Jul 11, 2011 - by Jason Graening

Follow along tonight as the Starman covers WWE Raw as it takes place at the TD Garden in Boston, MA. Leave your thoughts on tonight’s show in the comments.

CM Punks music hits as he comes out carrying a megaphone to the ring. Punk then gets on a headset to tell the producers not to turn off his microphone. Punk then sits down in the middle of the ring and says he was suspended by Vince McMahon due to some things he said two weeks ago. He said he got in trouble for saying things that no one else has the balls to say.

Punk goes on to say that he is reinstated tonight and his match against John Cena is still on. Punk says McMahon wants to desperately sign him to a new contract and sees him as the hottest property in the industry today, which is why he was given a live microphone tonight. Punk says he made WWE socially relevant and says they only get mentioned by the media when he has a microphone or if someone dies.

Punk says McMahon finally sees what he has in Punk and wants to give him everything that he wants. The crowd begins a “CM Punk” chant as he continues to say that he knows McMahon likes to do things that has never been done and wants to have live contract negotiations on television tonight. Punk says maybe he will sign and maybe he might have McMahon join the CM Punk “Kiss My Ass” club.

John Cena’s music interrupts Punk as he comes out down to the ring. Punk thanks Cena for getting him reinstated to a job that he really didn’t want. Punk goes on to say that he will change up the ugly championship title after he wins it on Sunday. Punk says he doesn’t have to worry about getting fired because Cena was fired a couple months ago and that last all of a week.

Cena says he is out there to set him straight and tells him that Punk has to go through him to get the WWE Championship. Cena says he isn’t a pushover and says that he is the best because he is the champion and that he has earned it. Cena says many people have said that they are the best wrestler, but he has proven the likes of Triple H, Shawn Michaels, Eddie Guerrero and Kurt Angle wrong. Cena says he is going to Chicago to kick his ass.

The GM alert goes off as Michael Cole reads the email to say that Vince McMahon is on his way to Raw to negotiate with CM Punk. It also says that since it may be the last Raw that Cena is on, he will be in a very special match, and that match is up next as we head into a commercial break.

Match 1: John Cena vs. David Otunga & Michael McGillicutty (Handicap Match)
John Cena is taking on the WWE Tag Team Champions in a handicap match. Otunga starts out against Cena and quickly tags in McGillicutty after Cena put him in a head lock. Cena takes McGillicutty down with a hip toss and a dropkick as McGillicutty rolls out to the floor and regroups with Otunga as we head into a commercial break.

We return to the match as see that Cena has lost control of the match after Otunga tossed him into the guard railing. McGillicutty and Otunga continue to methodically work over Cena in the ring until he catches Otunga with a suplex. McGillicutty is tagged in and Cena unloads a flurry of offense and goes for the Attitude Adjustment but Otunga breaks it up.

McGillicutty regains control of the match and goes for a superplex but Cena fights out of it and hits McGillicutty with a leg drop from the top rope. Cena then puts McGillicutty in an STF but Otunga breaks it up. The two double team Cena for a bit before Cena comes back and hits McGillicutty with an Attitude Adjustment and tosses Otunga out to the floor before picking up the pin fall.

The announce team hypes the live contract negotiations between CM Punk and Vince McMahon as we head into a commercial break.

We see live footage of Boston, MA, as the season premiere of Haven on SyFy takes place this Friday and it guest stars Edge. The announce team then hype the upcoming match between Mark Henry and the Big Show as we are treated to a video package that focuses on Henry’s dominance in the ring and him taking out the Big Show and a production assistant.

Dolph Ziggler and Vicki Guerrero are backstage and are rehearsing what Ziggler is going to say to Vince McMahon tonight. Ziggler thinks that he should fire both CM Punk and John Cena and make the US Championship the top title in the company. Drew McIntyre comes in and pretends to be McMahon as the three all insult McMahon before he walks on camera.

McMahon says both Ziggler and McIntyre are his two fastest rising stars and says they need to be in the spotlight. McMahon suggests that the two team up in a handicap match against the Big Show. McMahon then chases them off for hearing their insults before being questioned by the backstage interviewer who says the whole world wants to know what will happen in tonight’s live contract negotiations. He responds by telling the whole world to go to hell.

Kelly Kelly is walking backstage with the Divas Championship and she is in action next as we head into a commercial break.

We see footage of Kelly Kelly winning the Divas Championship last month. This brings us into the next match of the night.

Match 2: Melina vs. Kelly Kelly
The Bella Twins have joined the announce team for this match. Melina starts out strong against the champion but Kelly Kelly fights back and takes Melina down with a neckbreaker for a near fall. Kelly Kelly then takes Melina out with a Fameasser to pick up the pin fall.

The Bella’s then come to the ring and make fun of Kelly Kelly’s small figure and her need for Proactive. Kelly Kelly has had enough and begins to fight with the Bella’s as Eve comes in to help out but they are both taken out.

The announce team hypes the contract negotiations and we see the Miz walking backstage and he will be out after the commercial break.

We see a recap of Alex Riley defeating the Miz last week on Raw. After the match, Miz got a bit of payback by taking Riley out. The Miz’s music hits as he comes out to the ring that has ladders in and around it. Miz sits on top of a ladder and says he knows what it is all about by turning the Money in the Bank contract into a title. Miz says none of his opponents can say that and they will find out that he still has what it takes to be a champion. Miz says he is still the future and all of the pretenders will find out why his is awesome.

Jack Swagger cuts off the Miz and says that he has also won the Money in the Bank ladder match and went on to become a World Champion. Swagger says he will go on to do it again as Miz asks if someone wins the MitB and nobody remembers it, did it really happen? Evan Bourne comes out and says he is going to steal the show on Sunday and win MitB.

Kofi Kingston is the next one out and says he appreciates everyone’s confidence but says it is an 8-man ladder match where they but their careers and their futures on the line. Kofi says he isn’t going to win by what he says tonight, but what he does in the ring on Sunday.

R-Truth comes out and says the conspiracy against him continues as he beat John Cena two weeks ago, but now he has to climb a ladder and grab a briefcase. Truth says he has arachnophobia and is scared of heights and says the grits are going to hit the pan if there is a spider in the briefcase.

Alex Riley then comes out and the Miz leaves the ring and he is followed by Alberto Del Rio. Del Rio says it is a disgrace that he even has to be in the MitB match as he beat Rey Mysterio for the #1 contender spot. Del Rio says Cena is afraid of him and he has to do it all over again to show everyone that it is his destiny to become the WWE Champion.

The GM alert goes off as Michael Cole reads the email that says Albert Del Rio has a point and books a 6-man tag team match. It will be the Miz, Jack Swagger and R-Truth against Evan Bourne, Alex Riley and Kofi Kingston, which will start right now as we head into a commercial break.

A video package that highlights the Big Show’s appearance on Burn Notice is aired. That episode takes place this Thursday on USA.

Match 3: The Miz/Jack Swagger/R-Truth vs. Evan Bourne/Alex Riley/Kofi Kingston
We join the match in process as Swagger takes Bourne down with a slam. Swagger, Miz, and Truth isolate Bourne in their corner and work him over with quick tags, picking up a few near falls in the process. Bourne fights back and knees Truth in the chin before tagging Kingston into the match.

Kingston takes Truth down with a flurry of offense before connecting with a Boom Drop. Kingston then hits a high cross body block but the Miz breaks up the pin attempt. Truth then knocks Kingston out to the floor and tags in the Miz as we head into a commercial break.

We return to see the Miz still in control over Kingston as he turns the match over to Truth. Truth works over Kingston with a head scissors before tagging Swagger into the match. Kingston begins to fight back and takes both Truth and Swagger down with a double DDT before tagging Riley into the match.

Riley comes in and hits Swagger with a spinebuster and this match breaks down with bodies going all over the place. Riley then takes Swagger down with a DDT to pick up the pin fall, however, Miz cuts the celebration short by taking Riley out with the Skull Crushing Finale. Kingston then dropkicks Miz out to the floor and Truth sends Kingston out to the floor.

Bourne connects with a superkick on Truth and heads to the top rope but Alberto Del Rio knocks him down and slides a ladder into the ring. Del Rio takes everyone out with the ladder before tossing it over the ropes and onto the Miz. Del Rio then stares up at the Money in the Bank briefcase.

A video package highlighting CM Punk’s suspension and how John Cena will be fired if he loses the WWE Championship. The announce team again hypes the live contract negotiations between CM Punk and Vince McMahon.

Match 4: Dolph Ziggler & Drew McIntyre vs. the Big Show (Handicap Match)
The bell rings and Ziggler immediately tags McIntyre into the match. McIntyre comes in and Big Show tosses him around the ring and takes him out with a slam as Ziggler hides on the floor. Big Show tosses McIntyre out to the floor and sends him into the guard railing and up the entrance ramp. The referee calls for the bell as Show sends McIntyre into the WWE logo on top of the entrance ramp.

Big Show then goes to chokeslam McIntyre off the stage but Mark Henry comes out and runs all three of them go off the stage. They all go crashing through the side of the stage as referees come out to check on everybody. We see a few replays from different angles as we head into a commercial break.

We see footage of Fenway Park and we return to the arena to see Mark Henry is being helped out of the destruction he caused. The announce team breaks down what just happened between them before we are treated to a replay of what happened after the 6-man tag team match. The announce team continue to talk about the Money in the Bank ladder match before we are treated to a video package of past MitB matches before the announce team runs down the Money in the Bank card.

Vince McMahon and CM Punk are seen walking in the backstage area as the live contract negotiations are coming up next.

Vince McMahon’s music hits as he plays to the crowd and shakes John Cena’s father’s hand before entering the ring. McMahon says he will not be joining CM Punk’s “Kiss My Ass Club,” and goes on to say that contracts should not be negotiated in public. McMahon then invites Punk down to the ring so they can get on with the negotiations as he has a plane to catch.

Punk’s music hits as he imitates McMahon’s walk to the ring. McMahon offers to shake Punk’s hand once he gets to the ring but Punk just stares him down. McMahon says everything he wanted is in the contract, even his own collectors cup, and tells him to sign the papers.

Punk says McMahon is actually going to go through with this and says that he has a lack of faith in John Cena this Sunday. McMahon says he wants Punk to sign the contract for all the right reasons and for the reason that he doesn’t want someone to walk off with the WWE Championship on his last day of the company.

Punk, who McMahon referred to as Phil, says his lawyers looked over the contract and it wasn’t good enough for him. Punk says he added a few new perks, such as his own jet, and not McMahon’s jet, but his own. Punk also wants his face on everything like the turnbuckles and to bring back the WWE Ice Cream Bars so he can be on them.

He also wants WWE Studios to make a new CM Punk movie, like the Chaperone 2, but it will actually be funny. Furthermore, he can keep John Cena vs. the Rock at WrestleMania, but Punk will be in the real main event. Finally, he wants McMahon for suspending him last week and to the fans for being a hypocrite with his anti-bullying campaign as McMahon is the biggest bully of them all.

The fans start a huge “CM Punk” chant as Punk brings up the fact that he has had friends who have been fired from the WWE for no reason because McMahon doesn’t know what it takes to make a star in 2011. Punk says McMahon will apologize to Punk for Colt Cabana and Luke Gallows since they can’t be there in person.

Punk says he is the voice of the voiceless as McMahon tells him to calm down and that they should be gentlemen about this. Punk tells him to sign the contract and apologize so he can spare his company any further embarrassment. Punk them turns over the table as the fans begin to chant and McMahon tells them that he doesn’t give a damn about what they want.

Punk says that’s the problem as McMahon doesn’t care what they want and he cares too much. Punk then says Boston wants to hear an apology as McMahon gives out a quiet “I’m sorry.” Punk wants him to say it louder as he gets McMahon to do it as the fans begin to cheer.

McMahon finally picks up the contract and is about to sign it as he is cut off by John Cena’s music. Cena steps into the ring says that they are acting like a bunch of kids. Cena says he hates McMahon but he shows up to work everyday because the fans paid a lot of money to be here. Cena calls Punk a hypocrite and says he making demands that he knows McMahon can’t meet.

Cena says he has admired Punk because he marches to the beat of his own drum, but he has lost sight of things. Punk cuts him off and says Cena he doesn’t fit a certain mold, which is why he is going to leave. Punk says he is looked at as the kid that can’t hang. Punk says Cena has lost sight of what he is, and he has become the thing he hates. He is no longer the underdog like the Boston Red Sox or the Boston Bruins, but he become a 10-time dynasty. He is now the New York Yankees.

Cena punches Punk in the face as Punk leaves the ring and sits on the entrance ramp. Punk says he realizes that reason he doesn’t want to be in the WWE is because he is tired. Punk then says on Sunday night they can say goodbye to the WWE Championship, say goodbye to John Cena and say goodbye to CM Punk as he rips up the contract. Punk says he will go be the best in the world somewhere else as Raw comes to a close.

Quick Results
– John Cena defeated David Otunga & Michael McGillicutty by pin fall in a handicap match.
– Kelly Kelly defeated Melina by pin fall.
– Evan Bourne/Alex Riley/Kofi Kingston defeated The Miz/Jack Swagger/R-Truth by pin fall in a 6-man tag team match.
– Dolph Ziggler & Drew McIntyre against the Big Show went to a no contest.

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