Detailed 5/27/11 WWE Smackdown Results

May 27, 2011 - by Steve Gerweck

By Kyle Robinson

Smackdown 5-27-11

The opening video plays and welcomes us to the show with the live crowd and a pyro explosion. Josh Matthews opens the show saying something about new challenges and opportunities. Randy Orton is out first to kick off the show. They talk about how the match was decided in an instant with One RKO.

Orton gets on the mic as fans start chanting. He says his name is Randy Orton and He is still the World Heavyweight Champion. He goes to talk again and Christan is out to interrupt him. Christan says he didn’t want to spoil Orton’s moment and that last Sunday was one of the greatest matches of his career and congratulations. They shake hands. Christan says Orton deserves to be champ, But the match could have gone either way. Christan still says he can beat Orton, he issues a challenge for one more match for the Title. Shamus is out next before Orton can respond. Sheamus said it’s painful to watch and he asks how many chances does Christan deserve. Sheamus says Christan was like a gambling addict and this Past Sunday Christan became a two time loser, and he say he is the star of the show and deserves a chance at the title. Mark Henry comes out and interrupts him. Henry cracks a joke about Edge’s retirement and that being the world’s strongest man means you can but in lines. He says he just butted his way into the front of the line for the title. Teddy Long is out next. He says there’s Daja Vu and how the three men are arguing. He says he agrees with Sheamus and Henry. He says what matters though is what the people say. Long says he’s going to asks the fans like he did the night Christan lost the belt. He asks if Christan deserves one more title match, the fans go crazy but Teddy says Christan has to earn his chance. He announces the main event as a number 1 contender Triple threat match between Christan, Sheamus and Mark Henry as Smackdown goes to commercial.

Back from commercial, Sin Cara is on his way to the ring. There is a new pyro entrance for him. Out next is Chavo, this is a rematch from Over the Limit.

Chavo vs. Sin Cara

Chavo goes for an arm drag and Sin Cara reverses it. Cara goes for a huge jumping rope flip, Chavo slides out of the ring and Sin Cara goes for the suicide dive and catches himself. Cara nails a drop kick on the knee then a quick exchange ending with double knees in the chest gave Chavo the upper hand. Chavo gets the back drop and goes for the pin then locks on the Wrist lock. Sin Cara worked his way back up and got out of the lock. Chavo went for a power-bomb which was reversed and Chavo ended up outside the ring. Sin Cara hit a moonsault, then threw Chavo back in and hit a jumping Hurricarana then jumped off with a huge spring board elbow. He goes for the run and Chavo drops Sin Cara over the top and then Sin Cara jumps and hits a huge cross body for a two count. Sin Cara spun around twice before hitting a DDT like move and got the win.

Comment – I like the match and it was good action but it was too short and slightly one sided. Sin Cara is doing good work though and I for one am very impressed.

They hype the #1 Contenders Match main event tonight as they go to commercial.

Back from commercial, Cody Rhodes is on his way out with the “baggers” as Micheal Cole calls them. Cody says there is no God because every town he goes to he prays to see a mildly attractive face and he is disappointed every time. He says at a service to the fans and great expense to him he will provide bags. Cody says that they should be grateful and that he thinks that he is a Hero. Out next is Daniel Bryan.

Cody Rhodes vs. Daniel Bryan

Cody gets a cheap kick in to start the match. Daniel gets a deep arm drag to get back on top before Cody gets another kick and tries to grab the leg before Bryan reverses it and locks the legs and surfboard stomps Cody. Bryan goes for a whip and it’s reversed. The two men have a reversal hip toss contest that Cody gets the better of after throwing Daniel out of the ring over the top rope as Smackdown goes to commercial.

Back from Commercial, Cody has the upper hand pounding Daniel Bryan in the corner. Cody catches Bryan in the corner and catches Daniel in the stomach with a big boot. Cody nails a huge elbow and gets a two count. Cody ropes Daniel off the ropes and hits two huge knees and then locks Bryan in a choke hold. Cody gets over and locks Bryan in a body scissors then uses his mask finally with two head butts. Cody throws Bryan in the corner who counters with a big knee and a closeline. There’s a a flurry back and forth. Bryan nails a huge drop kick to Cody’s face and Bryan gets on the top rope and nails another huge Missle Drop kick followed by a huge two count. Bryan goes for the labell lock and then there is two back and forth rolls. Cody throws Bryan in the corner, Bryan jumps over and Cody catches a knee. Cody goes for Cross Roads and Daniel gets the Labell Lock on and taps before Bryan gets it locked in.

Comment: This match was a great match between both men. Cody Rhodes and Bryan put on a hell of a match tonight but that’s not a surprise these two men have very good futures if utilized correctly.

After the Match Cody attacks Daniel Bryan and destroys him in and out of the ring before nailing Bryan with the Cross Roads and then puts a bag over Bryan’s head. They plug Capitol Punishment and they show the edited video of Obama having a “Press Conference” for Capitol Punishment. Then they hype the main event before heading to commercial.

Back from Commercial, Heath Slater is in the ring to represent the Corre will face off against Ezekiel Jackson. Jackson comes walking with a purpose. They show this past Sunday how Jackson almost won the match, the Corre caused the DQ in the match.

Jackson vs. Heath Slater

Slater goes for the back drop and Jackson goes for the elbow but Jackson gets the upper hand quickly by clubbing away on Heath Slater then throws Slater over the top and goes for a closeline but Slater reverses and Slater end up in a rear chin lock but Jackson gets the reversal and Slater goes for another closeline but Zeke bust out and runs through Slater twice then hits a huge closeline and follows it up with a series of scoop slams then put Slater in the Torture Rack as the Corre hits the Ring. Jackson fends them off quite well. Jackson cleans house and chases off the Corre.

Comment: Mainly a squash match to build up Jackson against the Corre.

In the back Striker asks Christan how he feels about possibly having his last chance at the World Championship. Christan talks about how he has come in last and he’s always had the Odds stacked against him and he would get the last laugh. They hype The Monster’s Brawl to see Kane against The Great Kahli as they go to commercial.

Back from Commercial, Kahli is out first and they show how Ginder Mahul slapped Kahli last week. Out next is Kane and they talk about how he lost both the Tag Team titles and his partner last week.

Kane vs. Kahli

They lock up and Kahli gets the upperhand. Kahli pushes Kane back into the corner and hits a huge slap. Kane gets an upper cut and a kick to the leg. Kahli puts Kane on the Ropes and chokes him and puts Kane in the corner. The Great Kahli puts both hands on the shoulder of Kane. Kane works his way back up and goes for a closeline, ducks under a huge chop. And Kane goes for the Chokeslam that Kahli revers and pushes Kane over the top rope, Kane gets up and hits a draft across the top rope and follows it up with a top rope closeline for the win.

Comment: I liked this match there was some good back and forth action in between these two big men. For a match like that it was good.

Back live, Ginder Mahul comes out and starts talking to Kahli in Punjavi. Ginder climbs in the ring and slaps Kahli in the face again. Rujin gets in Ginder’s face and he pushes Ginder pushes him. Kahli pushes Ginder back, as Rujin starts yelling. Kahli locks him in the vice grip out of nowhere as the crowd starts to boo. Kahli steps out of the ring with Ginder leaving Rujin in the ring. They hype the number 1 contender match for tonight and announce that the winner will face Orton next week for the title as they go to commercial.

Back from commercial, They show a shot of outside. They show the raw recap and how big show got hit by a car. This like it could be a budding rivalry between Show and Alberto. They say that Show will be out for several weeks. Booker T is in the ring with a mic in hand. He says there’s something that he needs to do. He invites Micheal Cole to get in the ring. Cole refuses he says he won’t go in. Cole says he isn’t afraid and Cole finally caves in and gets in the ring. Book talks about how Cole lost at over the limit and they show a pic of the loss. T asks Cole how to get Toe Jam out. Book starts a Kiss My Feet chant. He has his Arm around Cole for a moment who looks like he’s gonna cry. Striker is shown in the back wanting to ask Sheamus some questions. Sheamus says he’s tired of hearing about Christan winning the belt and how Christan and Henry both have had lackluster career. He says all he needs in one match as Smackdown goes to commercial.

Back from Commercial, There’s a Diva Tag Team Match. Alicia Fox and Tamina vs. Katlyn and AJ. AJ gets the upper hand early on and hits Tamina and Katlyn gets the tag and begins to beat down on Alica. The match is back and forth as AJ gets Tamina out of the ring and Alica hits Katlyn with the Scissor kick for the win.

Comment: All I have to say… when will they bring some prestige back to the Women’s division, hell or even the Tag team division.

They hype the main event tonight as they go to commercial.

Back from commercial, they hype Capital Punishment then Mark Henry is on with Matt Striker. Henry gets in Matt Striker’s face. Henry intimidates Striker Striker doesn’t say anything as Henry goes out. Next, they do the tribute video to Macho Man Randy Savage, May he rest in peace.


Back from commercial, the Triple Threat match is about to get underway. Out first is Sheamus followed by Mark Henry and finally Christan.

#1 Contenders Match

Sheamus and Henry both stat double teaming Christan. Sheamus and Henry take turns hitting Christan in the corner then Sheamus holds Christan and Henry hits him. Christan ends up outside the ring and Sheamus goes for a hit and Christan gets the drop toe hold on the stairs. Christan gets back into the ring where Mark Henry begins to beat on Christan while Sheamus is still outside. Henry is standing on Christan wearing him down. Christan gets Henry over the top rope and Sheamus comes out of nowhere and gets two near falls. Sheamus backs up and goes for the bro kick and Christan ducks and hits the Killswitch. Henry pops up and pulls Christan out of the ring. Orton’s music hit and Orton walks out and everyone stops and stares at him as Smackdown goes to commercial.

Back from commercial, Henry is beating on Christan and they show Orton sitting at Ringside. Henry gets the near fall then puts Christan in the bear hug. Shamus is back in the ring and Henry throws him over the top rope with authority. Christan starts getting shots in and Henry runs through him for the two count. Henry hits Christan’s head in the corner a number of times. Henry built up for a large splash and Christan gets out of the way and follows it up with a couple of huge dropkicks for the two count. Christan gets back up and Shamus comes up and lays out Christan in the corner and begins to beat on Henry on the other side. He follows it back up going to suplex Christan but he reverses and Christan goes for a cross body on Henry but he catches Christan with the worlds Strongest Slam. Shamus hits a club on Henry and goes for the fall on Christan and gets a two. Shamus picks up Christan for the high cross and Christan slips out ends up in the corner and catches Shamus with a nice boot and spinning DDT for a two count. Henry is shown pushing Randy Orton then gets in the ring and Christan throws Henry into the Sheamus and then spears Shamus. Orton slides in and hits the RKO on Henry but it might have cost Christan the match. The ref tells Christan how he was getting Orton out of the ring and as Christan spins around he is caught with the Bro kick and Shamus gets the pinfall and #1 contendership.

Comment: This match was amazing. Without a doubt this was a great main event and now it lines out to see Shamus next week against Orton.

Show Rating: 4.7 Outta 5 – This Smackdown was great and built on segments and angles that they had established. This was the best Smackdown since Orton won the Title and if they can continue to build good Smackdowns like this week after week I’ll start looking forward to Smackdown again.

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