6/6/11 WWE Raw Recap

Jun 6, 2011 - by Steve Gerweck

by Hans Keller

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Enter Vince McMahon, who comes out to a decent pop. It appears the eliminated were cleared out and its just down to Vince, the finalists and Austin. Vince asks for a hug, Austin says How bout a stunner instead, saying they don’t need to hug. Vince introduces himself. Vince asks both what makes them think they can stand in the same ring as HBK, Andre The Giant, Sgt. Slaughter, or even Stone Cold Steve Austin. Andy went to say he would guaran-damn-tee, and Vince cut him off. Luke got the mic and got booed immediately. Vince asks for character traits, Andy says he’s the baddest person in the competition.

A beer bash was interrupted by R-Truth, who comes out to weird music. He was told by the RAW GM to apologize for what he did last week. Vince cuts him off and has the video crew show what happened to warrant it. Truth says he wants to say that he is sorry, that he is the good Truth, and that he’s sorry to all the Jimmies and the wasted Soda. Austin says he should be sorry for dressing up like a jackass. He says he is dressed like this because its the Confederate capital. Austin says that was 150 years ago, what does it have to do with today. He said the Confederacy had one good idea: Secession. So tonight, Truth is “seceding” from the WWE Universe. He’ll keep the title shot, but nothing else and that he’s the victim of a company-wide conspiracy.

Vince asks how he spells “R”, maybe he should have been a pirate and tells him to stop by his office. Miz interrupts, asking if Truth is REALLY going to talk about fantasy in front of the chairman. He says if it wasn’t for Alex Riley, he would still be WWE Champion. He says nothing takes away that he was the most must-see WWE champion in history, and that everyone knows he deserves one last championship match. Out comes A Ry, who says the only thing Miz deserves is more beatdowns. Out comes Cena, who tells everyone to take it easy. He offers a quick recap: Vince is out of patience, Miz is out of excuses, Austin is out of beer and Truth is out of his mind. Cena reminds Miz he made him say “I quit” repeatedly and told him to get over himself. He says he doesn’t like or trust A Ry, but said that he admits that he thinks he has a sack, commending him. For R-Truth, when he sees him, he sees the guy that has his head together. He says take the outfit off, he has his match. In chimes the GM, who says…nothing because Vince tells Michael Cole to shut up and sit down. Vince sets up tonight’s main event: R-Truth and The Miz vs. Alex Riley and John Cena with Austin as Special Guest Referee.

We come back and its singles action!

Santino Marella w/ Vladimir Kozlov vs. Michael McGillicutty w/ David Otunga

Santino starts by whipping McGillicutty into corners and then dumps him out, followed by the Ultimate Warrior rope taunt. McGillicutty gets the advantage, putting Santino into the corner, irish whip, counter and almost got the Cobra. Counter punch by Santino followed by an arm drag but McGillicutty is fast with a dropkick. Cover good for two as Santino is put back into the corner. Small package by Santino for two. McGillicutty gets the advantage and then covers for two. Reverse chin lock doesn’t last very long as Santino gets separation. Irish whip by McGillicutty but then dodges a splash. Hip toss and his diving salute headbutt. Otunga pulls McGillicutty out, which pisses off Kozlov. Santino no-sells a move and nails the Cobra!

WINNER: Santino Marella

Cole and Lawler hype up the main event as Kelly Kelly makes her way out with Beth Phoenix. Divas tag team action is next!

The RAW Rewind features last week when the Bella Twins insulted Kharma.

Kelly Kelly & Beth Phoenix vs. The Bella Twins

Kelly and a Bella start. Kelly gets a nice arm drag and a hurricanrana for two. Bellas get the advantage as one is tagged in then start utilizing fresh tags, getting a couple moves and then tagging the other in. Kelly in a surfboard, but fights to her feet and counters out and gets the tag she needs. Beth clears house, gets a nice chain for two interrupted by the illegal Bella, but Kelly neutralizes and Beth hits the Glam Slam for the win!

WINNERS: Kelly Kelly & Beth Phoenix

STILL TO COME TONIGHT: Rey Mysterio vs. CM Punk and our MAIN EVENT later TONIGHT

Backstage Trish and Booker talk about Booker’s secret project. He wants Trish to to a “Trish-a-rooni” but then Swagger interrupts, saying all the TE trainers would be winners if he was a trainer. He challenges Booker to a match…if he thinks he still has it. Book does the “tell me you didn’t just say that.” Booker says Swagger has to ask himself a question: “CAN YOU DIG IT, SUCKA!”

CM Punk makes his way out to the ring with Mason Ryan in tow. He gets a mic, who reminds everyone that he has beaten Rey Mysterio and that Rey cried for a rematch. He says he will beat Rey again to prove to everyone that the power of the Nexus is unyielding.

That match will happen… NEXT!!

We come back to RAW and Rey now makes his way to the ring for the match.

Rey Mysterio vs. CM Punk

Punk starts by taunting ReyRey as Cole clarifies that Rey HAS beaten Punk (Wrestlemania anyone?). Punk gets a headlock which is reversed into a Hammerlock, which Punk counters into one of his own and then hits a headlock takeover. Punk gets Rey’s arm and works on that, getting a couple nearfalls in the process. Rey then gets an advantage till Punk shoulder tackles him, followed by a monkeyflip and a hurricanrana on the outside.

Rey throws Punk in and does an over the top Leg drop for two. Rey locks in an armlock. Punk gets some kicks, and Rey avoids a GTS, but then gets trapped in the Tree of Woe, kicking him while he’s down. Pinfall is good for two. Waistlock by Punk, trying to squeeze the life out of Mysterio. Rey gets a couple elbows in but gets back suplexed for two. Punk then gives him a waistlock via a leglace, turning it into a sleeper of sorts, but Rey fights out, only to be thrown into the corner ring post. Punk covers for two only. Rey gets a brief wind only to get thrown onto the ropes. Punk looking to Superplex Rey, only to get punched off by the master of the 619, with a dive and both are down.

The count gets to 8 as both get to their feet and Rey gets his second wind and springboard cross body for two. Next a hurricanrana, but then gets powerslammed for two. Punk shows frustration as both get up, rey in the corner. Punk charges and gets feet in his face. Then Punk gets dropkicked. Mason Ryan tries to interfere but fails as Rey kicks him executing a Tornado DDT on Punk! Rey with the top rope splash seals the win!

WINNER: Rey Mysterio

We are then treated to a faux press conference, with R-Truth as the star.

We are brought backstage and Cena does NOT trust A Ry one bit. That match will happen later tonight!

Next Monday will be a THREE HOUR RAW! It will be a celebration of ALL-STAR NIGHT featuring RAW AND SmackDown

Out comes Alberto Del Rio in a 1960 Rolls Royce. He says there is one word he is hearing: slander. He says he hears people say he is a coward. He says what happened to Big Show was an accident. We are then treated to footage of what happened two weeks ago. Del Rio says he wants Show to come out so he can apologize. After nothing, Del Rio thinks Show is afraid of him. Show’s music hits and here he comes on crutches….except it isn’t Big Show (in fact, it looks a little like Gilberg), its Ricardo Rodriguez. Del Rio “apologizes” to “Big Show”. RR as The Fake Show just makes incoherent noises as Del Rio taunts Show at his own expense. Del Rio then tells the fake show to leave. He then tells the Real Show not to make Del Rio an enemy, because he will be hurt and that Bad things happen to bad people.

NEXT: Kofi Kingston vs. Zack Ryder (Wait Zack Ryder on RAW?!? You gotta be kidding!!!!! I might have a heart attack!!!)

We are set for Zack Ryder, in the ring, to go in singles action against Kofi Kingston. Dolph and Vickie join Cole and King on commentary.

Zack Ryder vs. Kofi Kingston
Non-Title Match

Zack starts on top with a shoulder tackle, but Kofi gets an elbow and a drop kick. Irish whip by Kofi, who misses his corner splash, usually followed up by punches. Kofi gets neckbreakered for two. Zack puts him in the corner and then kicks Kofi’s face off for two and applies a headlock. Irish whip by Zack but gets kicked and Kofi gets a second wind, a few attacks set up his Boom Drop. Zack stalls the Trouble in Paradise once but not twice as Kofi gets the win.

WINNER: Kofi Kingston

Truth and Miz are backstage as Miz discusses strategy. That match is later tonight.

But next Booker T is in action for the first time in a WWE ring in 4 years!

Over the break, major news from the GM: The Miz will take on Alex Riley. Jack Swagger vs. Booker T is NOW

Jack Swagger vs. Booker T

The bell is rung and we are underway. Booker gets the quick advantage but then Swagger counters. Booker with his signature kick followed by some knife edge chops. Axe kick attempt failed as Booker gets clotheslined over and slammed into the barrier. Cover in the ring for two. An elbow and a leg drop. Booker gets the advantage with some chops in the corner, he then goes for the Booker T special, misses, but doesn’t miss another kick as he kicks Swagger to the outside. Swagger says he doesn’t need this and lets himself get counted out.


After the match Evan Bourne gets him from behind. Evan goads him into the ring which allows Booker T to get the Booker T Special, which Evan capitalizes on with a Shooting Star Press. Now we get a Spin-a-rooni AND a Bourne-a-Rooni. The two celebrate in the ring as Austin is now on his way to the ring to referee our Main Event, NEXT!!!


The Miz & R-Truth vs. John Cena & Alex Riley
Special Guest Referee: Stone Cold Steve Austin

And the match is underway. Cena and Miz start out. Miz gets a headlock but Cena gets up and an Arm Wrench, letting A Ry tag in, but Miz is quick to get back and tag Truth. Lock up and A Ry gets a headlock, Truth gets a hip toss for two. Headlock by Truth, A Ry throws him off but gets a shoulder tackle, after which A Ry hits some moves and covers for two, then tags in Cena. Now Truth is the uneasy one going back to tag Miz. Cena gets Miz in the corner, irish whip, followed by a bulldog. Tag to A Ry, who chases Miz around before getting clotheslined by Truth as Austin tries to restore order.

We come back to RAW and the team of Miz and Truth have the advantage. Miz has a chin lock applied to Alex Riley. A Ry fights to his feet only to get put back in the heel corner and a DDT for two. (lol Austin gave Miz bunny ears) Miz stalks A Ry before giving him a stomp, looking at Cena before going back to work in a neutral corner. Miz goes overboard and Austin forces the break. Miz doesn’t like that as he unwisely eats ring post (well his shoulder does). A tag to Cena is teased as Truth breaks that up. Snapmare to A Ry as Truth puts in a sleeper. Sleeper is broken as A Ry rolls to a neutral corner. Truth pounds him in the corner but releases before Austin has to intervene. Body slam, Truth to the high rent area, which A Ry scouts and puts his boots up. Another tag tease and Cena gets the hot tag. Shoulder tackles followed by the spin out power bomb AND a 5 knuckle shuffle. Goes for the AA but Truth counters, Truth gets kicked out. STF!! But Miz makes it to the ropes. Truth tries to bring in a Chair but Cena evades and dropkicks. Miz and Cena get each other down as A Ry gets in with the briefcase. A Ry hits Miz with the briefcase and Miz gets a stunner! Miz gets the Attitude Adjustment for the win!

WINNERS: Alex Riley & John Cena

A post-match beer bash for A Ry and Cena. All three drink to…wait! Email from the GM. The match is overturned.


Also, next week Austin is the Special Guest GM of RAW!!!!!!!!!!!!! Austin gives Cole hell. He gets two beers and dumps them all over Cole. Austin calls Cole a mealy-mouthed bastard, that he’ll see him next week. AND THATS THE BOTTOM LIIIIIIIINE CAUSE STONE COLD SAYS SO!! Cena and Austin toast to the night as the show comes to an end.

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