Brian Knobs mocks the death of Randy Savage

Jun 2, 2011 - by Steve Gerweck

At a recent wrestling convention in Newark, CA, Brian Knobs (from the Nasty Boys) was running around holding his chest and pretending to have a heart attack to mock Randy Savage’s death, the day after the legend had passed away in Florida.

Sean Waltman posted on Twitter: “There’s a little bit of history between us, but no big deal in my book. What is a big deal in my book is when he arrived at the convention and he came to me laughing and holding his chest, saying, ‘Oh yeah!’ and mocks having a heart attack. I immediately told him how f***ed up I thought it was. He blew me off and went to just about everyone else in the room, doing the same thing. Some fans even saw him do it. Mocking the death of Randy less than 24 hours after it happened. I know I’ve done some bad things in my life, a lot of things I’m very sorry for. Many probably think I have some nerve coming off like a moral authority, but someone has to call Brian out on his bulls**t.”

What made doing that even more ill-timed is that Lanny Poffo was scheduled at that convention, but pulled out upon learning of his brother’s death.

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