Detailed 7/1/11 WWE Smackdown Recap

Jul 1, 2011 - by Steve Gerweck

by The Eccentric

Backstage Segment: Teddy Long and Christian

Christian walks into Teddy’s office with a contract for his World Title Match with Orton at Money in the Bank. Teddy tells him that he did not win the match last week; his partner Henry did. He also tells him that if Henry beats Orton tonight, then he might put Henry in the main event at Money in the Bank. And he tells Christian that he is banned from ringside.

Match One: Randy Orton vs. Mark Henry
Henry is in control early on and hits Orton with a variety of high impact moves such as Belly to Belly slam and a big boot. Henry sets Orton for the World’s Strongest Slam but Orton gets out of the move and hits Henry with a DDT. Orton seems to have a cut on his nose as we can see him bleeding. The action rolls to the outside when Big Show’s theme hits. Henry is distracted which allows Orton to hit with an RKO on the outside. He sprints to the inside as the ref counts Henry out.
Winner: Randy Orton; Match Rating: 2.5/5

After the match, Henry proceeds to make his way to production area beside the entrance ramp. He threatens the guy who plays the music. Henry then destroys his equipment. He then throws the guy off his stage as the crowd boos in disapproval.

Match Two: Ted Dibiase vs. Daniel Bryan
We don’t get any entrance music for any of the guys as Henry destroyed the sound equipment. Before the match started, they showed what Ted had to say before the match. He basically thanks Cody Rhodes and said he enjoyed humiliating Daniel Bryan for the past couple of weeks. Bryan gets the early offense in the match. Ted comes back with a drop kick which sends Bryan to the outside as we go to a commercial. We’re back and Ted is working on Bryan. He even taunts Bryan and slaps him a couple of times in the corner, which gets a negative reaction from the crowd. Dibiase goes for a superplex but Bryan head butts him down and hits a missile dropkick on Ted. Bryan hits Ted with a couple of harsh kicks. Bryan eventually catches Ted with a Dragon Sleeper which prompts Ted to tap out.
Winner: Daniel Bryan; Match Rating: 2.7/5
Bryan’s music is played so I guess this means the “problem” is fixed. We see highlights of the match at the end.

Backstage Segment: Teddy Long and Christian
Christian once again shows up in Teddy’s office, with the contract. Teddy blames Christian for playing the Big Show’s music. Christian brushes that off. Teddy tells him that there will be a contract signing tonight but first he has to compete tonight. Christian isn’t too happy with his decision. Teddy informs him that his match is against Sin Cara which gets a pop from the crowd.

Backstage Segment: Cody Rhodes and Ted Dibiase
Cody is not happy with Ted’s performance and tells him that if he can’t perform consistently, he might as well wear one of his paper bags as he hands a bag to Ted.

We cut to the announce table and they talk about the Great Khali situation. They show some previously aired footage before we hear from Ranjin Singh who explained earlier today the Khali/Mahal situation. He says Mahal is jealous of Khali’s fame. He informs us that years ago Mahal became their brother in law. Khali listens to Mahal because if he doesn’t, Mahal would embarrass their family by divorcing their sister.

Match Three: Sin Cara vs. Christian
Sin Cara does some of his usual aerial moves as Christian moves out of the ring. He seems to be complaining to the ref that he cannot see in these light effects as we head to a commercial. We come back and Christian is working on Sin Cara. Christian goes for a splash from the top rope but Sin Cara moves out of the way. Sin Cara goes for his twit a whirl DDT which he botches. Sin Cara has Christian set up for his finisher off the top rope but Christian pushes him down. But Christian goes to the outside as Sin Cara nips back up. Sin Cara hits Christian with a hurricanrana on the outside. The two go back and forth in the ring. Christian eventually hits the spear for the three count.
Winner: Christian; Match Rating: 2.8/5

Match Four: Cody Rhodes w/Ted Dibiase vs. Ezekiel Jackson
Jackson is in control early on. Rhodes runs under the ring as Jackson follows him on the outside. Rhodes emerges from adjacent side and rams Jackson into the steel ring post. The action rolls back to the ring as Rhodes is wearing Jackson down. Jackson eventually blocks a suplex and throws him down. Jackson goes for his series of power slams, Dibiase distracts him which allows Rhodes to his kick springboard kick and the Cross Rhodes for the three count.
Winner: Cody Rhodes; Match Rating: 2.6/5

Backstage Segment: Johnny Curtis
He’s painting while talking to the camera. He says he doesn’t want to paint himself in the corner.

Match Five: Kane vs. Wade Barrett
Kane is in control early on. Barrett eventually comes back and kicks Kane to the outside. Wade poses for the crowd as we go to a commercial. We’re back and Barrett has Kane in a head lock. Kane powers out and hits a back suplex. Soon, Barrett retains control with a couple of kicks to Kane. Barrett hits a DDT on Kane. Barrett goes for an elbow drop off the second rope but Kane moves out of the way. Kane gets a lot of offense including a cross body on Barrett. We see a lot of pin attempts by Kane. Barrett counters a choke slam and hits Kane with the move Abyss calls the Black Hole Slam in TNA. In the end, Kane hits Barrett with the choke slam and gets the three count.
Winner: Kane; Match Rating: 2.6/5

In ring segment: Christian, Randy Orton and Teddy Long (Contract Signing)

There’s a lawyer in the ring too. Orton and Christian sit down as Teddy is overseeing the proceedings. Christian tells them that there is a clause in the contract that he gets an automatic rematch if the referee screws him again. He tells Randy that he can beat him. Randy tries to say something but Christian cuts him. He tells him that Teddy Long, the Referees and WWE Brass cannot save him from losing his title to Christian. Orton tells him that he used to respect Christian and he enjoyed facing him early on in their feud. Randy reminds him they had epic matches but his wining makes him angry. He warns Christian that he has problems with his anger management before. He tells him that lawyers cannot help him win the World Title; for that, he’s going to have to beat Orton. Orton then signs the contract and passes it to Christian who hands it over to his lawyer, who reviews the contract and then, whispers something in Christian’s ear. Christian is about to sign the contract but the pen isn’t working. The delay allows Sheamus, who’s wearing street clothes, to make run-in. He beats both of them down and hits them with bicycle kicks. He proceeds to tear up the contract. He goes to the back as we go off the air.

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