and pushes the ladder down sending Styles down to the canvas. Styles, though, lands on his feet and connects with a Pele kick to Joe. Joe is still standing, however, and slams Styles down to the mat and Styles rolls out to the floor.

Gunner returns and takes Joe out with a running knee before he sets up the ladder once again. Before Gunner can climb the ladder, though, Morgan takes him out with a Carbon Footprint. Morgan then climbs up the ladder and pulls down the clipboard to earn the 10 points. We are then treated to highlights of the match as we then see the three losers walking back up the ramp. With the win, Morgan has moved into second place in the Bound for Glory Series with 24 points.

Footage of Eric Young is aired in which he is making his way towards Hollywood as he is the Television Champion. EY says nothing will stop him from achieving his destiny as he walks into a convenience store. Young says he sees Cee Lo Green but the camera man tells him it’s actually D-Lo Brown. Young walks up to him and D-Lo tells him to calm down but Young rolls him up from behind and makes his own three count before running away. D-Lo says Young better recognize who he is as the segment ends.

Match 4: Alex Shelley vs. Brian Kendrick (X Division Championship)
The two shake hands as the bell rings to get this match started. The two go back and forth in the opening moments as Shelley is able to pick up a few near falls in the process. Kendrick goes for Sliced Bread #2, but Shelley counters as Shelley takes control of the match. Shelley then heads to the top and hits a cross body block and picks up a few more near falls on Kendrick.

Shelley tries for another high risk move but Kendrick counters with a dropkick. Shelley rolls out to the floor and Kendrick dives over the top rope and sends Shelley into the guard railing. Kendrick then rolls Shelley into the ring and heads to the top rope but Shelley counters by lifting up his knees as Kendrick dives into them.

Kendrick rolls out to the apron and Shelley hits a move on the apron to take Kendrick out. As the match returns to the ring, Austin Aries comes out and hits Shelley with the X Division Championship and Kendrick makes the cover to pick up the pin fall and retains the X Division Championship. After the match, Kendrick looks confused and helps Shelley to his feet as Aries hides around the ring.

After a commercial break, the camera man is with Brian Kendrick and says he didn’t want to win that way. Kendrick says they have spent years trying to prove that they are the best wrestlers and this is the kind of things that he is against.

Mexican America make their way to the ring as Anarquia talks about how Sarita was attacked and how they were robbed of the Knockouts Tag Team Championship. Anarquia says he’s also pissed that their flag isn’t hanging down and when they are pissed, they start kicking ass. He continues by saying he isn’t worried about the British Invasion anymore and they only want to deal with Beer Money.

Beer Money comes out and stand face to face with Mexican America. James Storm tells them to shut their mouths and listen. Storm introduces themselves to Mexican America and tells them that they have beaten the best and are 4 time tag team champions. Storm says they are going to kick their ass at Hardcore Justice. Robert Roode then tells them sorry about their damn luck as the two share a few words in the ring.

Mickie James and Velvet Sky are seen walking towards the ring as the TNA Knockouts Championship match is coming up next.

Prior to the Knockouts Championship match, Angelina Love and Winter run out and attack Mickie as she makes her way to the ring. Velvet Sky then runs out and helps out Mickie as all four fight around the ringside area. The fight makes it to the ring as we see ODB and Jackie run out from the crowd and join in by attacking Velvet. ODB is heard saying that they weren’t leaving as Traci Brooks runs out as Jackie and ODB leave the ring.

All of them again begin to fight around the ring as referees come out to try to break them up. They have their hands full as security come out but Jackie and ODB just toss them around and take them out by kicking them between the legs. Police finally come out and put ODB and Jackie in handcuffs and escort them to the back.

After a commercial break we see Velvet and Traci backstage and Traci says she knew ODB and Jackie wouldn’t keep their word, which is why she came back. She says contract or not, she will be around as long as they are.

Match 5: Mr. Anderson & Bully Ray vs. Kurt Angle & Sting
During Mr. Anderson’s entrance, Bully Ray cuts him off and tells him to get in the ring to take care of business, but Anderson does it anyway. Ray hits Sting from behind as the bell rings and Sting ends up knocking Angle off the ring apron. Ray and Anderson then take turns working over Sting and pick up a few near falls in the process. Anderson then begins working over Sting’s legs before he turns it over to Ray, who misses with a move from the middle rope.

Sting makes it to his corner and tags Angle into the match who comes in and takes both Anderson and Ray out with suplexes. Angle then tries for an Angle Slam on Anderson but Ray takes Angle out with a chop block. Sting gets into the ring as this match begins to break down and he dumps Ray out to the floor before hitting a Stinger Splash on Anderson. Angle then hits Anderson with an Angle Slam to pick up the pin fall.

After the match, Sting and Angle shake hands before staring each other down. Sting then asks Angle if he has gone too far or not far enough. Sting then leaves the ring as Impact Wrestling comes to a close.

Quick Results
– Rob Van Dam defeated Scott Steiner by pin fall in a Bound for Glory Series Match.
– Tara & Miss Tessmacher defeated Sarita & Rosita by pin fall to become the new TNA Knockouts Tag Team Champions.
– Matt Morgan defeated AJ Styles, Samoa Joe and Gunner in a 4-way Bound for Glory Series Ladder Match.
– Brian Kendrick defeated Alex Shelley by pin fall to retain the X Division Championship.
– Kurt Angle & Sting defeated Mr. Anderson & Bully Ray by pin fall.

Starman’s Thoughts
Tonight’s show had a few strong points, but those points were far outweighed by the bad ones. For me, the ladder match was the highlight of tonight’s show, although I really wish it was given more time to develop, especially considering it was a Bound for Glory Series match, but it delivered on the action side of things even though it only lasted about five minutes. It was also great to see some added emphasis about the match with the video package that featured the wrestlers talking about the match and its importance. The videos were short but effective in my mind. I was surprised to see Morgan picking up the win as he was the one I figured would have the least chance of winning.

Scott Steiner and RVD also fought in a Bound for Glory Series match, and while it wasn’t great, it at least was given some time to develop a bit. The one thing that bothered me about the match, though, was the fact that Steiner is still doing his push up routine during it. I know it has been part of his act for over a decade now, but you would think being in a high stakes match where gathering points is a top priority that he would drop that routine and take the match more seriously. Maybe even have the announcers talk about how focused he is and has cut out that kind of crap for these matches. I know some people hated that Samoa Joe was recently seen going for a submission victory, but at least that is worth more points and seeing that how far behind he is in the standings, that makes sense.

Last week Mexican America defeated the British Invasion to earn a shot at Beer Money and the TNA Tag Team Championships, and that match was set up tonight to take place at Hardcore Justice. I’m all for building up to a match and usually gripe about pay-per-view matches with little to no build, so I will give TNA credit for this segment to help set this match up. However, what wasn’t needed was the overt racism that took place during the segment. I didn’t include any of what was said by James Storm in my recap since I felt there was no need to as it wasn’t needed to set up this match.

Did I miss the memo or something about the Knockouts Division. On tonight’s broadcast, Mickie James and Velvet Sky talked up the division and said it was the best one around, and at one point I may have believed them. Tonight was not one of those times. When did the Knockouts Division go from putting on great women’s matches to turning into nothing more than a nonstop chaotic catfight?

For starters we had the Knockout Tag Team Championships defending in a tag team match that apparently had no rules whatsoever. This was nothing more than a complete mess. The match started around the ring and the Knockouts were pretty much coming into the ring whenever they wanted. Then there was some interference from Madison Rayne. The worst part of all, the tag team championships changed hands with about a total of five minutes of build up. Nothing like blowing through a whole storyline in one night.

If that wasn’t enough, the TNA Knockouts Championship was also supposed to be defended tonight, however, that match was scrapped as an all out brawl took place during the ring introductions. As I predicted, ODB and Jackie came back before finally being taken away by the police. I’m all for having ODB return, but having nonstop catfights like the one that took place tonight is not making me look forward to seeing the Knockouts on my television.

Remember the good old days when the Television Championship meant something? You don’t? Me either. It’s not like the title holds much value as it is, but this whole thing with Eric Young looking for television stars to defend it against isn’t making the Television Championship meaningful. It’s nothing more than a joke of a belt on a comedy character stuck in a pointless angle.

As I said, there were a few highlights on tonight’s show, but for the most part it was forgettable with too much bad spots to drag it down.

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