7/7/11 Impact Wrestling Recap

Jul 8, 2011 - by Jason Graening

A video package highlighting Sting’s complete turn into Heath Ledger’s Joker character is aired. Sting also getting beat down by Hulk Hogan, Bully Ray and Scott Steiner with Kurt Angle coming out to Sting’s aid is also touched upon.

We then head into the Impact Wrestling Zone where Bully Ray, Scott Steiner and Gunner are in the ring. Ray has a microphone and immediately calls Mr. Anderson down to the ring. Anderson’s music hits as he slowly makes his way to the ring where Ray tells him that Anderson has been running down the right path by dropping Sting and wants Anderson to continue down that path, but he needs Immortal and Immortal needs Anderson.

Steiner steps in and says Anderson’s time is up and he needs to decide whether he is with them or against them, however, if Anderson is against them, then he will have to deal with Steiner. Gunner steps in and says Hulk Hogan told them the plan for tonight and the main event will be Immortal against Sting and Kurt Angle. Gunner says they expect to hear an answer from Anderson by the end of the match or they will make sure he doesn’t see the light of day ever again.

Sting’s music then hits as we see a crazy Sting hanging up in the rafters with messed up face paint and is laughing maniacally. The lights then go out in the arena and Angle is in the ring when they come back on. Angle takes Steiner and Gunner out with an Angle Slam as Ray escapes from the ring. Anderson hangs out in the corner of the ring as Angle tells Anderson to not make it hard on himself and make the easy decision before he leaves the ring.

Beer Money is seen hanging out in the locker room and James Storm wonders if Robert Roode is alright to compete. Roode says he isn’t 100% but he has to get some points in the Bound for Glory Series.

Video highlights of Bound for Glory Series matches from recent live events in aired. Devon picked up seven points by defeating Bully Ray and RVD also gained seven by pinning AJ Styles in Brooklyn, NY. In Asbury Park, NJ, Ray scored seven points by pinning Devon while Crimson climbed to the top of the leaderboard by pinning RVD.

Thus far, Crimson is at the top with 24 points and Gunner is close behind with 21. Matt Morgan, AJ Styles, James Storm, RVD, Bully Ray and Devon are all tied with 14, Scott Steiner has seven, while D’Angelo Dinero, Robert Roode and Samoa Joe all have zero points.

Match 1: Crimson vs. Robert Roode (Bound for Glory Series Match)
Crimson quickly takes Roode down with a shoulder block as Roode begins to favor his injured shoulder. Crimson then hangs Roode up on the ropes before hitting another shoulder block on the injured shoulder. Crimson picks up a near fall before putting Roode in a headlock before turning it into a neckbreaker. Crimson picks up another near fall after hitting a t-bone suplex but Roode is able to fight his way back into the match before hitting a rolling neckbreaker from the middle rope.

Roode scores a near fall after hitting a spinebuster and then puts Crimson in an armbar but Crimson is able to reach the ropes. Crimson then shoves Roode into the turnbuckle before hitting the Red Sky powerbomb to pick up the pin fall to extend his lead in the Bound for Glory Series with 31 points.

Another X Division Qualifying match will take place tonight with a trio of wrestlers who have never been on Impact Wrestling. We see a video package on the first competitor, Tony Nese, as he says he will compete with anyone and wants to show what he can do in the ring.

Abyss is seen in the backstage area with a towel over his head and is frantically looking for his mask. A stagehand finds himself in the wrong place at the wrong time as Abyss begins to choke him out and screams for his mask. We then see Brian Kendrick sitting in another location and is wearing Abyss’ mask as we head into a commercial break.

A second X Division video package is aired and this time it focuses on Jack Evans, who says he is like a live video game and will impress those who see him. Evans says he wants to be with the best and promises to bring the Impact Wrestling contract home.

Brian Kendrick is in the ring and says he has something that belongs to Abyss and promises to give it back to him. Kendrick then calls Abyss out to the ring so he can share some thoughts with him and give his mask back. Abyss comes out with a towel over his head as Kendrick says Abyss has the ability to make the X Division soar to sights it has never seen but his ego has gotten in the way.

Kendrick continues to say that he knows Abyss wears the mask to hide the pain of shedding his ego and wants to help shed that ego before handing the mask back to Abyss. Abyss puts the mask back on as Kendrick stands there and Abyss takes him out with one swing. Abyss then tosses Kendrick out to the floor before sending him into the steel steps and guard railing.

The fight returns to the ring where Kendrick tries to fight back but Abyss takes him out with the Shock Treatment. Abyss begins to leave but decides to come back and drive Kendrick down to the mat with the Black Hole Slam. Abyss then leaves his Destination X opponent lying battered in the ring.

The third X Division package is aired and this time it features Jesse Sorensen who says he is here to prove that he belongs and wants to show those before him that the youth is here to take over.

Match 2: Jesse Sorensen vs. Tony Nese vs. Jack Evans (Destination X Qualifying Match)
The bell rings as the three lock up in a three man test of strength before the action quickly breaks down. Evans is tossed out to the floor and Sorensen goes for a cover after hitting a dropkick but Evans breaks it up. Evans then hits a sick flip dropkick before being taken out with a hard clothesline by Nese. Nese picks up a near fall before he heads to the top rope but Sorensen knocks him off with a kick to the head. Sorensen then dives over the top rope and onto Nese and Evans follows with a springboard spin to take them both out.

Evans rolls both back into the ring and tries to pick up pin falls but both Nese and Sorensen kick out. The three go back and forth with high impact moves and pin attempts but nobody is able to put this match away. Sorensen is dumped out to the floor by Evans and he follows with a face first suplex onto the canvas. Evans then hits a sick 630 flip off the top rope to pick up the pin fall and advances to Destination X.

The British Invasion are seen backstage and Magnus tells Douglas Williams and Rob Terry that they need to take out Mexican America so they can set their sights on winning the tag team titles once again. Williams says they need to contend with Destination X first and Williams says he is going to issue an open challenge at the pay-per-view.

A Destination X video package is aired where Shannon Moore, Robbie E, Amazing Red, Alex Shelley give their thoughts on the Ultimate X match where they will be fighting for a shot at the X Division Championship.

Velvet Sky is backstage and says her match against ODB and Jackie means everything to her. Sky says she is done being the target for all of the Knockouts and says she will cleanse Impact Wrestling of two ugly hogs tonight.

Kurt Angle walks into the locker room where he sees Sting laying on top of the lockers who is singing The Eye of the Tiger. Angle asks if he is okay and Sting says he is great and talks about getting the TNA World Championship back next week. Angle says they have to get through Immortal first tonight and wonders if he can trust Sting. Sting promises that he can be trusted and says he knows exactly what he is doing. As Angle leaves, Sting continues to talk to himself and says that everyone thinks he snapped but he is just getting to Hulk Hogan.

Match 3: ODB & Jackie vs. Velvet Sky (Handicap Match)
If Velvet Sky wins this match, ODB and Jackie can never wrestle on Impact Wrestling again. Sky sneaks in through the crowd with a steel chair and takes Jackie out before going after ODB in the ring to get this match started. Sky starts off strong against ODB and takes her out with a bulldog but Jackie nails her from behind to stall her momentum.

Sky quickly turns the tables on Jackie but ODB is able to recover as the numbers game begins to catch up with Velvet. ODB heads out to the ring apron as ODB and Jackie begin to tag in and out of the match. ODB then heads out and grabs a chair but accidentally hits Jackie as she was holding Velvet in the middle of the ring. Velvet then connects with a DDT on Jackie to pick up the pin fall to win the match. After the match, ODB yells at Velvet and says that she isn’t going to get rid of her that easily.

Devon is walking backstage and runs into the Pope who talks about their upcoming tag team match. Pope tries to give Devon a pair of sunglasses but Devon says they are not friends and warns him not to double cross him or else he will be sorry.

A video package on Christopher Daniels/AJ Styles match is aired. Daniels talks about always wanting to be a wrestler and compliments AJ Styles on his career. Daniels says, though, that ever since he returned he has been lost in the shuffle and wants to remind people what he is capable of. Styles says he has learned a lot from Daniels and says that they will leave it all in the ring at Destination X.

Match 4: AJ Styles vs. Christopher Daniels vs. Jerry Lynn vs. Rob Van Dam (Four Corners Match)
Daniels and RVD start out and Lynn quickly makes a blind tag on RVD to enter the match. Daniels quickly takes Lynn out with a dropkick but Lynn comes back and takes Daniels down with a head scissors as Styles tags himself into the match. Styles and Lynn lock up and go back and forth and fight to a stand still. The two then shake hands as Styles goes over and tags RVD into the match.

The two go at it and counter a series of each others moves as Daniels tags himself into the match and takes RVD out with a face plant. RVD comes back with a kick to Daniels’ head and follows with the Rolling Thunder for a near fall. Daniels makes the tag to Styles and Lynn tags himself in as Styles and Lynn trade kicks on each other. Lynn hits Styles with a hurricanrana off the top rope and Daniels tags in as this match begins to break down.

RVD is tossed out to the floor by Styles and Lynn hangs Styles up on the ropes with a reverse suplex. Daniels then slams Lynn to the canvas and tries for the BME but Lynn rolls out of the way. RVD then makes the blind tag on Lynn as Lynn takes Daniels out with a suplex and RVD connects with the Five Star Frog Splash to pick up the pin fall.

Eric Young is in the parking lot and talks about having his own trailer because he is a television star. Young says he hasn’t been defending his Television Championship because other television stars don’t want to diminish their star power by losing to him but he says he will come to them.

A video recap of the Pope and Devon’s family is aired as we see Dinero give his sunglasses to one of Devon’s sons as their match is up next.

Match 5: Matt Morgan & James Storm vs. Devon & D’Angelo Dinero (Bound for Glory Series Match)
Devon and Storm go back and forth in the opening moments until Morgan tags himself into the match. Morgan powers Devon around and picks up a near fall until Storm tags himself back in. Devon fights his way back into the match as he turns the match over to the Pope. Pope goes in and Storm takes him down with a hip toss and Pope tags Devon back in. Morgan is tagged in and he continues to wear down Devon and picks up another near fall after hitting a side slam.

Storm is tagged back in and Devon takes him out with a shoulder block from the middle rope as Devon crawls to his corner to tag in Dinero. Pope comes in and hits Storm with a flurry of offense and takes Morgan off the ring apron with a dropkick. Storm comes back and hits Pope with a back cracker and goes for the pin but Morgan comes in and pulls his partner off. Morgan and Storm stare each other down as Devon comes in and goes after both of them. Morgan then takes Devon out with a clothesline as they both fall to the floor. With the referee is distracted, Pope hits Storm with the TNA Tag Team Championship and he makes Devon make the cover to pick up the pin fall and to give Devon the points. Dinero then holds up Devon’s arm and smiles.

Mr. Anderson is seen walking in the backstage area and says that he and ultimatums don’t work well together. However, if Immortal wants an answer tonight they will get their answer, although they may not approve of it.

We see footage of Jeff and Karen Jarrett in an arena in Mexico City. Jarrett says they are going to throw a fiesta when they return next week and Karen says they have gifts for all of the members of Immortal. Jarrett says people will find out in one week how he became King of Mexico.

The announce team runs down the Destination X card before we head to the locker room where Hogan is beating on Sting. Sting gets in a few wise cracks before Hogan finally takes him out with a baseball bat. Hogan then tells Sting that he will never be embarrassed again as we head into a commercial break.

Match 6: Immortal vs. Kurt Angle & Sting
Sting doesn’t come out during his ring introduction as Kurt Angle is all alone against Scott Steiner, Bully Ray, Abyss and Gunner. Immortal quickly go after Angle and use quick tags to try to wear him down. Angle is able to hold his own, though, and is able to put Abyss in an ankle lock but Immortal quickly swarm the ring to break the hold. Immortal continues to work over Angle and pick up a few near falls in the process.

Ray then brings a chain into play and chases the referee out of the ring as Mr. Anderson’s music hits. Anderson sets up in Angle’s corner as Angle is able to drop Ray with an Angle Slam as he was distracted. Angle then tags Anderson into the ring as he makes quick work out of Immortal. Anderson is about to take Ray out with a Mic Check but he stops and then hits Angle with it instead. Anderson then tags Angle back into the match as Ray makes the cover to pick up the pin fall.

Immortal has confused looks on their face as they confront Anderson who then jumps in Abyss’ arms to give them their answer. Hulk Hogan then comes out of the entrance ramp and applauds as Anderson is being held up by Abyss and Gunner as Impact Wrestling comes to a close.

Quick Results
– Crimson defeated Robert Roode by pin fall in a Bound for Glory Series Match.
– Jack Evans defeated Jesse Sorensen and Tony Nese by pin fall in an Destination X Qualifying Match.
– Velvet Sky defeated ODB & Jackie in a handicap match by pin fall.
– Rob Van Dam defeated Christopher Daniels, AJ Styles and Jerry Lynn in a Four Corners Match.
– Devon & D’Angelo Dinero defeated Matt Morgan & James Storm by pin fall in a Bound for Glory Series.
– Immortal defeated Kurt Angle & Sting by pin fall.

Starman’s Thoughts
Tonight’s Impact Wrestling was sort of an odd go-home show. Usually the final show before a pay-per-view is the final sell for the upcoming event, but since Destination X is an X Division showcase, they spent a good amount of time furthering current angles and also hyping the big “Midsummer Nightmare” edition on Impact Wrestling that comes to us next Thursday night. On top of that, we also got a good portion of Bound for Glory Series matches.

Destination X got a decent amount of time on tonight’s show and got me even more interested in the card with the two matches featured on the show. For starters, I was wondering about Jerry Lynn and the probability of ring rust, but he put that to rest in the Four Corners match. While Lynn looked a little rusty in spots, he still showed us that he has what it takes to put on an entertaining match. The whole match was a lot of fun to watch and did what it needed to do, get fans excited for Destination X.

The fourth and final Destination X qualifier took place tonight and was probably the best of the four matches that happened over the past four weeks. In his video package, Jack Evans compared himself to a video game, and boy did he deliver on that statement. Evans stole the show and was a lot of fun to watch. Evans has been around the block, and even wrestled in TNA several years ago, but I haven’t seen him wrestle since his time with Wrestling Society X, and he seems to be getting better and better.

On top of the two matches, we also got to see a good video package to highlight the upcoming match between AJ Styles and Christopher Daniels. They both praised each other for their accomplishments, but it seemed to me that Daniels has more to fight for than Styles. I was thinking that this match would be in Styles’ favor, however, after seeing the package, I am leaning more towards Daniels to go over in this one.

Not every Destination X package was that great, though, as the one focusing on Ultimate X wasn’t anything to write home about. Ultimate X is the premier gimmick match in TNA, but this time around it seems like it is nothing more than an afterthought. Shannon Moore? Robbie E? Where have these guys been lately and why are they getting a chance to fight for a shot at the X Division Championship? I’m sure this match will be fun to watch, but could you imagine WWE putting on a Hell in the Cell match with as little build as this Ultimate X got?

On to other things – tonight’s big angle was Immortal demanding an answer from Mr. Anderson on whether or not he would be join the group. At the end, Anderson helped Immortal defeat Kurt Angle, the number one contender, in a handicap match and joined the group. Unless I didn’t catch it, Anderson never actually said he was joining the group, so I hope they use this as an out to eventually keep Anderson on his own. I’d much rather see Anderson as the loner that he has been and seeing Anderson have his own agenda and using Immortal’s services to watch his back during next week’s title match.

Velvet Sky delivered on her promise and defeated ODB and Jackie in a handicap match. The stipulation was that if she won, ODB and Jackie could never wrestle for Impact Wrestling again. I know I wouldn’t mind seeing Jackie gone again, but I don’t think we have seen the last of ODB. Of course, this makes this match stipulation meaningless, but that wouldn’t be the first time that has happened in this company. Hell, Jeff Jarrett is already coming back next week.

Eric Young made a brief appearance on tonight’s show and continues to want to take on television stars since he is the Television Champion. This makes me yearn for the days when AJ Styles renamed the Global Championship to the Television Championship and it looked like the belt may be heading towards to maybe being something meaningful. Wishful thinking on my part, I guess, as the Television Championship is now more worthless than it has ever been.

That wraps up my recap for this week, I’ll return over the weekend with a Destination X preview along with my predictions.

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