Detailed 7/15/11 WWE Smackdown Recap

Jul 16, 2011 - by Steve Gerweck

If you own a fansite and are looking for a free design, head over to Eccentric Studios ( …Now on to Smackdown. Oh, and at the end of the article, I have Money in the Bank predictions too. Comment below to tell me if you agree with them.
Opening Segment: Orton, Christian and Josh Mathews

Josh interviews Orton in the ring to start the show. He asks Orton if his anger management issues will get him Disqualified this Sunday. He assures everyone that he will beat Christian again before Christian shows up on the Titantron. He shows Orton a photo of him standing tall over Orton from a couple of weeks ago. Orton calls his attempt at playing mind games pathetic. Christian calls his family pathetic and runs down Bob Orton. He says that his father only got in the Hall of Fame so that the top brass could keep Randy happy. He tells Orton that he will win the title this Sunday. Orton calls Christian an excuse for a man and tells him that his only claim to fame was his best friend helping him win the title for a mere 5 days.

The announcing team reviews the Henry and Big Show match, before we see that Henry video package that we’ve seen a million times. We’re going to have a Face Off between Show and Henry tonight.

Match One: Ezekiel Jackson (c) vs. Ted Dibiase (Intercontinental Championship)
Jackson dominates that match early on. The match rolls to the outside and Dibiase takes control as he dropkicks Jackson into the steel ring post. They’re back in the ring and Dibiase hits Jackson with Russian leg sweep. Rhodes is watching the match in the back. Jackson returns with a clothesline. Jackson hits Dibiase with a couple of powerslams before making him submit with the Torture Rack.
Winner: Ezekiel Jackson; Match Rating: 2.4/5

Still to come: Sin Cara vs. Sheamus, Orton vs. Kane and Rhodes vs. Bryan

Backstage Segment: Rhodes and Dibiase

Dibiase apologizes to Rhodes but he hands him a plastic bag because bags are for losers. He decides to give him another chance and if he loses another match, he will put on the bag on Dibiase himself. He then puts the bag on an innocent passer-by.

Match Two: Daniel Bryan vs. Cody Rhodes
They show a package which shows the rivalry between Rhodes and Bryan. Bryan is impressive early on and hits a suicide dive on Rhodes on the outside as we go to a commercial. We’re back but Rhdoes is in control now and has Bryan in a single leg Boston Crab. Bryan eventually fights out of it and they go back and forth before Rhodes hits an Alabama Slam. Bryan hits a missile dropkick and goes for the pin but Rhodes kicks out. Rhodes hits him with the springboard kick for the clean win. Good Match!

Winner: Cody Rhodes; Match Rating: 3/5

Backstage Segment: Teddy Long and a ref
He instructs the ref to tell Show and Henry that if there is any physicality tonight, their PPV match will be cancelled. Kane walks in the office and he thanks Long for his match with Orton tonight. He tells Long that something is wrong with him. He says he’s a monster and monsters are not supposed to lose. He’s wondering what’s wrong with him. Long tells him that he’s scared of him right now but he doesn’t buy it.

Backstage Segment: Mahal and Khali
They’re in the middle of a photoshoot but the photographer seems to be more interested in Mahal. Mahal threatens the photographer and tells him that he’s the star and tells him to take his photos only.

Backstage Segment: Christian
Christian takes a look at Orton’s tour bus when he goes to the side which has been vandalized by him. He acts as if he doesn’t know who did this and tells the camera that he will do his own investigation on who did this.

Match Three: Sheamus vs. Sin Cara
Wade Barrett is on commentary for this one. Sin Cara does his high flying stuff early on. But Sheamus quickly gains control of the match and hits a back breaker. He also hits him with a running knee. Sheamus works on him as the crowd chants for Sin Cara. Sin Cara eventually sends Sheamus out of the ring and he has apparently tweaked his knee. He comes back in the ring and catches Sin Cara in mid-air, and hits an overhead slam. Sheamus goes for his finisher but Sin Cara is able to roll him up for the three count. After the match, Barrett hits Sheamus with a Big Boot in the ring, before hitting the Waste Land on him.
Winner: Sin Cara; Match Rating: 2.2/5

Backstage Segment: Christian
Christian is roaming around in the casino and founds Orton’s wallet. He tosses around his stuff and finds a $1000 in his wallet. He tells the camera that he’s going to gamble and make Randy a bit more money because he’s going to need it for the anger management courses and possibly, for Randy’s daughter’s college fund. He loses all of the money and tells Randy that his luck has run out.

In-ring Segment: Teddy Long, Mark Henry and Big Show
Teddy is going to preside over the face off. He reminds everyone that if they fight tonight, their match this Sunday will be called off. Henry chooses to stay at the top of the ramp. He blames Show for his change in personality and he shows the clip where Show put Henry in the stretcher. Show says that for 15 years, people wanted to see the real World’s Strongest Man and now he had lit that fire in him. But he tells Henry not to direct it towards him. Henry tells him that Bigger is not better and he’s better than him. They’re ready to fight right now but Long stops them and tells them to wait till Sunday.

Match Four: Kelly Kelly vs. Rosa Mendes w/Alicia Fox
Kelly has her arm bandaged up due to the offence inflicted on her by the Bellas. Mendes take control early on and has Kelly in a submission. Kelly fights back and hits a sloppy drop toe hold, followed by some spanking. She hits a weak neckbreaker, followed by the stink face. She goes for the bulldog but Mendes stands her ground or maybe it was a botch I’m not sure. She hits her finisher for the three count.
Winner: Kelly Kelly; Match Rating: 2/5

Backstage Segment: Johnny Curtis
Curtis cuts another boring promo.
The announcers go over the ladder matches.

Match Five: Justin Gabriel vs. Heath Slater
They both have new (and separate) titantrons and entrance themes. Before the match, Slater tells him that they were at the top of the tag team division. But lately, he is getting tired of carrying Gabriel and this Sunday, it will be his time because he is the one-man Rock Band. They go back and forth early on before Slater takes control of the match. But the action breaks down again. Gabriel goes for the 450 but Slater tosses him down. Slater goes for a moonsault but misses. This allows Gabriel to hit the 450 for the win.
Winner: Justin Gabriel; Match Rating: 2/5

Match Six: Randy Orton vs. Kane
Kane is dominating early on as Christian is out on the ramp watching the match. Kane hits his top-rope clothesline. He’s setting up for the choke slam but Orton escapes. He hits his trademark powerslam and then hits his DDT off the rope. Now, Orton is setting up for the RKO. Kane fights back as Orton notices Christian for the first time. Kane hits a clothesline which sends both men out of the ring. Kane rolls back in as Orton goes after Christian which causes him to be counted out. Orton chases Christian around and follows him into the ring but is met with a huge uppercut from Kane. Christian and Kane stomp Orton but Kane doesn’t appreciate the help and scares him out of the ring. Randy hits Kane with a RKO and Christian spears Orton. Christian gets the title and chair into the ring. He’s about to hit him with the chair but Orton dodges and takes the chair as Christian runs out of the ring. Orton then smashes Kane with the chair a good 8 or 10 times on the back as Christian looks scared on the ramp but then smiles as we go off the air.
Winner: Kane; Match Rating: 2.2/5

Closing Thoughts
This was a better Smackdown than last week. The match quality was generally acceptable throughout the night. Last Week, I said Smackdown lacked entertainment. Well this week, WWE covered some of it. The in-ring confrontation was good and the Christian segments weren’t bad either.

Money in the Bank Predictions
WWE Championship
John Cena (c) vs. C.M. Punk
Predicted Winner: CM Punk

World Heavyweight Championship
Randy Orton (c) vs. Christian
Predicted Winner: Randy Orton

Raw Money in the Bank Ladder Match
Alberto Del Rio vs. R-Truth vs. Rey Mysterio vs. Evan Bourne vs. Jack Swagger vs. The Miz vs. Alex Riley vs. Kofi Kingston
Predicted Winner: Alberto Del Rio

Smackdown! Money in the Bank Ladder Match
Sheamus vs. Wade Barrett vs. Sin Cara vs. Daniel Bryan vs. Cody Rhodes vs. Justin Gabriel vs. Heath Slater vs. Kane
Predicted Winner: Wade Barrett

Mark Henry vs. Big Show
Predicted Winner: Mark Henry

Divas Championship
Kelly Kelly (c) vs. Brie Bella
Predicted Winner: Kelly Kelly

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