5/13/11 WWE Smackdown Recap

May 13, 2011 - by Steve Gerweck

by Kyle Robinson

The video hits welcoming us to Smackdown, there is a video showing how Christan first won then lost the belt last week to Randy Orton. I still say that match last week was the best televised match that WWE has done all year long. Next Josh welcomes us to Smackdown and Christan is out to kick off the show.

Christan gets on the mic and starts to cut a promo about how last week’s title match has brought about controversy. Christan however, says he agrees with and respects Long’s decision and about how Long is in charge of making Smackdown as good as possible. Christan also says he’d like to congratulate Randy Orton. Christan announces that at Over the Limit it’s him vs. Orton for the belt. Christan says that if he is completely prepared then he can beat Orton. Sheamus is out to interrupt him. They hype how he got drafted as he goes to the ring.

Sheamus gets on the mic and says he loved watching Christan lose. Shamus says he also agrees about how it’s about the Universe and challenges Christan to a match that the crowd gave a loud pop for. Mark Henry is out next to the party.

Mark gets on the mic and tells Sheamus to pump his break, and he says he also enjoyed watching Christan getting his dreams shattered. Though it wasn’t Shamus the fans came to see, they came to see Henry fans boo. Henry then challenges Sheamus and the fans cheer. Shamus and Henry make a joke about a handicap match. Both men start attacking Christan, after a minute Orton runs out to make the save cleaning house and putting Shamus and Henry out on opposite sides of the ring. You can see a mutual respect between both men as Smackdown goes to commercial.

Smackdown comes back and Teddy is with Orton and Christan he makes the main event Orton and Christan vs. Mark Henry and Shamus. Christan thanks Orton, Orton says he had his own reasons for helping Christan. Randy says that he wants Christan at 100 percent so that when he beats him at Over the Limit there is no excuses.

Chavo introduces Sin Cara as the man following in his footsteps. If you still haven’t seen this guy wrestle, you tube it or something this man is amazing to watch. Sin Cara looks over at Chavo and shrugs. Out next is Daniel Bryan.

Daniel Bryan vs. Sin Cara

Chavo says that Sin Cara is a copy cat of his. Both men lock up and Sin Cara gets to flying around and there is a beautiful mat exchange between both men. Bryan gets a single leg take down and and a couple of near falls. Both men get to their feet and Bryan gets the upper hand before Sin Cara gets a couple kicks off on Bryan and spring boarding to the top rope following it with an arm drag. Bryan ended up outside the ring before Sin Cara nails a suicide dive as Smackdown goes to commercial.

Back from commercial Cara gets some shoulder blocks. Brian gets some distance and gets in the other corner. Cara went after him and Sin Cara got the back flip before Bryan caught him with a missle drop kick. Bryan pushes Sin into the corner catches him with a number of kicks before Bryan gets Sin Cara into the other corner and closelines him. Bryan locks Sin Cara into a Surfboard into a back bridge pin near fall. Bryan has Sin Cara locked in on the ground, once he gets let go Bryan kicks Cara repeatedly in the chest. Bryan has a arm lock on Sin Cara, who tries to get to his feet. Cara catches him with a over top bulldog into a roll up near fall. Bryan gets caught with a head scissors. Cara catches him with a number of shots, Bryan reverses gets Cara into the opposite corner, Cara gets the reversal and Cara ends up on the outside and catches Bryan with a crossbody. Bryan rolls out of the ring, and Sin Cara goes for a baseball slide, Bryan hits a kick and slides Cara into the ring. Bryan tries to get on the top rope and gets distracted by Chavo. Cara catches Bryan first with a huge kick to the head and the big backflip slam from the top for the win.

There is video that Sin Cara sees where Chavo got involved. Sin Cara gets angry at Chavo and starts shaking his head. Chavo pokes Sin Cara in the chest, who Shoves Chavo down.

Match Rating: 4 outta 5. This was a beautifully wrestled match that was only hampered by the ending with Chavo.

Next they show how Jackson and the Corre separated after the three on one assault last week. Josh Matthews says they would like to hear from Jackson tonight before going to commercial.

Back from Commercial, they show the outside in Nashville, they introduce Trace Adkins and they plug the main event tag team match for later tonight. Out in the ring is Layla. She talks about how she beat Michelle in the Loser leaves WWE Match. She says that it was worth it because she got that poison out. Micheal Cole interrupts her and says that no one cares about any of the Divas. He talks about Jerry Lawler which gets a loud pop from the crowd. He plugs their match at Over the Limit and how Cole will beat Jerry and get his Hall of Fame Ring. Layla tells him to shut up and to go crawl back in his box. Cole calls Divas cry babies. Karma comes out causing Cole to shut it real quick. Cole trips Layla and Karma gets hit with the inverted piledriver. Karma chases Cole into the Cole Mine. She laughs from outside before walking out of the Arena. Next they show the Corre walking to the ring and they plug Wade Barrett facing Kane next.

Kane vs. Wade Barrett

Wade Barrett is out first with Justin and Heath. Wade grabs a mic, and talks about how Kane has fear about coming down. He says that it’s bad news for Kane because Show is in Mexico with Raw. The pyro goes off and Kane comes out and all three of the Corre clear the ring. Barrett comes in and locks Kane in with a headlock and Kane catches Barrett with an Arm Drag. Wade gets Kane into the corner catches him with kicks before dragging him out and Kane pulls Wade over and catches Barrett with a kick. Kane knocks Wade around a bit before trying to get a chokeslam but Wade slides out of the ring as Smackdown goes to commercial.

Back from commercial, Wade is in charge but as he pulls Kane out of the corner Kane catches Barett with the Suplex. Kane gets Wade back in the corner and delivers a couple of real nice upper cuts. Wade ducks out of the way and starts working on Kane’s shoulder before going for the pin. After the nearfall, Wade locks Kane’s arm and delivers a couple of Elbows to the face. They work their way up and Kane hits a number of Uppercuts in the ribs. Wade catches Kane with a Powerslam off the reversal and got a nearfall. Wade had Kane’s arm in a bunch before Kane gets the reversal. Barrett gets up and Kane nails him with two STIFF punches and followed it up with two closelines and a sidewalk slam. Slater got on the apron, Barrett gets Kane up for wastelands but Kane reverses it. He gets out of the ring and takes out Heath and Justin. Kane gets the top rope closeline and goes for the chokeslam before Slater and Justin interfere causing a DQ. All three men attack Kane and start beating him down. Kane is out as Wade delivers Wastelands and they drag Kane in the corner, Jackson hits the ring and takes down Heath and Justin before Wade gets a sneak attack in. Jackson takes him down and starts getting more shots in holding off the Corre until all three men get the best of him and put him down. Barrett tells Slater to hit the reverse DDT on Jackson. Justin goes up for the top rope and nails the 450 splash. Wade says “That’s the Corre” They plug the main event for tonight, the Tag Team match before going to commercial.

Match Rating: 3 outta 5: The match itself was decent but the ending really ruined this one. Though I will say that them pushing Jackson they way they are could really turn into something big if allowed to evolve.

Back from Commercial, Great Kahli comes out with him and Ranjin are both in Cowboy hats. Ranjin welcomes everyone to the Kiss Cam, and we learn that Kahli that is a country music fan. They start looking for ladies to kiss Kahli, They find this woman… she’s a big girl, a rather big girl, whose name was Joy. Kahli kisses this woman and she turns redder then all get out. Ginger comes out and slaps Kahli and starts screaming at him in Punjavi before climbing out of the ring. They cut back to see Orton and Christan in the back, Christan asks Orton if he’s ready, Orton says yes. They go to commercial.

Back from commercial, they show Ted DiBiase in the ring. Out next Cody Rhodes, with two men carrying paper bags. He says that from the smirks the fans feel that Cody should entertain them. He says he’s not the freak here but the fans are. He hands out paper bags, He says no one is exempt from the paper bags. Cody hands Ted a bag that he throws on the ground. The men split up and the bell rings.

Cody Rhodes vs. Ted DiBiase

They talk about the history between these two men and how they used to be friends. Ted gets the upperhand for a moment before Cody catches the dropkick. They have a very intense pinfall exchange before Ted goes for a shoulder block in the corner that Cody dodges. Cody puts the knee in Ted’s gut before locking him a arm lock. He puts Ted in the corner and Cody hits two headbutts on Ted. Ted tries to get the upperhand, trying to lock Cody into Dreamstreet before Cody reverses him and springboards off the ropes and hits a knee followed up by Cross Roads for the pinfall. They plug the main event before going to commercial.

4 outta 5: This match has definitely stolen the show so far. It could have done to be a little longer but sadly that didn’t happen. Cody Rhodes had come into his own lately and that makes him really fun to watch.

Back from commercial, They show downtown Nashville outside. Backstage Matt Striker is with the Corre, he asks what kind of statement they tried to make. Wade Barrett challenges Jackson to the title for the Intercontinental Championship at Over The Limit. Out next is Christan for the Tag Team Main event. Out next is Randy Orton to a very loud pop from the crowd. They plug both the World Title match at Over the Limit and tonight’s Main event before going to commercial.

Back from Commercial, They show the replay of Orton beating Christan. They show Orton looking at Christan Skeptically, it was quite comical. Out next is Mark Henry and Shamus.

Orton/Christan vs. Henry/Shamus

Christan and Shamus start the match. Shamus shows how he is the more powerful man. Shamus gets the headlock and tries and keeps holding on. Shamus gets the shoulder block. Christan got the upperhand and after dropping down Christan caught Shamus with a few uppercuts and hit Shamus with a shoulderblock. Mark Henry gets tagged in and shows his power. Henry lifts up Christan and Christan shakes out and gets the tag to Orton. Orton comes in and nails a dropkick on Henry, he lines it up and nails a big knee drop and the nearfall. Henry got too much time to recover and he started getting the upperhand pushing Orton back into the corner Henry hits a couple of big punches and headbutt. Henry throws Orton out of the ring and Shamus tries to get out and get a shot in on Orton but Christan’s there to stop it. Smackdown goes to commercial.

Back on Smackdown, Henry is still dominating Orton. Henry goes for the splash, Orton rolls out of the way and gets the Tag. Christan unloads a few closelines and the follows it up with a drop kick from the second rope. Next Christan gets up on the second turnbuckle goes for the swinging DDT but Henry throws him across the ring. Shamus gets the tag and gets two near falls. Shamus has Christan locked in armbar. Christan gets the reversal nailing a number of gut punches but Shamus gets the reversal and hits the tilt a whirl slam. Shamus get the tag and Henry throws Christan like a long dart off the turnbuckle. Henry steps up on the chest of Christan before Shamus goes for a cheap shot and Henry got the two count. Shamus has Christan locked in the ropes and after a couple of clubbing blows in the chest he follows it up with a shot to the lower back. Christan catches a swinging dropkick out of the corner and the uppercut. Shamus pulls up Christan on the shoulder and Christan reverses into the DDT. Christan gets the tag and Orton starts cleaning house knocking down Henry, then hitting a huge powerslam and a inverted backbreaker. Orton goes for a closeline and gets caught and hits an Irish Curse backbreaker. Shamus goes for the bro kick but misses and ends up outside the ring. Shamus gets caught with the DDT. Christan gets the blind tag, he comes in nails Shamus with the Killswitch and Orton hits the RKO. Christan gets the win over Shamus. They plug the over the limit main event and both men shake hands as Smackdown goes off air.

Match Rating: 4 outta 5 Not the best match of the night but it was a damn good tag match. Built some good momentum for both Orton and Christan.

Show Rating: 3.5 outta 5, A decent Show but with two of the four matches ending in no contest and none of the matches holding up a candle to last weeks main event. That’s why this show gets a 3.5 outta 5 rating from me. If you feel you have different feedback, let me know @ robinson_broadcasting@hotmail.com

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