6/27/11 WWE Raw Roulette Recap

Jun 27, 2011 - by Atlee Greene

Monday Night Raw: Raw Roulette LIVE COVERAGE

By Atlee Greene


Hello everyone! Welcome to gerweck.net Raw Roulette live coverage. Tonight’s Raw takes place from the Thomas & Mack Center in Las Vegas, NV.


Raw opens with a shot of the Raw Roulette Wheel with Booker T at the wheel. The opening video plays with the fireworks and out comes Shawn Michaels to open things. Shawn takes the microphone and says “I missed you and how could I have left all of this” He continues to say it was the people who him the show stopper, the main event, Mr. Wrestlemania and, a hall of famer. Says he is not the guest host. He is just here. Says he will not plug things like other guests. Then proceeds to plug his new outdoors show that starts tomorrow night, MacMillan River Adventures


C.M. Punk’s music plays and he walks out with McGillicutty and Otunga. Punk says he knew HBK could not stay out of the spotlight. Says he will do what Shawn could never do and that is to leave the company with the WWE title. He mocks Shawn for claiming he would end the Undertaker’s streak. Punk says one reason he is leaving is because of the fans. He can’t believe the fans would cheer the past in HBK instead of the present in Punk. Shawn says the fans cheer him because he is better than him. The fans star cheering “One more match” Punk says Shawn was better than him, but not anymore. Punks says he and Shawn are a lot a like. Shawn says they are nothing a like but have some similarities. They don’t smoke or do drugs. Punk cuts him off and says “Anymore” Shawn says he did things his way and super kicks Otunga out of the blue. Punk is beside himself and the GM rings in.

The GM says Punk only has three weeks left so let’s make them memorable. Says Punk will have the first match. Booker T spins the Wheel and it lands on????. Booker says that means mystery opponent. Also says Punk has earned a one way trip to hell and will face KANE. The camera is back on the ring and HBK hits McGillicutty with the super kick and Punk is even more upset. The flames burst and Kane’s makes his way down to the ring and we go to commercial.


We come back and Kane is working over Punk outside the ring. Throws Punk in the ring and whips him into the corner and follows it up with a clothesline. Punk stumbles out and Kane hits him with a sidewalk slam. Kane only gets a two count. Kane tries another clothesline and Punk puts his foot up, catching Kane in the face. Punk attempts a spring board clothesline but Kane catches him with one hand is about to choke slam him. Punk hits Kane with a high kick that drops him. Punk works over Kane with some forearms to the back. Kane gets the upper hand and drops Punk with a right hand. Kane climbs to the top rope but Punk climbs up and lands a few elbows to stop Kane. They are both off the top rope and Kane is about to go for another choke slam. Punk rolls under the bottom rope and is counted out. Michael Cole says “Smart move by Punk. Why get hurt before his title match with Cena”.


– Winner: Kane via count out.


They announced Big Show vs. Alberto Del Rio and John Cena vs. R-Truth for tonight!


Back form commercial and Sin Cara makes his way to the ring including trampoline entrance. Evan Bourne comes to the ring and the bell rings but the match has not been chosen yet. Booker T is joined by Eve and she spins the wheel. It lands on a “No Count Out Match”.


The match starts with some chain wrestling. Armsbars. Waist locks. Sin Cara lands a bulldog followed by a back flip arms drag which sends Bourne outside. Sin Care tries a baseball slide but misses and they stare at each other. Both run back in the ring and they trade leg kicks. Bourne takes down Sin Cara for a sunset flip but rolls through it and double stomps Sin Cara to the chest in the center of the ring. Picks up Sin Cara but Cara sends Bourne to the floor. Sin Cara hits Evan with a running dive between the ropes. They show the move a few times during the double feature. Both are back in the ring and Bourne and Sin Cara are trading kicks. Bourne catches Sin Cara’s leg and hits Sin Cara with a spin kick to the face. Covers him for a two count. Bourne hits Sin Cara with a jumping right knee which looks like it might put him away. Covers him for only a two count. Bourne tries to land Air Bourne. Sin Cara moves out of the way but Bourne lands on his feet. LOTS OF ACTION IN THIS MATCH. Bourne runs after Sin Cara but Sin Cara hits him with La Mistica for the pin.

Winner: Sin Cara via Pinfall.


Booker T says the Raw GM gave Kofi Kingston the power to spin the wheel. Before he can spin the wheel Vicki cuts him off saying “Excuse Me” and spins the wheel. Kofi wonders if the spin is legal. It lands on “Players Choice” which means Kofi can choose the match. He says he will select the match he voted for last week and that is Vicki not being allowed at ring side.


Vikki tries to come out for the match but officials will not allow her. Kofi and Ziggler brawl outside the ring until Ziggler slams Kofi’s head into the post and we go to commercial. We come back and Ziggler works over Kofi head for a few mins and applies a headlock. Hits a rocker dropper for a two count. Kofi comes back with shots to stomach, but he is met with a neck breaker. Ziggler kicks him in the head again and attempts to throw Kofi out of the ring. Kofi bounces off the ropes and hits Trouble in Paradise out of nowhere for the win.


Winner: Kofi Kingston via pin fall.


Booker T is at the Wheel with Maryse. Booker puts over Kofi’s win. Del Rio comes in and asks why he has to wrestle the Big Show again. Booker says he only spins the wheel and is not the match maker. Is about to spin the wheel but Del says Maryse should spin it. She spins the wheel and start flirting with Del Rio while the wheel is spinning.  Says that have a lot in common since they both like expensive things. The wheel stops and Booker is laughing. The camera pans to the wheel and it has landed on Steel Cage match. Maryse leaves and Del Rio is upset.


Back from commercial and Del Rio comes to the ring in a yellow Lamborghini Big Show makes his way to the ring with a big smile on his face. He walks into the cages using the steps. The bell rings and Del Rio quickly climbs the cage but Show grabs Del Rio’s tights and pulls him down. Show rams Del Rio’s head into the cage. Whips Del Rio into the corner. Show runs into the corner and Del Rio drop kicks Show’s injured knee. Show is on the mat in pain. Del Rio stomps the back of Big Show’s knee. Del Rio wrenches on Big Show’s knee and Mark Henry makes his way to the ring. Big Show begins to fight back and pushes Del Rio away while on his knees. Del Rio bounces off the ropes and Show catches him for a choke slam but Del Rio kicks him in the gut and lands a DDT while show was on his knees. Del Rio is tries to climb out of the cage but Show catches up with him and hits Del Rio with a superplex. Both men are laid out in the middle of the ring. Mark Henry walks to the door of the steel cage and rips the door of the hinges. He brings the door in the ring and works over the Big Show. Del Rio crawls out of the cage while this is going on for the win.

Winner: Alberto Del Rio


Big Show is trying to get up as he is between the ropes and the cage. Henry picks up the door and runs into the Big Show, slamming the door into him. The force of this causes the cage to break and Big Show falls through and lands on the ground. Show is out cold as everyone is shocked by what just happened. Henry is outside yelling and screaming at the fans while he tears up the announcers table.


Back form commercial and they show the trainers helping up The Big Show. Kelly Kelly makes her way to the ring while they show her title win on the titan tron. The Bells come out and Nikki Bella will be wrestling Kelly Kelly in a non title match. Cole announces Brie Bella will get a title rematch at Money in the Bank. Booker spins the wheel and it lands on submission match. They go to lock up but Nikki kicks Kelly in the gut. Brings her into the corner and rings the arms a few times. Rings it again and brings Kelly to the ground. Nikki holds on to the arm bar and Kelly is screaming in pain. Nikki brings Kelly to their feet while holding on to the arm. Kelly punches Nikki a couple of times and hits a double leg take down and applies a Boston Crab and Nikki taps out.

Winner: Kelly Kelly via submission.

Brie Bella hits Kelly from behind and the two stomp on Kelly Kelly. Eve runs out and kicks both of them in the stomach and throws them out of the ring. The Bella’s are yelling “It ain’t over” while walking back to the locker room.


Back form commercial and they show footage of Andy winning Tough Enough. They show Andy sitting on the steps of a FCW ring talking about being slapped by Vince and stunned by Austin. Andy says the fun is over and the real hard work begins. Ricky Steamboat says they picked the right person and Andy is the type person you want to help. Andy finishes by saying “It’s time to go to work”.

Rey Mysterio is with Booker T as the wheel spins. It lands on tornado match. Rey is excited and leave. Booker looks to his left and says “Tell me I just didn’t see that” and in comes Diamond Dallas Page to plug the Best of Monday Nitro DVD. Drew McIntyre comes in and says people like them are relics. He says as the future of the WWE he tells them they have 10 mins to leave or they are going out on stretchers. KICK TO THE FACE via HBK. “Gosh that’s gonna hurt” comments HBK. Looks at the Nitro DVD and says “I have never seen any of this because….I was working that day.” He leaves and Booker says he will send him a copy.

Back form commercial and Miz enters the ring first followed by Jack Swagger. Alex Riley comes out and is followed by Rey Mysterio.

Michael Cole announces the Raw Money in the Bank Ladder Match:

Alberto Del Rio

The Miz

Jack Swagger

Alex Riley

Rey Mysterio


Even Bourne

Kofi Kingston

Tag Team Tornado Match with all four men are allowed in the ring at the same time. Riley brawls with Miz in one corner while Swagger and Mysterio brawl in the opposite corner. Swagger tries a belly to back suplex but Rey rolls over and lands on his feet, only to be met with a clothesline from The Miz. Riley clotheslines Miz. Swagger clotheslines Riley. Swagger kicks Riley outside the ring and Miz follows Riley outside the ring. Miz stomps Riley in the chest on the outside while Swagger Irish whips Rey, chest first into the corner. Swagger hits the vader bomb for a two count. Swagger puts Rey on his shoulders while Miz climbs to the top rope. Rey climbs off of Swaggers shoulders and pushes him into the Miz. This causes Miz to crotch himself on the top rope. Riley comes back in the ring and leaps to the top rope applies a hip toss off the top rope to Miz. Mysterio hits Swagger with a hurricanrana off the ring apron to the floor.


We come back and Miz & Swagger are standing over Riley as a result of a running boot to the face from the Miz onto Riley during the break. Miz picks up Riley and he fights back only to be cut off by Swagger. Swagger and Miz attempt a double back body drop on Riley but Riley kicks Swagger and rolls up Miz for the pin but is cut off by Swagger. Swagger catches Rey attempting a cross body from the top rope and bench presses Mysterio over his head and throws him on to Miz’s knee. Swagger works over Riley in the corner while Miz hits Rey for a quick DDT for a two count. Miz places Rey on the top rope and tries a superplex. Rey blocks it and shoves and punches Miz off the rope. Hits Miz with a seated senton. Miz charges at Swagger but Rey drops kicks him in the knee and kicks him in the head. Covers Miz but only for two. Miz pushes Rey into the ropes but Rey bounces back and kicks Miz in the mouth. The fans are really into this one. Swings at Miz. Miz ducks and catches Rey to set up the Skull Crushing Finale. Rey escapes and kicks Miz in the head which makes Miz land in position for the 619. Rey runs off the ropes but is cut off by Swagger. Riley hits Swagger with a spine buster for a two count. Miz hits Riley with reverse DDT for a two count. Miz misses a clothesline and Riley clotheslines Miz to the floor while following him over. Swagger tries for the gut wrench power bomb and Rey reverses it for the 619 but Swagger catches Rey’s legs and applies the ankle lock. Mysterio battles out. Rey hits the 619. Riley hits Swagger with an implant DDT which is followed by a frog splash by Rey for the three count.

Winner: Rey Mysterio & Alex Riley.


R-Truth is with Booker T at the wheel. Truth spins the wheel and it lands on TABLES MATCH. Truth says he can dig that. Says Cena is going to get got. Booker asks Truth to leave and says he is making him a little bit nervous.


Back form commercial and R-Truth makes his way to the ring followed by John Cena. Truth kicks Cena in the gut and works him over in the corner with punches to the face. The dueling Cena chants start early. Truth whips Cena but Cena reverses it and drives Truth into the corner. Truth hits the corner hard and is met with a suplex from Cena. Cena tries to get a table but Truth cuts him off. Truth throws Cena in the ring and applies a submission hold for a few seconds until Cena powers out of it and drop kicks Truth. Both sell for a few moments. Cena tries for the AA. Truth counters with suplex into a stunner. Truth grabs a table and sets it up in the corner. Truth tries to suplex Cena, but, Cena reverses. They fight outside and Cena throws truth into the ring steps and brings his own table into the ring. Brings Truth back into the ring as well. Sets up Truth for the AA but CM Punk runs down and moves the table. Cena chases Punk outside the ring. They end up in the ring and Cena picks up Punk for the AA in front of the first table Truth set up in the corner. Truth spears Cena into the table and the match is over.

Winner: R-Truth.

Punk takes the microphone and says he wants to get a lot off his cheat before he leave in three weeks. Says he likes Cena more than most of the people in the back. Says he hates the idea that Cena is the best because he is the best WRESTLER in the world. Says the only thing Cena is the better at is kissing Vince’s ass. He is good as kissing ass as Hulk Hogan but maybe not as good as Dwayne.

Punk says he has been the best since the first day he entered the WWE but had a target on his back because he was a Paul Heyman guy. Says you know who was a Heyman guy? BROCK LESNAR…… and he split. The difference is he will is going to split with the WWE title unlike Lesnar. Says he has grabbed so many of Vince’s imaginary rings that he realized that they are just imaginary. Says he is the only real thing. Says the company will not promote him as he is not on the program and not on some crappy show on the USA network and he is not on the poster of Wrestlemania. The fact that Dwayne is in the main event of Wrestlemania and not him makes him sick. The people cheer and Punk tells the fans that the people should not cheer because they are one of the biggest reasons he is leaving. Says he might take the WWE title and defend it in New Japan Pro Wrestling or Ring of Honor. Says hi to Colt Cabana in the camera. Says Vince should be a billionaire but is only a millionaire and that is because he surrounds himself with yes men. The company might be better off when he dies but his daughter and the rest of his stupid family are going to take control of the company. Punk is about to tell a personal story about Vince and his Bully campaign but the microphone is cut off and Raw leave the air with Punk yelling about being cutoff.

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