5/20/11 WWE Smackdown Recap

May 20, 2011 - by Steve Gerweck

by Kyle Robinson

The WWE video and Intro is played and right off the bat they Hype Randy Orton vs. Mark Henry as the Main event. Out first is Christan. Micheal Cole actually said something I agree with, Christan should have never won the title, and Orton is going to dominate this Sunday. Sheamus is out next.

Sheamus vs. Christan

Sheamus gets the upper hand early before Christan slid out to get the momentum back. Christan jumped over the rope, slapped Sheamus and then he sides back in where Sheamus catches him with a boot to the temple. Shamus follows it up choking Christan on the middle rope and he runs to try to get a dive, Christan gets out of the way and Sheamus ends up outside the ring. Christan slides out and they exchange, Christan gets bounced off the apron as Smackdown goes to commercial.

As they come back, Sheamus still has the upper hand as he nails a back breaker and gets the two count. Christan ends up in the ropes where Christan gets a number of clubbing blows from Sheamus who gets the two count. Sheamus has his knee in Christan’s back and a crossface like move. Christan works his way out and he hits a couple of shots and a reverse DDT for nearfall. Christan is in the corner where Sheamus runs at him, Christan moves and connects with a huge kick followed by a cross body for a near fall. Sheamus rolls out and nails a good kick, Christan spring boards off the corner for a roll through. Sheamus gets up and kicks Christan right in the mouth. He calls for the finish and picks up Christan who reverses it into a backdrop then gets on the second rope and hits a back elbow. Christan calls for the Killswitch and he turns Sheamus around who reverses it into an Irish Curse back breaker for a two count. Christan is up on the rope where he exchanges blows before nailing a tornado DDT for the two count. Christan is leaning through the ropes and Shamus catches him with a huge knee and a flying shoulder block for a two count. Sheamus gets him up for the High cross, Christan rolls out and reverses it for the three count and win. Sheamus rolls out and screams. From nowhere Mark Henry runs down and both men start destroying Christan. Randy Orton walks out onto the ramp and stands there for a moment and he looks around before finally running to the ring to make the save first taking down Sheamus before throwing Henry through the ropes and helping Christan to his feet. Both men shake Hands in the Middle of the ring as Sheamus and Henry go to the back and they plug the Main event again as they go to commercial.

Match Rating: 4 outta 5. The two put on a very good opening contest for Smackdown. Christan’s victory builds some momentum going into over the limit this Sunday.

Back from Commercial, they plug WWE, how they’re at Corpus Christi and this Sunday’s over the Limit Pay Per View, they then show a video hyping how the Miz lost his title, then became Number 1 contender for the WWE Championship, and how Cena announces it’s an I quit match. The video wraps up showing this past Monday where Miz guaranteed to make Cena Quit. Back live, Booker T explains the rules for the I quit match and they continue to hype Over the Limit.

Backstage Todd Grisham has the Bella Twins, where they show a video from this past Monday where the Bella’s tried to attack Karma and Karma took down Nikki. Back live, Todd ask Brie why she left Nikki high and dry and Brie told her that she would have done the same thing. Nikki agreed and they plugged the Diva’s Match next before going to commercial.

Brie Bella vs. Natalya

The Bellas are coming out as Smackdown comes back from commercial. Nattie is out next, The girls lock up and Natayla gets the head lock and the knip up before trying to for a roll up that Brie blocks. Nattie goes for the Sharpshooter and Briee rolls to the outside of the ring and catches Natayla with a throat drop on the second rope. Natyla picks up Briee and drops her flowing it by a closeline, kick and a spinning closeline for the near fall. Nattie picks up Briee for a standing vertical suplex followed by a snapmare for a 2 count. Briee kicks Natty in the leg, throws her into the shoulder and hits the X-factor for the three count.

2 outta 5. Typical ladies match, though this one was a decent back and fourth run unlike most of these.

They plug how Jackson left the Corre then came back out last week trying to take on all three men before being beat down. He’s apparently in the house tonight and has something to say, he’ll be out next on Smackdown.

Back from commercial, they play the video from last Friday where the Corre jumped Kane and Jackson tried to make the save before the numbers game got him and finally beat him down. Back out in the Arena, Ezekiel is out next, they hype that Jackson accepted Wade’s challenge for the IC title this Sunday at Over the Limit. Ezekiel gets a mic, he says his goal was to write a new chapter of impact and domination on Smackdown and that’s why he joined the Corre. Zeke says after slamming the Big Show he asked himself, did he need the Corre, or did they need him but they wouldn’t let him walk away and he says the last two weeks he’s taken a beating but they couldn’t break him. That the Corre has unleashed a force in him that can’t be stopped and he said he won’t stop til they are all suffering. He says that he is the personification of Domination, The Corre is out next Jackson smiles and the three men circle the ring. Teddy Long comes out before the Corre can get in the ring. He says that this isn’t the way that it’s going to go down. That if the Corre wants action they’ll get it, the Corre will face Big Zeke, Big Show, and Kane in a six man tag match. Show and Kane hit the ring as the Corre clears out. Show and Kane are not in good terms with Jackson.

Big Show, Kane, and Jackson vs. The Corre

Show is out first for his team against Justin Gaberiel. Show catches Justin with a huge slap where he tagged in Kane hits an upper cut and Kane gets the two count. Heath Slater gets in the ring, and Kane nails a punch to the throat. Kane goes to toss Slater into the corner, but Slater reverses and tags in Wade, Jackson wants the tag and gets it. Barrett starts by kicking Jackson in his knees before going for a suplex that is reversed followed up by a huge closeline sending Wade out to the floor as Smackdown goes to Commercial.

Back from Commercial, Jackson runs through Justin and gets the Tag to Big Show. Show nails a big leg drop on Gabrielle. Justin goes for a couple shots before Show hits him with the Chop and gets the tag again with Jackson. Justin slides away and hits a couple of kicks to Jackson before getting the tag back to Wade who then tags in Slater as Jackson gets the tag to Kane and Kane begins to dominate before Wade pulls down the top rope and Kane spills to the floor. Slater then gets the upper hand before Kane, Slater tries to go for a shoulder block that Kane swats away, Slater gets the tag to Justin and Kane gets the tag to Jackson. Zeke starts slamming Justin down one after the other. The Match breaks down as Show hits Slater with a chokeslam as Jackson picks up Justin in a Torture Rack like submission where Justin taps.

Match Rating: 4 outta 5. This match was a very well balanced and enjoyable six man tag match which is something that rarely happens in the WWE anymore.

In the back Matt asks Christan about his thoughts of Randy Orton from earlier tonight when Orton seemed like he took his time to get into the ring to help Christan. He then says winning the Title was the greatest moment in his career. He says he’ll beat Orton this Sunday for the Title and that he would be 100 percent before they go to commercial.

Back from Commercial, they show how last week Chavo caused the distraction that lead to Sin Cara’s win over Daniel Bryan. Out live, Chavo is out as they plug the Main Event again. Chavo says that he brought Sin Cara to Smackdown. Chavo said that he could beat Daniel Bryan in under five minutes and that he would do the same to Sin Cara this Sunday.

Daniel Bryan vs. Chavo Gurrerro

They put a clock up on the bottom of the screen. Chavo glanced up at the clock before locking up with Bryan and the men spin around left and right around the ring. Chavo goes for a take down and Bryan caught him. Chavo rolls out and Bryan goes for the leap frog and hit the drop kick and the near fall. Chavo gets the backdrop and a 2 count. Chavo locks in Bryan facing the tron in a surfboard. Chavo goes for a roll and there’s a brief near fall exchange. Chavo throws Brayn into the corner and he flips back over Chavo. Bryan starts getting kick after kick off on Chavo for a near fall. Chavo pulls Bryan into the corner followed by the attempt at a powerbomb. Bryan goes for the Lebell lock and Chavo rolls out of the ring. Bryan goes for the suicide dive. Bryan gets on the top rope and misses a drop kick. Chavo gets a number of suplex and nails the frog splash and gets two near falls before the timer expires. Chavo throws Bryan out of the ring, and Sin Cara hits the ring and drops Chavo with a Hurricaranna. They hype the main event tonight as they go to commercial.

Match Rating 4 outta 5. For a quickly five minute match this was a very good back and forth match that was very entertaining. I think if the time would have been allowed for this match to build into a good match it could have been Match of the night.

Out next is Ted DiBiase and Cody Rhodes with two men handing out paper bags. Cody takes one bag and hands it to Ted. Who looks at it as Cody tells him to put the bag over his head, and he does so. Cody asks Ted what his name is, he said Corpus Cristi in a spanish accent, He says that he is hideous, I never would have thought that Ted had such a good Spanish Accent. Cody Rhodes screams at the fans to shut up and put the bags on. He says that what once was a blooming flower is a dying shrub. Ted takes the bag off and says bring out my opponent who happens to be Trent Beretta.

Ted DiBiase vs. Trent Beretta

Ted gets the upper hand real quick. They talk about how Cody Rhodes blooming flower joke was related to Ted’s Career. Beretta gets up on the top rope and gets the drop kick with a near fall. Then he nails a tornado DDT. Ted slides up behind him and nails him with Dream Street for the win.

Match Rating: Squash Match

Next they plug the “That’s What I am” Movie with an exclusive preview then they plug Randy Orton vs. Mark Henry in the Main Event for the evening.

Back from commercial, Kahli is out and they Show where Ginder Mahul slapped Kahli. Jay Uso is going one on one here with Kahli. Jay gets a drop kick on Kahli who ends up in the corner. Ginger comes out talking in Punjavi, Kahli gets out of the ring and Ginder slaps him again, Kahil gets back in the ring where he catches Jay with a closeline and plants him with the Slam for the victory.

Match Result: Kahli
Match Rating: 2.5 outta 5, Kahli is getting pushed, or maybe it’s Ginder Mahul getting the nod I’m not really sure.

They show Randy Orton in the back, and how he is facing Mark Henry tonight. Orton says Christan will be in top shape this Sunday but still not good enough to beat him. Orton walks off as Smackdown goes to Commercial.

Back from Commercial, Randy Orton is out next to a pop from the crowd. Out next, is Mark Henry. The fans get behind Orton real fast as the Bell Rings. Henry backs Orton into the corner, he comes out swinging and Henry tosses Orton over and stands on his chest counting for five. Henry throws out Orton to the floor and begins to deliver clubbing blows to his back before tossing him back into the ring. Orton gets up first and hits a drop kick as Smackdown goes to commercial.

Back live, Orton drops Henry with a drop kick and Henry this the floor. Henry slides into the ring and hits Orton in the leg. Henry picks up Orton and drops Orton with a scoop slam. Orton leans back into the corner and starts dropping punches before Henry catches him with a headbutt. Henry gets the torque on Orton’s Arm and starts pushing on the shoulder. Orton works his way up and hits a punch and knocks Henry down and drops two big Knees. He starts stomping away on all the body parts of Henry. Orton begins stalking Orton before finally stomping on his head. Orton is sliding into that place and drops down, Henry looks up and goes to roll out, but as Orton caught him, Sheamus came out of nowhere and hits Orton. Both men start dissecting the Champ. Christan walks out onto the ramp, Christan just waits for a moment before finally hitting the ring and beginning to take apart both men and breaking up the attack. The fans start chanting RKO, Orton pushes Christan but realizes he did the same thing earlier. Sheamus attacks Christan from behind and Henry starts getting the upper hand on Orton . Henry turns around gets kicked by Christan who drops Orton and Orton this Henry with the RKO. Orton shakes hands with Christan as Smackdown goes off air.

Match Rating: 3 outta 5. It was a good show but the ending kinda sucked. They should have let this end too on it’s own.

Show Rating: 3 outta 5 For the Go home edition of Smackdown there wasn’t a lot of push for the Pay Per View. Though I must admit that Smackdown has improved.

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